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Episode 217: God's Guidelines for Politics (Featuring Mike Sosso)

Special guest speaker Michael Sosso shares an urgent message concerning God’s guidelines for voting and politics.

Published: February 27, 2016

Speakers: Mike Sosso




hello everybody and welcome to the prophetic voice of our time praise God this is Mike Sosso co-founder of Sons of God International and Freedom Fellowship Church and I have the privilege today to speak to you on the airwaves in place of pastor Christina who happens to be my better half praise God and such a blessing she is but she’s actually in the Philippines as we speak and God has been moving in such an amazing way over there we’ve seen oh my gosh hundreds of people saved many many filled with the Holy Ghost and many miracles signs and wonders are following them that believe people are being healed miracles are manifesting and we’re seeing manifestations of transfer of influence and affluence take place in the Philippines praise God and we’re seeing it here - glory to God we’re seeing it here in our own lives I’m seeing it in my life I’m seeing these signs following them that believe because that is the will of God for everyone who knows Jesus who has surrendered their heart and life to Jesus Christ that these signs will follow them that believe in my name they will cast out devils they’ll speak in new tongues they lay hands on the sick and they will recover and these blessings shall come upon thee and overtake thee if indeed thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the LORD thy God and I’m all here to tell you that’s me we’re talking about me praise God I will diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord my God well listen I want to start the message off here today just really with a urgent message to the body of Christ and this is what I would call God’s guideline for choosing our nation’s leaders and this is a word that God actually gave me years ago about eight years ago to be exact and the Holy Spirit had said prophetically that if my people will unite that’s the body of Christ that’s the church of Jesus Christ I’m here to tell you that the earth is the Lord’s and all the fullness thereof all the silver all the gold it’s his and he has given a foreign in the earth to the church that’s us and he said if my people will unite this nation that’s the United States of America can have and will have the most righteous leadership the most righteous governance the most righteous rulers that she has ever had even as far back as her inception if you can even imagine and the Lord said an even greater and you might say well is that possible I mean well is anything impossible for God but for this to happen we have to meet the conditions of this word and unite as the body of Christ and the only way that we will ever unite politically if you would is if we read unite around the principles found in the truth of God’s Holy Word right his word brings life so we focus on the Word of God and we’ve come to understand that to honor God we must vote as a Christian first as an American second and then based upon other issues that we might find prevalent in our hearts or minds that we feel is important but the number one issue because every man will have to answer to God for their vote and every man that doesn’t vote by the way I’ll just say if you are of legal age and you are a believer in Jesus Christ you need to be registered to vote you need to vote if you’re a legal citizen the United States because that is our civic duty because when the righteous are in authority the Word of God says my people rejoice but when the wicked rule the people mourn are you with me so those y’all that are not registered to vote you can do it you can go online and you can actually go right to the election board here and you can actually get a voter registration card and fill that out and anyway be registered we’re not here to do that today but I encourage you if you’re not to do it amen and then vote as a Christian first that means based upon the principles found in the Word of God then as Americans and then based upon other issues now we know based upon the truth of God’s Word that as a Christian we must be pro-life we must stand up for life that God created mankind in His image and in his likeness and that he breathed upon them the breath of life and they became a living being and the Bible says very clearly that God touched the womb of the woman and she gave birth to a child so the child that seed when conception takes place we know that as he said to Jeremiah before you were even in your mother’s womb I knew you see so God creates the child even before he’s in the mother’s womb that is a living being that is a person that is a human being and by the Constitution of these United States they are given life liberty the pursuit of happiness we must stand for that so we got a vote pro-life based upon individuals that will stand up for that principle that is based upon the Word of God number one then number two the sanctity of marriage one man one woman God said these two shall become one these two what to one man one woman shall become one flesh that is the marriage covenant it is a one flesh covenant you can’t make one flesh out of two men or two women it’s not possible we know this by the laws of nature and by nature’s God as it says in the Declaration of Independence that all men are created equal and endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights rights that were given to us by God well the rights that were given to us by God obviously the right to marry was given to us by God because we know this because we were endowed by our Creator with this right as a man and as a woman to unite as one flesh in a covenant of marriage we understand that in the Word of God so again we vote based upon pro-life we vote based upon marriage between one man and one woman and we vote in support of the nation of Israel those that would stand with Israel because God said I will bless those that bless you and I would curse those that curse you that is the seed of Abraham if you would and of course we are the seed of Abraham by faith in Jesus Christ we understand that but we stand with Israel and the economy is not the major issue nor the predominant issue because we understand that our blessings as believers in Jesus Christ come from who they come from God they come from honoring God and as the Word of God says in Psalms 33 12 it says blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord and a people who stand by those principles so we need to stand by those principles and understand that God will uphold our blessing as we do this and based upon those issues we can govern how we vote but you look at those issues and we have to ask the question is God word any clearer because we can look even at the field as we speak now and many candidates out there stand upon those principles and they are spouse believers in the word their espoused pro-life candidates sanctity of marriage and they support Israel but is there anything else that would make it more clear for believers to know who is the individual that we’re supposed to vote for not just in the presidential election but we’re talking about governors we’re talking about City Council members we’re talking about County Commissioners we’re talking about mayors etc I mean any and every office these are principles for governance and he’s God’s Word any clearer and yes it is God’s Word is actually more specific there are specific guidelines for us to follow when choosing our nation’s leaders but what has happened and the body of Christ has been so divided because they have not governed their vote or they have not learned how to discern who the candidate is and how to govern how they should choose their nation’s leaders and of course in Hosea says that my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge so if the body of Christ is divided then the body of Christ is one voting for this individual no more voting for that individual and we’re divided but the Lord said if my people will unite we need to unite body of Christ we need to unite believers so that we can have the individual that the Lord would choose are you with me because when God raises up kings and brings him down we want them to raise up a king that is in line with his word because when the righteous are in authority the people rejoice amen but is the Word of God more clear and it is if you turn to Deuteronomy chapter 17 verse 14 through 20 God was giving instruction to Moses on how to choose leaders after they come into the land of promise and if you read in verse 14 it says when you enter the land the Lord your God is giving you have taken possession of it and settled in it and say let us set a king over us like all the nations around us be sure to appoint over you the king the Lord your God chooses he must be from among your own brethren do not place a foreigner over you one who is not a brother Israel now look at that so God is saying when you choose choose from among you and then verse 15 he says that he must be among your brethren that means he must be a believer in Jesus Christ and we’ll see that here in just a little bit even more and the founders of this nation believe this in fact out of the 13 colonies and their constitutional documents of each of the colonial each of the colonies a nine every one of them had some form of this but nine out of the thirteen colonies had specifically written in their constitution of their colonial constitution that in order for an individual to run for public office they had to be a believer in the Bible and in the Protestant faith they had to be a believer in the Word of God because they said if you did not believe these things you were not a candidate for public office because you could not judge based upon these principles that we believe that’s what they believe that was the founders of our nation and so let’s keep reading in verse 16 it says the king moreover must not acquire great numbers of horses for himself or make the people return to Egypt to get more of them for the Lord has told you you are not to go back that way again he must not take many wives or his heart will be led astray and he must not accumulate large amounts of silver and gold and then when he takes the throne of his kingdom he is to write for himself a scroll a copy of this law taken from the priests who are Levites and it is to be with him and he is to read it all the days of his life we’re talking about the Bible the leader needs to be number one he needs to be among your brethren number two he’s not an inter for himself he’s not a to acquire gain or any kind of wealth for themselves they must not take many wives that means they need to be faithful in their family relationships a husband of one wife if you would like a bishop a husband of one wife okay so you can kind of see some things there as well right and it must not accumulate large amounts of gold or silver so they’re not going to be in this for wealth okay that’s not the reason they’re taking that position but it is to lead and it is to be yielded to the Holy Ghost and then when it says when he takes the throne he is to write for himself on a scroll a copy of the law that means the Bible and at verse 19 it is to with him and he has to read it all the days of his life why so that he may learn to revere the Lord his God and follow carefully all the words of this law and to and decrease so the leader must be one who will look to the Word of God look to the Bible and learn to revere God to honor God they have to be a believer in the God of the Bible and not just in Word the one that lives it one that truly seeks the God of heaven the God of Abraham the god of Isaac the God of Jacob and Jesus Christ for guidance on a regular daily basis why because then they’re gonna be open to hear from the Holy Ghost and then we’ll live in peace are you getting this now you need to tell your friends about this okay this is reality this is where the body of Christ needs to ask for guidance on who to vote for amen we need to do this it’s time we got Super Tuesday here in Texas just coming up around the corner so this is a timely message for the body of Christ this message needs to get out to all who have ears to hear and eyes to see amen and you can get it on the podcast you can go to the podcast at wwws og mi dot org you can get that on our podcast you can also go to our Facebook page and have that streamed if you want to share it with anybody they can get this message all across the nation amen and by the way this message is not just for the body of Christ here in San Antonio or here in the United States of America this message is for the body of Christ all around the world I’m telling you Jesus is Lord over the nations amen and he’s put his people in charge now we need to stand up and unite based upon the principles of the Word of God here amen so verse 20 let’s keep moving verse 20 says not to consider himself better than his brothers and to turn from the law to the right or to the left then he and his descendants will reign for a long time over the Kingdom of Israel so that means do not consider himself better than his brothers that means he’s not some elite class he’s one of the people he’s one of us he is a not high-minded if you would but a man after God’s own heart right so we notice the first thing that God said is be sure to appoint the king the Lord chooses right so God needs to confirm in your heart this needs to be a prayerful decision you need to ask God who is it among these candidates that meets these guidelines right and then it says in proverbs chapter 3 verse 5 to trust in the Lord your God with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your path so we have to ask God his choice and then let him guide us amen and we see an example of this when Samuel was sent when Saul quit listening to the Lord and he didn’t follow the instructions of Samuel to do what the Lord had spoken and so God had told Samuel that he is going to take the kingdom from Saul and we see in 1st Samuel chapter 16 that God sends Samuel to the house of Jesse says I will send you to the Bethel mine and I have provided for myself a king among his sons you see God has provided for himself a leader an appointed leader to take the nation are you with me and I’m gonna tell you here in this time God has set aside an individual to lead this nation one whose hard is after the Lord and he may not be one that you would automatically choose but you have to ask the Holy Spirit God who is this individual that you are setting apart here at this time and as we see the example of Samuel so Samuel went in and notice that God had made his choice and he was gonna let Samuel know after he went to the house of Jesse in verse three of chapter 16 he says call Jesse to the sacrifice and I will show you what you will do and you shall anoint unto me the one who I named unto these so he didn’t tell him ahead of time who it was gonna be he said you go there you call the sacrifice and I’ll show you at the time who it’s gonna be are you with me so he went of course and in verse 5 he went to Bethlehem and he sanctified Jesse and his sons and called them to the sacrifice notice too that after arriving at Bethlehem Samuel would have made a big mistake if he had leaned on his own understanding if he had leaned on you know what he thought on the outward appearance looked right because in verse 7 it says the Lord said unto Samuel coz he looked at a liam who was the eldest he was high and his stature was above his brothers and he said in his own heart oh my gosh surely this must be the Lord’s anointed but in verse 7 look what the Lord said he said do not look on his countenance or the height of his stature because I have refused him for the Lord sees not as men see now you see this and all these political wrangling x’ and all these commercials going on and one calling this man one name another one calling another man another name we need to put all that aside and ask the Holy Spirit God let me see as you see because the Bible says for the for man looks on the outward appearance but the Lord looks on the heart now this is key God told Samuel not to be deceived by appearance by looking what they say or what they look like or their speaking ability debate ability or management skills or how much money they got that doesn’t make a difference we have to see as the Lord sees from the heart this is the only way we can truly get consultation from the Holy Spirit so ask God to open your eyes to see the one the Lord favors and then go vote will you do that for me amen say Amen I agree thank you Lord amen so you know the rest of the story okay Samuel had Jesse bring all his sons in and they all came in in the very last one that was chosen was David and he was not even in the room but he was out tending sheep he was doing his father’s business he was busy he had a track record that proved that he was a servant of the Lord so the individual should have a track record there should be a track record that proves that this individuals gonna do what’s right before David slew Goliath he said look I slew the line I slew the bear this uncircumcised Philistine is gonna be just like one of him he’s got a track record he was faithful in little things he’s gonna be faithful in big things he did what he said he was gonna do he did what he promised he didn’t say one thing and do another are you with me so this is key here body of Christ we got to do this so just to recap is the Bible clear on how believers are supposed to choose our nation’s leaders without question they must be pro-life without question they must stand for the sanctity of marriage one man and one woman for God made them male and female without question they need to be a supporter a staunch supporter of the nation of Israel are you with me and then we must realize that they need to be appointed chosen by God we need to ask God and they must be from among your brethren so they have to be a believer they have to be a believer in Jesus Christ if you’re a Christian and you’re not standing up for your fellow Christian who has a proven track record that is a believer in Jesus Christ that governs his life by the book by the Bible okay that’s the kind of leadership we need they must not acquire great numbers of horses for themselves again they’re not looking for their personal gain they don’t have many wives in other words that they’ve been faithful in their relationships are you with me and they must not accumulate large amounts of silver and gold they’re not in this for personal gain a heart after God are you with me that’s the kind of leadership we need somebody’s got a heart for God amen and then when it says in verse 18 just recap when they take the throne okay or when they take the office are they gonna look to the book of the law and it’s to be with them and they’re to read it all the days of their life do they have a proven track record that they do that that they look to the Bible for guidance that they pray that they seek the Lord with diligence to hear God because I’m going to tell you you get into those offices there are issues that take place no man can know you can’t know ahead of time what’s going to happen the next day and the responsibility is great and the fate of this nation and the fate of our cities the fate of our counties the fate of our national security relies upon the decisions that are made by these individuals that we vote for this is a serious issue it’s a serious issue body of Christ we must unite based upon the Word of God based upon what the Bible says based upon what God’s Word says are you with me we have got to unite and ask the Holy Ghost Lord who is urine on it who is the one that will follow the Word of God who is the one that will seek guidance from you that will turn to heaven not turn to their own understanding but will turn to heaven to get wisdom from God amen that’s what we need to lean on we need turn there and understand that are you with me so we keep reading and all the days of his life to revere the Lord and to honor God’s law and this individual will look to the Lord for guidance okay and then verse 20 it says and he’s not to consider himself better than his brothers and turned from the law either to the left hand to the right in other words this is not somebody that’s elite not an elitist individual not somebody that you know this is good for you but not for me i money that’s above the law no no no no no no these are individuals that are humbled before the Lord and they look to the Word of God for guidance amen so I just want to encourage you to share this with your brothers share this with your sisters share this with your family members and you can go to our website again I said you can go to SOG m.i dot org and you’ll find a little button there there should be a button there that says God’s guidelines for choosing our nation’s leaders it’s an urgent message email it to your friends and to your family and we’re believing God for a great move across this nation I believe the greatest days of this nation are just ahead we have not seen the greatest days of this nation they are just ahead all the doom and gloom preachers I’m here to tell you Jesus is on the throne amen he’s not coming for a church that’s all beat up and cowering in fear because of the devil being loosed on the nation’s no no no no he is coming for a church that is ruling and reigning in the power of the Holy Ghost that’s walking in the love of God that is reaching out to the hurting that it’s laying hands on the sick that’s that’s healing that is delivering captives from their bondage that is that is loving their enemies that’s doing good to those that despitefully use them that’s praying for those that are in authority and I’m just here to tell you something okay you may not have voted for the individuals that are currently in office in whatever office it is but you are commanded by the word of God not to speak ugly about them but you’re commanded by the Word of God to pray for them you may not agree with them but you are commanded by God’s Word to pray for those that are in authority keep your opinions to yourself don’t get into the name-calling don’t get into all of the wrangling why because that is the seat of the scoffer that’s what a scoffer does a scoffer wrangles about this and that all they know that all no no no no no no what does it say in Psalms chapter one says blessed is the man who dwells not in the house of the ungodly nor does he stand in the way of sinners No does he sit in the seat of the scoffer but his delight is in the law of the Lord and in that law does he meditate day and night he’s a man of Prayer a woman of Prayer they’re individuals of intercession they’re praying God forgive them they don’t know what they’re doing Lord opened their eyes that they might see greater are they that are with us then may they be against us they’re interceding on behalf of the nation’s are you with me see when you take that side you take outside but when you take the side of the scoffer when you take the side of those that have nothing good to say all they’re gonna do is well yeah this blah blah blah no no no no no no no that’s not what Jesus would do Jesus says Father forgive them they don’t know what to do and open their eyes Lord let them see are you with me so we need to lean upon the Lord and ask the Holy Spirit what if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves in pray stop the scoffing pray stop the wrangling intercede stop the jangling repent and ask the Lord to forgive you because you’re part of the problem if that’s what you’re doing you are part of the problem and you blinded your own eyes and you can’t see straight because all you’ve got is hatred in your eyes and hatred in your heart towards those that are in authority well God put him there whoa what do you mean God put him there well God raises up kings and and brings him down you might not have voted for him I might not have voted for him but God did are you and me why so that he could deal with his people so they could get your heart right before him so that you would pray for those that despitefully use you so that you would do good to your enemies that you would love those that do you evil are you with me these are the principles of the kingdom of God and if we don’t do these things the Bible says if you read those scriptures you do go to your enemies pray for those that persecute you why so that they will see your good works and glorify God which is in heaven so father I thank you for those that are in the sound of my voice I ask your Holy Spirit to convict us as a people that your people the body of Christ will turn will turn from our ways and will love in truth and in spirit Lord and we’ll be ambassadors of Jesus Christ that you might heal our land in Jesus name god bless you go to our website sog mi dot org and check out that little paper there it says God’s guidelines for choosing our leaders downloaded email it to your friends and God bless you

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