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Episode 213: Prophetic Words to the Church in 2016

Pastor Cris continues to share about the prophetic words that were released about the Church in 2016. God is doing great things!

Published: January 30, 2016

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




god bless you for tuning in hello this is Christina so freedom Fellowship Church and sons of God international and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time I am going to continue to release and to declare the prophecies to the church and to freedom Philip charts and sons of God international for 2016 so take a listen I ran out of time last week’s broadcast but we will continue to discuss the prophecies for 2016 and beyond and I want you to receive it I want you to let go of the past and embrace the new year clean slate okay Psalm 103 verses 1 through 5 it says praise the Lord O my soul all my inmost being praise His Holy Name praise the Lord O my soul and forget not all his benefits who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the Eagles so the prophecy for the church is this I release this also last week and if you missed the last week’s program we are on podcast go to s OGM again it’s SOG mi dot org so here is thus saith the Lord for 2016 in 2016 you will look good you will feel good you will live good you will be good and you will do good all for my glory for your own benefit and for the benefit of my people says the Lord it’s that good because why it is the love of God that will be so pronounced in the in the lives and in the parts of God’s people that even the world will see them in the second prophecy that was released is second Timothy chapter two verse six the hard-working farmer shall be the first to receive a share of the crops so any seed that you sowed remember they have to be on fertile ground they have to be in obedience and to finance the Great Commission you need to focus on that again second Timothy chapter two verse six the hard-working farmers shall be the first to receive a share of the crops and also in Amos chapter nine it says that the sower will be overtaken by the Reapers and vice-versa so that the seeds that were sown for 2016 will reap an instant harvest and the sacrifices and the seed sown that we’re doing for the things of God we will reap the benefit of it man are we going to feel good and live good and now we’re looking good so I’ll continue to share this because it has been manifesting in the body of Christ I mentioned to you last week that I was praying to go into seclusion for a week and I didn’t have the funds to go to the hotel all the finances of the ministry are allocated to pay bills so I cannot touch them I need some extra money but I didn’t tell anybody that I just went out for a drive and I was praying and thanking God for the things and how I really wanted to listen to God for the church and for the country and for individuals for 2016 I don’t want to mess things up because it is important for God’s people so while I was praying the Lord had me release a prophecy that Medina Lake will have plenty of water for this coming summer so that the economy in that region will be improved I didn’t realize that that was my seed and Dora one of the ministry team heard from the Lord give me a specific amount of money and Dora did an about-face she listened to God but this time the amount was higher and so she did an about-face and asked God and God confirm it again and said yeah and you have to give it to her tonight so she did so I went into hotel and the amount that she gave me are more than adequate for my one-week stay at the hotel with food and everything else so glory to God and I didn’t have to ask Dora I don’t have to beg and that is how the things in the kingdom of God operate trust God and trust God’s people to do the right thing all I can do is to encourage and to give opportunity for you even you our listeners to sow seed that’s it and God will take care of the rest so I was praying in the hotel and it’s been about in my fourth day and God spoke to me as clear as day I said Cristina and said Dora will be the first to receive a share of the crops for the prophetic gathering of the Saints because of the seed that she assumed and God said I’m not going to heal her heart but I am going to give her a new heart I jumped and I was so excited I wanted to check out of that hotel and tell Dora but God told me no wait I have more surprises in store for everybody at freedom Fellowship Church and it was amazing so I went and delivered that message to Dora and that service Endora just got so excited and then the Holy Spirit manifested himself in the sanctuary and all of a sudden now go get this person get this person and all those who were there the Lord gave us new hearts well it’s a Christina I don’t believe you and said it doesn’t matter it happens to us I feel great I used to have brokenness in my heart it had pains now and said I’m free I have a new heart and it manifested so it is amazing and for God to reward somebody because of their obedience and it is something that dwara and all of us a freedom fellowship cannot even imagine but we receive our new hearts and our life has never been the same again so God is preparing us to this prophecy look good feel good live good the share of the crops a new heart you will feel good with that do good and be good all for his glory and then I didn’t know that these are all connected okay I trained myself when I hear God is not to analyze things but to obey whatever I can do I always get into action I was praying last year almost the end of the year I think it’s also December the month of December I was on the pulpit preaching during our Sunday evening service and while I was preaching God was talking to me on the other side I almost stopped and did an about-face and I said like what what I heard from God is this Cristina you are going to have a Wellness Center that will heal restore and bless my people physically mentally and spiritually and somebody from the Philippines because we were talking about having a hotel spa or something to the regards and the Philippines as well as here in United States but that was a planning stage that that has been in my heart ever since God started giving me business plans starting in 1989 in 1990 but all of a sudden they gave me a vision and somebody emailed me some skin care that you can do yourself and the Holy Spirit instructed me to resurrect the list again and he gave me a new formula and a new combination for skincare and I was like okay I don’t need to understand about that my responsibility is to believe God and to receive and to obey so I did I started experimenting on it in my own kitchen and I applied it on my husband and my boys and myself and Davina and everybody and you know what we saw great results in a matter of days so I said I’m going to sew this seeds to whomever who is going to receive it and will do and follow the instruction amongst the core team and you could see the improvement in their skin their youth is being restored but of Christ which is an occurrence to Psalm 103 a part of our benefits so it is also in accordance to this prophecy for 2016 look good feel good live good be good and do good and I for one I will not be satisfied in just manifestations of one or two of their five goodly things I am going to stand my ground and believe that the manifestations of these five goodly things will manifest in my life not just three and I’ll be satisfied no if God is giving me all the five goodly things I am going to receive them and I’m going to do my part and it’s beginning to manifest in the ministry you know I prayed I nagged I instructed I encouraged and I inspired some members of freedom felsic charts and of course I have to set an example for them as of the end of last year we lost combined more than a hundred pounds and there’s only about seven of us that got into this program one sister lost 48 pounds by herself isn’t that amazing because you know why all these seven people are volunteers they are hard-working they are part of the ministry team of freedom felsic shirts and they make things easier for me by taking more and more responsibility away from me and from Mike and now they are reaping and enjoying the harvest the first fruit and so are you you can enjoy that too so now I am going to the Philippines this month and the whole month of February and probably longer I will hold the first-ever prophetic gathering of the Saints in two major regions in the Philippines I will also conduct healing schools ministers conference cysts and three business schools I do not know how to prepare i’m ministered and prophesied in the past to more than 500 pastors one afternoon a few years ago after that event I was tired now the prophetic gathering of the Saints will be attended by hundreds or thousands of ministry leaders and business owners how can I prepare on something as big as this you know healing crusade you preach evangelistic message but the prophetic gathering of the Saints you ministered you minister to each and every one of them I don’t know how to do it but the Holy Spirit knows and guess what just like he did last May and March and April of 2015 we’re in thousands of people got slain without nobody laying hands on them so in this one here I am excited to walk into a different kind of realm and a new challenge but I am confident that the Holy Spirit will lead me and will take over glory to God he’s my teacher and I cannot wait to see how God is going to do this all I know is I have to continue to train myself and discipline myself to yield to love him and to love his people get physically fit and pray and praise some more now you’re part of this is the easier part so a financial seat we need to pay for the bigger venue or the biggest venue we can find in those places and that involves a lot of money so your part your easy part is to sow a seed sow a seed for this mission you can go to our website s o GMI org again it’s SOG mi dot org and all you need to do is to click donate or you can mail your check to post office box one five seven nine hello this texas seven eight zero two three and pray for this mission it is going to be so great and at the same time you the sower will be overtaken by the harvest you will enjoy the first fruit and at the same time it is a seed for our great state of texas and a seed for our country this country like you and the state of texas will enjoy the first fruits of the crops if you have some pocket changes few hundreds here a few thousand there a few millions so accede to this ministry be led by the Holy Spirit get excited about your seat and give cheerfully that will delight the heart of our God so go to our website SOG mi dot org and click donate and designate your seed to the missions you brother the Lord has been tugging your heart to support this ministry ever since you started listening to this program your business will boom if you obey God now but you must be cheerful and you’re giving and you must believe in your seed so obey God my dear brothers and sisters and expect to enjoy the first fruit it’s going to be awesome now if we for United States of America beginning in 2016 the body of Christ will be the biggest voting bloc in this country you need to get engaged and educate yourself on the issues that are important to God not important to you but to God so if we American Christians continue to obey the Great Commission our loving and merciful God will continue to look kindly towards this nation United States of America is turning around you’re going to see more exposures you’re going to see more changes that will happen almost overnight in a blink of an eye those were prophecies the Lord had me released in September and the first week of September 2015 and I really believe in my heart that he sent prophets and apostles like me to the State Capitol to bring this to pass this is how God works this is how the kingdom of God works you release the Word of God and then you follow the instruction and when I release the prophecy to our country the first week of September look at the perfect timing of God the Lord already spoke to Mike to hold a praise rally at the State Capitol probably in the month of April or May it’s supposed to be on the last week of September during the Feast of Tabernacles and and they did he went with some members of the ministry team and the praise team our youth and they held a press rally three after the praise rallies the State Capitol in a week after that we watch the manifestations unfold on CNN Fox News and all the other networks see the things that that that are taking place in Washington DC God is still on the throne God is still active so I cannot discuss the details here but believe me when I say that God is going to change and transform this country towards righteousness majority of Christians will vote starting this year as Christians and they will not vote based on the color of their skin based on their social status or gender Christian’s will vote on issues that are important to God even unchurched Americans are now fully awake and are engaged glory to God so the V that look good and the feel good and live good it is being experienced now at freedom force up charts and it’s time for the body of Christ as a whole experience it too right okay so look good be good live good feel good and do good right okay I will share more of the prophecies for the state of Texas and for the country probably in the next programs some of the details I cannot divulge on the radio okay but I can give you the prophecy as a whole and believe receive and follow the instruction for our country it is going to be great remember there is a reset button for God’s people for 2016 and beyond a reset button if you you were going to start fresh as if you have not made mistakes those will be restored if you let go of the past put closure to the things of the past and embrace the new okay and yield to the leading of the Holy Spirit because you know what when you read the Word of God if you’re just reading it and you don’t ask the Holy Spirit to teach you and to reveal things to you you’re just reading a book but through the scripture through the reading of the scripture and through the leading of the Holy Spirit the scripture says is very clear this is Jesus promise when the Holy Spirit will come upon you you will be endued with power that is in acts right but also jesus said in John chapter 16 I believe that when the Holy Spirit comes to you he will reveal the truth and Jesus is the truth we will get a revelation of who Jesus is and who we are in Christ Jesus and the attributes and the love and the plan of God through the leading of the Holy Spirit so it is important for you to allow the Holy Spirit to lead you you know we should stop leading the Holy Spirit a lot of times we call on God and said God come on and follow me I want to do this I’m going to go that way and that way and I want you to bless it and by the way God if I don’t get what I want if I get into trouble it will be your fault he is a holy God and we need to trust him because not only he is holy he is also faithful and He loves you as much as he loves his only begotten Son Jesus now let me pray for you Holy Father in the name of Jesus I thank you that none of my words will fall to the ground but they shall accomplish what they set out to do I thank you Father for my brothers and sisters who listened and who received and who will continue to focus on my Lord Jesus Christ and that they will look good they will feel good they will live good they will be good and they will do good in 2016 and beyond we receive it we give you all the glory we give you all the praise and we thank you Father for being a part of this great move we thank you for our country we thank you for United States of America that United States of America will continue to turn around towards righteousness we thank you for answering our prayers that United States of America will be independent from foreign oil and will and will sell oil to other nations in 2016 this prayer and this prophecy was manifested so we give you all the glory we thank you for your faithfulness in Jesus name I thank you Father for the state of Texas that the state of Texas will continue to lead in the righteous God we thank you for the protection of our governor lieutenant governor our state legislators and our Attorney General we thank you Father that they continue to be inspired they continue to be strong and that no weapons of the enemy can prosper against them in Jesus name I pray father for the harvesting and the enjoyment of the fruits for 2016 and I thank you Father that now we continue to increase in number in Jesus name and amen and amen join us in our Sunday services we are located at 80 for 19 Callahan Road off IH 10 our morning service starts at 10:30 and our evening services and Wednesday services start at 7:00 p.m. god bless you for tuning in until next time thank you for listening we all hope you were blessed by this message today if you were let us hear from you if you wish to contact us or sow a seed our phone number is two one zero three nine six seven eight nine one and for Saturday’s program call us at

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Episode 213: Prophetic Words to the Church in 2016

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