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Episode 227: Faith is a Force

Continuing last week’s teaching, Pastor Cris shares with us about faith being a force.

Published: May 14, 2016

Originally Aired: May 14, 2016

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




hello thank you for tuning in this is Joshua Sosso and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time well body of Christ we are only a month away actually less than a month away from the feast of harvest which is when the day of Pentecost came and that’s when the Holy Spirit poured out on the disciples and filled them so we’re in that 50-day period right now so as just a reminder let’s keep focused on the Lord on the calling that he has for us on the things that he’s tasked us to do during the time that we are in because God is moving brothers and sisters God is moving to bring forth revival amongst his people and amongst the nations amen so last week we were talking about and we shared a message with you with Pastor Chris talking about how we need to use the words that the Lord has given us and we need to use the word of God as a weapon to combat the enemy and we need to remind God of those words but we also need to use those words speak and declare them over our situation because again we’re not moved by the facts but we’re moved by the truth that God has given us so if the facts don’t line up with what God is saying that means that we need to decree and declare the words that the Lord has spoken over a situation over those facts because the truth will remain everlasting while the facts can be changed as we’ve talked about many times before so this week is a continuation of that topic we’re going to listen in again to Pastor Chris as she’s going to talk about how our faith needs to be a force in the spiritual realm that it needs to have spiritual presence to move principalities to bring about manifestations and to touch the heart of God so our faith needs to be a force so open up your ears your hearts and your minds and let’s listen in now to Pastor Chris faith is a force God expects us to live by faith and if we ever shrink back he will not be pleased with us he was not pleased with the nation of Israel he promised them a promised land they plundered the Egyptians they have clouds by day and fire by night they ate manna and yet when they saw the Giants the first major obstacle the first major challenge they want to go back and they’re willing to settle to be slaves again to work for the Egyptians because they don’t want to live by faith and they shrunk back from that faith and not one not one member of those generations except for Joshua and Caleb enter the promised land because they shrunk back from the faith that we expect something in our minds that when things happen we expect something in our mind an easy manifestation based on our own thoughts and when challenges come we get discouraged and said oh we did not hear from God we start murmuring we go back to what is comfortable to us and you hear a lot of Christians well I went back to what I know to do and that is why God is not pleased so it is important for us that faith is a force it means to say that whatever challenges even a tidal wave of challenges and problems and issues that you confronted it’s still more forceful than any one of those because they’re heavenly realms remember in 1st John chapter 5 verse 4 the one that they just read it says we overcome the world by our faith and we need to hold on to that see we focus on the image of God that we formed in our mind instead of looking in awe of the manifestations of the facets in the nature of God and how he works in our ways we want it easy we want to have it our own way this is easier we holler and dance and we proclaim and we believe and we hold hands together become an agreement lo and behold it’s gonna manifest right and let me remind you about the nation of Israel it took them 40 years but glory to God it will not take us that long it should only be two weeks walking towards the promised land two weeks but because of their lack of faith because of their unbelief because of their whining and complaining and God heard it it took them that long there are some giants that they saw and they have forgotten about God because they look at the Giants instead of God who created the Giants so this nation was founded under basic Christian principles and God will never forget that and I look forward to what is going to manifest of course my flesh wanted to be done yesterday you understand saying it’s not by faith faith is a substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen we want to see it we want to touch it we want to feel it and in addition to that we want a rainbow from God and we want a security deposit and God said I am delight yourself in me we have to walk by faith no matter what some especially when you’re just new in the things of the Spirit when you have not taken any of those yeast the puffs your head everything is so easy and that is supposed to be and Christians amazingly they call it a honeymoon period with Christianity we have not gotten our honeymoon yet we’re preparing to be a bride we’re preparing for the wedding so we said okay honeymoon is over and we quantify like the words way instead of God’s Way but on some instances in our lives we really have to walk that faith we really have to pursue it it doesn’t matter what the challenges are we have to hold on to the promise of God and we don’t look at the challenge we don’t look at the impossibility of it all we look upon God who can make things happen and through us by our cooperation by our submission by our living by faith and our obedience to him that’s our currency and it is time to really take over and take dominion but it is not by sloppy agape it’s not by what you call faith and it’s not some things as I believe because that’s the desire of your heart it is not by faith hello because you want things happen this is how I want things happened and God is not subject to pressure God is not subject to pressure he will not give in to pressure he doesn’t know what pressure is all about he knows everything he is all-powerful he’s Almighty and he is all pure uncontaminated love and it’s a force so it is important for us to understand that when I fought cervical cancer years ago it started in 1998 when I was pregnant with Erica well erica was growing in my wound there’s this tumor that is growing with Erica and it is something that I have to walk before that Jesus visited me in a dream with Kathryn Kuhlman and I know I shared this before but I’m going to share it again just to encourage you so that you will be reminded of the prophetic words that God has given you this is one thing I like about God whatever the challenge that we are facing there he gives us a heads up if we carefully pay attention to them so in that dream I was taken aback there is Jesus and said Lord what are you doing here Oh Cristina I brought Kathryn Kuhlman with me so that she can lay hands on your stomach to heal you from cancer and to anoint you and I said Lord I didn’t know that I have and I said but you came here for that reason therefore I have it then then I wanted to be healed so here comes Kathryn Kuhlman with a long white gown with a accent and said father God in the name of Jesus and lay hands on me and I receive my healing at that time that was 1991 1991 1992 and then as she anointed me and a few months after that here comes a prophet from Kentucky he said Christina I don’t know how to articulate this but let me tell you one thing about what I saw before everybody else comes in I said your ministry is like that of Kathryn Kuhlman I see a school this is like for me it’s high school and said no way any of this I’m saying but and it’s just like you have that anointing but it’s different it’s different and I see school and lay hands on me not on the UM floor he said the Lord is saying to you that as a deposit you’re going to see and begin to see the manifestations of angels I said that is a deposit that God has spoken well brother Charles didn’t realize about my dream few months ago and I didn’t tell him because all I have is me school I’m not going to be a principal of a high school you and as I’m saying and is it like because my degree is education is learned but in the back of my mind I receive it that following that following night the following day in the evening we have another meeting with the brick brother Charles in our house and I was taking a shower there is the angel so he started seeing the manifestations of angels and sometimes some of the people in the core group they can see them so when that cancer manifested I was reminded about everything the Lord prepared me it means to say he wants me to go through that process not the word sway but in the spiritual realm and I was adamant about I’m not going to go into chemo I’m not going to go through this and said like I told my doctor and said you refer me to oncologist but give me six to nine months and if I come back after nine months I still have the cancer you can mince and dice and slice me I don’t care because what I believed in did work and I started telling him and he said oh and said I believe in miracles and you think that because I believe I believe I believe I did not face any Giants I have legions of them the pain and sometimes the voice what your body is telling you I don’t have any energy but I said ah ah I shall not die but live and I’m not going to go through this I thought Lord and said not unless you specifically come here and tell me in my face that I’ll go through chemotherapy and all of these things then you have got to tell me because yeah you said that you anointed me through Kathryn Kuhlman and Kathryn Kuhlman had a healing ministry and I said like uh-uh I’m not going to do that I have to walk this I said how can I have the faith to heal those that are dying if I didn’t walk it if I didn’t have it I don’t care how much of how good of a speech you can deliver on how good of a writer you are if you don’t walk it if you don’t prove your faith if you don’t walk your faith in your life you ain’t got it so after nine months it’s like there’s nothing and I got lectured from others and said like you should have gone to the hospital so that they can certify that this is a miracle I don’t care why would I let even doctors to certify that’s a miracle why do I need that I don’t care if you don’t believe me are you getting this but if you will shrink back according to Hebrews 10:38 and 1039 he will not be pleased with you so when I was nursing Erica I was fighting it in my body I wake up sometimes with so much pain and I said I shall not die but live and the Lord sometimes will put me to sleep and my gun got me some healing scriptures and the Bible and the whole day they’re playing bible scriptures healing scriptures and the Lord gave me some instructions as far as what to take and what to eat and everything else so when I went back to my doctor there’s nothing you can find it did it try to come back yeah because once you walk that faith if it’s a promise of God a prophecy of God towards you about your healing about your prosperity about your relationship you will have dominion over that blessing are you getting this because you tasted it you watch it and God was pleased with you and this is the one thing that you need to understand you do not rely on your own understanding about things if things did not happen or manifest the way you thought it manifest just remind yourself about Isaiah 55 8 and 9 that those thoughts of yours and your imaginations they’re not gods his are higher his ways and his thoughts and then get into the heavenly realms where the dust saith the Lord came from its from heaven you need to look up all the time and then walk it as far as our country is concerned do we really have a choice to get out of faith and step into unbelief we don’t have that choice we don’t have 40 years we don’t have any 10 years we don’t have any 5 years we have to stand and get deeper in our faith and continue to proclaim we trust you God you said this and so therefore I will unite my faith with you when my brothers and sisters that your will will be done here on earth as it is in heaven are you getting this it is important so now just like when I was in the Philippines last January February I heard of a mother that I prayed before who came at the miracle crusade and got prayed for last year in March and they still cannot find what’s wrong with her she contracted a specific infection in her lungs that she always breathing through oxygen that is her life well I heard about it and I says like well before I leave the city I wanted to see her and I saw her and of course through prophecy I practically raised up the husband when he had a heart attack years ago so I look at her and I said like do you believe you know if you decided to go home sister and said don’t go home with that oxygen mask it’s not a good testimony but if that is commensurate to your faith then I bless you with it but just don’t and I lay hands on her move the oxygen mask and she danced with us all around the living room and from then on as she never put it back except when she’s at home but it’s not a 247 thing well I found out about a week ago that she went home without the oxygen mask are you getting this so I went to their house and I knew that the Lord is going to take her home and she told me she’s ready that’s it like then if you’re ready and said I’ll join in my faith you’re not going home with that oxygen mask you have to dance and have a romantic date with your childhood sweetheart which is her husband and you need to hold hands and have dinner with without the Machine and they laugh about it and she went home but she was off for many months off that oxygen mask but I know that it is her time to go home but she went out in glory are you getting this it is important for us to understand but if I did not walk my faith about my healing and my deliverance in my salvation and said I will not have any authority or my faith will not be forceful enough to transform other lives and of course I got my house it’s from the Holy Spirit Mike and I have the house in hell Otis it’s by the spirit the second house that we bought together the first one that was also a prophetic thing because I said that one of these days I’m going to buy that house I like it because in the corner lot it’s a townhouse and soon enough it became our third townhouse until we moved to hell Otis but those are prophecies that I did not let go are you getting this but it is something that you have to be adamant your faith has to be a force that oh no this has gone way too long and I am going to resolve this now in the name of the Lord and you do it in the name of the Lord it’s the same thing with our countries same thing with your personal prophecies those are things that you cannot discern them you cannot analyze them in your own mind you have been wrong before with your mind but with your spirit if you’re going to look back any faith that came out from your belly from your spirit that you know when you know and you stood your ground you got it so do you remind yourself about that and then you remind God on how you believed him in those instances and then that you’re going to promise him or tell him that you trust him and that you’re going to believe him in this part so don’t give in to discouragement just like the Lord will not allow me to okay you have 30 seconds how can you remain the stress or discouraged if you have to talk fast to him Oh 30 seconds is up one time I said no I want to have a pity party and not 30 seconds on the earth 30 seconds in heaven then I have a few years I have a few weeks and a few days and sudden 30 seconds I said your time is up are you getting this so let us look at a challenge that this is the crown that we’re going to collect we’re going to believe God if it’s impossible I said oh I finally got one everything else are possible if this is impossible I finally get the one that I can earn a crown that I can light down at Jesus feet I believe in spite of everything else because I look up and I believe your word so let’s get busy with making declarations with reminding God and reminding ourselves of what belongs to us what the Word of God says and then you tell the Satan you work for me so get get out of here don’t give him any importance all his power was stripped the only power that he has is the one that you gave him so take those back are you getting this so what do we expect from United States of America political revival I don’t know about that then don’t know anything also about the transfer of wealth because it’s not gonna happen to you but I don’t care if you all are going to operate in unbelief I already rest my case this country is going to turn around period towards righteousness and God gets the glory not the world are you getting this so what are the things that God has been telling you your faith in our Lord Jesus Christ is the force that can make things happen that’s the only thing if you try to do it on your own it’ll take too long you win some you lose some it costs too much it’s too hard and it open for compromise let us take a stand that no more compromises no more doubted unbelief and this country is going to turn around as our lives are transformed amen so the transformation of this nation of the United States of America is on the way because the Lord God spoke it so we just need to remember to cling to the words of the Lord to cling to the things that God has said over our lives over this nation over the church and cling to them not to let them go the important thing that we need to remember is to as pastor Chris said not to shrink back see the Israelites as she talked about God told them that he was giving them the promised land right he led them out of Israel they saw many signs and wonders but what happened as soon as they sent spies into the Promised Land and they saw the Giants that were inhabiting the land they became afraid they began to doubt this first obstacle that they experienced this first sign of opposition they shrunk back and became afraid completely forgetting that God had already told them that he was delivering that land into their hands so we need to remember that despite any opposition despite any situation that we should not shrink back but instead cling to the words but the Lord has spoken over us Hebrews 11:6 says and without faith it is impossible to please God because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek Him see the Bible says it’s impossible to please God unless we have the faith to believe in him unless we have the faith to obey what God is telling us and to do them because faith without action is also dead that’s what it says in James because our faith is reflected by our actions so we cannot shrink back we cannot become doubtful we cannot become afraid we just need to press on to what the Lord is saying so if he says there’s going to be political revival then we need to hold on to those words and not back down if he says we are going to be part of the transfer of wealth then we need to hold on to those words if he says that you are he then you need to hold on to those words and not back down and that’s what it means when Pastor Chris says that our faith needs to be a force because our face should be so strong though it is moving the mountains that is moving away the principalities because it is forceful a forceful presence in the spiritual realm so let us take those things to heart amen well we’re about out of time for today before we go I just want to remind you to visit our website that’s wws OG MI org also we are still in that 50-day period leading up to the day of Pentecost so let’s hold fast to the words that the Lord has spoken let’s be obedient let’s be productive and let’s be efficient in the things that the Lord has led us to do amen well thank you so much for tuning in until next time god bless you

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Episode 227: Faith is a Force

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