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Episode 232: Greater Works - Part 3

Jesus said in John 14:12, “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”

Published: June 18, 2016

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




in John chapter 14 verse 12 says I tell you the truth anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing he will do even greater things than these because I am going to the Father god bless you for tuning in this is Cristina Sosso of freedom fellowship charts and sons of God International and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time are you ready for greater work if you missed our previous broadcasts we are on podcast you can go to our website s OGM again it is s OG mi dot org lots of things are happening that if Christ I just received a testimony from the Philippines from hope of Life Church under the leadership of Bishop Edgar from Richard and grace that the fire of revival let the Iloilo City which is a city in the Middle Island the region of the Visayas and God is moving mightily CCF I is being used by God under the leadership of pastors Joel and junus whom alone and their anointed leaders in firing and continued the fire of revival in the Mindanao region and here in San Antonio I have been joyfully busy in placing the core team in their post in the kingdom of God concerning the transfer of wealth influence and affluence and we are working and doing our part in the fulfillment of the prophesy to the church for 2016 that we will look good feel good live good sound good be good and do good all for God’s glory for your benefit and for the benefit of God’s people whomsoever who believe will have a part you need to jump in make the necessary correction in life and engage the holy spirit he is more than willing to teach you so how do you do that how can God restore you as if you never turned your back on him as if you never rebelled because he loves you he loves you while you were sinners and you do not need to earn that love he already loves you okay first and foremost you need to do is to repent take responsibility don’t blame anyone don’t make excuses that you don’t know and let go of the past those are some of the prophetic instructions for 2016 in Genesis chapter 3 verse 12 Adam blamed God and Eve he did not take responsibility Eve took responsibility and she admitted that she was deceived by Satan and si ate the forbidden fruit if we continue to justify our disobedience our unbelief or continue to blame somebody else there is no room for restoration and repentance in our hearts so we should not justify our actions by blaming others you cannot be restored that way besides we are commanded by the Lord to forgive and to forget about the past and release and forgive people from offenses committed against you determine in your hearts that you will not enable them to sin against you again and against God I have been sharing with you that some of the people’s blessings the personal prophecies that were released in our business schools and even in our Sunday and Wednesday services about the role or the part of some members of the church in their part in the transfer of wealth some let go of them and they continue to do what they have been doing and they did not allow the Holy Spirit to really lead them and those blessings were given to somebody else they were given to the people that are productive and are producing godly fruits some of these blessings were given to me this lines up with the parable of the talents it is now happening to the church we need to be productive by the Christ I have been working with some apostles and prophets in the sports arena and they are in a position right now to take over that industry I am very excited for them and God is excited for them and God continues to call out godly people even those that are already retired in the sports industry for this transfer of influence and affluence in that arena we continue to cover them with prayer and after their busy season I’m planning on meeting with some of them hopefully here in San Antonio and we will all hear from God together I’ve been telling them sometimes I’m in the meddling business I wanted to share in their joy and then once they hear and obey God they can go on their way building the body of Christ building the church in that arena this is what is all about we are not in competition but the apostles and prophets will continue to work hand-in-hand together in building the church in accordance to efficience chapter 2 verse 20 in the Sports Arena summer is their busiest time of the year but after the draft they will have plenty of time to focus and hearing from God what is the next step to take glory to God they never been this way before and they need the Holy Spirit leading because God is expanding their sphere of influence some of the prophecies are released in other parts of the world like in the Philippines in the political arena have already come to pass glory to God prophecies for United States of America as well as the state of Texas will continue to manifest political revival is here whether you believe it or not I do so it is going to manifest many many great things are happening by their brothers and sisters you need to take your post it’s not too late we are getting ready to do greater work in the kingdom of God covering every sector of our society this is what the gospel is all about we are being sent forth to the world this time in this season to make disciples yes to preach the gospel in power yes to build a church yes but because we are living the book of Revelation we are being sent forth to the world to rule and reign with Christ here on earth keep that in mind and I have scripture for you in Revelation chapter 1 verse 6 it says I’m reading from King James Version and hath made us kings and priests unto God and his father to him be glory and Dominion for ever and ever amen this is a one thing that we need to be very very mindful of it is the purpose of God that in these last days we will be kings and priests as soon as we’re born again as soon as we are baptized by the Holy Spirit we became priests forever to the order of Melchizedek like our head our Lord Jesus Christ and so we became priests but to be Kings you have to be prepared and you need to be taught by the Holy Spirit it’s also in Revelation chapter 5 verse 10 and has made us unto our God kings and priests and we shall reign on the earth we cannot add or take away from the book of Revelation for you for us born-again Christians we need to focus on the prophecy to the church and prophecy to God’s people and ignore Armageddon we have a job to do don’t focus on the doom and gloom that is not for you my dear brothers and sisters our destiny in the book of Revelation is we will defeat Satan by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony and the kingdom of the world will become the kingdom of our Lord and of Christ Christ means anointed so focus also on revelation 22:17 if you don’t believe me it says the spirit meaning the holy spirit and the bride say come and let him who hears say come whoever is thirsty let him come and whoever wishes let him take the free gift of the water of life we must be led by the Holy Spirit when we evangelize things that worked for you and I for many many years even though they’re good they’re not going to work now they were in the past the focus of evangelization in this time is about the love of God and not judgment we are not going to be sin conscious any longer but we are going to be loved conscious or God conscious we should not continue to preach to God’s people from the tree of knowledge of good and evil but we should and we must preach the gospel from the tree of life who is Jesus Christ our Lord so it is important for you to take your posts in the kingdom of God you are already a priest but only few of us are really Kings Kings have kingdoms okay they rule and reign they are in dominion over a specific sector of society whether it’s in financial whether it’s in a specific industry sports arena political science and technology art and entertainment those are different sectors of society that are also Nations ok nations are not necessarily countries but countries are all nations and we must take Dominion this is what the transfer of wealth influence influence God is talking about you know this summer God finally released me actually he inspired me and he instructed me to take part in the transfer of wealth in the corporate arena and I’ve been doing that for probably several weeks and I asked God about it because I have been very busy with the ministry by itself but I asked God and he told me because it is time now to prepare me to be king to take Dominion in other sectors of society and I’ve been asking him to do that a long long time ago even before freedom Fawcett charts but he finally gave me the release and now I’m working with my children working with my husband in some other areas and with a core team and we are really enjoying every moment of it because we know that we are in the perfect will of God and now we can finance the gospel we don’t have to wait for the money to come in as soon as the money comes in then we can obey God and almost instantly if he wants us to go somewhere and then we have the Word of God we have the anointing we have the revelation and we have the resources I like it that way I almost wanted to put a sign in the front of the facility a sign that says this is not a begging ministry beggars are not allowed but anyway they don’t last long anyway as far as those that have a begging ministry they will not last very long with me I am nice I am a nice person but I’m also blunt and for me if I continue to enable those people I am sharing part in their ignorance or in their sin and I don’t want to do that I wanted to keep my hands clean so we need to focus on the book of revelation 22:17 when it comes to ministry we need to engage the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit needs to lead so concerning our loved ones what you’re going to do is you must make a declaration in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ that you are not going to lose a single member of your family to Satan and then focus on the task ahead and continue to move forward don’t enable them don’t finance their rebellion obey God and God keep this in mind God loves them more than you love them and you love them a lot don’t believe in people even Christians and sometimes ministers that your family comes first then you are in total disobedience to the greatest commandment of all in Matthew 22:37 that we are commanded to love the Lord our God with all our heart with all our mind with all our soul because when we do that when we trust God with our loved ones with our resources with our own lives we are telling God that we know who you are you are a God who does not show fabrics who is merciful who is Almighty but when we get in the middle of the dealings of our family by our action we are actually telling God I don’t trust you I don’t want you to do this I want to do it on my own and that’s when we prolong situation that’s when we postpone the inevitable that is going to come and it is to the detriment of our loved ones so focus on God and trust him and he will show great and mighty works okay you know we have I don’t think that there would mind me saying this probably a few weeks ago she found out that her brother is in the hospital in serious condition she felt led to go and minister to him and Nancy went with her so they ministered to him and they led him to Christ and he got saved well he passed on he went home to be with the Lord a few weeks ago see God knows the perfect timing you must trust him so that you don’t need to be concerned about your loved ones okay and at the same time for the others for the wicked we must pray that God the Father through Holy Spirit will convict them of their sins and lead them to Jesus Christ for them to get saved and let us pray that God will continue to frustrate their evil plots and their evil ways why because Jesus says that no one come to him not unless his father sends them we need to pray that the father will send them if we are not led by the Holy Spirit in your sharing the gospel to others you will not be effective why do I say that because we are living in the book of Revelation and we are commanded by our Lord Jesus Christ in Revelation chapter 22 verse 11 this instruction or this command the Lord Jesus gave us this command keep that in mind revelation 22 11 and we cannot add or take away from this book it says let him who does wrong continue to do wrong let him who is vile continue to be vile and let him who does right continue to do right and let him who is holy continue to be holy we must obey that command you suffer the setbacks repent and then turn around and advance and move forward and this is also the main reason why we should claim our loved ones for Christ and stop financing their sins justifying them or enabling them to continue in their rebellion against God ok so focus on our Lord Jesus Christ instead God will honor that request because it is his will that all men shall be saved so much more for your loved ones these are exciting times last week we started on something concerning the transfer of wealth influence and affluence we are being led by the Holy Spirit it is so exciting we do not need to fear I don’t know where God will lead us from here what sector of society will going to influence or take over or what kind of business all we know is it’s going to be good because all good things come from God so we are living in the book of Revelation but you must live what was prophesied to the church it has been a great plan of our Lord God that will be kings and priests here on earth and this must be fulfilled before the Lord Jesus comes back to claim his bride and he is coming back as king of kings and Lord of lords we must be at the helm need to get out from the four walls of the church buildings and names and preaching the same old same own is not going to work we must close or stop financing ministries that are actually daycare centers ministries must establish discipleship training program to mature God’s people this is the Lord’s intent this is God’s ways of doing things this is purpose and his plan for example and a lot of people said no I wanted to be on full-time ministry what do you mean by that what do you mean by being full-time ministry you must obey God you must take your post where God sends you if you are still in the corporate world it means to say if you believe that the Word of God is true that the steps of the righteous are ordained by the Lord then the Lord wants to give you something wants to show you something and wants to prepare you for something greater than where you at right now and if you are comfortable in your position of authority right now then if God is moving you trust him trust him that he will finish what he has started in your life and even in your career focused on ruling and learning how to rule the world okay this is the Lord’s intent sample david was a prophet first before he was anointed as king over israel when he was anointed as king over israel he focused on ruling God’s people Daniel was a prophet first before he became governor of Babylon it was his prophetic calling and his heart his pure heart that promoted him to become governor of Babylon but he didn’t stop ministering before the Lord Nehemiah was a king’s cup bearer and then he became the governor of Israel or Jerusalem after he built the walls of Jerusalem all this great men focused on God they did every assigned task with excellency that is why they were promoted Deborah was a housewife but she was promoted to be judged over the nation of Israel she did not stop being a wife of life at all because this is who we are you cannot separate one thing and said you will become whole if this is who you are any assigned task that is given to us we must do it with excellency and we must trust that trust God with your relationship to trust God with your loved ones trust God with your resources this is the one thing you must do I don’t care if your job is cleaning commodes right now do an excellent job while praising and praying to God and you will be promoted in no time put God first you are a believer and follower and most of all you are a child of the Most High God you have been born again you are a priest to the order of Melchizedek like Jesus now it is time for you to be discipled or trained to be king even though you are already leader even though you manage people right now if you are not applying God’s ways of doing things then you will be missing a lot you’re still not taking your post we need to manage we need to govern we need to rule in accordance to the principles of the kingdom of God and I’m running out of time again god bless you for tuning in call me at 2 1 zero six nine five one six three zero or you can email me at sons of God at SAT ex that are are calm I really wanted to encourage you get in line with what the Lord is doing here even in our nation right now ask the Holy Spirit to teach you and guide you into all truth trust him it’s such an exciting life to be living and applying the principles of the kingdom of God in these last days it’s not too late for you make the necessary correction okay so I would like to invite you if you’re led by the Holy Spirit to join us in our Sunday services you are more than welcome we are located at 80 419 Callahan Road of I ate in the morning service starts at 10:30 and the evening service at 7:00 we also hold services on Wednesday nights at 7 o’clock it is a challenge for me to try to share with you everything that we’ve been receiving from the Lord over 30 minutes here on the radio broadcast I’m playing catch up with you and every week every week we’ve been getting instruction confirmation and revelation from a loving God and we are transitioning now from the oldest Amos a more thing to applying and implementing those ways of doing things it’s very very exciting

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Episode 232: Greater Works - Part 3

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