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Episode 229: Make Your Obedience Complete

God wants to bless us, and He is more than willing and able to do so above and beyond what we could think or ask. His perfect will manifests in our lives if we will make our obedience to Him complete.

Published: May 28, 2016

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




hello thank you for tuning in this is Joshua Sosso and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time god bless you guys for tuning in we are still only a couple weeks away from the feast of harvest which is the day of Pentecost so we’re still in that 50-day period we’ve been talking about it for the past couple of weeks the 50-day period between the Passover celebration and the day of Pentecost which is when God poured out his Holy Spirit during the feast of harvest so the feast of harvest is just around the corner so any seeds that you have in the ground we want to make sure that our obedience and our faith is in check so that when the feast of harvest comes we can reap the seeds that we have sown and we want to make sure that the seeds that we have sown that they are good seeds you know seeds that further God’s kingdom and give Him glory amen so we’ve been talking a lot about applying the things of God in every areas of her life and that’s something that’s applicable now today more than ever because God wants to manifest political revival God wants to manifest the transfer of wealth God wants to manifest blessings and pour them out over the body of Christ but he’s not gonna do it unless the body of Christ is ready for it and he’s not gonna do it in your life he’s not gonna do it in my life unless we make ourselves ready so that means that we need to examine every area of her life our health our finances our family members our personal relationships and we need to ask God what needs to be done in these areas if we’re struggling financially God what do you need me to do to settle this financial issue we just need to give it to God you know we can’t take our will and we can’t force it upon God well we can’t try to do our own thing and ask God to bless it God’s perfect will and God’s perfect plan will come about through our faith and obedience to him through submitting to him cuz he knows all he loves us as much as he loves his only son so with that in mind we know that if we submit ourselves to him that he will have our best interest and something that Pastor Chris told us the other day is that anything that’s within the plan of God it will do three things it will give glory to God first and foremost it will benefit us and it will benefit others God’s perfect plan for our life we’ll do those three things if it only benefits us and it doesn’t give glory to God it’s not from God if it doesn’t do those three things give glory to God benefit us benefit others then it’s not in God’s perfect will and that’s what we want to bring about in this earth so that we can transform the nations amen so we’re going to share with you a message from Pastor Chris that she shared with us a couple weeks ago and it’s about this thing that we’re talking about about submitting every area of our life to God and so without further ado let’s listen in to Pastor Chris if you and I believe that God is God then we must believe him you must serve him right that he is a powerful and a loving God and if we believe in God the Father we must worship and believe in the son right and if we believe the son and the father we must listen be taught and be led by the Holy Spirit right okay and then it will be complete it’s going to be Trinity just like us mankind is built also in Trinity our body soul and spirit and for the past few years and for the past few months we are being inspired we’re being encouraged sometimes were being yelled at to take care of our physical body to take care of our soul and to take care of our spiritual part by being matured in the kingdom of God so it is important because of the times that we’re in political revival is taking place we’re going to have a righteous I don’t know who but we’re going to have one and it is the responsibility of the Christians to pray because the effective prayer of the righteous availeth much we dictate the outcome I really believe and I can see it now that one of the things that will be uprooted in our country is political correctness it already started and it’s going to continue and everything else will follow political correctness has a lot of hidden evil agendas and with us we’re supposed to be spiritually correct including our doctrines right so there’s a lot of wonderful things that are happening and things are already in place all we need to do is to get in line with God and everything will follow okay the most important thing is you need to get in line with God you need to cooperate with God and His purpose and apply his ways of doing things because we cannot dictate God the way we want him to move we can expect God to answer our prayer at our convenience we cannot expect to move in power and supernatural but we just limit ourselves with the things that we do understand because we have not understand fully the concepts and the ways of God that’s why we are striving into perfection because the scripture is very clear we know in part we prophesy in part but when we matured whatever we need to know for specific issues in our times we know the scripture said until the perfection comes just like we cannot inflict vengeance to our enemies until our obedience is complete instead of stopping or we cannot inflict obedience it’s just like acknowledging that Satan and his demons are more powerful or as powerful as God no there’s a time there that until our obedience is complete now we can compartmentalize that we can depart to mentalize that like for example your health now it is not perfect but you have challenges with it now you apply God’s ways of doing things and you’ll be led by the Holy Spirit in that particular area in your life your obedience is complete then you’re going to see improvement you’re going to see the manifestations of your wellness same thing with the finance the same thing with the relationship in areas of your life the things that you wanted the most to manifest your obedience has to be complete for that specific time the thing is we’re doing it we’re looking at it and we look at it as a whole we are whole but in that particular is just like you’re bleeding in your forehead and you’re putting a band-aid in your arm right then the band-aid was produced for a specific issue but if you don’t apply it to where it’s supposed to be is that gonna work try to lose weight and your diet is going to be all fats all bacon all chocolate not even dark chocolate chocolate chocolate and purest sugar and see because you are applying a different way in a specific time right do not generalize the things make it personal just like your relationship with our Lord make it personal don’t generalize God he is intimate we are created in His image we are not the general type of people we are so unique hello so on the things that you want the mostest you desire the mostest you apply the principles of the kingdom and I guarantee you your obedience is complete once you follow that instruction it will manifest so we are targeting things this summer and you do not allow any destructions or anything to move you away from God has brought you because then you’re applying band-aids into a different part of the body it’s just like you’re anemic and you’re taking pills blood thinning pills you understand saying you’re going to see your maker tomorrow if you’re going to do that and that’s why we cannot make God a cookie cutter except that he is a loving God and his result is always good all good things comes from him but we cannot apply the same thing in one situation that’s why we need the Holy Spirit one thing that worked for us in the past they’re not gonna work for us now let me prove it to you when I first move into this country I thought that tacos only are produced and prepared by Taco Bell Taco Bell that’s tacos for me I came in here hello I cannot settle for that tacos from Taco Bell not unless I’m in the middle of nowhere and that’s the only food to take it will not work for me same thing with the things that we used to know that’s why we’re having problems oh I’m doing everything that I know how to do that’s your problem you count everything lost for the sake of knowing Christ and the power of his resurrection for that specific issue in your life we are going to be very specific okay it is important if will you generalize things oh I’m believing God I’m believing God you can believe all you want what you believe and where your faith is produce a corresponding action and whatever we speak it will produce some results try to be negative you’re tired all the time try to be negative and then you’re driving on a safe streets of San Antonio Texas and you got stopped by a police it’s going to give you a ticket you already have a bad attitude and then you started making false declaration I’m not speeding yes you are speeding then you argue you may have won the argument but you’re still going to pay the fine right but when you’re positive when you are in the things of God and excited the police will give you a ticket you’re still smiling and Salah nothing can mess up my day today right and then you apologize to the police I’m sorry and said I’m in a hurry I’m sorry sir god bless you I’ll be praying for you nothing can mess your days but we are going to choose every day how are we going to receive that are we going to be negative starting with our own selves or with others or the whole situation or are we going to see through are we going to look at the light and see oh this is so exciting I wonder how God is going to pull this thing off sometimes we look at the condition of our country we think that oh my god said God this is difficult even for God God this is a challenge for you even for you this is a challenge sometimes we say that just like this country is going from bad to worse since it’s like I don’t I’m seeing it in the future and the younger generations on the ones that I looked at are the one that I listen and the one that I fellowship with I see greatness in them and they know more about the things of God and there are lot smarter than we were in those age even though we were fully convinced that we are so smart we know everything when we were teenagers right nobody can convince me otherwise but when you look at them there’s so much possibilities and they make things easier for them instead of us we have to work real hard we toiled for what we got but with them oh they need to do is to believe God I see it from their speeches and I see the harvest that we have sown in their life I was introduced to one of the Bible students the first Bible students in helotes for the children and I always say man this is like all those who’ve gone through those Bible studies an encounter with God they are really very strong in the Lord they glean so much from it even though sometimes you don’t think that by looking at them that they’re not getting it but they’re getting it so I was introduced I met again somebody who is one of the first students Bible study he graduated from college yesterday and he’s getting married in October and he introduced me took his sweetheart and the very first thing that he said that oh you are pastor Chris he’s been telling me all about you and the mission trips and all of these things and that’s what they’re talking about instead of oh man I said that woman but I look at them as like wow this country is going to be a lot better when they are at the helm and we must continue to sow those seeds in their lives don’t worry about it because they’ll figure things out as I tried to buy a new phone and you cannot figure it out give it to one of them within minutes they figure it out and you attended college you attended all this continuing education right and with them because what God said in the last days and we are in the last days knowledge shall increase not only about knowledge about science about life but also knowledge about God and now that we are learning in the past we have to really earn for God to approve of us right you need to be perfect you’re working and working and working at it but you cannot but now we’re learning that God is love and he loves me and you as much as he loves his only begotten Son now this is the revelation of this generation I could just imagine what will be the revelation about God when they’re at the helm right okay so anything that you have to do submit your will to God make your obedience complete in that part or many parts of your life that needs manifestations that needs blessing that meets prosperity okay in Luke chapter 12 let’s go to Luke chapter 12 starting with verse 1 I’m just going to stay in this chapter and we’re going to take this as an instruction or prophetic instruction for this summer okay meanwhile when a crowd of many thousands had gathered so that they were trampling on one another Jesus began to speak first to his disciples he addressed them first he went to the core team hey twelve and said come here first right and told them be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees which is hypocrisy there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed or hidden that will not be made known what you upset in the dark will be heard in the daylight and what you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs I said I tell you my friend do not be afraid of those who kill the body and after that can do no more but I will show you whom you should fear fear Him who after the killing of the body has power to throw you into hell yes I tell you fear him so he prepared when the crowds have gathered he spoke and gave instruction to his disciples first right I not five sparrows sold for two pennies yet not one of them is forgotten by God indeed the very hairs of your head are all numbered don’t be afraid you are worth more than the many sparrows God is watching over the sparrows he said you know what you are more precious much much precious than those sparrows and said if I count the number of your hair if I know he was telling us how powerful and how knowing and perfect he is so we should not tell him what to do we should ask him what we must do right God knows the numbers of your hair why can’t you not pray and believe God I said when you pray you must believe that you have received so that if you have problems with your hair ask God not to give them permission to fall and said if I am more important than sparrows God well and said everything that is important to me they’re important to you to have lots of hair healthy hair is important to me it’s not my priority but it’s important to me tell me what I need to do and then make your obedience complete by following what the Holy Spirit tells you right okay I tell you whoever acknowledges me before men the son of man will also acknowledge him before the angels of God but he would disowns me before men will be disowned before the angels of God and everyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven but anyone who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven when you brought before synagogues rulers and authorities do not worry about how you will defend yourselves or what you will say for the Holy Spirit will teach you at that time what you should say if the Holy Spirit can tell you what you should say the Holy Spirit can tell you what you need to do for a specific area or issues right and then someone in the crowd said to him teacher tell my brother to divide the inheritance with me here is Jesus first he addressed the disciples and said be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees and then he went on preaching he was telling about you are so valuable to God more valuable than the sparrows and so valuable that he knows the number of your hair and then he interrupted Jesus he has his own agenda he was not interested about learning about what Jesus and the revelation about the Holy Spirit the revelation of who God is the revelation of a loving God the revelation of how precious you are but he has one motivation tell my brother to divide the inheritance he changed the whole thing that’s why I get upset when people interrupt the service or some people has their own agenda when they come here are you getting this if your agenda is different it’s just like I will not be pleased because I know God is not gonna be pleased so that we’ll know God we will declare the praises of God and we will going to express how much we love him and that he is our priority in our lives so teacher tell my brother to divide the inheritance with me so he was what telling Jesus what to do just like our prayer Jesus I wanted to sit in the front Jesus I want the parking lot Jesus don’t let anyone take my parking lot my parking space right and jesus replied man who appointed me a judge or an arbiter between you and your brother then he addressed the whole crowd again what’s out be on your guard against all kinds of greed a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possession and he told them this parable the ground of a certain rich man produced a good crop he thought to himself what shall I do I have no place to store my crops just like some of us what am I gonna do and then he said this is what I’ll do hey I have a Doctorate degree I have a master’s degree this is what I’m gonna do and God I expect you to bless it I will turn down my barns and build bigger ones and there I will store all my grain and my goods and I say to myself you have plenty of good things laid up for many years take life easy eat drink and be merry but God said to him you fool this very night your life will be demanded from you then who will get what you are prepared for yourself this is how it will be with anyone who stores up things for himself but don’t forget that it’s not rich toward God God doesn’t care actually he wants us and he expects us to be prosperous but we have to be prosperous in spirit in our relationship with him that’s what he want why is that because when God blesses he adds no sorrow to it if you just do it by yourself and said you are a self-made man or a woman and do it yourself you could never be satisfied if you’re looking for thrills and said oh if I’m going to get that I will be happy when you get there you’re not happy you said like oh there’s so emptiness in me because that emptiness only God and your knowledge about God and who you are in God can fill it are getting this don’t misquote Jesus this is how with anyone who stores up things for himself and then we think that God loves us to be poor he became poor so that we don’t have to he died for our sins and he became sin so that we will not die with our sins and we should not continue to sin so it is important for you to understand that you don’t look at your life and said okay it will be perfect when these things come you need to examine the Trinity in yourself your body your soul and your spirit and then bring them to God and apply God’s ways of doing things in those areas then you will not miss anything amen well I hope you took these words to heart we really need to examine as Pastor Chris said the Trinity within ourselves that our body our spirit and our mind that it’s all in alignment with the perfect will of God because when that happens when we are in complete alignment with God’s will then everything will come together His perfect will will be made manifested in our lives and that’s going to be what brings forth what brings about the transfer of well that’s gonna be what brings about revival in this nation because if all the body of Christ of all of us are in complete unity because we’re all in God’s perfect plan then God will start to work miracles signs and wonders in the body of Christ amen well we’re about out of time for today before we go I just want to remind you again we are in that 50-day period leading up to the feast of harvest so let’s keep that in mind cuz God wants to pour out many blessings and anointing during the feast of harvest and we are just a couple weeks away it’s gonna be in mid-june the 50 days after Passover so let’s keep that in prayer but we’re about out of time but before we go don’t forget to check out our website wws OG MI org again that’s wws OG MI org we have all the previous broadcasts of this radio show on that website so if you want to get caught up if you want to download them to your phone you can listen to them there so be sure to check that out again God is on the move brothers and sisters get excited and let’s get an alignment with God’s perfect will amen

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Episode 229: Make Your Obedience Complete

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