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Episode 235: The Heart of a Warrior

It’s as simple as believing God. The heart of a warrior uses prophecy as a weapon to forcefully advance the kingdom of God.

Published: July 09, 2016

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




hello thank you for tuning in this is Joshua Sosso and you were listening to the prophetic voice of our time god bless you all for tuning in this week we’re just gonna jump right into it so this week we’re gonna be sharing a message from Pastor Chris where she’s talking about how we need to focus on what God is telling us now focus on ourselves now focus on her situation but if we focus on the promise of God and on what God has told us he wants to manifest in our lives we focus on that and we use that offensively if we use that as a weapon then God will begin to move to bring forth those manifestations so without further ado let’s listen in to Pastor Chris if you remember try to remember when things started working in your favor and it changed your life because God move every day God is looking for opportunity for the Holy Spirit to guide us so that he can get glory in every areas of our life God is looking for opportunities and he’s looking for a willing vessel to do that and one thing that you need to teach is your lifestyle that is as proven in your life not on the life of others but it has to be in your life okay the warrior of God they don’t think from their mind they don’t follow their instinct their thinking and they always talk themselves into something and the issues is coming from the heart okay so the heart and the mind of a warrior is like that of our Lord Jesus Christ we believe and we follow because you cannot pay enough for you to be in the front row seat right in the smacking center of God’s move you cannot plan it enough you cannot put yourself in that position or you need to do is to be in the state of being that every time whatever you do you have to follow the instructions to the letter so when the instruction for them to go to the promised land was not followed don’t sin against God by moaning and complaining well they moan and complain loudest they use the gold and silver that God have given them from the Egyptians they use it to make other gods which is now happening even in the body of Christ the resources and the wealth that God is giving us we use it to create another God and usefully it’s loved ones or us or a business or a company and then we poured our resources there el but we put a cross we put some scriptures over there this is not enough this transfer up wealth influence that affluence has to be followed actively you have to do everything that you have but you are not going to add or take away from the instruction so every time the people the nation of Israel followed the instruction other than instructions coming from Moses they got into deep trouble see the issue with the transfer of wealth is you own it because we marry methods but the main focus is what we think is good for us and we’re trying to lead the Holy Spirit instead of the other way around so we are in a great spiritual warfare in our own lives in our own hearts in our own minds the battle is in the mind and it’s about self don’t give Satan too much credit this is your own doing and it’s not marvelous yet are you getting this we need to know who we are in Christ Jesus once we entered into a deep relationship with Jesus you will know Jesus and then you will know the Father because that’s what Jesus said if you know me you know the father and then he prophesied to his disciples from now on you know the father and then here comes the Holy Spirit he revealed that empowered them and said oh this is that Peter is now saying this is that this is what the Prophet Joel prophesied in the last days I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh before and said like no fill it said that okay if you know me here is Jesus if you know me you know the father and then Philip after that I said oh okay Jesus show us the father and that will be enough for us jesus said I have been with you for a long time don’t you know me at least believe in the miracles themselves that what I’m saying is true so when God tells you that this is what’s going to happen you’re part of the transfer of wealth and everything else you got distracted you’ve got things that you think are important that you need to turn around and it’s just like wait a minute things happen when I follow God when I focus on God and God always see to it that everything that I need even the things that I did not know that I need or wanted God brings them to always go back to that because remember your prophecy the prophecy to the church and your personal prophecy you’re not supposed to defend them you’re supposed to use them as a weapon like King David used in 1st Samuel 17 when he faced Goliath see when he faced Goliath Samuel already anointed him as king to replace all so he was meditating on that and he didn’t care he didn’t care to go back and forth in tending the Sheep he didn’t care about serving soul because he knew it’s going to happen in spite of his situation in spite of the challenges that lies ahead are you getting this so whatever happened and said when a prophecy was released to you and it’s a prophecy of blessings a prophecy of encouragement you hold on to that in spite of the impossibilities of your situation because that is your weapon and I could just imagine David I can relate to him probably when he was tending the Sheep and said Lord Who am I I am the least or I am the youngest among my brothers Who am I that you have chosen me and anointed me as king and he believed that because Samuel is known as a prophet in those times so you know the evidence and the fruits on who prophesied to you you know they track records you know how God moved them in as long as you have that you always hold on to that promise you hold on because that is your weapon so when Goliath said that ah he hated David when he looked at him he’s just a boy they were saying he was between 15 to 16 years old in those times and he is so handsome and he hated him and he said am i a dog he who felt so insulted am i a dog that you came to me with a stick see our situations but of Christ seemed to be intimidating right because that’s what Satan does see Satan cannot do us any harm we read that in the book of Job he had to ask permission from God just like the hair on our head they cannot for without asking permission from God can we fall uh-uh-uh-uh-uh not today that’s how powerful and detailed and perfect God is so we need to focus on him so when you have a prophecy like David David is not just prophecy he was now anointed well you are all anointed because of Jesus we are under the new covenant because we belong to Christ if anyone is in Christ meaning the Anointed One in his anointing so we can truly say the Spirit of the Lord has anointed me because we are part of the body of Christ though as for anointing hello you are already anointed but it just need to manifest by following God’s ways of doing things and being led by the Holy Spirit and don’t ever ask God for a new anointing what happened to your anointing it expired it got stale it was full of maggots now if Jesus did not ask the Father about give me another anointing then don’t do it because anything outside of the revelation and understanding from the Holy Spirit it will produce religiosity man-made doctrines and doctrines of men it’s just rules and regulations and nothing else it will become cliquish it become elitist it become proud it become it becomes very limiting the only person who can limit you is you the only person who can disqualify you issue so don’t bring in your stinking attitude and your stinking ways of doing things and you married methods after methods from others who didn’t have any relationship with God are you getting this so when King David was tending the Sheep according to his brothers few sheep not many few right and when he was ministering to soul he was focusing on the faithfulness of God it is like anointing me as king hidden from me he didn’t ever enter my mind I didn’t even conceive it I didn’t even imagine it but here God Almighty send the prophet and anointed me as king over Israel why would I turn it down same thing with you why would you turn it down why would you turn goodness the our reality and the will of God is we’re not going to lose a single member of our family to Satan then it behooves us not to finance or enable or justify their rebellion against God because it’s just a matter of time just like King David this is just a matter of time I’m not afraid of a 9-footer because God is faithful I will be king but in the meantime let me do the exploits so that when I get all these experiences all these manifestations of blessings when I get to be a king it will benefit God’s people it will benefit me and it brings glory to God so every challenge that you and I have today there is nothing you thank God for them lord I thank you that I am a student of the Holy Spirit that I am teachable and Holy Spirit you abide with me forever you will never be impatient with me because I know that there’s never been a time in my life in my walk with God that when I make a mistake when I grieved him I go to him and apologize there’s never been a time or even a minute that he’ll tell me that you’ve been bad you’ve been bad no he always remind me of remember when you do this remember when you minister to this person and how this person’s life got transformed I want you to continue doing that Cristina I said you’re not going to spank me please spank me beat the daylights out of me and raise me up again then I feel better because our flesh will convince us in our hearts and some people’s heart that we don’t deserve it how come you don’t deserve it it’s paid for this is one thing that I don’t understand about Christians they want everything free they think that that’s a blessing but what Jesus paid for oh no no no no no I don’t deserve it I don’t deserve it give me a break are you getting this so it is important so when King David faced Goliath David knew who he was more importantly he knew God so he did not mind tending the Sheep after everybody knew including the members of his family did not acknowledge that he will be king because they sent him back to the Sheep including his dad he did not mind serving so he even saved soul and his kingdom from embarrassment by defeating Goliath remember they were cowering in fear so David did not focus on the physical or natural realm he stayed in the spiritual realm he did not see or even focus on the size of Goliath or even his own size he’s not that tall he focus on God’s way as far as David’s heart is concerned Goliath is nothing because why he was not in covenant with God God and Samwell and David share a secret right this is in 1st time of chapter 17 starting with verse 4 a champion named Goliath who was from GAF came out of the Philistine camp he was over nine feet tall he had a bronze helmet on his head and wore a coat of scale armor of bronze weighing five thousand shekels bronze is heavy on his legs he wore bronze Greaves and bronze javelin was slung on his back Goliath stood and shouted to the ranks of Israel why do you come out and line up for battle am I not a Philistine and are you not servants of soul choose a man and have him come down to me down to verse 11 on hearing the Philistines words soul and all the Israelites were dismayed and terrified and down to verse 28 so David came just bringing bread and cheese to his brothers and he was asking around because he cannot understand why are you coloring in fear did you know are you blind they do not see the giant and how strong he was right so down to verse 28 and said when Illya David’s oldest brother heard him speaking with a man he burned with anger at him and asked why have you come down here and with whom did you leave those few sheep in the desert I know how considered you are and how wicked your heart is look at look at the accuser you came down only to watch the battle why because Iliad is supposed to be the firstborn son he’s supposed to be the one that what Samuel anointed right and then here comes Saul the King in verse 32 David said to Saul let no one lose heart on account of this Philistine your servant will go and fight him could you imagine a little kid coming to you don’t worry about anything yeah but Saul was desperate because no one even his general came she said I’ll fight him no they were all terrified and look at Saul Saul replied you are not able to go out against this Philistine and fight him you’re only a boy and he has been fighting men from his youth you don’t have any experience boy but David said to Saul your servant has been keeping his father’s sheep yeah that helped a lot right your servant has been keeping his father sheep when a lion or a bear came and carried off a sheep from the flock I went after it struck it and rescued the sheep from its mouth when it turned on me I seized it by its hair struck it and killed it probably so said yes those are animals the ninth footer plus he has a sword right your servant has killed both the lion and the bear this uncircumcised Philistine will be like one of them because he has defied the armies of the Living God he sounded really arrogant Limpy because he know who he is he was confident not arrogant the Lord who delivered me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine because why David is having this confidence that God has to deliver me because Samuel will tattletale to everybody that God anointed me as king samuel knew and he knew and his family knew so in his mind and said who cares about this challenge what’s behind the promises I’ll be king right I’m invincible because why the manifestation of the prophecy hasn’t been fulfilled if you have one or two some of your thousands prophecies that have been fulfilled you’re not gonna die because they have not been fulfilled are you getting this and then look at the worldly way Saul said to David God and the Lord be with you then so dressed David in his own tunic he put a coat of armor on him and the bronze helmet on he said I said those will help helmet against the helmet of Goliath are you getting this sword of Goliath against a sword David fastened on his sword over the tunic and tried walking around because he was not used to them I cannot go in this he said probably I cannot even walk they’re heavier than me right because I’m not used to them so he took them off then he took his staff in his hand chose five smooth stones from the stream put them in the pouch of his Shepherds bag and with his sling in his hand approached the Philistine so soul wants to transform David to sophistication like the rest of them and sometimes God gives you an idea or a prophecy and you wanted to use the sophistications of the world because now you’re different you have to dress different now hello this is why the problem in the kingdom or the problem in the battle cries or challenges they continue to persist in our lives we need to be who we are in Christ Jesus enemies weapon for is the intimidation physical thing and then the intimidation in verse 42 Goliath he looked down David over and saw that it was only a boy ruddy and handsome and he despised him he said to them - David am i a dog that you come at me with sticks and the Philistine cursed David by his gods come here he said and I’ll give your flesh to the birds of the air and the beasts of the field David answered back this is how we need to face our problems or issues okay 46 David said to the Philistine you come against me with sword and spear and javelin but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty probably he look up and paused and said see God you get the glory for this right the god of the armies of Israel who you have defied this day the Lord will hand you over to me is that I don’t have to do anything and I strike you down and cut off your head and said you’re gonna feed me to the birds of the air and the beasts of the field with you I’m gonna make a lamb chop out of you right today I will give the carcasses of the Philistine army not only Goliath you said you’re gonna feed my flesh to the birds of the air to the beasts of the field with you first I’m gonna cut your head off and then the whole army the Philistines army I’m going to feed them to the birds did you see that whatever troubles you you give back a double portion you push back a double portion of trouble to them put a trouble in your trouble trouble your trouble right you need to intimidate what intimidates you by calling on God you need to pause and God see God you’re going to get the glory from this and said us today I will give the carcasses of the Philistine army to the birds of the air and the beasts of the earth and the whole world will know that there is a God in Israel see that all those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spared the Lord says for the battle is the Lord’s and He will give you all into our hands as the Philistine moved closer to attack him look at this David ran quickly toward the battle line he did not hide as soon as he moved he moved forward faster reaching into his bag and taking out a stone he slung it and struck the Philistine on the forehead the stone sank into his forehead and he fell face down on the ground could you imagine it is not the stone the Holy Spirit rode in that stone and said you’re as good as dead right down to verse 57 I enjoyed this I love this as soon as David returned from killing the Philistine Abner took him because Saul didn’t even know who he was as far as soul is concerned and said okay you wanted to die he didn’t even asked who he was he asked and said who is that Abner could you find out who is right but I like this as soon as David returned from killing the Philistine Abner took him and brought him before soul with David still holding the Philistines head see what God can do I didn’t have any sword I didn’t have any javelin I don’t have any armor I just took one of those things that I put on my back the massage therapist put in my back and God used that one his smooth remember and God used that one instead it up to relax a giant but to kill the Giant and I liked it because why did I say trouble your trouble he took Goliath sword and used that sword to cut Goliath’s head off where’s the intimidation what intimidates you what cost you to get into unbelief you know if you can do it by yourself right now you don’t need any prophecy you don’t need God but God wants to be a part of our everyday life and said no no no I want it to be like more than a 4th of July fireworks display of my glory and David said okay can you use a stone a pebble I said oh yeah I’ll take whatever I can get from you so that I can get glory did you see that God will take anything even nothing out of you as long as you give him opportunity to get glory from your situation that’s how easy it is amen so let’s allow God to move in our lives so that he can get the glory we need to be like David David didn’t look at his situation he didn’t look at the giant that stood before him why because he knew that his God the one who called him was bigger than any obstacle that lay before him so that’s the attitude that we need to have we need to take what God says a face value and know that he will be faithful to manifest it amen well we’re about out of time for today so let’s take a hold of this and let’s act on it let’s listen to the Word of God let’s listen to the promises that God has spoken over us amen well until next time god bless you

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Episode 235: The Heart of a Warrior

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