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Episode 224: Resurrection Power in the Holy Spirit

Because of Jesus, we have the resurrection power of God living inside of us!

Published: April 23, 2016

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




thank you for tuning in this is Joshua Sosso and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time happy Resurrection Sunday that is what we here at freedom Fellowship Church are celebrating this weekend most Christians celebrated it on March 27th and they call it by the name Easter here at freedom Fellowship Church we like to refer to it as Resurrection Sunday because it’s not about the Easter Bunny or it’s not about the eggs the Easter eggs but it’s about the day that Jesus conquered death and he rose up from the grave so we call it Resurrection Sunday and according to the Jewish calendar Passover on their calendar would have occurred just this past week which means that Jesus would have risen from the dead this weekend so that’s why we are celebrating Resurrection Sunday this Sunday now if you want to celebrate Christ’s resurrection on Easter when everybody else celebrates it that’s fine too anytime that the body of Christ wants to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ is a time that we should rejoice and celebrate so we don’t need to become stuck up about exact dates or create a tradition out of it but we like to celebrate Christ’s resurrection this Sunday like we’re doing now and so it’s Resurrection Sunday so we’re going to share with you the message that Pastor Chris shared with us on the day that everybody’s celebrating Easter and we just had our Passover Feast this past Friday and if you guys weren’t there you missed out because God is really revealing himself to us here Anna Foster church and he’s really revealing himself making himself known to us and he’s continuing to move and we’re continuing to get reports overseas testimonies from the Philippines after a pastor Chris’s previous trip there of God bringing forth manifestations giving revelation to the people in the Philippines and he says he wants to do it here too so we have to take a hold of what it is that God is giving us and we have to stay in the heavenly realm like we were talking about last week if we focus on worldly things if we focus on our trials if we focus on our situation we become worldly minded we become limited by our own perception but if we look and we think and we act according to the heavenly realm then God can bring about heavenly blessings which is what we want to do so we’re going to listen to pastor Chris’s resurrection sunday message that she shared with us last month and we’re going to share it with you here on the radio so open up your hearts open up your ears and take a listen to Pastor Chris you know the scripture is very clear we Christians we try too hard we’re trying hard on everything to look religious to look anointed and we end up having performances a lot of times and we try so hard we’re in Jesus did all the impossible and the most painful and the hardest ones so that things will be easier for us is this like which is easier he said that your sins are forgiven or rise up and walk right those are both hard but he made it easier for us because you know he’s a creator of heaven and earth he’s not going to allow Satan to win period so don’t allow Satan to win and he’s going to use our flesh the greatest challenge that we have is our flesh our emotions and just keep in mind that they change they can change in a matter of minutes but the truth is we will rule and reign with Christ here on earth in our lifetime we don’t need to sing when we all get to heaven we’re going to bring heaven down okay and by believing the impossible it is impossible to please God without faith you know I picked up from Wednesday from Dora and Esther’s teaching and I’ve been asking the Lord about the message today so we’re going to move in power will continue to move in power in 2016 remember you need to keep on prophesying you are your own prophets remember you are your own prophets there is power in your word so every day I said beginning in year 2016 I look good I will feel good I will live good I will be good and I will do good all for the glory of God the Father for my own benefit and for the benefit of his people give him all the glory you get to keep the goods well that’s what it’s all about he created things for us because we are the body of Christ because everything was created by him through him and for him remember everything was created for our Lord Jesus Christ and we are his body and he made us by going to the cross he made us joint heirs with him so the earth is the Lord’s and its fullness so we are joint heirs and we are his bride so in the kingdom of God he made it as a community property what Jesus own I own what I own little bitty bitty that I own Jesus own right so let us stop making a name for ourselves instead glorifying the Lord so that we can have the manifestations of our full inheritance in Christ Jesus okay without faith it is impossible to please the Lord and the faith worketh by love love never fails those are the simple things if you think well everything is so hard everything is so hard and I said like no because everything that is in the Bible has to be easily entreated his yoke is easy his burden is light right okay so we’re supposed to be the most exciting people on the face of the earth and people the world needs to be afraid of us because we’re going to rule and reign with Jesus Christ here on earth and guess who are the subjects not just the created things on the earth not just their nature but them the worldly people right okay so might as well practice right now instead of practicing religiosity let us not put boundaries on each other but instead let us allow our destiny to be fulfilled and manifest for all the world to see in its time so look at your neighbor and say neighbor let’s get rid of our religiosity let us be real let us be powerful amen so everything is so easy when your sins were forgiven when you’re born again I said Nicodemus being a learned man an educated man he really cannot comprehend it how can I go back to my mother’s womb and Jesus told him you must be more of the spirit and said you teachers I said you can tell the size of times you can tell about the weather you can predict the weather but you don’t know you cannot enter the kingdom of God not unless you’re born of the Spirit so how easy was it for you you didn’t even plan it right no one comes to me not unless my father sends them it means say the Holy Spirit already convicted you he got you and you pull you kicking and screaming and then you confess that Jesus is the Lord your Savior you became teary-eyed all your sins are washed away how difficult was it for you was it painful huh then why is it that believing our inheritance and the blessings that were supposed to enjoy that we’re supposed to share here on earth why is it difficult for us to believe them I believe it when I see it and I said like how can you see that you’re born again how can you prove that you’re born again you still look the same right all I know is when you’re born again you became a crybaby how do I know that because why what do infants those that are newly born do they cry they sleep they cry they sleep right when they’re hungry they cry right when they’re wet they cry when they want to be held they cry right when they need some attention they cry so we became a crybaby that is the first manifestation of being born again right and then you were fed white milk but it’s not the timeframe that the natural infant does now it depends on your degree of obedience and you’re living by faith your relationship with Jesus Christ then you can raise the dead only after a few days of being born again hello so how many of you have been born again for a long time okay how many dead have you raised we have a lot of catching up to do with Jesus so can we agree and can we make a quality decision to start today because today is the Resurrection Sunday not Easter Sunday it’s a resurrection Sunday okay so can we start today okay you know the young people they’re watching us because they want the real thing they want the real thing they’ve been watching all of these comic characters that they have this power like God and we have a greater power than those made-up heroes right we have a greater power well the thing is you want it to be dramatic as the comic books would you want to wear the costume student because we are destined for greatness we are created we were born again to be kings and priests before the Lord and yet there is no power in the church we holler we dance we scream we cry we laugh and then we go back to the same house and we encounter the same problems and say like oh I have so much time with the Lord I don’t want to go home why don’t you take Jesus home right because we are God’s superheroes you know there is an instance when I was young about Superman and he circled the planet he changed the time right with us we just commend it in the name of Jesus we are under the new covenant it’s in the book of Joshua remember I mentioned it to you last Sunday Joshua was fighting and he didn’t want to go back and finish the war so he prayed and said son don’t set and moon don’t rise just like that he didn’t have to go to Superman and get his power and turn around the Sun you and this I’m saying just the spoken word and it says it obeyed that’s the power that we have we don’t have to fly all we need to do is there’s no distance in the spirit it will become the spiritual being instead of the Clark Kent right let us become kings and priests and then let’s change the world let’s transform the world let’s stop hiding our persona and the things that happen in the past that you cannot change but your emotions wanted to say well I’ve been rejected when I was a child he said welcome to the crowd who was not rejected whoo but I was rejected a thousand times more than you do and said well thank God why would I keep on going back and being rejected again I’m not going back I’m moving forward don’t rehearse and remember the things of the past because your emotions is one thing to feel good and then like an infant a lot of a hundred 20 year old Christians are still using that well you know they didn’t teach me in the other my pastor that did not teach me and the scripture said no man don’t need to teach you anything you can ask the Holy Spirit to teach you so what is your excuse are we in the blame game again blame the pastor’s blame this and there is so much blame that we can spread around hello but let’s get back let’s step into our destiny I don’t want all this oh well they disapprove of me well this is this and this and that then I have to and I says like please become become the body of Christ become the Bride of Christ let’s remove our wrinkles it’s 2016 for crying out loud it is important for us that by faith we can do all those things we can multiply loaves and fishes we can walk on water we can come in the wind and the wind will obey us because of what Jesus said and promised us you can do greater things because I’m going to my father and I’m sending the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit abides with us forever sometimes we’re so busy in listening to other voices and seeing other visions other than what the Holy Spirit is wanting to give us that we don’t see them anymore that’s what I was trying to do with the younger generations if they wanted to transform the arts and entertainment the financial arena and the Science and Technology in every sector of society they to stop watching and hearing and listening to the world’s ways because the holy spirit cannot and would not allow himself to be contaminated you cannot see beyond what is out there already because that’s what you’d been seeing that’s what you’ve been looking if you’re going to hear with your spiritual ears and see through your spiritual eyes then you’re going to see beyond that you will be able to transform it not improve it not to take over but to transform and that’s what we need to do in the bed of Christ we have this kind of ruler mentality that we are not afraid of the things that we don’t know because the Holy Spirit will not allow us God will not allow us even to be tempted or tried the things that we cannot endure sometimes we bring ourselves into those temptations and then we give Satan the credit and we blame God for it God is teaching me something as I’ve been trying to teach you ever since you were born again and you’re not it said you’re AWOL and with our obedience were always tardy and we make a lot of excuses by being tardy so if you wanted to hear from God get rid of all those contaminations and the measure of faith that was given to you work it out exercise your faith okay because we have so many things that we need to do don’t try too hard because things are easy when it comes to the spiritual realm when it comes to the manifestations thou shalt not die but live how easy that is and if that is mingled with faith you just save somebody else’s life hello you infuse life thou shall not die but you will live in the name of Jesus and those who have serious illnesses those who really grab hold of it and said they’re still alive but those who said well I hope so well I hope so and then he said okay you pray that I will not die of cancer and said well I have a problem with my gallbladder I have a problem with my spleen and I said I see if Jesus said that I said okay you’re going to live not as a wholeness and said from your cancer but you’re going to live through those and they said no when God clean he cleaned just like those lepers Lord we wanted to be made whole go show yourself to the priest he didn’t say call an ambulance call 9-1-1 show yourself to the priest and if those lepers will say well the priest will not because we’re leprous they’re not going to allow they don’t want to be contaminated they were not going to welcome us if they perceive it and reason with their own brain in which most Christians are doing and said they would not have obeyed and it says while they were obeyed they have not reached the synagogue yet nor they have not reached the priest yet they were already healed because why it is the power of obedience because faith without works is dead right it is the power of obedience you don’t have to reason with it you don’t have to analyze it you don’t say that well I look stupid well you were acting stupid in your past life anyway so now you’re just going to look at it look stupid but then the glory of God will come you’re still trying to look and trying to protect your own reputation I don’t know what perceived repetitions you have where in the scripture said I caught myself of no reputation just to glorify God God has your back amen God has our back isn’t that true and the thing is is that God wants us to succeed and he’s given us every single tool Christ Jesus before he left he said that we would do even greater things than he would do because why the father was going to send the Holy Spirit to live inside of us so now we have the Holy Spirit living inside of us what does that mean it means that the resurrection power that rose Jesus from the dead is now living inside of us which means we’re not limited by the systems of the world we’re not limited by natural law we are only limited by our faith and by our obedience to Jesus Christ and these are the things that we need to keep in mind when we go about our day we have the resurrection power within us so we’re not limited so we need to stop trying so hard we need to stop fretting instead we just need to look to God because God is faithful and he is willing to push us forward to succeed in the tasks that he has given us if you think about it if God called you to do something he’s not going to abandon you when you go to do the thing that he told you to do no he’s going to make sure that you’re equipped he’s gonna make sure that you’re prepared he’s gonna make sure that everything that you need is there that it’s taken care of so let’s obey God let’s go forth in obedience and eagerness to do the will of the Father to bring about his glory and to give him honor because that’s what it’s about it’s not just so that we’ll be successful that will make a lot of money that we’ll be able to take vacation that we’ll be able to buy a nice house get a nice car get married it’s not just for our own pleasure no it’s so that when people look at us they’ll be like what’s your secret why are you able to go about each day with such confidence and then we can say our confidence is in Jesus Christ when people ask why are you so successful then you’ll be able to say I’m successful because I rely on my father God and so that’s the kind of life that we should be living as pastor Chris always says us Christians we should have the most exciting we should have the most successful lives more than anyone else in the world because we have the Holy Spirit we have the inspiration of the Lord so why are we getting surpassed so with that in mind just remember body of Christ we have that resurrection power inside of us and we have the Holy Spirit to guide us God isn’t gonna abandon us so we’re about out of time if you were touched by this message give us a call call us at two one zero six nine five one six three zero or you can call us a two one zero three nine six seven eight nine one we love to hear from you guys it’s always very encouraging to hear from our listeners to know if we’re making a difference if if you’re touched by this program if God is moving also check out our website WWE again that’s WS o GMA org listen to previous broadcasts you can download them and you can listen to them whenever you want on your phone we’re on iTunes so check us out there also if you want to come visit us on one of our Sunday services we meet every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. and every Sunday evening at 7 p.m. we also meet every Wednesday at 7 p.m. we’re meeting off i-10 in Callahan it’s 80 419 Callahan Road you can find the address on our website as I said before sogni org so check it out go to our website listen to broadcasts find us come visit us call us let us know how it’s going cuz God is moving we’re excited and we want to know we’re trying we want the body of Christ to all move up together Engel Corie so we don’t want to leave anybody behind but we’re also not gonna wait we’re not gonna wait for you but we’re gonna go forth and take a hold of what God has given us so thank you so much for tuning in God is on the move God is manifesting his glory and he’s preparing from a mighty move here in the United States so thank you so much for tuning in until next time

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Episode 224: Resurrection Power in the Holy Spirit

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