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Episode 211: Fact vs Truth

In preparation for the prophetic words that will be released, we revisit the teaching on Facts vs. the Truth.

Published: January 09, 2016

Speakers: Joshua Sosso, Cristina Sosso




thank you for tuning in this is Joshua saw so and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time happy new year we just celebrated the coming of 2016 at the prophetic gathering of the Saints and let me tell you God is doing great things in this nation we just heard so many great things about the things that God has in store for 2016 and the move that he is bringing about in this nation in the next couple of weeks you’re going to hear for pastor Chris and she’s going to talk about some of the prophecies that God has for this year in preparation for that we’re going to revisit one of her old messages from a couple months ago about facts and truth and the reason why we’re revisiting this message is because the things that God is saying to us aren’t bound by the facts that we know but instead when God says something to us that is the truth and that’s the truth that we need to hold on to because whatever God says it doesn’t matter how impossible it seems whether it doesn’t make sense in our natural mind if God says it then we can trust that the things that he says are true so beginning this new year let’s listen in on what Pastor Chris has to say on this subject in these last days the apostles and prophets are taking center stage we will have powerful prophets in this country and there will be send all over the world and we will have more powerful apostles many of them are already in place and their number continues to increase for the past several years and God is going to continue to clean the clock of these apostles and prophets why efficients to 20 the two offices the postal ik and the prophetic offices are the ones who are going to build the church they are the foundation in which Jesus Christ is the chief Cornerstone the Apostles are the ones who lay the foundation based on the Word of God and the perfect will of God they receive revelations prophets point the way to Jesus Christ and the things that are not provided or clearly outlined in the scripture but are needed for today the issues and the challenges that we’re facing today the prophets provide instruction or the direction like word of knowledge they will provide the timeline they will point the way it’s still in God’s ways and they will point the way to Christ and if you have not noticed yet those that are in the offices of a pastor evangelists and teachers those that have been righteous those that are walking and living by faith those that have produced good fruits and there front and center is our Lord Jesus Christ they are being promoted to the offices of the Apostle and or the prophets why am I saying that because the offices of the apostles and the prophets are the only offices that are mentioned in the book of Revelation once the battle Christ matures or majority of Christians started to mature most of the pastors and teachers will take on the office of an apostle or a prophet and the Evangelist also and they will start deciphering others because once we matured about of Christ they will be sent to different sectors of society as a sea Oh business honors executives actors in the arts and entertainment singers sports arena and they will apply God’s ways of doing things so therefore the five offices will continue to operate but it will be outside of the four walls of our church if we matured about a Christ are you listening to me pastors and teachers we have to mature the bat of Christ and they will apply God’s ways of doing things in all sectors of society and they will take all the five offices to the marketplace that is how we can implement and we will implement God’s ways of doing things we are the head and not the tail that the foreigners of the Covenant will be working for us instead of the other way around okay it will be outside of the four walls of the church and God has been moving these five offices towards that direction for many many years but it will be more pronounced starting this year and next year and beyond okay apostles and prophets have been deciphering business people those that are in the arts and entertainment political leaders and also in commerce even in the sports arena the Lord’s presence will be established in all sectors of society and his ways of doing things will be implemented especially in the realm of finances this is what the transfer of wealth influence and affluence is all about this is the saith the Lord in other words we are taking the helm and we will be in charge in the end now let me get back to you and make things personal I would step on your toes today in love okay God cleaned my clock I was part of those that God has to set aside and to force me to rest and listen and talk to him and make all those changes well I tried to change things okay and I tried to go one step ahead of God in some areas but I went back to him and made those mistakes I talked to the I talked to God about them I didn’t waste any time and God did not waste any time so God cleaned my clock already so it is my time now to give some back so I would step on your toes today in love I will lovingly rebuke some of you instruct many and encourage many so stay tuned we may not like what we’re hearing but I guarantee you if you listen to what the Lord is saying and if you follow the instruction believe in obey you will thank me later majority of personal prophecies are not manifesting and yet we read in the scriptures that good prophecies have all manifested judgment manifested some got delayed some the intensity was lessened some got postponed but in the end personal powerful prophecies impossible in the natural mind they manifested nevertheless and we should and we must expect greater things for all of us now we have the book we have the Holy Spirit we have the revelations of those who have gone before us and now we have the Holy Spirit and Christians think and many believe that miracles are just for selected few and the result is we distorted our views on who God is because of the many excuses we heard because of the many excuses we gave the wrong doctrines we were fed and we fed others man-made doctrines and religiosity but let us decide today now to take the kingdom of God by force by our action by our faith by our confessional words Jesus said in Matthew that the kingdom of God is forcefully advancing and the violent take it by force it is now time to decide for us that we will walk in the supernatural in our personal versus the good prophecies that God has promised us we are going to follow those instructions and be led by the Holy Spirit and we will take hold of them starting now so let me read some scriptures that you already know but I just want to remind you in John chapter 1 verse 14 the word became flesh and made his dwelling amongst us we have seen his glory the glory of the one and only son who came from the father full of grace and truth let us focus on the word became flesh the scripture is talking about our Lord Jesus okay now how does it apply to you when the thus saith the Lord is released in your life and it witness in your spirit and it lines up with a perfect will and the character of our God it lines up with the Word of God those word released will become flesh they will manifest why why are the prophetic words necessary for your personal life once they manifested then you will become one in Christ Jesus because when he said it then he dwells in you and in your heart he abides with you forever and those manifestations will come for his glory and not just for your sake but for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ so when you say thus saith the Lord and you believe that the word is Jesus then you have to believe that thus saith the Lord delivered in your personal life once you believe it and grab hold of it they will also manifest okay that is the scripture for you the word became flesh and made his dwelling amongst us we have seen his glory and the glory of the one and only son who came from the father full of grace and truth it is for the glory of God that your prophecy will manifest okay John 1:17 those are in line with the Word of God because the scripture always and will always have the final authority okay John 1:17 for the law was given through Moses grace and truth came through Jesus Christ john 13 21 but whoever lives by the truth comes into the light so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God John 4:23 yet the time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the father in the spirit and in truth will worship the father in the spirit it means a say being led by the Holy Spirit and in truth meaning Jesus okay so they will worship the father in the Holy Spirit and in Jesus which is the word of God for they are the kind of worshipers the father seeks God his spirit and his worshipers must worship in the spirit and in truth and Jesus says in John 14:16 I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the Father except through me when the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and prophesied that Mary is going to be the most blessed women and that she will give birth to the Messiah so here are the facts Mary was a virgin it was impossible for her to get pregnant that is the fact so what is the truth the prophecy in Isaiah 10:14 I want you to listen very carefully to this because if you receive this then you will believe your prophecy okay the truth I say a chapter 10 verse 14 therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign the Virgin will conceive and give birth to a son and will call him Immanuel that manifested and became the truth and it became the fact see that thus saith the Lord is not based on facts my dear brothers and sisters because fact are not necessarily the truth they can change but the truth is the truth because Jesus is the truth and God changes not so when the doctor tells you that you are going to die that there is no hope for you that you’re going to go through pain and suffering those are facts the results of their tests the result of their observation and what you told them that you’ve been experiencing those are the facts but if you’re a believer and somebody prayed for you or I pray for you and I say thou shalt not die but you will live and you will recover fully from your diseases in the name of Jesus and you believe it and it manifests then those facts that you’re dying they’re not true anymore the truth now is you were healed at the cross by the stripes of Jesus you were the healed and those are now the facts and the truth so what am I saying my dear brothers and sisters most of us when we receive a prophecy we start looking for facts we start looking at our situation and then when we cannot imagine or cannot see how God will pull this prophecy through how will this manifest you will walk away and you will not take a stand based on the truth because you’re taking a stand based on your facts so many of us will forget about prophecies we don’t follow the instruction we don’t believe and some we have God and we end up compromising so let us discuss the definition of fact or facts it is defined as a truth known by actual experience or observation something known to be true fact is something that has occurred or is actually the case something that truly exists or happens something that has actual experience so fact is truth of yesterday or now but not all facts are true facts chains please stay with me on this this is very important I’ve been praying to God how to get things across to all of you because I have seen so many personal prophecies unfulfilled and people discouraged because of it now let’s understand and define the truth truth is conformity with fact or reality truth is a principle thing oxford dictionary defines truth as that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality merriam-webster defines truth as the truth the real facts about something the things that are true the quality or the state of being true truth is defined by some Christians as the self expression of God and of course we know that truth is a person he is Jesus and truth is also the fundamental characteristic of our God so you compare the facts and truth fact is something that has occurred or already in existence fact is past or present but never future truth is past present and future it changes not some things are still not in existence and they will become facts if you abide and believe and serve the truth Christ Jesus example facts can change years ago people believed even scientists believe that the earth is flat and they took it as a fact they believed that is the truth now we all know that the earth is round and that is a fact and that is the truth in other words facts can be changed but not all facts are truth but truth does not change truth is truth so when God tells you that sayeth the Lord that you will be great that this is going to happen you follow those principles and don’t look at the facts okay look and believe the truth example we do not say that Jesus is coming soon with his future jesus is coming soon and that is a fact no we say Jesus is coming soon and that is the truth since Jesus is the truth if you believe what he says and follow your instruction to the letter then that is the truth and the facts will change concerning your life so if I prophesy if I release a prophecy to you and it lines up with the plan and the character of a loving God it lines up with a word it means to say it lines up with the truth don’t look at the facts and the truth will manifest okay let us go back to Mary again she was a virgin and a virgin cannot conceive a child not unless it’s artificial insemination but there’s no such thing in her time God says or the truth says that you are the one you are the virgin that was prophesied by Isaiah who is going to give birth to the Messiah impossible on all the facts but a virgin conceived and she gave birth to Christ Jesus and that is the truth so one of the many reasons why prophecy is important today is there are things in your life plan of God that you cannot do them yourself because based on facts and your situation with our facts it is impossible you need a supernatural truth of God okay you will not have a know how it will take for God to manifest himself for his glory when you receive the dust saith the Lord because then Jesus will be pronounced in your life because everybody including you you know that it is from God and that is the truth in order to get into supernatural results do not try to process God’s Word in your mind you have to receive His Word by faith in your heart okay John 16:13 this is why we need the teaching and the leading of the Holy Spirit however when he the Spirit of Truth has come he will guide you into all truth into all truth Jesus did not say about the Holy Spirit that the Holy Spirit will consider the facts examine it and make a determination based on the facts no the Holy Spirit will release what he hears from heaven between God the Father and God the Son thank God for that when he the Spirit of Truth has come he will guide you into all truth not facts for he will not speak from himself but whatever he hears he will speak he will declare to you things that are coming we need the Holy Spirit we need the Word of God and the Word of God has to be the final authority and we need the Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth okay let me try to share this with you as fast as I can while in the Philippines last April I was with Sandy towers Sofia coos Bell Joshua my son and Davina Mendoza we were there for three weeks and me and the group we finally are in our last ministers conference there were lots of miracles that happen in that last meeting but since we’re dealing with prophecy of healing or life I will stick to the subject okay there was a young man a young pastor who missed all the conferences because he was in the hospital deathly ill on this last night the conference that late-afternoon the doctors called all the family members including the man’s father who is a senior pastor to gather together because he needs to say his goodbyes because he is dying and he’s going to die within the next hour so he already said goodbye to his family and to his father but the father who’s a senior pastor and he’s a part of the regular pastors who attend our training he said no I am NOT ready to loose you son and I believe that the Lord still has job for you and said I am going to take you out from this hospital and I’m going to take you for Pastor Chris to pray for you and they came at the last minute after I dismissed the service and they told me what is happening and the Holy Spirit just kind of led me to call the youth leaders in the Philippines as well as Joshua and they surrounded them and I instructed them to pray in the spirit only and the loose fourth life then I bound the spirit of death and I loosened fourth life and I gave him this instruction the receiver sealing the think he’ll talk healed and dress healed he was still weak but he nodded he said and he refused to go back to the hospital and I went back that following month and he sent me a message this young man that the Lord restored from death to life and said I cannot come I apologize but I’m up here in the mountain ministering to the natives he didn’t waste any time he started thinking heal talking healed living healed the facts doctor can’t do anything for him life was leaving him already the truth it was not his time and he received the word from the Lord and the truth became facts he’s still walking and preaching so it is important for you my brothers and sisters to believe don’t look at the facts don’t analyze things in your head you’re not going to receive anything because your own mind and the facts that will glare at you they will become Mountains that you will not be able to see through the eyes of faith and I’m running out of time keep in mind don’t look at the facts but believe and receive the truth and it’s time for you to go back and spend time with God about the personal prophecies that were released in your life god bless you for tuning in until next time thank you for listening we all hope you were blessed by this message today if you were let us hear from you if you wish to contact us or sow a seed our phone number is two one zero three nine six seven eight nine one and for Saturday’s program call us at
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Episode 211: Fact vs Truth

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