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Episode 237: Instant In and Out of Season

In this transfer of wealth, we must be instant in season and out of season, abiding in the Tree of Life.

Published: July 30, 2016

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




hello thank you for tuning in this is Joshua Sosso and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time god bless you all so much for tuning in God is really doing so much in these days and so it’s really exciting to see what he has in store for us this week we’re gonna be talking about the importance of being instant in season and out of season which means that as soon as God gives us a directive we need to act quickly and immediately without hesitation because if we can act immediately to the Word of God then he can rely on us to go forth and finish its work and the other thing that we’re going to be talking about today is the fact that we cannot lead god we have to allow God to lead us it’s really easy to get into that habit of doing the thing that we want to do and then asking God to bless it we’ll make the decisions and we’ll pray for God to bless us when in reality sometimes maybe God would lead us on a different path that would have less trouble that would be more smooth that would work out more easily than if we had gone and done our own thing so we’re gonna be sharing a sermon a couple weeks ago from Pastor Chris that she shared with us here at freedom Fellowship Church about this topic and she opened the sermon with a second Timothy 4 starting with verse 1 all the way to verse 2 it says in the presence of God and of Jesus Christ who will judge the living and the dead an in view of his appearing and his kingdom I give you this charge preached the word be prepared in season and out of season correct rebuke and encourage with great patience and careful instruction so again that was second Timothy 4 verses 1 & 2 so now that you’ve heard the scripture with that in mind let’s take Alice to Pastor Chris the season that we’re in right now dislike the fig tree that Jesus was hungry and it’s not the season for figs but he cursed that fig says may you never bear fruit again and Jesus said that look at the parable of the fig tree cuz of what Jesus did on the cross and because we have the Holy Spirit and God is a tree of life the Holy Spirit is a tree of life Jesus is a tree of life that we had to produce the fruits in season and out of season right and those that will do great exploits in these last days they will know the season or the time that we’re in and they will know what to do and this is where freedom Fellowship Church is supposed to be at this time we have to be in season and out of season you know everything that we know forget about them because we need to allow the Lord Jesus Christ to be the Lord in all and of all in every areas of our life especially the things you know what to do are you getting this especially the things that you know what to do you have to be led by the Holy Spirit and don’t look and don’t grab opportunities you’re dissin saying you walk through them and allow God to open them and there is no such thing as small things not in this season and I know I’m something like a broken record but this season is something to behold it’s so exciting so the things that you’re comfortable with don’t be comfortable allowed the Holy Spirit to lead you in that area and besides you’re not supposed to be comfortable if you’re comfortable even when you’re ministering if you’re comfortable you’re going to do the same thing over and over again there is no room for new things that the Holy Spirit is going to produce and at the same time the things that is of God the instruction and the opportunities that were open to you and you don’t even realize that there are opportunities because some then you don’t want to do them sometimes you just don’t have the time right and God knows that that when you don’t have any time for the little things opportunities that were given to you the Lord knows that when the blessings manifests you will not have any time for him okay he knows that no matter how much we deny it if you’re going to look at the times that that you everything is going your way all of a sudden you don’t have any more interest in coming to the service you’re getting late now instead of being early you’re not that hungry anymore and even if you’re here your mind is someplace else the blessings becomes an idol remember we always cannot understand why the nations of Israel after everything that God did to them and said when they plunder the Egyptian because God caused it he planned it all along that the 400 years of slavery they will get repaid they will have restoration it is not a transfer of wealth as far as I’m concerned it is repayment of unpaid wages right it’s reparation but they came with all their gold and silver and the very first thing that they did with the blessings is they made an idol out of it because why Moses was summoned by God to talk to him for them it’s not for Moses sake it is actually for them but as soon as he was out they decided that they were going to make a golden calf their blessings that God has given them they made an idol and we are now going to enter the Promised Land because because of what we are already here we are already here because of the prophecy released last Sunday where are you going to take possession of the promised land that I gave you and how long are you going to waver between two opinions how long are you going to straddle between the Babylonian system God’s ways of doing things God’s system and those are very important because when God posed a question he meant that there is something big in the offing that he doesn’t want us to miss but they come in small opportunities don’t ever get comfortable I don’t think that I ever get comfortable with any of the business school prophetic school or anything I don’t get comfortable because I’d rather that you will not get comfortable so that you will not do anything over and over again that will become a routine in the things of the Spirit it’s always fresh it’s always something new even though you already preach the same Scripture the same story it’s just like it has a different revelation for everybody it affects everybody in a different way and even if you don’t want and it’s like no but this is what I know what to do that’s the problem you need to go to the Holy Spirit and I said I confess and profess I consider that I know nothing so that I will know and will continue to know your power the resurrection power the power of the Cross the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ and the power of the Cross so this is what is going to happen for the transfer of wealth influence and affluence I don’t want anything to be routine you have to walk the talk and you have to walk in a way that you will prepare everything and then if the Holy Spirit wants to change it then we can change it are you getting this but it is important for us to understand that same thing with our prayers when we pray and I said it is not the same routine over and over again as if God has not heard of our prayers even this morning that’s why we have to listen to others prayer and come in agreement with them so that you don’t have to pray the same prayers again and this is a one thing that you do not need to do okay the Holy Spirit is perfect he knows what you need so when somebody pray for you don’t go afterwards and say could you pray for this could you pray for that and so then it is something that you’re leading the Holy Spirit you know what the word of knowledge will come it will just be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and I know it’s uncomfortable but you have to learn how to stop and you have to learn to move in with the Holy Spirit if you’re uncomfortable then just go right with it even though you don’t understand and I guarantee you if you have a question afterwards you’re going to hear an instruction or a confirmation or a word for me or for somebody else are you getting this but this is a decision that each and every one of us has to take that we will count everything all of our knowledge nothing for the sake of knowing Christ and the power of his resurrection and this has to be every day even the mundane things that we used to do if the Holy Spirit will tell you to do something it doesn’t matter go ahead and change things and adjust to it it is a matter of getting used to it but but I guarantee you it is just like the younger generation the children in the Bible study it is like yes we have a schedule we have a routine but the things that the Holy Spirit will give it’s so different it’s so different every time because God doesn’t want us to be routine that’s the world system that’s the Babylonian system it is not the kingdom of God look for example Jesus Jesus his every day everything seems to be so routine and yet it is so profound and that is supposed to be who we are we don’t have to announce you don’t have to shout we don’t have to get any drama but once we’re there and said we make changes whether they know it or not it doesn’t matter and don’t run and try to tell and testify about it in an instant and then things got changed afterwards are you getting this like for example the Lord always leave and he always pray early in the morning or anything but he entrusted he trusted the Holy Spirit to lead him along the way the Holy Spirit gave Jesus as a son of man instructions and revelations and word of knowledge just like when he was swapping with his disciples I guarantee you the Holy Spirit whispered to him and said you know what there is a man named Zacchaeus and said this is the day that he’s going to encounter us Yunus I’m saying so as soon as Zacchaeus come down here and I’m going to eat in your house this achillea said oh my gosh I don’t have nothing in my home don’t you think the Holy Spirit knew that he was rich and he can take care of things so Jesus was instant in season and out of season and because he is so mindful of who he is you don’t need any recognition from anybody because once you are mindful of the Holy Spirit even the demons will recognize you you don’t need any introduction you don’t need to be loudmouth everywhere you go quoting scriptures or praying for people because they will know if I just touch the hem of His garment I shall be made whole how did she know that she heard about Jesus and why she was led by the Holy Spirit because it got Jesus attention I said who touched me I felt the virtue come out of me something drew something from me the anointing who touched me this is something that we need to apply not just in our services but in every areas of our lives we’re going to start right now we’re not going to get into a routine so it is important for us not to get into this routine and it will become a tradition then we are not going to be ready for the Holy Spirit to give us instruction especially if we want this is what I wanted to do and then is that all God wants me to have this because or else is not going to tell me and then the Holy Spirit will withdraw then you’re on your own you are your own Lord are you getting this we need to practice by disciplining ourselves not to do anything without asking him first are you getting this without asking him first this is important and just like a last Sunday I prepared and I prepared and all of a sudden he changed it right here and everybody got blessed but get comfortable in being uncomfortable and then being led by the Holy Spirit its glorious afterwards before you know it the Holy Spirit will make you look so good make you sound so good and make you smart that people think that you are smart this is important for the transfer of wealth is training us to hear and obey without questioning oh is that from the Holy Spirit show me a rainbow Lord or trying to make it that it’s God’s idea wherein you are insisting in your own way if you’ve been doing it in the past don’t tell me that today is different are getting this this is important we have to follow that we discipline ourselves to follow instruction to the letter without assuming anything without presumptuousness on our part because then there will be any room for it and if you stop hearing from the Holy Spirit then you went back to your routine you went back to your old self you went back to the Babylonian system because I guarantee you every day it’s new there is a new revelation about him every day so it is not your destination alone but it is the journey you do not focus on this transfer of wealth you do not focus on the profit or the payoff you focus on the seeds that are being sown every day which is to get there those are the important things because in your destination you know oh you have arrived but in the journey you will never know the things that you’re going to encounter throughout the way some are challenged some are surprises some are gifts and presents but it doesn’t matter you and as I’m saying so a lot of the opportunities that we have is not in the pulpit is not when somebody else is watching us it’s when nobody is looking when I’m in a highway I pray the reckless driver sometimes I pray for the police to get them well they are deadly weapons out there other than binding and loosing this is like I thank you Lord that that fellow there will get on and I’ve seen a lot of results are you getting this so that they will know so that they will be stopped and you know how it is when you got into trouble then somebody would say I wish somebody would have told me then I will not be in the same situation I wish somebody mentored me I was somebody corrected me I wish my parents discipline me I wish I’ve known so a lot of the opportunities that we have it’s when nobody is looking those are the best things that we can do are you getting this bad of Christ because the things that people can see and all these dramatics and performances they’re the Babylonian system but with Jesus Jesus never said that I am the Messiah until later on when he was asked are you the Messiah and he said it’s just like what you said that is when he was already arrested other than that no people drew their own conclusion right the Pharisees and the Sadducees they drew their conclusion they don’t want him because they’re losing control of the people and he’s not picking the place he doesn’t have anything he heals on the Sabbath for crying out loud and how dare him talk to a woman who had five live-in boyfriends and a Samaritan and all of these things and even though they cannot they cannot replicate his miracles they still hated him and they’re plotted to kill him do you know your real enemies no matter what you do who they still hate you don’t try to win them let the Holy Spirit take care of it and the Angels release the Angels don’t try to win them you’re not going to get anybody saved anyway not unless the Holy Father will send them and that unless the Holy Spirit will convict them of their sins they’re not gonna get saved that’s why we have so many in the church that are not really born again hello they’re not convicted of their sins they just don’t want to go to hell hello well jesus said the Holy Spirit will come and he will convict the world of sins and I’d rather believe the truth right and Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life right so when it comes to the transferor poivre influence of the fluence in every areas of our lives I’m focusing on that because this is the one that is going to manifest in a big way in our generation right the scripture said you shall know the truth and the truth can set you free am i correct so you shall know Jesus and Jesus can set you free you shall know God’s ways of doing things or Jesus principles of the kingdom and then you’ll be free from the Babylonian system and that’s where we’re coming from Jesus is the truth and Jesus is the only way to the transferor poivre influence and affluence without any sorrow without any compromise that comes with it am I making a lot of sense okay so we are going back to the spontaneity of things and this requires a lot of discipline in a lot of training on all because it’s time to shake the tree again so that the things that are not from God will fall and the things that are from God will remain this is in Hebrews 12 27 once more the Lord is going to shake heavens and earth and there will be a lot of shaking so that the things of God shall remain so the things of God shall remain with us and everything else we don’t want anyway if it’s from you if it’s from the world if it’s from the enemy we don’t want it we’d rather come clean and be clean right now it depends on us whether we’re ready just get ready okay so we’re going to start the discipline process and if you are summoned the additional instruction for us is first Timothy you’d be instant in season and out of season you need to study yourself approve so you better pray in the Holy Spirit know there’s no more routine in this body we’re going to take and allow the Holy Spirit to take us as far as we can go you heard from the Holy Spirit you obey the Holy Spirit when I experienced the Holy Spirit and experienced the Lord my friends and my family they’re all trying to make me feel guilty we missed you what happened to you because I skip lunch I go to MacArthur Park and I have one hour with Jesus there he’ll put me to sleep and then wake me up it’s time for you to work but while I’m talking and what I’m sleeping all of a sudden the issues and the challenges and the problems especially legal problems that are in my office all of a sudden the Holy Spirit said you look this one here this and this and that and everything is gonna be fine it is so easy that people think that I am so smart and said I remembered everything know the whole experimenter everything not me he will always make you look smart he will always make sure that you are set apart above everyone else he will always bring success and prosperity to you you don’t have to look for it but you have to be willing to say I am willing to change everything I am willing to sacrifice things and I said because I know you love me the only thing that you’re going to tell me know is if it’s not good for me or if it’s not good or harm somebody else other than that we need to trust God and the transfer path influencing affluence he needs our hundred percent trust on him that no matter what in spite of all your smarts in spite of all of what you know in spite of all the facts that are going on you need to believe and hold on to him amen well I think there’s a lot for us to take a heart there something that Pastor Chris always says is that it’s not just in our weakness that God needs to be made strong but it’s also in the things that we’re good at the things that we know a lot about the things that we have knowledge on those are sometimes the hardest things to give to God because we are so sure of what to do the thing is is that if we’re so sure of what to do we close ourselves off from being able to hear from God and so and everything that we do including the things that we are good at the things that we know the things that we’re professionals at we need to surrender that to God and say God this day what are you gonna have me do this situation what do you want me to do and we should do that with every area of our life so we’re entering a season where we’re gonna need to act to bear fruits in season and out of season to be instant to where when God calls us that we will respond quickly and according to the task that he has given us so we’re about out of time but I encourage you all to take those words to heart before we go I want to remind you be sure to visit our website

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Episode 237: Instant In and Out of Season

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