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Episode 212: Prophecy to the Church in 2016

2016 is a new year with a clean slate! Hear the prophecy to the Church. For His glory, our benefit, and the benefit of His people, we are going to look good, feel good, live good, be good, and do good.

Published: January 16, 2016

Speakers: Joshua Sosso, Cristina Sosso




hello thank you for tuning in this is Christina Sasso of freedom Fellowship Church and sons of God International and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time we are already on the third week of the new year and so many things are happening good stuff my dear brothers and sisters so listen the year 2015 was both challenging and exciting for me God showed himself strong and fulfilled his prophecy to me that the anointing that will be upon my life will be so great that it will not compare to the anointing of the past even if I combined all the things that God did through me all those years and he did it came to pass in the Philippines and my life has never been the same again it was also a year that I had lots of conversations with God faced many difficult choices like some of you in 2015 I interceded cried a lot prayed a lot talked to God often I really tasted his love for me I thought I knew but I discovered a new dimension of his love towards his people his love towards me and in spite of me my mistakes and shortcomings I was transformed in a way that I cannot even explain to you but what happened in my life it is for the glory of God it’s for my own benefit and for the benefit of his people he is so awesome one of the things that I did right I chose to let him use me and the Holy Spirit led me all the way and I fell in love with Jesus all over again during the prophetic gathering of the Saints in December 31st me and the ministry team led God’s people into prayers into letting go of the past and we all brought closures of the things of 2015 and we welcomed the year with a fresh start the Lord had me release a prophecy to the church for 2016 that there will be a reset button for many God’s people reset button in their lives marriages relationships dreams families financially health it is time to dream again you have a clean slate my dear brothers and sisters let go of the past okay start this new year a new of course during our celebration of the Jewish New Year which is September 30th to October 1st the core team and I celebrated the ingathering as required Feast of God and we put closure in every areas of our lives and we declared to our loving God that we will not bring in any of the old into the new year we also promised God that we ourselves will not bring in the old into the new and if God wants to bring in those things that did not manifest in 2015 not because he didn’t want to but because we did not meet the requirements he is the one who’s going to bring this back and of all the things that will happen he will do it in his perfect time for our sake in his perfect way I am so glad that the Year 2015 is now a part of my and I will never look back I was grateful for 2015 because it changed my life I have a clear understanding of the love and mercy of God I am so grateful but I am looking forward to the greater things ahead because that’s who he is it is so glorious to bring closure to the past and we can now embrace the future and the present day clean slate glory to God so no digging of the past okay this is a part of your instruction if we trust God those things that did not manifest in the past he will bring them back in his time in his way because you know what he’s not going to postpone anything as long as we trust him and we don’t help him don’t try to mess things up like we did in the past including me we messed things up when we try to help God when we walk in and belief so messing things up is part of my past and it should be yours too that is over so God loves us so much and we can trust him and keep this in mind for 2016 if you think that you have missed all the opportunities that it’s too late for you this is who God is and this is how much he loves you he loves you as much as he loves His only begotten Son Jesus that’s a lot of love so whatever you did there is plenty of love for God to cover and to forgive you and to restore you and to deliver you and give you a second chance don’t continue to wallow in bitterness to wallow in self-pity and defeat okay that is not who you are in Christ Jesus you are overcomers you are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus so allow God to restore you heal you deliver you and love on you I cannot get over or I could never get used to the awesomeness and the goodness of our God the prophecies the Lord had me release a New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are so awesome the core team said that it is the best prophetic gathering ever we were joined in by brothers and sisters in Christ from Dallas Texas Houston Corpus Christi and the state of Maryland the Lord had me prayed for specific people and called them to ask them to join us in this gathering these are the people who used to serve with us who were a part of this fellowship all of them responded except for two amazing isn’t it and there were about 20 plus people who attended the event for the first time and there are only three from our radio listeners who attended of course because we checked in to the hotel on the day of the event we missed a few phone calls one from a couple and one from family who were trying to register on the day of the event and we missed their call anyway I would try to share as much as I can to you over this radio program and you need to follow the instructions to the letter okay the first prophecy that I will share with you was for freedom Fellowship Church and sons of God international it was actually delivered to them on that Sunday before the New Year’s Eve prophetic gathering of the Saints so why am i sharing this with you because whomsoever who receive believe and follow the instruction this prophecy is for you too it is so good and whomsoever who receives and believes will benefit and their lives will be transformed by this prophecy so you can do this - okay trust God so I can tell you that you need to be as excited as I am the things that God is planning for the body of Christ the things that are scheduled to come to pass in our lives this year are breathtaking I don’t know how God can do it but he is such an awesome God and it’s such an awesome conference I think and I bless everyone who attended who responded to the call and I know that you’re all are blessed and let’s continue to connect with each other and allow the signs and wonders to follow us in Psalm 103 verse 1 through 5 I need to give you scripture before I deliver the prophecy to freedom for a church or to the charts okay Psalm 103 verses 1 through 5 says in NIV praise the Lord O my soul all my inmost being praise His Holy Name praise the Lord O my soul and forget not all his benefits who forgives all your sins how many all and heals all your diseases how many o who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the Eagles so don’t ever say if it’s the will of God I will be healed he is more than willing okay because he loves you so this applies to you to believe who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the Eagles and this is the prophecy to freedom Fellowship Church which lines up with Psalm 103 and some other scriptures in the Bible are you ready so this is for you - this is for the church of our Lord Jesus Christ thus saith the Lord in 2016 you will look good you will feel good you will live good you will be good and you will do good all for my glory for your own benefit and for the benefit of my people says the Lord that is so good isn’t it here are the facts the facts are when it comes to renewing our youth when it comes to healing all our diseases and comes to this five goodly godly things you look good you feel good you live good you be good and you will do good the facts are we abuse our bodies we made mistakes we were look warm we were busy for everything else and we were busy chasing after the wind a lot of times because we’re still doing and applying things the world’s way the facts are we’re not getting any younger physically and the facts are the world is saying out there the medical community and the science they’re saying that our mind or our memory will be the first one to go a sign of aging those are the facts the facts are part of our body our going south those are the facts and this is the truth the presence of God was very strong in our myths and he is faithful his word said in Psalm 103 you continue to praise God in your inmost being and you continue to praise Him and remember his benefits who forgives all your sins heals all your diseases who redeems your life from the pit some of you needs redemption right now and crowns you with love and compassion that is what is for most people who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the Eagles that is the truth so we are going to change the facts with the truth with our lives by believing this prophecy for 2016 let me tell you two stories and this is also one of the prophecy that those that are financing the gospel those that had been trustworthy in the things of God the righteous the prophecy is second Timothy chapter 2 verse 6 the hard-working farmer shall be the first to receive a share of the crops this manifested before the year end I was praying two weeks before the conference to the Lord that I really need to go somewhere to isolate myself for this conference and of course few people offered really their houses but I really wanted to really isolate myself with no destruction whatsoever but I did not have the money set aside for me to check into a hotel nobody knows that but as usual when I wanted to go and pray to the Lord in 2015 I always go for a drive so this time I went to Medina Lake I was driving and I did not stop anywhere except by the park and I saw how low the water level was so the Lord had me stand up there and I prophesied for my brothers and sisters that are living in Medina Lake and for those of you that are planning to take a vacation summer vacation in Medina Lake listen to this I prophesied that you will have plenty of rain for summer so you will have a great summer this year glory to God unbeknownst to me that was the seed that God led me to sow to have the finances for me to go and check into hotel well the Lord will lead us and he would not really explain things until they’re fully manifested so I started thanking God for the particular place of isolation and as usual I prepared for the evening service in the meantime one of our ministers Dora heard from God to give me a specific amount of money see I did not have to ask her I did not have to beg I don’t look good as a beggar I look good as a king and priest of the Almighty God so she gave the money to me it is actually more than enough for me to stay for a week in a hotel with food and everything so while in the hotel I was thinking God for Doris Eid and Doris obedience and God spoke to me as clear as day and told me 2nd Timothy chapter 2 verse 6 will manifest amongst the group and for everybody who obeyed him and has been financing the preaching of the gospel and discipleship clear as a day God told me that Dora will enjoy and will receive the share of the crop that see sowed for the prophetic gathering of the Saints God told me Dora had heart issues before and I told me he is going to give Dora a new heart I got so excited I cannot wait to go to the service and I started calling seed sown through this ministry to the missions and discipleship training programs and training schools not only is specifically particularly for 2015 and also in times past and I thank the Lord for anyone who gave to this ministry and I asked the Lord for them to receive full harvest this year so if you’re one of them and you’re listening to this broadcast don’t compromise okay don’t fear don’t give into doubt let me do the believing for you you already sown the seeds so it will continue to produce harvest for you I am so excited you see the bat of Christ must learn how to give you and I must finance the preaching of the gospel to all nations and training programs in obedience to the Great Commission Matthew chapter 28 18 19 and 20 and Mark chapter 16 we need to mature the body of Christ and we need to continue to preach the gospel in power leaders must and should graduate God’s people from being infant into kings and priests based on revelation 1:6 and revelation 10 5 I’m going to revisit this later so don’t worry so when God had me released 2nd Timothy chapter 2 verse 6 to freedom felsic church I was so excited all partners and members and even those who left the fellowship but sowed seeds on the missions they will enjoy the harvest they have sown this year and if those who sow seeds will reap the first fruit of their crops this year then partners and members including former partners and members of freedom faucet charts we’ll have lots of exciting things to look forward to of course we at Freedom Fellowship Church our excitement is beyond measure we are seeing manifestations every day because why we had lots of seeds on the ground and for those of you who sold seeds last year 71 of those tithes and offerings received by this ministry were invested on foreign missions and discipleship 71% how do we do it how did we do it how did we survive I used to be a banker and a businesswoman I know how to invest in addition to that we stay lean and our core team the ministry team worked volunteered gave and studied last year and even this year they make my job as their pastor much much easier I didn’t want it to pastor the church I’ve been asking God since 2003 to take me out but in December of 2009 the Lord made me a promise that he’s going to send me people that will work and be loyal and be faithful to the call to this ministry and he gave me a bunch now I love pastoring freedom fellow church with the health of my husband Mike so that we can pursue and we continue to plant most of our receipts to the foreign missions Mike continues to work to pay our household bills and at the same time he continues to be on full-time ministry he is the president and co-founder of sons of God International and an apostolic teacher so he will receive harvest this year you don’t have to work harder you will receive more okay so we continue to further the kingdom of God here at freedom Phillip shirts and through this radio broadcast and we are fully engaged and active in the things of God we’re beginning to see the manifestation of the fruits of our labor and I am running out of time again so I am going back to the Philippines so see deeds on the 1st of this year and all the month of February I will be holding two prophetic gathering of the Saints for the first time in the Philippines how to prepare for it such a great big gatherings wherein thousands of people are expecting to attend I don’t know I am trusting and believing and I’m believing God to prepare me and to strengthen me and to give me words so I’m giving you an opportunity to sow seed for this upcoming trip you can go to our website at SOG MI org and click donate and assign it to the Philippine missions or overseas missions the seeds that you’re going to sow the financial seeds that you’re going to sow for this mission trip as soon as you saw it you begin to see drastic results as long as you believe that is a guaranteed thing you are going to receive and enjoy the harvest of the first crops that are coming so go to our website SOG mi dot org and click donate or you can mail your check to post office box one five seven nine hello this texas seven eight zero two three so god bless you for tuning in come and see us join us in our Sunday services we are located at eighty four nineteen Callahan Road off I ate in our morning service starts at 10:30 and our evening service and Wednesday services start at 7:00 p.m. and God bless you for tuning in and remember this is die saith the LORD whomsoever who believe in 2016 you will look good you will live good you will feel good you will do good and you will be good all for the glory of God for your own benefit and for the benefit of his people amazing God amazing love god bless you for turning thank you for listening we all hope you were blessed by this message today if you were let us hear from you if you wish to contact us or sow a seed our phone number is two one zero three nine six seven eight nine one and for Saturday’s program call us at
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Episode 212: Prophecy to the Church in 2016

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