Prophecy From July 12, 2009

by Coby Randal
July 12, 2009

This is an excerpt of the July 12, 2009 prophecy given by the Lord through Pastor Cris.

The same thing that I did in the Philippines, with accreditation of signs and wonders in the realm of finances, saith the Lord, I will do now, if you are going to confer with Me, if you are going to put Me first, and if you are going to obey what you have learned and your instructions, saith the Lord, it will manifest starting this year. And as far as the seeds that you have sown, some are in tears, some in faith, and yet you have obeyed Me and gave anyway, saith the Lord, it will be done unto your loved ones. And as far as the United States of America and the political leaders, from the local municipalities all the way to the White House, saith the Lord, I will start dealing with them and rooting them out, says the Lord. I will cause fear to fall upon the Senate, the Congress, the White House, and even in the governors’ mansions all over this country as well as in the mayoral office, saith the Lord. Thank You Father.

But this is My instruction to My people, saith the Lord. Repentance all over the city is already happening for My people and I’m healing this land. The drought will end in the state of Texas.

You are going to see a turning around by this summer, before this summer is over, you are going to see a turning around in our federal government. A righteous indignation is already arising from the American people and the Lord is already raising up the righteous men and women who are going to replace those who keep on turning their back away from God and God’s people.

But eruptions of wars and rumors of wars and crisis and famine and plague will continue, but do not be alarmed, saith the Lord. Continue to stay in the land of Goshen, continue to stay because did I not say in My Word that the blood, the blood of My Son speaks of better things. You are under My protection if you continue to follow My ways, saith the Lord.

There will be surprises in the business sector, in the financial sector; there will be surprises even in the local politics. Even in the state of Texas, you’re going to hear a lot of things that are shifting that you will not even believe that it will happen, that you thought it is not possible. Thank you Lord.

Manifestations of businesses, capitalizations to come, business to be formed sometimes even without capitalizations because the suppliers will come. The Corneliuses are being called to the forefront to be discipled by many, to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and to follow God’s ways. The Lydia, the Aquila, and the Priscilla, those that will disciple many even in the business sector; because truly the ministry in the marketplace is going to come and it’s going to be accelerated.

The intensity of the anointing, the intensity of the manifestations will come as if in a blink of an eye, saith the Lord. And there will be a turning around within the next few years that United States of America, in spite of itself, will be independent from foreign oil. We’ll be free from any blackmail. We are the head, and not the tail, if My people will continue to do the right thing, saith the Lord. Amen.

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