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Episode 240: God's Kingdom vs Babylon

In God’s kingdom, we are His righteousness in Christ Jesus. Our world must revolve around Jesus, not the idolatrous Babylonian system.

Published: August 22, 2016

Originally Aired: August 20, 2016

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




god bless you for tuning in hello this is Cristina Sosso of freedom Fellowship Church and sons of God International and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time what a season we have in 2016 and what a summer were having we’re having a wonderful time things change so drastically and for good as we are led by the Holy Spirit as far as a transfer of wealth influence and affluence the young group especially in this ministry are getting it they are busy doing listening and obeying their specific instruction and they are now being established in the kingdom of God their post or their position in the transfer of wealth influence and affluence has been determined it has been guaranteed they’re working hard and harder and so at the core team you know I am very blessed that my parents taught their children us to work and to appreciate working and they instilled in us that the ability to work in life is a blessing from God both my parents are in heaven now but their legacy continues so I’m teaching our young people that it is such a great joy to be able to work to be productive in the kingdom of God not toiling but to be productive and to be efficient and they have been working hard they responded and actually they are very excited that they’re part of this manifestation of the transfer of influence and affluence businesses and companies are being formed and established and I am excited for more doors charities for more manifestations to come I had been working seven days a week for the past several months I am tired but I am enjoying it I don’t mind as long as I know that I am obeying God and then two Sundays ago in our evening service God had me lay hands on everybody and I prophesied to them God piled up more blessings that they cannot contain we are so overwhelmed with the joy of the Lord it is really his joy to give us the kingdom Jesus paid for it at the cross so you know what it’s time for you to be a part of that it’s time for you to believe and to receive it is time for the followers and believers of our Lord Jesus Christ to focus on the positive don’t worry about what is happening all the bad things that are happening all around us there are two systems that are presently operating in the world right now the Babylonian system and God’s system or God’s ways of doing things and they’re exactly the opposite of its other but we need to focus on the prophecy to the charts we need to focus on the positive in Revelation chapter 22 verse 11 says this is a book of Revelation right it is a prophecy it says let him who does wrong continue to do wrong let him who is vile continue to be vile let him who does right continue to do right and let him who is holy continue to be holy the book of Revelation is a prophetic book and revelation 22 11 that I just quoted is a prophetic instruction to God’s people you know I just changed my batteries in our remote for the television and if you notice you know this in order for the battery to produce power battery has to have a negative and positive right if it’s both negative if you place your battery even though they’re new in the room that you place the positive to the negative or the negative to the positive or if they’re both negative of course no batteries are both negative right if there is no negative and positive it is impossible to produce any power so now in our present situation remember we are going to focus on the positive in our Christian life let the negatives in our lives produce positive results there is nothing we can do about them about the past but in our present situation let us focus on the positive and allow the negatives to strengthen our resolve to focus on the things of God wicked people will continue to do wicked things but we must always do the right thing so you make a mistake talk to God about it repent of it and jump on board again and God will look at you and he will not remember those bad things or those mistakes he looks at the heart so remind yourself that there are two systems operating here on earth the Babylonian system or the ways of the world and the principles of the kingdom of God God the Father handed us the kingdom and made us joint heirs with Christ many things that we don’t understand things that are happening all around us and why and we don’t understand it why God allows bad things to happen to good people sometimes we struggle to answer those questions you know what many Christians without knowing it are still operating under the Babylonian system and we tried to fit that Babylonian system in our spiritual lives well it will not work in the kingdom of God because in the kingdom of God it’s exactly the opposite on how the Babylonian system parades it would not work God’s principles are very clear of course we were conditioned ever since we were born to operate under the Babylonian system this is why we need to be born again born of the holy spirit and everything has passed away they had to be cleansed by the blood of Jesus because they’re all in the Babylonian system and all things are made new and now we have the Holy Spirit who birthed us in the kingdom of God and he is the one who’s going to teach us in God’s ways of doing things he is going to lead us to words Jesus and to reveal things the plan of God about our lives that’s why we need to be born again and the instructions that we have from the father they’re different in the Babylonian system we rely on our abilities on our resources we rely on our training we rely on our name and everything else well when we’re born again guess what those would not operate those would not be effective in the kingdom of God in the kingdom of God we rely on the promises of God we rely on the Word of God we rely we believe that we are part of the kingdom of God and that we are a member of our Lord Jesus Christ and now God does not play favorites so it doesn’t matter whether your intellectual or you can’t even read or write we all have the Holy Spirit to teach us in the Babylonian system there are many compromises and it takes too long it’s too hard it’s too costly and sometimes it’s almost impossible to make it you have to have a good name you have to have a good reputation you have to work harder than everybody else that’s the world system and you win some you lose some in the kingdom of God the victory has been assured by our Lord Jesus Christ at the cross and and the Holy Spirit is here to abide with us forever so we’re going to start all over again and the qualification is different because now that just those that are justified by the blood of the lamb we are required to live by faith and here’s another instruction from the Lord in the first John chapter 2 verses 1 through 6 it says my dear children I write this to you so that you will not sin but if anybody does sin we have one who speaks to the father in our defence Jesus Christ the righteous one verse two he is the atoning sacrifice for our sins and not only for us but also for the sins of the whole world stop trying to earn your position in the kingdom of God Jesus already paid for that and we born again believers let us stop being sin conscious people we are made the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus the minute that we are repentant the minute that God sets our heart and our heart is right he will lead us to the path where we’re supposed to be you stopped trying to earn your place in the kingdom all you need to do our currency is our faith and our obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ we have to believe everything that he says okay so don’t try to pay penance for the things of the past if God has forgiven you you forgive others and then stay put obey the Holy Spirit and continue to advance or move forward on the things that you have to pay penance because you’ve been so bad allow the Holy Spirit to correct things by guiding you have to forgive yourself verse 3 for those of you that just tuned in I’m reading first John chapter 2 starting with verse 1 all the way to verse 6 and we’re talking about that we need to focus on the positive ok verse 3 we know that we have come to know him if we obey his commands there it is the man who says I know him but does not do what he commands is a liar and the truth is not in him but if anyone obeys his word God’s love is truly made complete in him this is how we know we are in him whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did how did Jesus walked on the face of the earth he only say and did those things that he heard and saw his father God do we have the holy spirit now so we must walk like Jesus did as Jesus did here on earth by being led by the Holy Spirit we should not lean on our own understanding but in everything in every areas of our life we acknowledge him and he will continue to direct our path many questions ask me on many occasions they want to find out why I got so bold and why I’m so fearless start laughing and I’m glad that they’re asking me if you really want to know ever since I started in the ministry even when Mike and I founded this ministry and now even the core team of Freedom Fellowship Church believe the same way we are all determined to follow God’s ways of doing things and keep this in mind we need to focus our focus is not to grow the church that is God’s job one will water one will plant one or so but God make things grow so it is not my job or your job to grow the church that is God’s job our calling is to mature the church so we are not looking for members or for people to become members of the church or members of freedom Fellowship Church but we are all looking for disciples the first order of business is to teach and make everyone aware whether it’s business school whether it’s prophetic school whether it’s Sunday service whether it’s a leadership training the first order of business is to teach God’s people how to fall in love with Jesus in order to follow and obey the greatest commandment of all that is to love the Lord with all your heart with all your soul with all your mind in Matthew 22:37 that is the greatest commandment and we have to follow so the first order of business is to teach how to fall in love with Jesus and then how to stay in love with Jesus when you get to know him you will know a lot about who you are in Christ Jesus so therefore if you are in love with someone and he tells us if we are in love with God and he tells us to do something we obey that and that is what I just read to you in first John but if anyone obeys his word God’s love is truly made complete in him this is how we know we are in him so we’re not looking to grow the church when somebody is saying that it means to say they want to increase the people or members of the church right that is not our job to grow the church our job is to obey the Great Commission that is to make disciples of all nations and if you want we cannot be effective being a disciple er if we don’t teach them how to fall in love with Jesus or how to love God above all things above anyone else including members of your family I’m going to teach one day on the radio what I taught one Sunday that it opened a lot of doors for us to make necessary adjustment in our lives in our way of thinking see but if Christ our world has to revolve around Jesus because Jesus already gave us the world many Christians they brought with them the Babylonian system even in their own lives without really thinking about it their world revolves around themselves revolves around things or revolves around their loved ones I hear me people even leaders saying that their family comes first then that is a violation of Matthew 22:37 to love the Lord with all your heart with all your soul with all your mind and you know what you and I need to remind ourselves that God loves our loved ones our children our spouses our parents our brothers and sisters more than we love them and every time he thinks about our family members God always think good thoughts about them keep that in mind so we are not looking for members we are looking for disciples once you get there once you get the freedom Fellowship Church what I wanted to really know if you know that God is sending you there you will mature so I really don’t hesitate to speak the truth in love which I have been doing and which I’m about to do to all of you and don’t turn off that radio or your computer because today I will skin you alive you need a new wineskin anyway because the things that are happening right now your old wineskin won’t do I am going to use this program to mature you whether you like it or not so that God can grow the church remember I’m not getting out of our topic today okay I am focused today this is my opportunity to share what God is doing in our midst and I only have this few minutes to share okay so I’m going to skin you alive today but my motivation is for you to be blessed as we are being blessed at freedom faster charts and sons of God international stay focus on the positive use the negatives to establish you in power in the kingdom of God why I say are fifty three verses three through five and all of us probably have memorized this I say a chapter 53 verses three four and five he was despised and rejected by men a man of sorrows and familiar with suffering like one from whom men hid their faces he was despised and we esteemed him not surely he took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows yet we considered him stricken by God smitten by him and afflicted but he was pierced for our transgressions he was crushed for our iniquities the punishment that brought us peace was upon him and by his wounds or by his stripes we are healed let us go back to verse 4 he said surely missus I a hundred percent guarantee he took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows he carried all of our sorrows so why are many Christians still sorrowful in these days God carried that sorrow what business do you have in carrying it again you took it from Jesus he paid for that he paid his life for our sorrows so that we will not be sorrowful so why are you depressed why are you settling for second best he already took all of our infirmities and you know what up to 80% of the expenses are not going to preaching the gospel to all nations and making disciples there being spent in counseling people in caring people in praying for people day in and day out and it’s a cycle that they’ll carry their sorrows you have to encourage them they feel encouraged and some conflict happened on their way from the church service or on their way home or at home and then they go back again and they need more prayers it’s because of the mindset that we have those sorrows those sickness and infirmities they have been trespassing into the house of God the temple of God which is your body he paid for everything he paid for your sins he paid for your mistakes he paid for all your pains he carried them all so that you don’t have to if you are still trying and so like stop praying Lord if it’s your will to heal me the scripture is very clear my plan for you is not to harm you but to bless you to give you hope in a future God is not rehearsing and recording your past mistakes even if they just happen a few minutes ago and you already repented of them he’s not looking at those he is focusing on the positive if you don’t believe me go back and read the book of Job he is not focusing on your mistakes it’s not focusing on your witness because in our witness he is made strong so we don’t have any weakness when we are in Christ Jesus so it is important for us that by the stripes of Jesus we are already healed yes even me I already receive my healing are the symptoms trying to come back are the pains trying to come back yes of course but an SS like in my mind I rehearse it and I voice it out I will talk healed I will speak healed I will dress healed I am NOT going to allow those infirmities that Jesus already took for me I am NOT going to take them I’m not going to carry any sorrows yes I will struggle with some issues with his challenges in my life who doesn’t but let me tell you one thing in spite of all my faults in spite of all the mistakes that I have with all so many things that I don’t know and understand so many things so many challenges in my life when God tells me something or he bless me or he promised me I’ll do the very best that I can if things is still not going to work out I will continue to move forward but my resolve is stronger because I’m focusing on our Lord yes sometimes my lenses my spiritual lenses were out of focus but looked at my heart and as long as you and I communicated with God and we are willing and we are obedient we will continue to eat the fat or the best of the land the one thing that I can share with you is no matter what your challenges always do the right thing always consider others and how things will affect even your loved ones or affect people and do the best that you can and if things will not work out move on because you can tell father and said father god I did everything that I can all the mistakes that I made please reveal them to me I will make correction and thank you for the opportunity to start all over again and God will immediately restore you because every time you make a mistake and some people will say oh you have to pay for this you’re going to lose something or you’re gonna miss opportunities that’s true but God the Father and God the Son will look at its other and Jesus will say I already paid for Cristina’s mistakes and God the Father will agree and then Jesus talked about the Holy Spirit all the time that he will not speak for himself but he will only do and say those things that hears those words between God the Father and God the Son and the Holy Spirit will take over and he will lead you to the path where you’re supposed to be and then you will be restored so if you lost something or if you missed opportunities or if you lost relationship and it’s even you costs all those problems if you already repented move forward move forward always move forward because your present and your future are a lot greater than your past the past you cannot undo those things but God will definitely restore you keep that in mind and I am running out of time again just remember focus on the positive because our hope we are going to live in this perilous times that we have hope in Christ Jesus so even so I would want the Lord Jesus to come back but you and I have work to do because he is coming for a glorious church on influential charts without spots or wrinkles so we still have a lot of self-examination to do but all the negatives set them aside use them use them as a stepping stone always focus on the positive because why Jesus was already in love with you while you were sinners so much more now god bless you for tuning in until next time

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Episode 240: God's Kingdom vs Babylon

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