hello this is Christina Sosso of freedom Fellowship Church and sons of God International and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time before I begin let me pray for you this prayer is an efficient chapter 3 verses 14 through 20 again it’s efficience chapter 3 verses 14 to 20 for this reason I kneel before the Father from home his whole family in heaven and on earth derives its name I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his spirit in your inner being so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith and I pray that you being rooted and established in love may have power together with all the saints to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ and to know this love that surpasses knowledge that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine according to his power that is work within us to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations forever and ever amen today we’re going off first of all I wanted to apologize for the audio of last week’s broadcast the message was too long and we tried to condense it in 26 minutes and somewhere along the way something went wrong some of my words were dropped but I hope and pray that at least you got the gist of the message it is important for the body of Christ to be in tune with what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to the church and what he is doing in our mids so a lot of things happening all around us when God had me released the prophecy to the church concerning the transfer of wealth influence and affluence and it started to manifest in 2016 in a big way I am so excited never before in the history of the church that manifestation of transfer of wealth influence and affluence never manifested in this fashion in a big way truly God is making a way in the desert that he is creating new things in his people we have never experienced or seen this kind of season before it is here now if you ask why don’t I see it how come I’m not a part of it what stay tuned we need to allow the Holy Spirit to lead us and the teachers and I say a 42 verse 9 it says see the former things have taken place and new things I declare before they spring into being I announced them to you it is important for the dust saith the Lord to take a center stage in what he is doing in the body of Christ it’s amazing so I wanted to share with you two praise reports I got a phone call from a brother several days ago I prophesied to him several years ago in a time in his life that he was needing he was crying out to hear from God and the Lord sent him to us during one of our prophetic conferences he receive award from God and he never let go of that prophecy all this years well several weeks ago I was praying and I was being quiet and I picked him up in the spirit I discerned that he was fighting discouragement so I start praying for him and then I left him a message to be encouraged and not to let go of the prophecy that God has given him and I heard from him several days ago and things are going well he’s been very busy he’s been very excited he’s holding on to the promises of God in every areas of his life he was fighting discouragement because the Lord opened and have given him a company and opened a lot of opportunities for him it continued to expand new concepts continue to flow in his being but he needed the capitalization so his phone call his last phone call really encouraged me because he told me that he got the capitalization of course he needed a few million right it’s not just a few hundred a few thousands a few millions but what was offered and what was open up for him is four times as much as he was looking for or the things that he needed I was so encouraged and I gave him another instruction sets of instructions and I encouraged him but it made my day because you know why very very seldom that people that I ministered to I prayed with I spend a lot of time praying and interceding for once the good things once their prophecy manifest I never hear from them and a lot of times they will find fault with everything just to give them an excuse to leave which is fine but very very seldom that people that I prophesied on that receive this great report will really come back but then again I was always reminded that it happened to Jesus too so I should not be surprised in Luke chapter 17 starting with verse 12 it says as he was going into a village ten men who had leprosy met him they stood at the distance and called out in a loud voice Jesus master have pity on us when he saw them he said go show yourselves to the priests and the they went they were cleansed they had an incurable disease that in those times it was highly contagious and Jesus gave them such a simple instruction I want you to listen to this concerning your personal prophecy and concerning your instruction from God he just told them go show yourselves to the priests anybody can do that and as they went the scripture says they were cleansed verse 15 one of them when he saw he was healed came back praising God in a loud voice he threw himself at Jesus feet and thanked him and he was a Samaritan Jesus asked we’re not all ten cleansed where are the other nine was no one found to return and give praise to God except this foreigner then he said to him rise and go your faith has made you home there were ten of them all of them were healed but the Samaritan who gave praise to God he was made whole it means to say he received more than healing and this is one thing that we need to consider all the prophecies that were given to you personal prophecies about who you are and what God has planned for your life because he loves you they contain very simple instruction very simple instruction only believe do not fear do not compromise follow the instruction to the letter and those who follow instructions to the letter they receive their manifestation a lot of times we focus on the prophecy of the good things and look forward to the results without really meditating and reminding ourselves that we have to follow those instructions because what you believe always produces corresponding action and if we believe that the prophecy that we received came from God then we have to treat that prophecy as our reality it’s our world it’s our future and it cannot be undone not unless we compromise or we don’t follow the instruction to the letter so I was very encouraged by this brother that he found time just to tell me that everything is going well it really encouraged me a lot and inspired me it keeps me going and I know that God is pleased and it’s amazing on what God is going to do and he will continue to manifest himself to this brother which he will receive two more opportunities that are beyond comprehension within the next several weeks three but of Christ don’t use the gift of prophecy or even the office of a prophet just to hear what you wanted to hear and then forget all about it and then wait for the other prophesy or at the same time don’t just pick and choose with instruction you’re going to follow don’t be suspicious of God don’t be suspicious of God that he will require you something that you cannot do or don’t have anything to obey he knows besides all good things comes from God and the things that is blessing you with he just wanted to be glorified with them and he’ll continue to bless you and at the same time you must understand that when the prophecy is released and you believed it you meditate on it and it will become a reality do not forget that because I kept on telling you especially starting in 2016 you do not have to protect those prophecy you use those prophecy as a weapon as a weapon against the enemy against all opposition’s against all the challenges that you’re encountering because once release his word and you believe in it it cannot be undone Jesus will make sure of that it cannot be undone only you will be able to undo the things that God wanted to bless you with by your unbelief or disobedience but then if you realize it and you repent and an ana and go before the Lord things just got postponed or he will restore you and give you better things this is who he is we need to focus on who God is he is so much in love with you there is nothing that you can do that will separate you from that love and you didn’t choose him either he chose you first and he loved you first even while you were sinners but you meditate on your prophecy it will become your reality and that will strengthen your resolve and will increase your faith because you know what’s going to happen you are not looking at the facts you are believing and looking upon the truth which is Christ Jesus and the facts can change but the truth cannot but the truth can change your facts especially the ones that you don’t want that is happening in your life are you getting this in John chapter 13 verse 3 it says jesus knew that the father had put all things under his power and that he had come from God and was returning to God so he knew he knew that he has all the power and authority he knew what is taking place and that’s the one thing that you had to resolve in your heart you have to know and you know when you know and you know that you heard from God and this is the will of God you don’t have to earn it you didn’t even ask for it in a lot of cases but it was his plan all along for your life and just like this brother he is holding on to what God is telling him and he cannot be shaken he may have lots of challenges but before the end of this summer things is going to be so awesome that he will continue to praise God in a loud voice just like the Samaritan who got healed from leprosy with the other nine so you need to be concerned remember your prophecy and prophecy to the charts are your weapons that you can stand your ground that no matter what is going on around you and said if they’re contrary to what God has told you and has been telling the charts just be still and you will know you will know the deliverance the salvation and the love of our Lord Jesus Christ this is so exciting are you getting this okay so always always include God in your life and your plan another story probably I shared this to you our listeners probably once or twice but you know things are progressing things are manifesting in a wonderful fashion that you cannot really understand we really cannot observe and absorb everything in one time several years ago I was in the Philippines and I release a prophecy to a brother who is an engineer that his projects projects that God is going to give him if he continues to praise him and put him first they will become landmarks that in any given city or town they will be well known and that his business his company will go international well it went international in a period of six months but he’s been looking at this auditorium project it’s in millions and millions and it’s almost impossible but he just can’t let it go because it opened up the opportunity was opened up to him cannot let it go it’s an auditorium for one of the universities in one of the northern provinces in the Philippines and because of the government red tapes and finances or capitalization it’s almost impossible I heard about this and he’ll continue and continue and trying to push things through and make things happened and he was hitting walls after walls blockades left and right so a week before I left of my return to the Philippines I was praying and the Lord woke me up early in the morning and said why don’t you go there and prophesy and speak to that land for that auditorium to come into being and I said like okay so I told Divina who was with me and I called Mike and mama Elena for them to join us so Coby and Mama Elena and James and Mike joined us and I believe Erika also they joined us with Sandy Divina and Nicole and we have to rent a big van like a bus because the drive was 14 and a half hours just one way so we went and we arrived there at nighttime but I said like no I came here the Lord sending me for one purpose so even at night time I asked the driver to take me to that place or the auditorium is supposed to be built and I used the headlights of the van for me to see so while people are waiting for me I just walked out grab that piece of land and pick up some dirt and throw it in the air and I prophesied for that auditorium to come into being and then we left early in the morning to catch our flight to return to San Antonio it was a very wonderful trip but at the same time it is like we were all tired and you know what happened things open up and the phase one of the project has been completed last year and now I think the completion of the full project second phase will be finished by the end of this year so I asked this brother and said if you can talk to them and to the governor I want to hold a miracle Crusader I wanted to hold a pastors conference into that place or hold a Christian concert to give glory to God because the impossibility became the possible and it glorifies him and it blessed this brother and at the same time it inspired many people to believe the impossible and I’m running out of time again so I’m heading towards the Philippines probably last part of November and return here before Christmas so that I can at least rest and prepare for the prophetic gathering of the Saints on December 31st I just wanted to encourage you listeners I have been busy helping set up companies right now with the court group and especially with the youth companies and opportunities have already manifested and I’m having a wonderful time no matter how tired I am it’s been such a wonderful journey because God is really faithful and the one thing that I learned and you must tell yourself and remind yourself all the time these are God’s plan this is in his heart it brings the father God great joy to give us the kingdom and as we apply God’s ways of doing things here on earth things are manifesting left and right I just held a business school or business conference on July 29th and I did not announce it because for those that had not been attending the business schools or the prophetic schools you will have a lot of questions that I really don’t want the people that are ready and had been trained to be slowed down or to postpone the things that they’re suppose to have we have a wonderful time and from the look of their eyes I can see that they are finally getting it that’s the most exciting part they are finally getting it and that’s what they’re talking about and then we started identifying what belongs to the world system or Babylonian system and what belongs to the kingdom of God and me too I am learning so much from it but it is important for us that God has reminded us whatever your knowledge or training or abilities that you got don’t make any plans or don’t jump into conclusion that that’s where God is leading you you need to wait for the Holy Spirit because you and I have never been this way before we need his leaving we need his teaching so that we cannot and we will not contaminate the things of God with the things of the world and that’s how things get postponed and that’s when problems come in and of course we learned it is not that God is going to disqualify you if you made a mistake he looks at your heart and if your heart is right before him he will find a way to restore you and bring you back in so this business school I believe is the best that I’ve given so far and I learned as well as I taught because in this season what we heard we have to apply it we just don’t believe it and believe it you know hundreds of years many Christians believed and they’re standing on the word that the wealth of the wicked is laid out for the just but it has not been manifesting only in a smaller portion but not this year but not next year because of the season that were half remember I read to you I say a 42 nine see the former things have taken place and new things I declare before they spring into being I announced them to you God always tells his church he always informs he always announces what he is planning on doing and the transfer of wealth influence and affluence has been announced and released the body of Christ and also for the year 2016 and said in 2016 the church is talking about you and I you will look good you will live good you will feel good right you will be good and you’re going to do good and some of us you will sound good all for the glory of God and for your benefit and for the benefit of his people so keep that in mind the transfer of wealth influence and affluence is here but it is important for you to understand you cannot just confess it you have to be willing and obedient so that you will eat the fat of the land that is also in the scripture so this is a new things we’ve never been here before and I am excited for the body of Christ for those of you who don’t believe it are not getting it that’s okay you’re going to catch the next train but with us we are already on board and we are leaving the train has left the station so you need to go and jump in and the next one if you are not on board yet god bless you for tuning in until next time
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