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Episode 219: Philippines Mission Report

Pastor Cris shares some of the wonders God is doing in the Philippines, the same and greater that He will do for those who dare to love, believe, and obey Him.

Published: March 12, 2016

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




god bless you for tuning in this is Christina Sosso of freedom fellowship church and sons of God International and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time I am back did you all miss me I did not take vacation I went on a mission trip to the Philippines and stay tuned I have lots of wonderful things to report to you glory to God all of it is great news seeds for our country and for this great state of Texas first of all I would like to thank the San Antonio team for doing such an excellent job while I’m gone Dora Esther Nancy and Joshua they all took the Wednesday services Nancy Morgan gave Dora and Esther a much-needed rest or much-needed break and as she tagged team with Joshua and I heard that their messages are so powerful see when you take over you can take over while I’m gone and Mike Debra Edie and Sylvia and Joshua took the Sunday services and I had the pleasure to listen to this radio broadcast while Joshua was teaching in the Philippines Mike did an excellent job too so it is amazing it is amazing and even my plants that I was concerned about Gail and Mary watered them took care of them and they prophesied to them so they’re all blooming it’s springtime in helotes amazing I’d like everyone the praise team not freedom force up charts thank you for all of the season for all of your efforts because now God is really moving and things are manifesting here in United States of America and just to tell you this is very encouraging we have listeners in about 22 countries other than United States and we have listeners from other states in this country glory to God our program is being downloaded weekly from listeners and they share them with a lot of Christians even in the Philippines so I would like to greet our Filipino listeners maganda Umaga’s inyong lahat Richard and grace I love you and I appreciate you and your effort the hope of life Quezon City CCF I Jensen 6000 strong glory to God and some of our listeners especially the youth in Pampanga so my dear brothers and sisters if you missed any of the broadcast we are on podcast go to our website s OGM again it’s s o G mi dot org our phone number and the best number to call on saturdays is two one zero six nine five one six three zero and at the end of this broadcast Joshua will give you our mailing address and phone numbers okay in John chapter 14 verse 15 says if you love me obey my Commandments this is Jesus saying this is the proof that you love me you obey my Commandments so we at freedom face of charts and sons of God international obey the Lord and I went to the Philippines and held two prophetic gathering of the saints conferences for the first time and to business goals I held leadership trainings plus I minister five times on Sundays so let me start sharing some of the miracles the Lord did so that you can prepare yourself to receive your miracle your healing your deliverance and your blessing today so stay tuned this is going to really inspire you it really inspired me last year 2015 I prayed for a little boy in General Santos City named Daniel Daniel was about eight or ten year old boy their family just joined CC of AI in General Santos few months and his parents are a part of the leadership in that ministry Daniel was playing outside the parking lot while waiting for his parents and he was run over or got hit by a car and dragged many of his bones were broken he was rushed to the hospital and for several weeks Daniel was in tremendous pain and the parents were told that the doctors did everything that they can to alleviate the pain but if they administer strong painkillers because of his aids his lungs might collapse and it will result in death or much much worse this energetic bubbly boy was always in excruciating pain cannot sleep cannot get up and was told that probably will never walk again without Kane or will never walk again this was brought to my attention and I asked for pastors Joel and Jonas if they can take me to their house so that I can pray over Daniel it was so painful to watch him and his family agonizing and Daniel so much in pain the parents never lost their faith they were never angry with a young man who ran over their little boy and if what I saw and heard from the parents and from the doctors moved me then I will not see any hope for the little boy to live a normal life again I prayed silently and when I sat down with Daniel the Holy Spirit provided the answer Jesus always I explained to Daniel about praying in the spirit how the gift of tongues is given by the Holy Spirit whoever He wills and how the gift of tongues will be able to help him pray the perfect prayer when he does not know how to pray anymore I instructed him to lay hands on himself and pray in the spirit whenever he could not sleep or was in pain and yes I told him that he can sing in the spirit to God because when you pray in the spirit you’re not talking to men you’re talking to God first Corinthians 14 verse 14 says for if I pray in tongues my spirit is praying but I don’t understand what I’m saying of course you can get the interpretation of it so the gift of tongues is given for the person’s edification when you prophesy you edify the church but when you pray in the spirit you talk to God and you edify yourself it keeps you stronger so I explained to Daniel that the gift of tongues or praying in the spirit is our most powerful weapon that we can use it is our arsenal that we can yield to protect ourselves to pray for others to heal to deliver and even bless ourselves I asked him if he wanted to receive this gift and that Jesus is more than willing to give it to him he said yes and as I led him in prayer the moment he said Amen he started speaking in tongues I reminded him again to lay hands on himself and pray pray in the understanding thank Jesus sing understanding and sing in the spirit and I promises parents that we will be praying for him and the entire family I encouraged them to dare to believe God that we will not receive anything less than Daniel’s complete recovery and restoration God is more than able to restore and heal and they say that they’ll continue to believe God to start thanking God and the entire CCRI church family and Daniel’s parents kept their faith they never waver so that was April of last year so this last trip with his last month I took all the for services and in that afternoon a boy came running to me giving me a bear hug it was Daniel not only that he is not in pain any longer not only was he walking he was running glory to God that blessed me so much and I know it blessed the freedom Fellowship Church team when they heard about it because that’s a part of our seed ok and they should ought to inspire me so while in the Philippines I held business school in John Santos City on February 8th and it was attended by probably 1500 leaders the room was standing room only and of course the young millionaires and future millionaires wanted to take pictures after the event some were waiting outside it was around 7 p.m. so they took a lot of pictures with me and then at around 7 p.m. an infant girl was presented to me and then they took pictures of me holding the baby who’s barely a week old I thought to myself why did they brought this young baby out in the night I was told that they just got out of the hospital and they wanted to see me and thanked me come to find out last year at our miracle crusade in that city I prayed for a couple who just lost their baby the wife had a miscarriage and they have been wanting to have a baby for years they were brought to me so that I can pray for them so I gave them the instruction to start thanking God the stop morning the stop crying but to praise God and as I lay hands on them I prophesied that they’ll be holding their baby within nine to ten months that is exactly what happened what a precious little princess many babies are presented to me that I prayed for their parents to have children it is an awesome feeling to be a part of such miracles glory to God and there are countless of miracles the Lord performed it’s amazing since 2006 thousands of recorded salvation thousands of healings and thousands of leaders empowered 2006 I am beginning to see the harvest of the seed sown in that country the harvest is plentiful I ministered and prophesied to some of their political leaders and prayed over the chief justices of the Supreme Court I met some and prayed over some of their governors and congressmen and judges and you know that their chief justice is a born-again believer and there are many Christians working at the Supreme Court of the Philippines thanks in part to hope of life under the leadership of Bishop Edgar and his wife dang who works and made it possible for me to minister there C is always a team effort Sam will water some also and God always makes thanks go there is no superstar in the ministry than the Lord Jesus Christ and as long as we yield the leading of the Holy Spirit doors of opportunities will open for us dad allowed me the see the seed sown in that country have now grown into full-grown trees orchards that will keep on producing fruits whether we like it or not and those seeds are seeds of Texas San Antonio is specifically for our country not just for our families but for our country as well so we will continue to obey the Great Commission to prove that we love our Lord Jesus Christ and we will continue to preach the gospel in power in mark chapter 16 verse 20 says then the disciples went out and preached everywhere and the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it Lord Jesus confirmed our works in the Philippines with science I was so overwhelmed by the demonstration of the power of the holy spirit how he touched pastors and leaders in that country and many who came pastors told me that they have never seen like it before so a my last year the Lord was true to his word that I will be used by him like never before when the Holy Spirit last year blew through our Crusades and meetings hundreds and then thousands got slain under his power with no one touching them all I can tell you personally is that every time I see God’s people touched when I see the Holy Spirit move in power when the word of God is preached in power it is heaven on earth for me personally the hunger of the leaders there yielded nough stew the holy spirit their hunger for the things of God resulted in God’s manifesting his power and the demonstration of his love for his people when I was back in my hotel alone I was so overwhelmed with gratitude and great joy joy unspeakable and I asked God Who am I Lord that you continue to use me in this great manner and you require so little from me you’re always feel overwhelmed and you know when you know that only God can do those miracles no matter how much you prepare no matter how much you pray all you need to do is to yield to the Holy Spirit because you cannot prepare for something like that except prepare your heart and remember that God is all powerful all loving all merciful all holy the lord jesus answered me this way i use you and i’ll continue to use your christina because i love you that’s the reason that is my qualification because jesus loves me and i love him and i love his people my instruction is continue to teach my people how to love me such a small thing for God to ask me I don’t even have to prepare myself all I need to do is to share to the world or to even to a person or persons my personal experience on how I experience its love for him that is enough so don’t try too hard what is the greatest miracle in your book I know and you know the answer to that the greatest miracle is the miracle that you need today it does not matter whether it’s healing finances relationship that is the greatest miracle is the miracle that you need are you ready for yours only believe father God loves you as much as he loves his only begotten Son Jesus that is a lot of love with me I’ll be content that God forgave me and God continues to love me in spite of myself but the reality and the truth is God the Father loves you and me as much as he loves his only begotten Son this is my confidence this is the reason why I am fearless when it comes to the things of God that I can believe the impossible because God the Father loves me as much as he loves his only begotten Son are you ready for your miracle so receive this open your heart okay father God in the mighty name of Jesus the name that all power and authority been given whether in heaven and on earth I release freedom and deliverance to the captives in the mighty name of Jesus I release healing upon your people I bind the spirit of paralysis and I release wholeness upon you I bind the spirit of death and I loosen forth life in Jesus name I come against all forms of cancer diabetes glaucoma all forms and kinds of liver diseases gallbladder spleen I come against all pains and discomforts in Jesus name I command the blind eyes to open in the mighty name of Jesus and you my brothers and sisters get up and walk in Jesus name glory to God I command missing body parts to manifest in Jesus name thank you Lord Jesus that the miracles is here now I give you all the praise I give you all the glory in your mighty name and I commend God’s ordained relationship to manifest in Jesus name and I release and I decree the cutting away of any ties relationships influences partnerships that are not from you God in Jesus name I thank you for your healing I thank you for reconciliation I hereby decree and declare in the mighty name of Jesus that we will not lose a single member of our family and friends to Satan I claim them all their deliverance their salvation their prosperity in Jesus name I speak deliverance from all forms and all kinds of addictions in Jesus name holy father it is you will that all men shall be saved I thank you Lord Jesus that you have come so that we might have life and have it abundantly in accordance to John chapter 10 verse 10 if you are listening and you have not accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior I am NOT asking you to convert I’m asking you to be born again there’s a big difference all of us no matter what denomination Jesus was very clear in the Gospel of John chapter 3 telling Nicodemus that nobody can enter the kingdom of God unless you’re born again born of the Spirit born of incorruptible seed so I’m asking you if you have not accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior repeat this words of confession and profession after me ready Lord Jesus I have sinned I’m a sinner forgive me Lord and deliver me from all unrighteousness be my Savior and Lord I want to be born again born of the Holy Spirit born of incorruptible seeds Lord deliver me save me from my present situation you are my hope and my Savior you are my life I want to know you I thank you Lord Jesus that you loved me and called me by name even before the foundation of the world thank you lord I am now born again I am new creature in Jesus and I don’t have any past in Jesus name Amen call me at two one zero six nine five one six three zero or if you are driving just remember you can email me at sons of God at that are are calm I want to welcome you to the family of God there are so many benefits that you have see my dear brothers and sisters our Lord Jesus Christ is not about denomination he’s not about traditions he’s not about religion our Lord Jesus Christ is a lifestyle being a Christian is a lifestyle living the life of abundance of prosperity knowing that our future is brighter than our past so it is a glorious day for you call me to one zero six nine five one six three zero I have so many things to share with you the next program so stay tuned our prophecy for 2016 and beyond is you will look good you’ll feel good you’ll live good you’ll be good and you do good all for the glory of God for your own benefit and for the benefit of his people this is why God wants to give you everything that you can handle but we must apply his ways of doing things and we must learn about the kingdom of God okay because the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating or drinking but the righteousness peace and joy in the holy spirit join us in our Sunday services we are located at eighty four nineteen callahan road of IH TM our Sundays service starts at 10:30 in the morning and again we have an evening service at 7:00 we also have Wednesday services at 7:00 p.m. god bless you for tuning in until next time

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Episode 219: Philippines Mission Report

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