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Episode 228: Be a Student of the Holy Spirit

We often hear, “You have to be a student of the Bible”, but have we missed the mark? Let’s go to the Author and ask. Be a student of the Holy Spirit.

Published: May 21, 2016

Originally Aired: May 21, 2016

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




god bless you for tuning in hello this is Christina Sosso of Freedom Fellowship Church and sons of God International and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time I am back first of all I would like to take this opportunity to thank Joshua my eldest son for giving me this much-needed break from this broadcast I took time to pray and listen and to rest I wanted to ask God and I wanted to see if he wants me to continue this radio broadcast we’ve been on the air for almost four years now it will be four years in September I wanted to make sure that I am making a difference that the purpose why we have this radio broadcast is a being fulfilled and I wanted to see harvest you see we have outreaches and I go on a mission to other countries and I can see firsthand the harvest and the effect and the transformation of people’s lives but the radio ministry is different I don’t get a lot of feedback from many listeners sometimes we get phone calls they wanted to talk about their past in which I refuse to do I’m only interested in your present in the future because I can do nothing about your past and sometimes people will treat this radio broadcast as if they want me to read their future it’s like a horoscope and I refuse to do that because the testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ is the very essence of prophecy it is not like the rest of the world this is about eternal life and I am Not sure I don’t know if I’m really making the difference this is an investment of time an effort and lots of prayer on my part and Joshua’s part and also a big financial investment by this ministry and I want to make sure that this program is having an impact and not just being on the radio for the sake of being in the radio I have been listening and praying and I still have not gotten a really clear direction from the Lord but to tell you the truth my flesh does not want to come back my flesh doesn’t want the hard work and the prayer that comes with this program because we just don’t want to air any preaching or teaching sometimes Joshua and I have already recorded the message edited it and then we hear from the Holy Spirit and then we change it so that the message will go forth in it’s perfect time and that’s what we want so it really takes a lot of effort but if that’s where God wants us to be then I would submit to that but it will be better for us to invest more in the mission field on other nations then that’s what we’re going to do but like I said I have not heard a clear indication from the Lord and we still have a few months to renew or not to renew our contract so glory to God you know also I wanted to congratulate my daughter Erica she graduated last Friday high school you made mama proud sweetheart Erica graduated salutatorian she was also given a Presidential Award she received a word from her peers at the athletics department and she received award in art she will be attending Trinity University here in San Antonio Texas why am i sharing this with you our listeners because in the summer of 2012 me and Mike were in Vancouver Mike got us this nice hotel overlooking the water and one night the Lord woke me up can’t sleep so I went to the living room and what’s the sunrise to come in the whales when they jump off the water that is a awesome sight to see the Lord gave me visions and he promised me this that as soon as Erica graduates from high school God will open opportunities in North America for me to start teaching prophetic schools and business schools and disciple his people as well as abroad this is important because when the children were small and Mike and I started ministering and I started getting invitation to minister at women’s conferences I asked God if he will postpone my going overseas until my children are grown my reason is I don’t want my children to rebel and resent us because we obeyed and served God I want them to be blessed and to be grateful that Mike and I obeyed the Holy Spirit and serve God because they are tremendously blessed in the process so every time when they’re growing up every time we have a conference somewhere or a healing crusade in Texas we always make arrangement for them to come and enjoy the amenities in a hotel we have their babysitter with them and they participated in all of our Crusades growing up but at the same time it was really difficult to travel overseas with young children so now that erica has grown and has graduated from high school the Lord is reminding me that he fulfilled his promise to me and he answered my prayer as far as that is concerned and now he’s going to begin to send me all over to really minister so that’s why it is important for this time and the Lord gave me he promised me some things personal things that are a blessing and major changes in my life I did not let go of these prophecies and visions I remind God and I remind myself about them that was 2012 that future is in the now and the present and I’m excited about things to come all good I’m sharing this with you because 2016 is a great year it is a super manifestation of God’s promises but you have to trust God you have to engage and be led by the Holy Spirit to do this our religiosity and our rules and regulations will not come it comes with relationship with a really personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ I always remind the congregation especially the core team and our partners about their prophecies I prayed for them I always pray for them and I always call those prophecies their prophecies to manifest oftentimes they’ll get phone call for me a text message or email reminding them of their instruction that they don’t need to waver and reassure them that I’m standing with them I always remind them don’t give up and if you don’t give up I will not give up on what God has for you and I’ll continue to pray and prophesy for those blessings to manifest in your life and a lot of times God allows me to see in the Spritle realm so I can pinpoint what to pray for them or what to remind them to focus on it is my job those who want to be discipled I am all for that you see my dear brothers and sisters our Lord Jesus Christ expects us to do greater things than he did because he is seated at the right hand of God the Father interceding on our behalf and they send the Holy Spirit to teach us to empower us and to guide us into all truth if you are so anointed and have the gift of healing and many people get healed in your services or Crusades Jesus did those too so that’s not what he meant by greater work did you raise the dead Jesus did that too did he preach yes he did that too he walked on water he multiplied loaves and fishes he thought his disciples about the kingdom of God because he is led by the Holy Spirit he can hear and know what’s in people’s hearts what they’re thinking what they’re saying behind his back so what is a greater work all these years I’ve been meditating on this a lot of people are giving me explanation oh it’s a salvation message and said no no no no no though I had been searching and meditating about this greater work and one day I had this aha aha moment the come to Jesus moment historical accounts show that Jesus had more than 500 disciples out of those 500 Plus disciples only a hundred twenty bait him and believed him and stayed in Jerusalem and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit these hundred twenty men and women disciples led by John and Peter and the other 10 disciples turned the whole world upside down and they started preaching about the kingdom of God signs and wonders followed them and no one can kill them fear that no one can kill them until it’s their time remember Apostle Paul I’m kind of thinking I cannot decide this is my own translation I can’t decide whether to live or to die to die is to be with Jesus but to live is to continue disciple in people well I decided that I’m going to live that is awesome and that is you if you believe no one can kill you okay no one can kill you Satan cannot kill you Satan cannot touch you use your authority so if I’ll be able to disciple a minimum of a hundred twenty-one leaders who will all move in the power of God and who will love God who will focus on Jesus and serve him only then I am one disciple greater than Jesus that’s the greater work for me I’m not talking about just training and disciple in pastors if that were the case I’m already in thousands because I have discipled trained thousands of pastors and business leaders I am talking about each disciple will move in power will do greater work who will love God more than anyone and anything on the face of the earth when I accomplish this I can truly say that I receive a crown for a greater work that I did on the earth that I can and will lay at the feet of Jesus my Lord under 21 you see I’m not looking for members I want the disciple people that are hungry for the things of God who want to know a loving God like I do I want a fellowship with these people who are like me who love God and would love and want the will of God manifested and his ways of doing things implemented on this earth don’t tell me that it cannot be done you see I take Jesus seriously when he says that you can do greater things that I did because I am sending the Holy Spirit I believe him at his word and at the same time I have witnessed countless miracles and I was used by God in miracles so I know that whomsoever is hungry for the things of God they shall be filled and that is the truth God qualifies those that he called he never calls the qualified in their own eyes there is one thing I learned about our loving God our Abba Father this will change your life this will change the course of your life just listen to me as long as your heart is right even though you make mistakes as long as you believe and as long as you stand true to your faith even those many things that you missed in the past that cost you heartaches trouble or cost pain to others and you lost ground no matter how big or important those things are even the relationship God ordained relationship that went wrong leave those things in the past don’t look back talk to the father thank him for your second chance and opportunities and your restoration and healing but let those things go let those people go they belong to your past and if you let them go God the Father will make sure that he will give you a double portion of blessings trust him continue to move forward let them go your future is a lot brighter is a lot grander happier and more fulfilling even in those relationships that hurt that you missed or who have left those that have left and those are things that you missed no matter how good they are God will give you a better one if you’ve been through a divorce or temporary separation it doesn’t matter whose fault is it when God restored that relationship or that marriage you will have a better loving merciful spouse and if that is not the case God will give you much much better one heaven on earth for you that was his plan let things go and trust God he is more than able to do this and if you cannot bring yourself to forgive yourself to forgive others or to let go of this just be reminded about one thing and this is the truth don’t look at the facts this is the truth God the Father loves you as much as he loves his only begotten son do you think he is excited to see you crying do you think that he is excited for you living under poverty or under what he died for what he paid for at the cross do you think he’s excited about that do you think that he is so malicious and grumpy like some of us do you think that he will decide one day to hurt you no there is one thing that I can tell you the challenges that you’re facing right now you trust God and you believe God and you take your stand you command Satan to stop and cease and desist from his operation in you you know what you have authority and power over him if you’ll do this the manifestations that will happen immediately so fast will be so much greater that you will live heaven on earth so no matter what pain and challenges and the dilemma that you’re in whether it’s your fault whether it’s caused by others go before the Father who loves you as much as he loves his only begotten Son and the Holy Spirit will open the door for you to get out from those dilemma and the situation I guarantee you you trust Jesus your life will be a lot better and grander and more fulfilling than it was yesterday this is who he was he erased our past he forgave our sins forgotten all about them and then he made us this promise nothing that you can do or say to separate you from me that’s unconditional love and that’s how much Jesus loves you and I you ask the Holy Spirit about the prophecies the personal prophecies and the promises in your hearts desire that did not manifest trust him the future is greater in John chapter 14 verse 26 it says but the counselor the Holy Spirit whom the father will send in my name will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you John 16:13 but when he the spirit of truth comes he will guide you into all the truth he will not speak on his own he will speak only what he hears and he will tell you what is yet to come so jesus said that the Holy Spirit will remind us of what Jesus told us and it will tell us of things to come the Holy Spirit was always in unity with God the Father and God the Son and he will teach us he will remind us he will convict us and he will inspire us and he will reveal Jesus to us and by doing so who we are in Christ Jesus will be revealed also so since I’ve been out for a long time and has that step on your toes or have not skinned you alive so I cannot help myself I have to do it okay stop saying or bragging that you have always been a student of the Bible there is no such thing in the Bible that were supposed to be a student of the Bible what it says is we’re supposed to be a student of the Holy Spirit if you’re student of the Bible without you being led by the Holy Spirit or without the revelation and empowerment of the Holy Spirit you may know the Bible you may quote the Scriptures left and right but without you may have knowledge about God but those are just mere knowledge taught by men you can have your curriculum and you will miss it big time this is a bragging rights at a lot of people even anointed ministers is that oh I’m always been a student of the Bible I’m always been a student of prophecy without the Holy Spirit you will not understand a thing that’s why there is no power in the charts this is our problem many of us call themselves students of the Bible have their own interpretation of the Bible and the church is in a big mess we place a lot of rules and regulations we are watching others on who cross the line we are promoting that we should be accountable to everyone to each and every one I said I have to be accountable to you and you have to be accountable to me and many more limitations imposed by men and we pushed the Holy Spirit out of it are we not supposed to be accountable to God it sounds so spiritual probably when you’re saying is that when you’re applying it when you’re implementing it in the churches you might have goosebumps but that’s all it did is for you to have ghost bumps there is no power have you raised the dead have you healed the sick have you prophesied and it came to pass no but no you have to be accountable to one another no be accountable to God because at the Judgment Day you will give account to him and that is scriptural you don’t have to be a student of the Bible to understand that but when you become that and you push the Holy Spirit you will have a lot of intellectual understanding of God it’s not coming from your spirit man or from your heart so don’t harden your heart and don’t email me or send me ugly letters or call me because I offended you if I offended you good I hope that you will be thinking about me and my voice and what I said for the entire day and for the entire week until you come about and I hope you tattletale on me and tell Jesus how offensive my words are regarding you being a student of the Bible instead of student of the Holy Spirit and let’s see what the Holy Spirit will say about that okay so I’m a count of to him I’m not accountable to you so and this is the radio program I’m the one who’s on the microphone so yeah I’ll just cause trouble I’ll steer the water because if there is no power in the church it is our responsibility as leaders to pray and ask the Holy Spirit why and then we have to make the adjustments with our theology with our sets of rules with our doctrines our doctrines has to be Jesus Jesus is love and God is all-knowing and all-powerful and he is faithful that shall be our doctrine so you’re supposed to be a disciple or you’re supposed to disciple others so you need to register before it’s too late to be a student of the Holy Spirit in accordance to John chapter 16 verse 13 and in John chapter 14 verse 26 it says that the Holy Spirit will not speak on his own but only what he sees and hears in heaven that must be good enough for us so I already got into trouble to a lot of you but believe me when I say that my motivation is to provoke you and to move forward in the things of God and your blessings will manifest and everybody would know that you have been with Jesus and that is the price and the lifestyle of being a Christian of serving God is to live heaven on earth and it’s about time that we confront these issues of our times where is the power in the church God is always faithful even there are times that we have not been faithful to him so it is not his problem the problem is in us and we need to discover it because you know what when it comes to heaven some of you get offended you will thank me you will thank me and sit like I now know what you meant but it’s fine I’m still going to pray for you I’m going to continue to share what God is saying to the church in these last days but let go of the past no matter how great it is and forgive even forgive yourself and thank God for the second opportunity that is in this season this is a season of a great blessing and manifestation of God’s supernatural power amongst the believers and I’m running out of time until next time I pray that you receive this with an open heart and an open mind and that you’ll start calling on the name of Jesus again amen

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Episode 228: Be a Student of the Holy Spirit

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