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Episode 218: Our Responsibility as His Church (Featuring Mike Sosso)

The state of the world reflects the condition of the Church. It is our responsibility to pray for all those in authority, to be politically engaged for His honor, and to vote for righteousness.

Published: March 05, 2016

Speakers: Mike Sosso




hello everybody this is Mike Sosso co-founder of Freedom Fellowship Church and Sons of God International and I have the great privilege to speak to you here again today well pastor Chris is back and what we have some great reports she just returned from the Philippines people were empowered by the Holy Ghost people were baptized by the Holy Ghost people were healed and delivered and there were many many salvations also we heard reports of hundreds actually that came Christ in several meetings so we are excited and I’m here to tell you those who have sown seed in this work you reap that same harvest so god bless you for being a faithful supporter of this ministry and we just really do appreciate it anyhow I’m here to talk to you today about the responsibility that the Church of Jesus Christ has in this day and in this hour and I’m talking in a season in the United States of America right now we’re going through a political process of nominating and then electing leadership for our nation White House for Congress for the Senate in many state elections there are local elections taking place right now and it’s happening all across this country and so I’m here to talk a little bit to the body of Christ to give them some education on what our place is in this season because then I’ll just say this the church is responsible for the state of a nation we are responsible for this country we are responsible to pray for this nation and we are responsible to be active and be voting in every election every believer needs to be registered to vote you need to be engaged and understand the issues and vote based upon the Word of God based upon what the word says and what I mean by that is before anything else before I’m even an American I am a Christian I am a Christian first that means your first allegiance is to the Word of God and to Jesus Christ we are ambassadors of a kingdom that is without and a kingdom that shall rule all kingdoms and even now has been established through the shed blood of Jesus Christ and so our allegiance number one is to our Savior in our Lord Jesus Christ and we are ambassadors we must be witnesses of that Kingdom by the lives that we live and by the way that we carry ourselves in society when men and women when people come to meet us and see us and hear us speak they need to be touched by the power of the Holy Spirit and that includes in the political discourse that we involve ourselves in so yes we must be engaged but we must remember we’re Christians first so we’re gonna talk briefly about that and I just have to caution the body of Christ because sometimes when we put on our political hat we take off our Christian hat or we put on a self-righteous hat and start condemning a bunch of folks Jesus did not condemn the world he laid his life down to save the world we have to understand that so if we start condemning and judging and pointing fingers and speaking ugly about those that oppose the things that we believe politically we’ve taken off our Christian hat and put on the Hat of the world to win this war and I’m being very serious with us here now we need to do this battle not the world’s way but we need to do this battle God’s Way and then we’re gonna win see because the weapons of our warfare they’re not carnal but they’re mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself above the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity every thought to make it obedient to Christ to the anointing of the Lord Jesus Christ and that anointing and as we do things God’s Way it will happen we don’t make it happen the Holy Ghost makes it happen even in the word we’ve heard this scripture multiple times from many many voices the Lord said to us through his word that if my people not the world not the oppressor not the heathen but my people who are called by my name or hung themselves and pray and turn from their wicked or erred ways and pray then God says I will hear from heaven and I will heal their land amen and that’s what we’re talking about here and it says in Psalms 127 it says unless the Lord builds the house they labor in vain that build it unless the Lord watches over the city the watchman watch in vain so we have to do this God’s Way friends and so what are we talking about number one and I’m gonna say this number one because we had a big battle here in San Antonio where we reside just a few years ago and I mean we got engaged we went to the city and told them not to pass an ordinance that we believed was contrary to the Word of God and believe it or not it actually passed unfortunately but we did our part and we went before the city after we did that and we found out it was gonna pass I was sitting in my desk and I was grieved in my spirit I said Lord what is happening in our nation and in front of my desk I have a picture of the Lord Jesus Christ and he’s laughing and I looked up at that picture with the weight of what was taking place in our country on my shoulders I just felt it and as I looked at the Lord Jesus laughing this peace that surpasses knowledge came over me and the Lord quickened two scriptures to me and the first scripture he quickened to me as Psalms chapter 2 and I’m gonna read it to you just part of it says why did the nation’s rage and the people plot a vain thing the kings of the earth set themselves in array and the rulers take counsel together against the Lord and against his anointing they say let us break their bonds in pieces and cast away their cords from us and then it says the following but he who sits in the heavens shall laugh God is sitting out his throne and he’s laughing and the second scripture he spoke to me was Psalm chapter 37 and I turned to that scripture and it says the following it says fret not because of evildoers neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity for they shall soon what says soon they shall soon be cut down like the grass and wither as the green herb but trust in the Lord and do good dwell in the land feed on his faithfulness and delight yourself also in the Lord and he’ll give you the desires of your heart I kept on reading if you go down to verse 12 it says the wicked plots against the just and nash’s at him with his teeth now we see that all the time I mean you try to do somebody good and they just chew you up spit you out I mean but look at that verse 13 it says but the Lord laughs at him for he knows that his day is coming the wicked have drawn their sword and they have bent their bow to cast down the poor and needy and to slay those that are upright in conduct but their sword shall enter their own heart and their bow shall be broken do you see that God’s laughing see because the battle is the Lord’s their battles not against you not against me it’s against the king of the earth they are in rebellion against their creator and they don’t even know it so our job as ambassadors number one of Jesus Christ is to be an intercessor for them to know Christ that’s it we need to stand in the gap for them to get saved and the only way they’ll get saved is if we respond in a christ-like manner and I don’t want to dwell too much on that but I’ve got to deal with the word fret because many in the body of Christ are fretting over this election they’re fretting over who’s gonna get in who’s not going to get in I’m here to tell you something there is a caution because a lot of times you’ll turn the TV on and you’re you see this man or our current president and all the leaders in Washington and you have nothing good to say about anybody okay well you have allowed something to get in you that is not the spirit of Jesus Christ don’t turn the radio off yet hear me out hear me out it says fret not thyself because of evildoers now the Lord said to me look up the word Fred so I looked it up and the word for fret is Cara and it means the following do not be hot or furious or burn and become angry that is kindled in your spirit because of the wicked did you hear that in other words don’t let that wickedness get in you don’t let that evil anger hatred get in you don’t burn or Kindle with anger in such a way it will affect your ability to witness the Word of God says be angry and sin not you can be angry there’s a time for anger there was just anger when Jesus cleared the temple but he didn’t let evil thoughts evil words hatred malice you cannot represent Jesus Christ if you don’t walk in love so friends this is key for us to win this battle the battles the lord’s we can’t let evil get in our hearts and then amazingly if we look at psalm 37 then it says trust in the Lord and do good how did Jesus tell us to do good now we’re going to turn to the Beatitudes real quick and this is kind of a preamble now in terms of this discourse in this political environment all this hate speech and mongering don’t get involved in that do not allow yourself to get sucked up in that and be motivated by a hatred of politicians even okay I mean yeah people have done wrong but that’s not how we win the battle we’ve got to be led by the Holy Ghost and later in the program we’re gonna talk about six characteristics that believers are supposed to look for in their political leaders so that they know how to vote and vote for the right people we’re gonna talk about that we’ve got that on our website where you can go find it at SOG mi dot org and it’s a it’s a blog there that you can see or you look at our Facebook page and see if there as well and it’s six characteristics to look for in our nation’s leaders but let’s just look real quick where we’ve aired and the reason we have such a mess here we’re not doing things God’s Way we’re trying to win this battle our way and not God’s Way are you with me so let’s look at Matthew chapter 6 an amazing thing in verse 43 it says you’ve heard that it said you shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy but I say that’s Jesus say unto you love your enemies bless those that curse you do good to those that hate you and pray for those which despitefully use you right isn’t that what he said and persecute you that you may be what children of your father which is in heaven for he makes it to rain upon the just and the unjust for if you love them which love you what reward do you have do not even the publicans do the same and if you salute your brothers only do you do better than others do not even the publicans do this but you body of Christ therefore be perfect even as your father which is in heaven is perfect that they see your good works and glorify God which is in heaven are you with me and then look at Matthew chapter 7 Jesus says the following he says judge not that you be not judged and and meaning in the body of Christ her out condemned in the homosexual there out judge in the homosexual Jesus had a woman caught in the very issue the very act of adultery thrown at his feet and the Pharisee said well let’s stone him Lord you know come on this woman was caught in the very act and Jesus went and wrote on the ground and then one by one they started to leave because he stood up and said let those of you who are without sin cast the first stone and the body Christ had been cast in stones all over the world and that’s why people won’t listen to us that’s why people think we’re a bunch of hypocrites are you hearing me boy don’t shout me down when I’m preaching good you need to love your enemies you need to do good to those who despitefully use you you need to pray for those that are in authority we’re supposed to pray for kings you may not have voted for our current president but the Bible commands you to pray for him so how many times have you prayed for him how many times have you earnestly sought God to save his soul how many times have you interceded for the leaders in Congress how many times have you prayed for the senator that you didn’t vote for but he’s got the office anyways God raises up kings and brings them down and all through scripture as I’ve said in days past the only time God’s people were ever turned over to oppressive forces is when they sinned against God so let’s own this thing okay where we’ve aired let’s own it and let’s get right why do you look at the mote or the splinter that’s in your brother’s eye but you don’t consider the beam that’s in yone we’re out condemned and rather than interceding for the lost person that needs to get saved Lord send laborers into the harvest field are you with me amen and then let’s keep reading and this is the Sermon on the mountain he says but entering if a strait gate for wide is the gate that and broad is the way that leads to destruction but narrow is the way that leads to life and then Jesus said something amazing we wonder why would this battle’s been so hard to win look what he said starting at verse 24 he says therefore whoever hears these sayings of mine what sayings love your enemy do good to those who spitefully as you pray for those that are persecuting you and does them he will be like a man that builds his house upon the rock and the rains come and the storm beats on that house and it stands but because he built his house on the foundation that I’ve laid but he that hears these sayings of mine and does not do them and that’s 90 percent of the church talking ugly about everybody in office well I’m voting for this guy cuz I hate politicians or I’m pray ask the Holy Spirit to lead you and guide you are you with me alright don’t build your house upon the sand this battle is the Lord’s but we have to do it God’s Way cuz unless the Lord builds the house we labor in vain that build it and in first Timothy chapter 2 we’ve already quoted that that he exhorted first of all supplications prayers intercessions and giving of thanks be made for all men for kings and for all that are in authority just the ones you like no no for all that are in authority why so that we may lead a peaceable life in all godliness and honesty for this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior who would have that all men be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth and I’m here to tell you the only way they’re going to be saved and the only way they’re going to come to the knowledge of the truth if the church becomes the church and we’re Christians first we’re ambassadors of Jesus Christ first don’t lose your witness because you’re now politically involved come on be a Christian be christ-like love demonstrate that Jesus has changed you are you with me amen and Jesus’s first Commission is that men be saved so that is our first Commission and yeah he’s going to send us to the publicans and the sinners yeah but our witness is what will win them we got the real deal here amen all right well there is one more issue I do have to deal with here before we get into these seven characteristics and we’re just about done here running out of time we’re gonna keep moving it’s in Luke chapter 19 and you know there’s many in the body of Christ you hear them and they begin to say well you know it’s got to get worse and worse it’s been prophesied that the devil’s gonna take over and all these other things and they have what I call the rapture mentality and so they don’t get involved in their society to stand against evil but let me tell you something the only time evil prospers is when good men do nothing you’ve got to stand against evil in your day and how do you stand you stand by interceding and you stand by getting involved and you do your part you stand up so let’s look at Luke chapter 19 and start in verse 11 and he that heard these things spoke a parable and he when he was near to Jerusalem they thought that the kingdom of God was going to appear automatically and immediately they thought of Jesus that hey we’re gonna go set your kingdom up right now let’s go get her done right now you know this is the time so Jesus gave him a parable look at the parable okay cuz a lot of people are saying they’re waiting for Jesus to come back and fix everything but there is a job for the church to do before he returns and that’s what we got to be busy about and he said therefore a certain nobleman went out into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom and then to return well that’s Jesus he called his 10 servants and delivered them 10 pounds and said unto them occupy until I [Music] well what does that mean that means you need to be busy about the father’s business and everybody you touch needs to be transformed by the power of the Holy Ghost and get saved he won’t see people moving in faith he’s not coming back for a church cowering in fear and speaking all kinds of ugly stuff about their enemies and let me just say this okay I have to say this Psalm chapter one says the following blessed is the man that dwells not in the house of the ungodly nor does he stand in the way of sinners nor does he sit in the seat of the scoffer but his delights in the law of the Lord then that law does he meditate day and night there’s too many members of the body of Christ that are sitting in the seat of the scoffer and they’re scoffing at our president they’re scoffing at the government they’re scoffing at the Congress the Senate the mayor they’re not interceding that’s part of the problem we have to do things God’s Way zip your mouth ask the Holy Ghost what do you want to accomplish here how can we change this situation and pray I don’t like what I’m hearing sometimes too but the Lord dealt with me so Mike you’re part of the problem when you talk like that Oh Lord I said forgive me Jesus help me okay and I changed well we need to change that’s the only way we’re going to win this battle we got to do it God’s Way so we’ve got to be occupying until he comes and how do we do it in the power of the Holy Ghost the love of God the power of the word of God in our lives at work okay now finally as promised we’re getting to the six characteristics that Christians should look for in political leaders now you got to do what we’ve already talked about you got to walk in love you got a you know be an ambassador of Jesus Christ we are Christians first Americans second and then we can vote based on other issues and as a Christian okay we need to vote based upon what the Word of God says we’ve got to base our decisions on who we choose as leaders based upon what God’s Word says about how to vote most people don’t even know how to do that and so we’re gonna talk about that 18 years ago the Lord spoke and said you know if my people will unite as a nation this nation can have the most righteous leadership the most righteous government she’s ever had even as far back to the founding of this nation if you can even believe it and can you say how could this possibly be well is anything impossible we’ve got no but we have to meet the conditions of this prophecy and that is we have to unite and the only way we’ll ever unite politically is if we unite based upon the truth and principles found in God’s Word and you can find this on our website and SOG amaya org and go to the blog you’ll be able to read the entire portion of it and you can share it on Facebook and share it to folks as well as this podcast but believers must understand where Christians first Americans second then based on other issues so we have to vote pro-life Jeremiah 1:5 says before I formed you in the womb I knew thee we have to vote based on the sanctity of marriage Genesis 2:24 these two male females shall become one at scripture we must vote based on individuals that are supporting Israel Genesis 12:3 says I will bless those that bless thee that’s Abraham the Abrahamic covenant so we stand with Israel but if all these issues have been covered is God’s Word any clear and resounding Lee yes it is specifically in Deuteronomy chapter 17 and this has not been taught in the church and our our believers need to realize we need to choose leaders based upon the principles in God’s Word Deuteronomy 17 verse 14 through 20 you can look it up yourself but number one they must be chosen by God the leaders God will raise them up and bring them down but you have to ask God who among these is the one you would choose to do this job and in Deuteronomy 17 15 it says be sure to appoint over you the king or the individual the Lord chooses he’s got to choose the leader and you can’t lean on your own understanding okay we’ve got to allow the Holy Spirit because when the righteous are in authority proverbs 29:2 the people rejoice number two so number one God has to choose him number two they must be a believer what do you mean a believer I mean I believer in Jesus Christ I mean a believer in the Word of God now if it’s a race where there aren’t those types of individuals then you choose someone that lines up their belief system as close as possible to that which is a believer right number three they must not be motivated by personal gain and you’ll find that in verse 17 not to accumulate large amounts of wealth number four they must be faithful in their relationships that’s verse 17 of Deuteronomy 17 number five they must look to the Bible for guidance and that’s in verse eighteen and nineteen where it says when he takes the throne they need to look at the scroll of the law running out of time so we’re gonna have to go quick here and just look this up if you would go look it up on our website sog em i dot org and there’s a blog there six characteristics christians need to follow when choosing leaders to look for when choosing leaders so number five they must look to the bible for guidance and are these individuals people that really pray that really seek god because wisdom comes from god and leadership you’re gonna face situations and problems that you won’t know how to address unless you see god’s guidance number six they must be humble and willing to abide by the law that means that they’re not going to consider themselves better than their brothers and they’re not going to turn to the right or to the left from the law from doing the law that means are they gonna number one think that they’re above others in any way and number two will they abide by and uphold and defend the constitution of our nation as well as laws passed by congress and legislatures as long as they’re not violating biblical principles in other words do they consider and abide by biblical four principles in their own lives and doctrines of their own lives and do they abide by those principles when they review and make or affirm the laws that they will uphold will they stand against attempts to pass laws that violate sound biblical principles well praise God I have run out of time plumb out of time I have enjoyed being with y’all I want to pray for you real quick father I thank you for the privilege of releasing this word over our listening audience what I pray that it would just really Pierce to the heart and a number one we are Christians first God that we must be ambassadors of Jesus Christ in every situation in every circumstance that those who see us will be transformed by the love and power of the Word of God and the truth that’s in our lives not condemning but loving and pointing the way to Jesus Christ and father I thank you for the transformation that’s taking place in this nation and around the world where as the body of Christ rises up and takes the mantle of Jesus Christ upon them loving interceding being an ambassador of Jesus Christ that we will see this nation and every nation rise up with leadership that knows you that loves you and we will prepare the world for the Lord’s return that the knowledge of the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ would cover the earth like the waters cover the sea in Jesus name God bless you thanks for listening

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Episode 218: Our Responsibility as His Church (Featuring Mike Sosso)

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