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Episode 220: Removing the Barriers and Walking in Miracles

Pastor Cris discusses three big things that are keeping people from walking in the supernatural with God.

Published: March 19, 2016

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




hello thank you for tuning in this is Joshua Sosso and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time Pastor Chris as you may know just recently returned from the Philippines and she has been sharing with us about the miracles the signs and the wonders that God has been doing overseas and it’s been such a pleasure to hear about how God is moving in the Philippines and one of the things that she posed to us one of the questions that she posed to us was why is it that the body of Christ isn’t moving in the miraculous on a day-to-day basis why are we only seeing it from a select group of people because she goes to the Philippines and she’s seeing miracles she’s seeing signs wonders manifestations supernatural manifestations but why is it that so much of the body of Christ isn’t acting in the power of the Lord and so this is one of the questions that she posed to us and she pointed out to us that it came down to three things which was he comes down to fear and unbelief that believers don’t believe in the Lord when he says that they are able to heal the sick able to prophesy able to cast out demons or they’re fearful the other thing that limits us is the limitations placed on us by man or that we place on ourselves in the last of these is that all of it is dependent on our relationship with God we can study the scripture as much as we want but if we haven’t put time into building that relationship with the Lord and we don’t have a willingness to listen to God and obey Him and do what he tells us then we’re not going to see the miraculous happen in our lives so what we’re going to share with you this week is a excerpt from a service that we had just this last week where Pastor Chris she was talking about this very same topic so I urge each of you to open your ears open your eyes open your mind to hear and to see what it is that she’s trying to share with the body of Christ so let’s take a listen ever since I came born again I guess because I’ve always been a free spirited child I cannot sit still and I always want to see what’s out there and to push the patience of my parents I always get disciplined because if there’s a certain restrictions that they tell me I just don’t take it I have to ask I have to know why why and if it cannot be explained I have to find out for me it’s a waste of time for me they told me that you need to take a nap just like why I’m not tired there’s so many things to explore out there wisely for me it’s a waste of time I always wanted to have action and if there is none me and Davina will produce son we’ll invent some and Davina I said there’s a powered agreement you know that Davina always agree with me and said okay let’s go ahead and do that and we explore and I’ll say that we had such a wonderful childhood even though we get disciplined a lot of times but looking back now is so worth it it will it develop a certain personality that I will not just settle for second best I would not settle for because I say so I wanted to find out so when I became born-again I’ll ask God a lot of why’s why why is this and I don’t get spanked he loved it and he said well you know I’m the beginning in the end I don’t sleep I said are you ready I wanted to push things so that I know what I’m really made of and the issues of the heart in the spirit the power of God I wanted to learn the power of God and why why did he give this to us so that the answer that has been nagging me for many many years working in the ministry have gotten to the point that I begin to really confront this in my heart and I begin to really pray even when I was in the Philippines last time the Holy Spirit changed the subject of course the scriptures are the same and for five-and-a-half hours I stood there teaching them things and nobody moved and they were in awe and it’s like you didn’t have any notes except I quote them scriptures and they put it on the screen you understand saying and I read that and only God can make me do that only God can enable me and even inspire me sitting back in my hotel room I finally realize God you require so little of me and yet you have given so much all I need to do is to be led by the Holy Spirit how different it is but it is something that we have come a flood so many things and it has put you and keep on throwing you into the cycle I always wonder on what is happening in the body of Christ I know the Word of God is true because let every man a liar but let God be true he is not a man he cannot lie it’s not in his DNA it’s not in his components and yet he told us Jesus himself said in mark chapter 16 that these are the signs of them that believe in my name they will cast out demons they will lay hands on the sick and the sick will recover that is very important for me I took God at His Word and said they can even take poison and it will not harm them and yet even in our own personal lives it’s not happening you need somebody that we think that they’re more anointed than we are that has a healing anointing well that’s a believers anointing not a specific person that well you are very much anointed in healing you home that you utilize that but it is the anointing of believer that we can cast out demons we all have deliverance ministry we don’t have to find them we don’t have to look for them in people’s lives but we have that ministry and we should not be afraid and we can step on serpents we don’t have to handle them we just step on them it will not harm us that’s the anointing that we have that I do not see in the BOD of Christ except for a selected few are you getting this and then when it comes to preaching the gospel it says the disciples went everywhere preaching the gospel and Jesus worked with them confirming their work with signs following well I know that it is a fact that every time go on a mission trip every time we have a business school or prophetic school the anointing is there so Jesus is working with signs following but it should be for every believer and this is the one thing that I’ve been confronted to many many times and people at the beginning of the ministry I started asking this and I’ve been confronted that I’m too arrogant but arrogantly anointed you and there’s I’m saying I was too arrogant I was too sure of myself because I was already confident before Jesus so much more now that I don’t have to work that part I don’t have to study that hard all I need to do is to become whom he called me to be so it is always these things that I’ve been confronting but it’s very very clear when I was in the Philippines last month and the Holy Spirit’s telling me that they need to be equipped with my gifts versus the gift of turn I was even surprised that about half of them do not have the gift and they are in the transfer of wealth they’re part of the transfer poivre influence and affluence and I was like how can they survive you will not be able to survive if you don’t have your prayer language and yet when I asked the pastor’s there could you help me lay hands on them so that they receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit they all took three steps backward and they say no it’s you and you always see the fear in their eyes and I could hear what they’re thinking what if they didn’t get it it is fear it is doubt it is unbelief and those are sins serious serious sins they step backward they don’t what they just want me to do all the work and I quoted them and I said wait a minute I confronted them afterwards over dinner and I said you know what all of these things we leaders has to operate in all the gifts whatever is needed and so don’t say that you have this ministry you have this gift of healing you hug this and said we can have it all we have to have it all as a leader in order to disciple others we have to be filled by the Holy Spirit continue the in filling of the Holy Spirit and the baptism you know that if you read the book of Acts the in feeling of the Holy Spirit can be done repeatedly right when they got beaten up and they say oh Lord give us wisdom and the boldness to preach the gospel and they’re all filled with the Holy Spirit and miraculous signs are performed by the Apostles because of that so the in feeling of the Holy Spirit continues the baptism is the evidence of speaking in tongues and the baptism is power but you need to hone and you need to plug in into that power source in order for you to have the anointing but a lot of times we hear it even from the pulpit Oh Lord anoint us today we are in Christ and Christ means The Anointed One and his anointing so we are in Jesus Christ and he anointing that’s what the scripture said and that is the fact and God does not show any favoritism a lot of times and many times I have to remind myself that I am NOT that’s Feb right you only some saying Christina you’re not God’s favorite even though you really are convinced that you are because of the Scriptures it’s in acts 10:34 when the Holy Spirit came upon the gentiles Peter replied I see very clearly that God shows no favoritism right Romans 2:11 God does not show favoritism and we are commanded not to take sides or show fabric ISM when we judge right in James chapter three verse 17 it also said but the wisdom from above is first of all pure it is also peace-loving gentle at all times and willing to yield to others it is full of mercy and good deeds it shows no favoritism and is always sincere so I’ve been asking myself why there is no power in the bat of Christ only for a few sometimes on the healing Crusades than the miracle Crusades to train the people especially the locals there on how to lay hands and just to give them confidence i lay hands on them first i impart to them the anointing of the ministry then they use that as their confidence and then they start laying hands on people and God healed many of them so they have that confidence but still when they are with me they still look forward that can we have impartation and we wanted to do it they love to see the power of God manifesting in them and because it’s a wonderful when you feel the virtue coming out of you it is just so and the more you give it away the more you get filled in its really very tangible thing that you can feel it that you can almost touch it are you getting this so they’re excited about this but there is always reluctance there’s always reluctant about not doing it because it takes for you to become to walk and to live and to breathe and to believe who you really are in Christ Jesus and now that God has removed all the doubt and fear whit’s our sin that’s why many of those in the bat of Christ need for someone to hear from the Lord for them because God cannot stand in the presence of sin that is unbelief because you know God will never withhold good things from us all we need to do is to find that time in that quiet time and I said well I’m having a difficult time in in hearing from God then God can talk to you in your sleep but you have to pursue him you have to grab hold of it you need to really press on it means to say you are going to exercise and use your strength your resources to press on right so grab hold of it it means to say you’re not going to let that thing go instead of okay I don’t need you anymore and said goodbye and I’ll pick you up when I need you it is one of the reasons why we don’t hear from God so in my Christian walk I’ve been asking this because what I hear from the pulpit from the books that I read and everything else you have to go through a certain level that you do this you do this and you do this and you do that sometimes ministers make it so hard and it will take too long for you to attain where they’re at you under something well with me it’s so different God knew that I’m free-spirited it is like you cannot satisfy me with just explanation I wanted to see the tangible manifestations of the power of God so as soon as I got born again a few days got baptized by the Holy Spirit I started prophesying I don’t even know the word and you know how it is you have to quote the scripture you have to say what chapter what verse and in all of these things are you getting this and this is like me I said this is so confusing and God spoke to me Christina did I quote some chapters and verses that’s right Lord you didn’t say I say a 61 verses one through three the spear the Lord is upon me and said but you read it right and said and when you quoted when you answer the first sees and the teachers of the law you’re quoting scriptures are you getting this those scriptures and reference we reference them to confirm God always confirm his word from the mouth of one or two witnesses but not for us to quote the scriptures to the demons or to Satan all we need is the word the whole book himself Jesus that’s the whole son because in the beginning is the word and he is the word it all compiles to Jesus front and center is Jesus so we have to quote scriptures and we learn it and it’s good it is good to read scriptures and to quote it but the best of it is to walk in the power and have that relationship with God why would you want to quote scriptures when the Holy Spirit is the one was quoting in the scripture and giving you revelation at the same time so it got so confusing and I said like there’s no way I’m going to study Hebrew at this time I don’t have any time god I made you wait that’s long please don’t tell me to go to the seminary or to attend the Bible College or to read Hebrew and Greek if you are my teacher you can teach me everything I don’t think I will be able to survive listening and this is like and if you are not powerful you can give me the interpretation of different languages so I reason with God and I said I don’t mean to be impertinent to you Lord Jesus but you already are reading my in my mind I wanted to know I made you wait this long and now I have you have to wait for about five to ten years again for me serving in different kinds of ministries and in different type of trades and so that I will become whom you call me to be and I said it’s just like attending first grade all the way to college again and I confronted God and it’s like I’m not getting out of this house until I hear from you these are the things that doesn’t sit well with me they were telling me that well in order for you to do that you can do this in order for you to pray or to lay hands on people you have to learn about this and it’s just like then do I have to read how to be led by the Holy Spirit - I said wherein you yourself are the one who’s going to teach me if you give me something to do are you not going to equip me and I pray in the spirit that the entire weekend that I’m not getting out until I get some answers I said god this is important to me because how come if you ordain my footsteps if you want me to serve you why did you not get me saved and find a way for me to get saved or to be born again when I was younger when I have all this energies and the time in the world so all of these things create a ripple effect of questions after questions that I need to answer I need some answers from him and then he told me Cristina that’s the world’s way but they’re ordained and so like Who am I but he told me it is not on the many years it is not on the many books it’s not on the many scriptures such a quote and said the Pharisees and the teachers of the law can quote you scriptures verse by verse it is not that Christina so don’t take that route it is not from me and said learn from me for my yoke is easy and my burden is light I said can you please tell them because they’re putting a stumbling block in me I said no guy God cannot talk you that way I said you just been born again you’re telling me that God is talking to you already and said yeah every night and said no no no no no no that is not from God that is not from God I said but they’re not interesting they’re happening then can you explain that they cannot explain it to me they don’t know what to do with me you understand saying and the Holy Spirit said Christina it’s depending on your relationship with me and your degree of obedience and so develop that relationship with me and then you obey and believe me in spite of everything else are you getting this how come only few in the body of Christ I said being in the pulpit and being able to prophesy it is just so so precious it is precious because these are God’s people but why is it so difficult and God said they didn’t ask me they took it upon themselves and they made all these rules and regulations to keep my people away from me and to keep the body of Christ from a touring and said but not so with you you abide in me and my words abide in you then you can have whatever you say and I had been since day one had the most awesome awesome experience revelation and signs and wonders following ever since I got born again but not seeing it manifesting in the body of Christ it is one of my frustrations so these things need to start to manifest in the body of Christ one of the passages that Pastor Chris mentioned was from mark 16 verses 17 through 18 it says and these signs shall follow them that believe in my name they shall cast out Devils they shall speak with new tongues they shall take up serpents and if they drink any deadly thing it shall not hurt them they shall lay hands on the sick and they will recover you see the Bible doesn’t say that those who believe will do a select few of those things or one of those things or two of those things it said these signs all of them will follow them that believe so we need to stop limiting ourselves we need to stop limiting others and understand that God has called all in the body of Christ to step up to the plate to carry forth his name to be a beacon of light to those around them so we really need to look at our hearts what is it that’s holding us back is it unbelief is it fear have we spent time with the Lord building that relationship with God talking with him sharing with him are we willing to obey Him because God isn’t gonna hold anything back from us for no reason god is love and He will give us all that we can handle but he’s not going to pour out the blessing he’s not going to pour out miraculous manifestations unless we’re ready so I urge each and every one of you let’s examine ourselves and we need to ask where is the power where is the power in the body of Christ once we examine ourselves we will find the reason why there hasn’t been power wide spread throughout the body of Christ and we need to change that so let us go out in power let us go out and transform Nations well we’re about out of time for today thank you so much for tuning in if this program blessed you be sure to visit our web site

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Episode 220: Removing the Barriers and Walking in Miracles

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