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Episode 231: Greater Works - Part 2

Jesus said in John 14:12, “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”

Published: June 11, 2016

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




hello thank you for tuning in this is Joshua Sosso and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time have you been preparing your heart for greater works well that’s what we’re going to be talking about today last week Pastor Chris was talking about the greater work and how Jesus called us to do greater works than him I mean Jesus raised the dead healed the sick discipled many people who went on to change the world but he said that we will do things that are even greater than what he has done because he has to go to the Father so we need to prepare our hearts body of Christ for the greater work so we’re going to listen in to a sermon from Pastor Chris about this very subject where she’s continuing to talk about the greater work that God has called us to do and it’s gonna come about through listening to the Holy Spirit and being sensitive to God’s leading and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us to guide our footsteps so without further ado let’s listen in to Pastor Chris when the Lord took me to the heavens the first time there is only one question that he asked me and I didn’t realize the greater significance of it until I felt led to discuss about greater work last week the very first thing of course he assured me he loved on me he touched me and then he asked me this one question are you ready for greater work this was in 1991 and I didn’t know how to answer it but I said father if you are willing I am ready and God is more than willing as far as a greater work so these are the times that it is called for greater work because of the prophecies that are released and because we have increased in numbers okay in John chapter 14 starting with verse 11 believe me when I say that I am in the father and the father isn’t me or at least believe on the evidence of the miracles themselves we need to believe on what is happening right now okay I tell you the truth anyone was faith in me what says anyone anyone was faith in me will do what I have been doing and we have not walked on water yet we have not multiplied loaves and fishes yet we have not raised the dead yet at least only few of us have done it right and he will do even greater things those are the greater work right he will do even greater things than this because I am going to the Father and I will do whatever you ask in my name so that the son may bring glory to the Father every time we pray God’s perfect will to do greater work it glorifies Jesus so therefore it glorifies God the Father you may ask me for anything in my name and I will do it and he said if you love me you will obey what I command what is the Lord commandment you know Jesus didn’t say okay verse 11 to verse 12 looks like what we’re doing right now he is saying all this so it says believe me believe in me or at least believe in the evidence that is out there that he is the truth right and said if you love me you will obey my command what is his commandment believe in me have faith in me trust me that you will do even greater things that I do and you will you will do what I did right and I will do whatever you ask in my name 13 so that the Sun may bring glory to the father you may ask me for anything in my name and I will do it if you love me you will obey what I command and I will ask the Father and He will give you another counselor to be with you forever and he did that’s why we have the Holy Spirit it was Jesus who asked the Father right and he will give you another counselor to be with you forever the Spirit of Truth the world cannot accept him because it neither sees him nor knows him that is the important thing knows him but you know him for he lives with you and will be in you so it is the greater work that the father have asked for us to do and in John chapter 5 verse 20 it says for the Father loves the Son and shows him all he does yes to your amazement he will show him even greater things than this so if the father loves the son and in John it also says father that they may know that you love them as much as you love me so in other words father God will also show us all the things that he does how to operate in the spirit he will show his many facets he will show his character and he will show his purpose in our life right so what is the Lord requires of you to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ whom he sent and to love him back and we already said that God the Father will not share his glory he allows you to live heaven on earth he will allow you to become like his son to be joint-heirs we already adopted to be joint heirs with Jesus Christ he just wants the glory but it’s not manifesting in our lives because we have forgotten that the things that are from above they’re from heavenly realms and we need to stay we have to be heavenly minded to be earthly good we will never manifest things not unless we will be heavenly minded because thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven anything else that will not give glory to God and will not benefit you and will not benefit others is the world system there is no competition in the body of Christ because of what Jesus did and because of the of God the will of God that is upon our lives it is a greater thing that we must do so you need to prepare yourself for greater work and at the same time you cannot rely on anyone’s anointing on anyone’s knowledge you have to depend and rely on the Holy Spirit confirming the one thing that the five offices responsibility is to mature the bat of Christ is to prepare them for the works of service not to provide daycare services so that nobody will grow up and in the body of Christ we have a lot of people who love so much attention instead of trying to get the attention of God for others it’s still a majority of Christians still they pray and they do whatever they do for God and for the kingdom for their own benefit so that God will answer their prayer is not for others hello it’s not for others because we were conditioned that just come to the church just give your tithes and offering and I’ll pray for every one of you I will prophesy I will tell you what needs to be done and you are allowed to pinpoint I said you can choose and pick so that when you get into trouble you come back to me again we want to feel needed instead of approved and to be a delight in the eyes of God so we need to change the concept and we need to change that mindset just like I kept on telling you I’m not here to get members I want disciples and if I am NOT effective in doing that it would be better for me to do something else hello and at the same time the reason why God sent you here is because you have the same calling as me and probably greater than mine to disciple others in the things of God and that is what the original intent of God of why Jesus came is not for somebody to lord over others and not to rely on somebody else’s anointing we do not pray for the presence of God hello because he lives inside of us and he’s everywhere right so his presence is everywhere but the manifested blessing and anointing is something else it means to say that when we apply God’s ways of doing things he cannot help himself he is going to move and that’s what I’ve been trying to tell the Filipino leaders now after my trip there this year I said hey you can do greater works you don’t wait for me to come for you to have miracle crusade because the Holy Spirit that is in you is not inferior to the Holy Spirit that is in me and said let us not accuse God that he plays favorites and that he is grumpy and cranky and moody like some of us that he’s not gonna move and said by our action and by what is in our heart we are trying to redefine who God is we are creating God after our own image we are created after God’s own image God is not supposed to be like us who were supposed to be like him and I prefer that don’t you okay now just to shock all of you this is the first time that I’m gonna shock on you and I’m going to step on your toes because you are all so delicate but not now every head will be chopped off so that they will allow Jesus to be the head okay so that they will not be thinking of their own selves based on the world but they will be thinking like Jesus you’re all be thinking like Jesus okay and so like how’s that possible and said all things are possible to them that believe in the command that we have to prove to the Lord if you love me you obey my command is this like believe in me and if you can’t believe that you are destined for greatness at least believe in the what evidence that were shown in the four Gospels right and even in our our lives what did you do to get saved was it hard no he did all the work he finished it right and now the Holy Spirit is implementing and teaching us how to implement God’s ways of doing things here on earth you know the story about Elijah and we’re not going to go there because I have a lot of things to cover okay but you look it up Elijah in first Kings he prophesy for drought and the drought and the Lord honor every word that he does and even the stupidity of King Ahab the Lord in his love he didn’t say I’m gonna teach you something boy I’m gonna teach you a lesson no and I’m talking about a hat did a lot of wicked things in that site and he sent the prophet Elijah and Elijah said there won’t be any rain nor do that is important not unless I speak it right not unless I speak it and here is a stupid spirit that came upon a hub and he was trying to kill Elijah well if a hub killed Elijah then there won’t be no rain or Dew forever right that’s why God hid and protected Elijah not for the sake of Elijah but for the sake of the nations of Israel and the wicked king with his equally wicked queen hello so for three years they sent Scouts all over to find Elijah so that he can kill him and God said I’m not going to be moved by your stupidity I’m not going to teach you a lesson and sacrifice the others even though they don’t know anything better or their ass quicker the shoe okay I want you to see I want you to see very clearly the character of our God instead of all God is teaching me a lesson no probably the stupid spirit came upon you hello because it’s not the nature of God so he hid Elijah right for three years he sent Ravens in the cave to bring him meat and he drank from the brook spring water right and then after three years he showed himself up and he addressed the people how long are you going to waver between two opinions if bail is God then serve Him if God is God then serve him in our times the prophetic words will be like this how long are you going to apply and live and apply the principles of the world system if you believe that that thing works go ahead and work and live by its rules but if you believe that my principles in my kingdom is greater then apply them and lift them think about them meditate on them this is the prophecy for our times you cannot waver between two opinions you cannot make it without any sorrow or suffering an affliction if you continue to spiritualize the system of the world competition covetousness jealousy right greed malice all of these things how long and in every prophetic word that God has given you for the transfer of wealth it’s still the same you continue to apply and do what you seem that is right instead of being led by the Holy Spirit in which we are commanded by Jesus to do is to have faith in Him to believe in him and ask anything in the father instead of relying with your own education and training and what you want it’s not gonna happen either ok those spirits are going to be destroyed but whether you’re part of the problem or solution in the kingdom of God whether you are part of the answer because Jesus is the answer then we will know who belongs to the body of Christ always go back to the parable of the ten virgins there all are part of the Bride of Christ but only half of them made it those that are wise virgins okay so it applies to that and also there is an instance and first samuel and this to all of us as part of the nature of God in the plan of God for your life saw was just looking for donkeys that belonged to his father he’s not thinking about anything right but God ordained that encounter that forever changed his life they cannot find the donkeys until the servant said that why don’t we go see the seer in the meantime God already told Samuel that the appointed king the one that I have chosen right is looking for dunking and you’re going to invite him for dinner look at that the prophets and will did not assume anything the prophet Samuel did not know until God told him how he wants things done I want you to listen to me because the Holy Spirit is here now he’s not this is my idea Holy Spirit come on follow me follow my lead it’s not gonna happen okay and became king I saw he was just looking for the donkey’s and at the same time Sam was responsibility is to anoint so right is to pray for him and it is soul’s responsibility to follow and obey God to the letter so that his kingdom will be established forever see we always say that the calling of God is without repentance am I correct that he’s not gonna change his mind so he picked Sol Sol became king so that is without repentance but it is up to soul to continue to obey and follow the ways of God so that his kingdom will be established forever same thing with us your calling is without repentance it’s gonna happen but it’s up to you whether it brings glory to God or it will not whether it will last whether when we face him it will pass through the refining fire so it is important for us to understand that so there is an instance in which God have in store so through salmon to kill a gag my correct and the Amalekites and do not bring any animals do not take any plunder it’s as easy as that and they attack the Amalekites my correct but common sense took over not faith not obedience common sense why don’t we spare the best animals so that we can offer them as a sacrifice for God it makes financial sense it makes economic sense it’s practical its frugality okay so a common sense took over so he kept the animals and he was so proud and he decided to have a peer group to be accepted he spared a gag and he killed everybody else but not a god he did not obey the instructions of the Lord because they did not make sense to him they are not economically feasible for the kingdom it’s a good management it’s a good stewardship and Samwell was very angry with him because he said God was talking to me the whole night and he said I lost some sleep because of you and this is one thing that God wants to bring it home this morning Sam will finish the work that was given to Saul and he killed a god now this transfer of wealth influence influence were given and was released in each and every one of our lives repeatedly over and over again am I correct and it’s been over the course of years it hit me this morning on my way here on the significance of this and it’s happening now see when I was driving here the Lord told me do you know that I did what I did in the times of my instruction to Seoul about killing a guard and said you’re doing the same assembled you know why this new products new invention has been given to some of you they don’t do anything about it so God said now it is yours for the transfer of wealth the things that I release that I know that there from God and I’ve been praying for all of you if you don’t take them they’ll be given to somebody else those that have five no it will be doubled enter your Lord’s glory according to the parable of the talents and for that one who hid that talent and said that will be taken away and it will be given to somebody who was five isn’t that what the Lord says the Lord doesn’t speak in shadows that we don’t understand he didn’t speak in riddles we have the holy spirit to reveal those things and I said like you know what Cristina and said that prophetic word that blessing that you release upon that person who did not believe it but you did now it’s in your hands are you getting this but if Christ but it was given to somebody else and I’ve been delivering prophecies and releasing prophecies to you all over and over and over again with the same blessings take heart in 2016 if you don’t move and follow God’s instruction it will be given to somebody else Wow so what is it that God has given you what are the instructions that God has given you what are the things that God has promised you that he spoken over your life Body of Christ now is the time to take those things and to put them into action in the parable of talents there were three servants one who was given five talents one who was given ten talents and one who was given one talent the ones who were given ten talents and five talents they took those things that their master gave them and they increased them they invested them in the brought back a return for their master but the one servant who was given one talent did not do that he sat on it didn’t utilize it and had nothing to give back to his master and so what happened the master took the talent away from that servant and gave it to another so if we don’t take the things that God has given us and start to implement them it will be given to another who will be faithful and who will put it into action so it’s time we need to examine our hearts and we need to implement the things that God has given to us and we need to start now brothers and sisters so let us be zealous for the call that God has placed on our lives amen before we go since we’re running out of time I want to bring to your attention into this announcement that this week this week is the beginning of the feast of harvest which is the day of Pentecost and so that 50-day period brothers and sisters is coming to an end so God wants to bring about manifestations bountiful harvest for the body of Christ I encourage you brothers and sisters let’s examine our hearts let’s set everything straight that needs to be set straight every crooked path every issue let’s address them so that when this day comes God can begin to pour out the blessings over us just like he poured out his Holy Spirit over the disciples during this same festival so this week we have freedom fellowship we are going to be celebrating the feast of harvest and the day of Pentecost during our Sunday service so many people are going to be bringing offerings to God are gonna be bringing firstfruits of their harvest and offering it before the Lord so I want to bring this to your attention we are at the end of that 50-day period so let’s get everything in order let’s get our houses in order as we prepare to celebrate the feast of harvest well thank you so much for tuning in don’t forget to check out our website WWE and that’s wws o GMA org you can listen to previous broadcasts of this program we update it every Monday evening so be sure to check it out this Monday and you’ll be able to download the broadcast you can put them on your phone put them on your computer listen to them on the go so check that out and if you were touched by this message feel free to give us a call give us a call at two one zero six nine five one six three zero it’s always encouraging to know whether or not this broadcast is having an impact if it’s affecting God’s people if it’s making a change in your hearts
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Episode 231: Greater Works - Part 2

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