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Episode 210: The Year in Review (2016)

Pastor Cris shares many of the things that God said and did in 2015, and talks about what God has in store for the year 2016.

Published: January 02, 2016

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




happy new year everyone this is Pastor Chris of freedom force of church and sons of God International and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time wow what a year 2015 was my life was transformed and I know that there’s a lot of things going on that you know you can sense it in your spirit that God is up to something great so you need to listen and let us review the prophecies release for 2015 and some of the manifestations and then we’re going to discuss the prophecy for 2016 probably the next program you know there was a certain poll release several days ago and it was very telling the result of the poll shows that Americans believe that the world in 2015 is far worse than 2014 isn’t that very telling the prophecy for 2014 and 2015 is that the judgment or the harvest is coming bad news for the world but great news for the believers or for the body of Christ so the world believes that things are getting worse for them but for us we are in a position for a greater blessings all you need to do is to believe and to apply God’s ways of doing things the world is getting worse but in the kingdom of God things are better and greater let us review some of the highlights that manifested in 2015 I just wanted to let you know and this is the saith the LORD the year 2016 offers greater things to come so listen up and obey the instruction of the Lord okay blessings are coming to the body of Christ in spite of the many bad news and the fear that Americans are experiencing right now we are going to experience a great visitation from the Lord it’s not a really real visitation because the Lord is not coming to visit but it is a great outpouring of the Spirit of the Lord of Revelation of know-how of knowledge he is a loving God and we are his people this prophecy is based on Isaiah chapter 29 verses 22 through 24 and I’m going to read from New Living Translation I say at chapter 29 verses 22 through 24 it says that is why the Lord who redeemed Abraham says to the people of Israel my people will no longer be ashamed or turned pale with fear for when they see their children and all the blessings I have given them they will recognize the holiness of the Holy One of Jacob they will stand in awe of the God of Israel then the wayward will gain understanding and complainers will accept instruction we the bat of Christ must be led by the Holy Spirit how important it was for 2015 and it is very important for 2016 you know God always amazes me with his love and tender mercies year 2015 was a productive year for freedom fellowship charts and sons of God International and year 2015 it changed my life God spoke to me in the latter part of 2014 that in 2015 the anointing that will manifest in this ministry or in my life the anointing that will manifest will not compare to the anointing of the past II if I put all those greater things that he did in the past together the beginning of 2015 will still be greater than that and I’m still in all the most important thing that happened to me in 2015 is the manifestation of that prophecy that God gave me that the anointing that he placed upon my life that will start manifesting in 2015 will not be compared or cannot be compared to the combined anointing I have experienced in the ministry it happened in the Philippines twice when the Holy Spirit moved and then thousands got slain in the spirit without me laying hands on them it actually started at the back of the auditorium of course these events of people getting slain and just falling down in groups have happened before in our Crusades and even on many of our pastors conferences but I considered it in a smaller scale the first time that it happened 40 young people got slain all at the same time including their catchers and the previous years in 2013 2012 2011 probably is a hundred two hundred people got slain all at the same time without me touching them but year 2015 just like what the Lord said is a life-changing event was a life-changing event not only for my team who witnessed these events but also for those whom God touched personally and it touched me and it changed me forever after our crusade of March and April of 2015 I was in my hotel room I was very grateful to God I vowed my knee before God and thanked him for the privilege and I asked and prayed if I can focus on the task ahead because I want to feel my destiny God has been so faithful and wonderful to me I asked him to intervene on the things that concern me and he is faithful in a merciful God and he did just that some I had to go through painful moments you know I had to buff at my flesh I had to control my emotions but you know what I was determined and went through them I missed probably a hundred times but I still went back and went through them and you need to do the same if you’re dealing with something trust him God then instructed me to go back to the Philippines the following month the month of May and God not only replicated what he did the previous months but he doubled the anointing I also empowered a small group of business people the future leaders of that country and I will see to it that if I get to spend time I will spend time with them again as soon as possible so that I can continue to train them when I get back to the Philippines this month the last month and throughout the month of February this is a great seed if you wanted to sow a seed you can go to our website SOG mi dot org it is a great seed during that time I also pray to God if he can help me focus my time and prayer for our country the United States of America because of the prophecies released upon this nation for 2014 and 2015 this is also in line with the prophecy the Lord had me release in 2015 that the United States of America will experience a political revival and when this revival starts to manifest the transfer of wealth influence and affluence will also manifest on the body of Christ those that have been faithful to the call and the transfer of wealth will manifest in an accelerated fashion for those whose hearts are fixed towards him so I want to speak to you from the heart regarding the instruction and a transfer of wealth from the heart okay also in 2015 the Lord dealt with our spiritual leaders especially he dealt with his prophets and apostles these two offices were ordained by God to build the church in accordance to efficience 2:20 the five offices including the office of the pastor must and should disciple God’s people for them to mature this is in accordance to efficience chapter 4 verses 11 through 13 this is not the job for the pastor’s alone it is the job for the five offices and no matter how much we try to stop this and change the government and the spiritual structure of the church this the five offices will operate and it’s coming to pass no one will be able to stop this it will come to pass we cannot and should not control God’s people so that we can push our own desires and agenda or sometimes fill our egos this move of God will continue and will ensure that we stay in complete humility so that we will be willing to decrease so that Jesus Christ will increase and will be the front and center in the lives of his people not on leaders they will rely on him they will look upon him they will trust him they are his people not ours this transfer of wealth influence and affluence is designed by God to bring increase and wealth to the those who obey Him and will obey Him and who will finance the Great Commission we need to finance the Great Commission and not programs that are being set up that make God’s people feel good and so that they’ll continue to rely and depend on the prayers of their leaders while they themselves continue to live in their lifestyle but let me get back to the political revival here United States that will affect the entire world we are presently experiencing and we experienced political revival in 2015 and we continue to experience this political revival here in United States and the Lord is shaking the very foundation of the government of men God is going to shake those things that can be shaken so that the things of God shall remain that is in Hebrews chapter 12 right okay so the Lord is going to shake the very foundation of the government of men the establishment is being shaken even in the church and those who fight these changes will find themselves to be on the opposite side of the people of God and this has been happening even in the political arena God is faithful even when we are not and he will always remember the Covenant of our founding fathers and those that are praying and obeying instruction in our present days that this nation will be one nation under God I say a chapter 9 verse 6 in part says the government shall be upon his shoulders and we are those shoulders right he is the head we are the body and this is just the beginning there will be changes revival in all sectors of our society glory to God this is exciting and also I wanted to share with you now that it happened already and I will not get into the details but if you remember what have happened suddenly in Washington DC starting in the month of September and October and said you will begin to understand okay the Lord directed me to go to Washington DC in the first week of September 2015 and he sent me on a special mission I was sent there to prophesy to pray specific prayers regarding our country concerning our political leaders these prayers were very specific in their manner in their timing of their manifestations and who I did I obey God so I prophesy and I prayed secretly most of the time quietly in my hotel room in Washington DC and release prayers and prophesy at the State Capitol you are still hearing and watching things unfold in the news and this is just the beginning why did God choose me for this important mission I’m very sure I’m not the only one who received this instruction or mission but I feel honored and I am forever grateful that God used me in this capacity how come God did not send his well-known prophets to do this because many of them not all of them many of them will not obey God without letting everybody or the world know about this prophecy they will bring cameras they will write many books so God chose a nameless faceless person like me who will not seek the limelight it is too important to God and his people now he gets the glory instead of God’s people making an idol or his prophets and apostles give God the glory if God can use someone like me he deserves the glory if God can use me then God can use you too you do not have to get things all together in your own mind or even in the minds of others it is God who chooses it is God who appoints it is God who qualifies don’t worry he will clean your clock like he did me he will lead you he will prepare you he will teach you love anew and he will protect you keep that in mind would you like God to turn this country around and manifest all these things concerning our country then continue to obey his word the word of God commands us to pray for our leaders including political leaders our corporate bosses so that we can live a peaceful life God did not command us to blurt our own political opinions and engage in arguments and hatred which lead to divisiveness none of that for 2016 ok or you will be dealt with but get engaged and vote in this coming election know the issues of our time God is watching vote for a candidate or candidates that are in the faith and at the same time faithful or believers who are qualified vote for issues that are important to God vote as a Christian pray to God and he will lead you and guide you then you will be a part of this great political revival and a great legacy to leave to the future generations I am NOT going to leave the mess we created to our children to my children so I will do my part and you in the name of Jesus will do your part and there God will remember our obedience and he will take care of our children and all those things that concern me even when I’m gone so do not be selfish and soft centered Christians should have no cause to complain if all they do is complain and give their opinions and are not engaged so instead of complaining about the condition of our country let us take godly action you are now a part of the solution and not the problem and we’re going to reap what we have sown right let the world harvest or reap the wind but things will manifest to the body of Christ repent okay instructions will be the same for every member of the body of Christ concerning our country now for the transfer of wealth but of Christ make sure that you are a part of it just because you’re making lots of money now or you have lots of money stashed somewhere it does not necessarily mean that you are part of the transfer of wealth there are conditions and you already know these conditions but you have been ignoring them for a long long time keep in mind when God blesses it does not add sorrow to that blessing so if there are sorrows in your life then consider your ways okay this is a litmus test when God blesses he adds no sorrow to that blessing why God wants to bless his people remember in the book of Exodus when the Israelites left Egypt they plundered the Egyptians they carry with them gold silver and clothing God led them to the promised land God’s plan is to lead them to the promised land in a matter of days but because of the stubbornness of their hearts and their complaining and whining it took them 40 years and they all perished except their children and except for Joshua and Caleb the manifestation of God’s promise got delayed not because that is God’s will it was caused by their murmuring and the stubbornness of their heart does this sound familiar to you this is what is happening right now to some members of the bat of Christ so let us stop complaining and murmuring let us go down on our knees and ask God what we must do thank God don’t complain let us do something so God gave the nation of Israel lands flowing with milk and honey and they were not able to do anything with their gold or invest in them so what are they for God gave them gold and silver and fine fabric to be used for the temple and they got to keep the rest here they enter the Promised Land they need other things than gold and silver so those are extra for the things of God set aside for the things of God same thing with this coming transfer of wealth influence affluence God’s plan is for you and I to finance the preaching of the gospel in power and make disciples and glorify His name because every time when the world will see how blessed we are the by the Christ they would want to know our God they want to follow our example so this transfer wealth influence and affluence will be in every sector of society his plan for us is to implement his ways of doing things and then disciple others to do the same what grieves God’s heart many times is when his people his chosen people that he blessed forget about God and the mission and the Great Commission they go back to the things of the world with many excuses and pursue their own things in the ways of the world so it’s like a circle so it would take more than 40 years it will take a lifetime to reach their promised land if they continue to do that so let us pray that God will intervene in our lives okay okay and I am running out of time I’m going to the Philippines to hold the first prophetic gathering of the Saints of all times like what we did last year I taught them and I reminded them that the Feast of the Pentecost and the feast of harvest and in gathering are required feast for us to celebrate they are not just for the nation of Israel so this time I will hold the prophetic gathering of the Saints in the Philippines in two major regions so pray for me in addition to that I will hold the pastors conference and business training and I’m going to spend time with a young business group in that area so that I can instruct them in the things of God they are waiting for me so this is a great seed if the Lord is leading you to sow seed do it with a cheerful heart and ask the Holy Spirit you can go to our website s og mi dot org and just put a notation there for the for the Philippine mission and I appreciate it it is a great seed and it is time for you my dear brothers and sisters to be a part to finance the preaching of the gospel all over the world okay or you can mail your check to sons of God international @ p o– box one five seven nine hello this texas seven eight zero two three okay god bless you for tuning in let me pray for you my prayer is base in officience chapter 1 verses 17 to 20 i pray in the mighty name of jesus that God the Father will give you spiritual wisdom and insight so that you might grow in your knowledge of him I pray that your hearts will be flooded with light so that you can understand the confident hope he has given to those he called his holy people who are rich and glorious inheritance I also pray that you will understand the incredible greatness of God’s power for us who believe holy father I also pray that those who have not been baptized by your Holy Spirit will be baptized with the evidence of speaking in tongues so that they can pray to edify or strengthen themselves in the mighty name of Jesus I pray that they will receive and operate with all the gifts of the Holy Spirit as he enabled them just for their sake but for the sake of their loved ones and for the benefit of your people I pray for strengthening for those that are weak hope for those that are discouraged and heavy hearted and healing for those that are sick I pray this in the mighty name of Jesus amen join us in our Sunday services we are located at eighty four nineteen Callahan Road and Wednesday services god bless you for tuning in until next time thank you for listening we all hope you were blessed by this message today if you were let us hear from you if you wish to contact us or sow a seed our phone number is two one zero three nine six seven eight nine one and for Saturday’s program call us at 2 1 zero six nine five one six three zero send all emails to sons of God at SAT X are are calm and all letters to P o box one five seven nine Lotus texas seven eight zero two three for more info including service times and upcoming events find us at

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Episode 210: The Year in Review (2016)

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