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Episode 230: Greater Works - Part 1

Jesus said in John 14:12, “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”

Published: June 04, 2016

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




god bless you for tuning in hello this is Cristina Sosso of freedom fellowship church and sons of God International and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time I want to greet our listeners overseas in the Middle East and the Bahamas in some parts of Europe god bless you for tuning in and especially I want to greet our listeners in the Philippines hello there kamusta Nam I want to say hello to Richard and grace keep up the good work and I wanted to hear miracles and signs and wonders following you and hello to Bishop Edgar and to pastors Joel and junus who Malin of CCF I in General Santos City god bless all of you please continue to share our message to the bat of Christ in that region share this radio broadcast to them and if your local here in the state of Texas if you miss any of our previous broadcast we are on podcast you can go to our website s OG imide org s OG mi org are you ready for greater works in John chapter 14 verse 12 Jesus says I tell you the truth anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing and he will do even greater work than this because I am going to the Father are you ready for greater words when God took me to the heavens the first time in 1991 he only asked me one question after he assured me after he loved on me and claim me his own he asked this question Cristina are you ready for greater work and you know when God asks you question you have to be honest because there is a greater purpose and the reason why he’s asking you a question and I answered him holy father if you are willing I am ready and then he touched me and gave me instruction that I did not understand but the instruction stayed in my spirit and the Holy Spirit reminds me of them you always tell me Cristina this is the greater work so what is the greater work to preach the gospel in power and the disciple minimum of hundred twenty-one believers will be fearless in the things of God who will not fear man but have reverential fear of God why disciple a minimum of a hundred twenty-one people the reason why because there were a hundred twenty people at the upper room were baptized by the Holy Spirit and move in power and turn the whole world upside down and Jesus says in John chapter fourteen that we will do greater work than he does for me my minimum has to be a hundred twenty-one disciples I consider that as a greater work you need to disciple people who will do greater work who have personal relationship with God and will not compromise that is a greater work so I answer God his question because I know even now he is more than willing I have such an exciting life yes I have many challenges but God sees me through in all things big and small I trust him and I will continue to put him first especially in these last days what about you when God gives you prophecy or when he speaks to you in dreams and visions and you know it is from him or when the Holy Spirit as you read the Bible as you study the Word of God he illuminates and gives you revelation that is for you it is for a greater purpose in your life his ways are perfect and excellent and there is no such thing as a little thing to God so what is the Lord require of you to believe in our Lord Jesus Christ whom he sent to receive him and serve Him and to love him back in 2016 when you believe that you are cold you have to take your post we are in a new season we do not need to pray or ask God to visit our congregation or services he is ever-present but what we need to do is to ask the Holy Spirit to teach us how to engage God in our services in our personal lives by praise and worship and Thanksgiving and to have faith in Him he will continue to abide in us he will continue to lead us continue to teach us in all things many wonderful things are manifesting right now and will continue to manifest in 2016 and beyond this is one of the reasons in John chapter 5 verse 20 it says for the Father loves the Son and shows him all he does yes to your amazement he will show him even greater things than this and we are the body of Christ and God the Father loves you and I as much as he loves His only Son Jesus Christ that is our confidence that is the reason why whatever you’re dealing with right now that is temporary get out of there as fast as you can you don’t need to linger this is a sea for a great move of God and the implementation of God’s ways of doing things this is the beginning of the body of Christ taking over and will rule and reign with Christ in every sector of society its implementation time it is not believing time it is living by faith and in obedience to our God keep in mind prophecies are from above they are heavenlies and I’ll continue to talk about this over and over again for your sake and for the glory of God in efficient step - 1 verse 3 it says praise be to the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ all the blessings that add no sorrow to it are from above they are spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus we need to remain in him keep in mind blessings we received from the Father are in heavenly realms not earthly realms but they will manifest here as an answer here on earth they will be implemented here on earth the purpose of God shall stand whether you believe it or not whether you’re part of it or not because God the Father is answering and will continue to answer the prayer of our Lord Jesus Christ and he taught us this - that his will be done on earth as it is in heaven we cannot be in the earthly realm and expect the heavenly realms to manifest no they have to be the purpose and the will of God the principles of the kingdom of God and we have the Holy Spirit to teach us to guide us and to reveal Jesus to all of us in John chapter 16 verse 13 it says but when he the spirit of truth comes he will guide you into all truth he will not speak on his own he speak only what he hears and he will tell you of what is yet to come prophecies are from God it is good for us to meditate on them to act on them to believe on them we must obey the instruction to the fore we need to be focused we need to be adamant and disciplined to follow through one of the things you must remember about God and his plan for you first of all is eternity the result has to be Trinity okay first of all he wants the glory he will not share his glory he is a jealous and a holy God he will not want to share you with Satan either with the world’s ways of doing things either it will benefit you and it will benefit his people that is the move of God not only it will bless you he will get the glory and it will benefit others if it just benefits you then you have some things to meditate on okay how can it benefit you when here you are you’re suffering from cancer well believe that by the stripes of Jesus you are the healed you continue to walk on your healing and the Holy Spirit will lead you and guide you into all truth and it will give glory to God and now because you have that healing anointing because you walked it then you can lay hands on the sick and the sick will recover and it will increase their faith and will become believers of our Lord Jesus Christ so therefore it benefits them it will benefit you too because you are the healed and then God is going to showcase you to the world so it is important for us to understand that so God gets the glory it will benefit you and it will benefit others Ephesians chapter 3 verse 10 his intent was that now at present his intent was that now through the church the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heaven verse 11 according to his eternal purpose which he accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord Jesus gave all the honor and glory to God he was in complete obedience and submission to God the Father and God the Father gave Jesus the church or the Bride of Christ to rule and reign here on earth in his name benefits of Jesus in turn we love him back we receive Jesus as our Lord in our Savior he has now become the Lord of lords and King of Kings and this is how he will return the cross he sacrifice brought glory to God and it benefited and continues to benefit all mankind whomsoever who believed in him no matter who they are and call upon his name shall be saved so if you have not accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior give me the honor and the privilege to lead you to him he is so awesome and your life will never be the same again call me at two one zero six nine five one six three zero again the number is six nine five one six three zero Jesus also went to hell for us so that we don’t have to we don’t need to and at the same time we don’t need to live hell on earth it has to be heaven on earth living heavenly while we are still here on earth will glorify God he suffered so that we don’t have to he became sin so that we cannot continue on sinning he took our infirmities he became poor so that we don’t have to this is the gospel of good news he brought heaven down greater work is here take your post we must disciple others but before we can disciple others we need to be discipled and taught by the Holy Spirit by the Word of God you think that if are led by the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit will lead you outside of the will of God outside of the Word of God he is a holy and a perfect God and then in turn once we apply that principles and living it then we must teach and disciple others don’t look for members look for disciples and mature the body of Christ so that their inheritance will manifest as much as they can handle as much as they can believe as much as they can take care of and glorify God in accordance to Galatians chapter 4 verse 1 we need to stop operating daycare centers and call them ministries we need to close all of them Jesus did not ask us for members but he commanded us specifically you preach the gospel you evangelize when they get saved you have to disciple them our ministry first and foremost is to love God and to have a personal relationship with God and then to teach others how to love him and we must preach the gospel in power we must continue discipleship God listen to me God is already unleashing and manifesting and about to unleash heavenly provisions no one can take credit from this move you compromise and apply the world’s ways of doing things you will not go far God is going to make sure that so that you will not be destroyed greater work is here we need to understand our times and we need to meditate on the love of God and God is saying to the church right now focus on the goodly things and my provision is on its way example God prepared me for something that I did not really understand but I discipline myself to when God and I know that it is from God I’ll obey step by step I see instruct me so he had me release prophesy in 2016 and I’ve been repeating this over and over again throughout this year and will continue to do so that in 2016 his body Christians will look good will feel good will live good will be good will sound good and do good for God’s glory for your benefit and for the benefit of his people God told me in December I was in the podium preaching and only God can do this he start talking to me well I can hear myself preach he instructed me to set up a wellness program in 2016 I was stunned I almost stopped preaching but I went into prayer and I develop or produce some products and instruction and confirmation from the Holy Spirit and I apply this to myself and to the core team we saw improvement even after a few days no I’m not going to tell you what it is I will not going to give you the formula either you need to stay on your own lane don’t pounce on other people’s blessings or don’t push others from their post there is enough blessings for everybody the earth is the Lord’s and its fullness so do not try to take other people’s blessings you stay in your lane and on the things that you don’t realize that you’re very good at so that God can take the glory from this the Holy Spirit will lead you into something that you’ve never done before but you’re finding out that it has been deposited in your spirit ever since you were young God will fulfill his purpose in your life so with this beauty products everything is natural my two sisters that are in cosmetic and beauty industry they noticed how I looked and they asked me about it and they brought some with them to Arizona because why they saw the result they saw the manifestation whatever the vision or the plan of God that he put in your life I want you to listen to me very carefully do not try to pounce on it don’t try to analyze it don’t try to put your two cents in it and expect God to bless it it is the implementations now for new inventions artistic expressions and many other things in every sector of society but it has to be pure from the Holy Spirit don’t add your worldliness in it don’t add the ways of the world in it stay in your lane why am I saying that in the world if you see track and field or race or something like that the players or the athletes want to block others so that they’ll stay in the front so that they will win the race that’s the world’s way in God’s kingdom there are no competition there are no Envy there are no malice and you don’t have to block or pounds or push others from their lane you stay in your lane your focus and finish your own race and God will get glorified it will benefit you and it will benefit others little did I know that the prophecy of looking good I have to apply it and I am blessed by it I am blessed by the results and how the people that I’m a part of the people’s wellness program especially the core team then I have to feel good I’ve been meditating on the prophecy look good feel good live good be good do good sound good so I started modifying my exercise I start praying in the spirit and then I got the love songs from the 70s and 80s I love I started using them listening to them and started dancing with them I have been doing this for several weeks and I’m about ready to teach them to the group I am also going to schedule a wellness class to be taught by a dietician that is a member of freedom Foster charts so that is a part of looking good and feeling good so that we can do good so that we can live good the people who knew me and the core team people started noticing our faces and I started getting requests from others if they can buy some I still have to pray about that because I have to set up a company with it and I want a wellness program that covers and will affect an improve body soul and spirit the Holy Spirit continues to teach me in giving me concepts I did not plan on it it never entered my mind but I’m always in exercise and about good health and looking good ever since I was young I always wanted to look good and feel good who doesn’t but little did I know that this is the plan of God to bless me and to glorify Him and to benefit others it benefits me too I never liked the body of Christ to be focused and limited as a nonprofit organization the Holy Spirit is moving on Christian companies and organizations those who are willing to unlearn the things that they learn from the world’s way and to learn from the Holy Spirit and provisions are at hand so I’ll continue to focus on this prophecy for the church in 2016 in this summer I’m going to spend some time with the youth and the core team and I will teach them business schools and prophetic schools that will be to live good which is a portion of that prophecy my goal by God’s grace is by the end of the summer we’ll all look good feel good live good and do good and sound good and God gets all the glory why I was so bold and confident because these are not my idea they are from the Holy Spirit they are heavenly rooms and I’m going to run with those visions the second prophecy is for the transfer of wealth influence and affluence for the body of Christ and I am focusing on this also this summer I am going to focus on the transformation of the arts and entertainment and the transfer of wealth the Wellness Program and some other things that I’m working with the youth and hopefully by November and December I’ll be able to take this overseas in some parts of the world and I am getting ready for God to lead me to open North America for me to teach this so I’m believing God that manifestations will continue trust God my dear brothers and sisters yes I had my share of pains and afflictions and challenges but you know what I have a say on how long would those linger I trust God enough that I know that he will always provide a way for me and I will always be restored and I am it’s been such a fulfilling life that when I see God’s move and manifestations of the blessings upon his people it is real heaven on earth for me we have a videotape that was produced by Joshua and the Philippines is about five minutes sometimes I asked him to play it to remind myself when everything gets so busy when there are some conflicts I watched that video and I remind myself that that’s heaven on earth for me and I will not choose any other way other than things of God and I’m running out of time I will continue this in the next broadcast and I’ll continue to give you guys a hard time while I have this voice and while I have this program and I will continue to do so it is for your benefit and it benefits me too because it gives God the Father great joy to hand us or to give us the kingdom until next time god bless you for tuning in

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Episode 230: Greater Works - Part 1

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