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Episode 214: Prophecies for 2016 (Continued)

Pastor Cris continues sharing the prophecies for 2016

Published: February 06, 2016

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




god bless you for tuning in hello this is Christina Sasso from freedom frosted charts and cents of God international and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time 2016 is a glorious year for the body of Christ we at freedom force of charts and sons of God international did not waste any time and we hit the year 2016 running with full focus on the prophecies for 2016 and the instructions contained in those prophecies and in also obeying the Great Commission front and center for 2016 is our Lord Jesus Christ amen Matthew chapter 28 verses 18 to 20 it says all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me therefore go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you and surely I am with you always to the very end of the age mark 16:15 he said to them go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation or to every creature I am going to the Philippines I already trained and conducted a leadership training for the transfer of wealth influence and affluence about two weeks ago and the Holy Spirit took us into a new level of Revelation I never experienced that before I was so excited and it all changed our lives so now they are ready for the transfer wealth influence and affluence and ready to go ii and i am getting ready to go to the Phillipines and i’ll be there for several weeks you need to sow a seed for this mission trip obey God one of the conditions or instructions for the transfer of wealth influence and affluence to manifest is the go ye to all nations and preach the gospel and if you are not called to go ye to the Philippines or cannot go or do not want to go then sow a seed and finance the preaching of the gospel and discipleship and that programs this must be our primary focus and everything else will follow my dear brothers and sisters last year seventy one percent yes seventy one percent of our income went to preaching the gospel and making disciples we are very confident and very excited because we qualify to be a part of this great harvest this year so obey God don’t continue to put things off especially your giving go to our website sog mi dot org and click donate or you can mail your check the post office box one five seven nine hello this texas seven eight zero two three you know every year and we’ve been doing this since 2006 mission to the nation’s before we held miracle Crusades here in texas but every year more than fifty percent of our income goes towards the mission and discipleship and we continue to do so one of these days soon because of the transfer of wealth influence and affluence manifesting in the bath of christ especially in this body then we’ll be able to afford to spend ninety percent to 95 the part income of this ministry to go towards preaching the gospel and making disciples that is our goal we’re not going to stop until we achieve that because if all of us at freedom Falls up shirts we’ll be able to achieve that then we can preach our Lord Jesus Christ all over the world and money is no object glory to God so if God is leading you to give and you keep on postponing it don’t blame me if you lose some sleep okay don’t blame me I warned you you know it is for your sake why God wants you to sow seeds the seeds we sowed on foreign fields continue to produce fruits and keep on producing fruits they just keep on giving glory to God now before I release some of the prophetic words for 2016 let me address some important issues to all of you especially for those who operate in the gifts of prophecy or are really drawn to the prophetic if you don’t release correction or judgment so fast if you are quick to release prophecy of judgment or correction without first interceding and or praying before God then you really need to go back to training and discipleship why did I say that in first corinthians chapter 14 verses 3 and 4 says but the one who prophesized speaks to the people for their strengthening encouraging and comfort anyone who speaks in tongues edifies themselves but the one who prophesies edifies the church i am talking about the gift of prophecy i’m not talking about the office of a prophet okay when you operate in the gift of prophecy you prophesy for strengthening encouraging and comfort that’s the primary thing there is a reason why when the faults of others or things that need correction in other people’s lives the reason why the Holy Spirit reveals these things to you is so that you can intercede and pray for that person or for a particular situation why to manifest the perfect will of God towards that person or towards that situation it is not God’s Way to really embarrass his people all good things come from God and the testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ is the spirit of prophecy that is in revelation 19:10 your senses are still from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil your flesh and your mind is still in that same consciousness we all need to be in Jesus mindset we need to look at God’s people through the eyes of God and we can bring them to Christ or lead them to repentance it is by love because love never fails so everybody can prophesy doom and gloom we can predict based on our senses and what we see and based on the facts all we need to do is to analyze but we have to prophesy based on the truth based on the Word of God the will of God and the heart of God and he’s a loving God so when you see sin or correction on people pray first before you talk to the person okay example last summer in my prayer time I was meditating and talking to the Lord and listening and all of a sudden I saw a very cold winter coming towards this country God also revealed to me that our winter here in Texas will come much later but it’s going to be severe in 2016 we are all going to experience in or severe weather as a country I warn people in the congregation to prepare for it especially farmers and ranchers at the same time after I warned them I went back on my knees interceding on behalf of the state of Texas on behalf of his people here and I continue even now to come against severe weather why is that it will affect our economy it will endanger people’s lives and health even animals and vegetation I’d rather be wrong I’d rather that this things will not happen as I predicted them because it is God’s will that his people prosper even as our souls prosper God did not give me that revelation or prophecy so that I can release it and wait for it to come to pass so that I will be established as a prophet that’s low God shared something with me so that I can warn his people and so that I can pray and come against it from coming to pass so be reluctant to release bad prophecies or correction to the body of Christ without praying and fasting first if you have the gift of prophecy follow the ways of love do not prophesy or minister to anyone if you do not have the love of God for that person do not prophesy when you’re angry your flesh will kick in and you’re not going to be able to edify God’s people instead you’re going to pulverize them so follow the way of love follow God and always remember consider his heart his will his purpose towards individuals towards Nations a lot of times I warn the congregation of freedom force of church that I was skinned them alive that day with with its preaching and I gave them scripture for it I keep on telling them today I’m gonna skin you alive but keep in mind the old wineskin will not be able to contain the new wine that is coming that is already in the atmosphere that the Lord released over the state of Texas over the body of Christ the old wineskin will be torn apart this wonderful powerful anointing that God released and continues to release in the atmosphere is so good I am talking about this new wine and even my Baptist friends and families are included and they will partake of this new wine how do I get into that subject I do not know but everybody whomsoever who’s going to believe and obey God will be partakers of this new wine that the Holy Spirit is now pouring upon the body of Christ anyway let me get back to the prophecies for 2016 if you’re looking at this country and if you’re looking at all the events unfolding if you keep on talking about the negative things you will miss this great move of God big time focus on the good things those bad things they’re not for you because all good things are from God but you must get engaged you must take your post and follow the ways of God also follow the instructions contained in these prophecies prophecies to the church that I already released from previous broadcast are in 2016 you will look good feel good live good be good and do good all for the glory of God for your own benefit and for the benefit of his people how do you do this spiritual detoxification and I will give you some scriptures to support this prophecy Spritle detoxification we started this at the prophetic gathering of the Saints and we had freedom fellowship shirts continue to detoxify ourselves we left everything last year at the altar our failings our hopes and aspirations that did not manifest our good works and victories our pains our disappointments our anger we forgave we got rid of all of our bitterness and allowed God to restore us to deliver us to forgive us and to bless you my dear brothers and sisters you need to bring closure to everything you must bring closure to your past everything from your past good in that all good things come from God he will bring them or restore them to you those that did not manifest allow him he needs to bring them not you this time by applying his ways of doing things by us being led by the Holy Spirit get rid of self selfishness self-centeredness arrogance if you do this ritual detoxification things will be so great and you will finally recognize who you are in Christ Jesus greater things are head you are destined for greatness do not bring back the old Philippians chapter 3 verse 13 and 14 it says brethren I can’t not myself to have apprehended but this one thing I do forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forth unto those things which are before I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus sometimes I made some of you radio callers upset because I refused to listen to your ranting about the past who have done you wrong and how good was your past I cannot change them you cannot change them God erase them so what are you going to do about them they’re not there but I will be more than happy to tell you and to talk to you about your present about your life and your future we can do something about that why am I saying that but if Christ because even the victories of the past are pains and turmoils their old wineskin so in Luke chapter 5 verse 37 I’m going to read from amplified and no one pours new wine into old wineskins if he does the fresh wine will burst the skins and it will be spilled and the skins will be ruined or destroyed so this is a part of the spiritual detoxification this new move of God the revelation that the Holy Spirit will illuminate to us by the word of God is so awesome that any preconceived ideas we have any habits or methods we know they will not work we need a new wineskin a new mindset I will explain this further in the next program take the Word of God on this one okay as far as the scriptures for the looking good feeling good living good being good and doing good I will let one of the ministry team to address this while I’m gone the core team is excited we feel different we look different especially after that leadership training one Saturday wow what a revelation and I’ll try to address this next week so stay tuned and if you are missing the prophecies for 2016 we are on podcast go to our website sog mi that org here are the other prophecies for 2016 you ready the transfer of wealth influence and affluence will clearly manifest on the lives of God’s people that have been faithful and whose focus is financing and preaching the gospel the political revival that is taking place in this country is the first sign of the manifestation of the transfer of wealth for the body of Christ instruction finance the gospel preach the gospel and importantly hold off your opinions concerning the political events that is taking place in this country God does not want your opinions and your smarts he requires your obedience my obedience if we will do this the body of Christ will vote as one voice and we will dictate the outcome of this election you will not be able to analyze what’s happening in the political arena because we’d never been this way before if we’re going to do this and obey God if we focus on the Great Commission and it will do the right thing we will have a new righteous god-fearing president a believer so let us trust God on this and obey his commands and true unity will manifest in the body of Christ and nobody no spiritual leader or leaders will be able to own this it is the move of the Holy Spirit and it will not come from any initiative from spiritual leaders this is not a move of men or movement of men or believer this is the move of the Holy Spirit to God be the glory many Americans were returned to their Spritle roots many will be born again and many will be trained and discipled in which Jesus Christ is the cornerstone apostles and prophets are already in place and they will continue to get stronger they’ll continue to be more powerful and many miracles will manifest in this country glory to God so the five offices will be active and they will not compete but they will unite with a common purpose to bring thy kingdom come and to bring glory to our Lord Jesus Christ restoration is taking place in the body of Christ so obey the instruction put closer to your past forgive let go and now do in a bay you have a clean slate in 2016 and your tears of the past your failures of the past will turn into joy and laughter and singing glory to God I instructed the core team to share with you more things about prophecies for 2016 while I’m in the Philippines so don’t miss any of our programs in the Philippines I’ll be conducting two big prophetic gathering of the Saints business schools and leadership training and on Sunday services usually we turn it into a healing crusade I will continue to obey the Great Commission and while in the Philippines Joshua and the team will keep you updated through this program on the supernatural manifestations of the things of God in Asia you need to sow a seed for this trip go to our website SOG mi dot org and click donate let this be the seed for the state of Texas and let us do it in a big way Texas eyes or you can mail your check the post office box one five seven nine hello this texas seven eight zero two three join us in our sunday services we are located at eighty four nineteen callahan rode off i ate in our sunday service starts at 10:30 and the evening service starts at 7:00 p.m. we also have wednesday services at seven pm let me pray for you Holy Father thank you thank you that you are a faithful and a loving God that you remain faithful even when there are times that we are unfaithful to you we thank you that you have given us opportunity to start the year clean slate we thank you we thank you for your word for your word of instruction for your word of encouragement for the prophecies for 2016 I thank you Father that miraculous healings are now taking place for those that are listening to the sound of my voice in the name of Jesus I rebuke the spirit of death and I loosen forth life I thank you father I thank you for the restorations of sight thank you thank you Lord for the restoration of the family and I thank you Father for complete deliverance of those I thank you father for complete healing and deliverance for my brothers and sisters in Christ I give you all the praise I give you all the glory and we praise you and we look forward in 2016 and we commit to you that we will express our love and our gratitude towards you Lord Jesus by obeying the Great Commission and by loving one another we thank you for United States of America and we thank you Father that the body of Christ is united in Jesus name I pray amen call me a two one zero six nine five one six three zero or you can email me at sons of God at SAT X that are are calm god bless you for tuning in until next time thank you for listening we all hope you were blessed by this message today if you were let us hear from you if you wish to contact us or sow a seed our phone number is two one zero three nine six seven eight nine one and for Saturday’s program call us at

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Episode 214: Prophecies for 2016 (Continued)

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