The Lord released in 2010 that the prophetic voice would take a center stage in the earth.
Let us be the generation that will usher forth the coming of Christ. Let us be the generation that moves in power, in excellence, in integrity with signs and wonders following.

I do not have a doubt in my mind that these are the last days. I expect Jesus to appear any time now, any day now, or even a few months from now. I know that time is at hand and we need to set aside our own personal agenda, and finish our race with great confidence.

I remind myself every day that I will be facing Jesus at the judgment throne and I want Him to be pleased with me. I want my work here on earth to survive the test of fire.

I know that if I shrink back from my calling, if I give in to fear and doubt, if I compromise... then I will never be able to live with myself, nor bear that knowledge that I have failed my Lord, His people, my loved ones, and myself.

I refuse to compromise.
I refuse to live in fear.
I refuse to doubt Him.
I refuse to fail.

Mission Statement
The purpose and call of Sons of God
International Ministries is to:

Transform a Leader  -  Transform a Nation

  • Win the lost through the preaching of the
    Word with signs following.

  • Train believers to walk as overcomers in
    every area of life.

  • Build up the Body of Christ to go forth in the
    gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Prepare Gods people for works of service until we
attain all unto the full measure of the stature of
Jesus Christ.
(Ephesians 4:12-13)

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