I Am Restoring the Judges as in the Days of Old

by Cristina Sosso
August 22, 2010

The following is a prophecy from August 22nd 2010.

Thus saith the Lord of hosts, “As I am restoring the judges as in the days of old, as I am a faithful God, not only for this nation, but for the nations of the Earth to bring forth the nations to the proper places of alignment and timing including the nation of Israel. This is your beckoning. This is your calling. You are being summoned by the Holy Spirit to be those judges, and I am calling My people. This is the beginning and the time and the hour that My people will know that I am a Holy God.

Remember Moses. He did not enter the Promised Land. He did not treat My word of instruction to him as Holy before the eyes, before the nation of Israel. As much as I love him, I am a Holy God. So hear Me: I am commanding you to be Holy because I am Holy. You will walk in integrity. You will walk in humility. You will always remember that you are the head and not the tail. It is time for this nation to rise to destroy the yokes that are upon My people, to destroy the limitations that were set around them by the leaders who went in their own authority and I did not send them.” saith the Lord.

Thank You Father. Thank You Jesus. Thank You Lord. Lord, we submit to Your Holiness. We tremble with fear. And I thank You Lord that You enable us to always remember that when You give us instruction, You make us accountable to follow them. And if we dare, at this time and point and period [deviate], that You will not spare us Lord. But we rejoice in the knowledge that You have given us this opportunity. Not just this opportunity, but an honor and privilege to be overcomers for this nation and to the nations of the world. That we will stand unashamed before You, Lord. That we will be able to lay crowns at Your feet, and we thank You Father, that now, consider it done in Jesus’ name. And everybody says, amen.

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Cristina Sosso

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Cristina Sosso founded Sons of God Ministries International (SOGMI) with her husband Michael back in 2002. With the inspiration of the Holy Spirit she opened the prophetic and business schools at SOGMI and spearheaded the start of the "Empower A Leader, Empower A Nation" Conference which has mentored and trained thousands of ministers and business leaders all over the world. She also hosts a weekly radio program called "The Prophetic Voice of Our Time" and is presently the Senior Pastor at Freedom Fellowship Church in San Antonio, Texas.

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