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Episode 247: The Battle of the Mind

Allow the Holy Spirit to help you experience the goodness of God instead of getting stuck in worldly thought patterns.

Published: October 15, 2016

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




hello thank you for tuning in this is Joshua Sosso and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time well this week we are just going to cut to the chase we have a message for you from Pastor Cris that she shared with us a couple weeks ago about the battle within the mind and the fact that we need to allow God to take us outside of the ways of the world take us outside of our comfort zone of doing things that we’ve always known how to do and if we do that then he will have the freedom to propel us forward so we’re just going to get right into it so without further ado here is Pastor Cris the Spirit of the Lord is asking us tonight do you love me and if you do he’s saying trust me and then he’s asking us again do you love me and if you do obey me the third question is do you love me if you do worship me we are in a season right now that we should not get distracted and how we feel in our situation everything else we entered a new season and if if our resolve is different from a new season that we should be excited about the things that God is doing instead of moaning and groaning about the good times again it’s time for those things that we let them go okay if you brought in into the new season things with the same attitude with the same or same or as far as how you handle things then you are on a wide road it is not on a straight road when you go into your own way you are showing and you are demonstrating that you know where you’re going you know what you’re going to do you have decided the path that you have played for yourself but if we enter a new season really and said we’re gonna change the way we carry ourselves the way we think the way we speak and the way we act it’s going to be different because it’s a new season and we will rely on the Holy Spirit the Lord has been talking to us reminding us for months and months now it’s just like sometimes I sounded like a broken record in times past because when you hear a prophecy repeated over and over again it misses say that the Spirit of the Lord is being adamant that he wanted us to get those message or those instructions or his points across and we need to pay attention now the one thing and I’m going to teach several series about this even before I went to Canada I’ve been getting this and I still hasn’t gotten the full picture of it but in my spirit is just like it it’s going to be for a long long time in teaching this in different segments you see the Lord knows our heart once we’re born again we really wanted to do the right thing we really want to love him but the warfare is in the Battle of the mines there are two things that are going on in our minds that’s why it says the Battle of the mines because there is the flesh nature and there is the mind of Christ that are warring inside of us right it is not in our hearts anymore but it’s in the battle of the minds and it is important for us to allow and to engage the Holy Spirit because this is needed we cannot apply what we have known in the past we cannot apply our own intellect once we get there we are back into the world system and I’ve been watching this and I’ve been observing this and I’ve been talking to God about it for the past for days on how we act as far as a transfer of wealth influence and affluence and adjustment needs to be made especially in your mind you cannot pre plan anything and this is what we’re going to do this is so what needs to be done you can’t because this is a transfer of wealth it never happened before and what you know in the past even if you’re a financial whiz it’s not going to manifest because it’s still in the Babylonian system are you getting this you need to change the way you handle money you need to change the way you think about your expectations your expectations from others your expectations on other things set those aside because what we have right now is really a new season we’ve never been this way before and God is so excited because we have been increasing in numbers I’m hearing praise reports from Vancouver as far as my trip there and it’s creating an impact and it doesn’t matter if nobody knows even if we’re not being recognized what does it matter the main thing is we know and God knows that we are making a difference in it subject of the world we don’t need to advertise we don’t need to elevate ourselves we don’t need to promote ourselves let the Holy Spirit do that but instead let us promote our Lord Jesus Christ through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and then he cannot help himself he’ll drag us into glory whether we like it or not and glory means what the goodness of God is the demonstration and manifestation of the goodness of God and His divine nature so in 1st Corinthians chapter 2 starting with verse 13 so this is what we speak not in words taught us by human wisdom but in words taught by the spirit expressing spiritual truths in spiritual words this is what we need to do but if Christ it is not whether you are a good preacher it is not whether you’re good in teaching this is about empowerment of the Holy Spirit this is about wisdom from above and we need to demonstrate the awesomeness of our God through the wisdom spiritual wisdom that we receive from the Holy Spirit that we need to obey so this is what we speak not in words taught us by human wisdom but in words taught by the spirit expressing spiritual truths in spiritual words the man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God for they are foolishness to him that’s why sometimes Christians are being questioned whether they’re really born again because they’re still putting things in in their own minds because sometimes you hear people and said I’m not sure if it’s really has a born-again experience because why because they cannot see the manifestations of the wisdom from above right okay the man without the spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God for their foolishness to him and he cannot understand them because they are spiritually discerned the Spritle man makes judgment about all things listen to this the spiritual man makes judgment about all things in every areas but he himself is not subject to any man’s judgment we have this supernatural advantage because of our Lord Jesus Christ and said for who has known the mind of the Lord that he may instruct him but we have the mind of Christ okay so there is a battle that is raging us because the battle is in the minds and we need to really really engage the Holy Spirit like never before you cannot pray in tongues sometimes people will just have this stinking attitude and then you hear them praying in the spirit and you know you cannot really discern I don’t want to use the word feel you really discerned that they’re getting somewhere are you getting this because there’s the carnal but if we discern the Holy Spirit if we go deep inside of us and change and and change the attitude in our minds then we will have an impact in everything in all things because we can make spiritual judgment in all things but we are not subject to any man’s judgment you know what that is awesome that is really awesome because we have the mind of Christ in Romans 7:25 the Apostle Paul explained it in a way that we really understand what we need to get engaged to in this new season it says thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord so then I myself in my mind I am a slave to God’s law but in the sinful nature a slave to the law of sin we have the mind of Christ we have the mind of Christ but if we don’t engage Jesus if what we do is what we’ve been doing in the past oh I like that one and then we’ll drag Jesus Jesus I want that one hello and that is nothing is happening but if he said Lord Jesus what is your perfect will on this one what do you want me to do and ask can I have that one you engage him right and you don’t make things happen he will make things happen the Holy Spirit will empower our words and our confession and profession of our faith empower them in the way that it will create much much more advantage to all of us but if we drag the Holy Spirit and we’re trying to tell the Holy Spirit and lead the Holy Spirit you know what it never happened before you try I tried before it never happened it never manifested because we’re supposed to be led by the Holy Spirit so that our spiritual wisdom will come from above not from the sinful nature not from the world’s and in the world is not wisdom its knowledge its intellectual it is based on training it is based on facts it’s not based on the truth so it is important for us to really refined ourselves and really prove to God and to ourselves that were willing to adjust that we’re willing to do whatever it takes and we will not lean on our own understanding but in all our ways we will acknowledge him and he will he shall direct our path so I want you to take because I have so many plans today I said I’m gonna do this I’m gonna check on this I’m going to do that I’m going to come to the office I woke up Lord said that nun you need to rest your physical body you can do those things after you’re rested but then again it’s still difficult and we have to face that and we have to acknowledge it it’s the expectations of man man is still directly and indirectly trying to dictate us even our loved ones on how we’re supposed to act and what we’re supposed to do instead of being led by the Holy Spirit we call it obligation we call it imposed responsibilities are you getting this so as it’s like okay I’m going to do this so no mean so that my mind will not be working a hundred miles an hour Isis like I’ll go before the television and have a program there and within 20 minutes this is like I’m out and that’s what I did because if I’ll be quiet my mind is going to say I have to do this oh that’s right I have to do this and I have to do that and I don’t have any chance and if I’m going to do that I’m not giving the Holy Spirit to leave me I’m being led by myself or I’m being led by others and I’m not going to do that not in the season not in this time not this year are you getting this because there’s a lot of things there’s a lot of preachers out there that you never thought it’s possible but if you continue to filter your own ways of doing things and said you’re not going to get there yes because you are God’s child we are God’s children is still going to provide for us is they’re going to protect us is still going to love us because nothing can separate us from his love he’s still going to provide for us he’s still going to take and restore us but if you want to be a part of this great move of God that’s never been witnessed before in the history of the church you have to change your mindset you should not go and I said no no no no no I’ve been doing that before and said I’m not going to do that again I am NOT going to do this this time are you getting this and now this is like thank God the size of children are grown I really can focus in the things of God I want to impress him so I’m gonna impress you with my faith I’m going to impress you with my willingness to do whatever it takes and you know what I’ve continued to do that I’ll continue to share things with you I’ll continue to share the revelation but I am NOT going to wait for you to get it because I will move forward because you know what if we still are not getting it this time it will take for you to witness somebody else’s glory the glory of God revealed before you get down on your knees and say okay Holy Spirit I am ready to yield to you in every areas of my life and then it will be a shortcut are you getting this so it is imperative don’t you ever ever focus on what you feel physically don’t you ever focus on what is the return financially don’t ever ever do that because you’ve been doing that before because if you’re going to do that you still have the mind of the things in the world you’re not looking at it as a seed of obedience as a seed of praise and worship and to God and don’t you ever do that but it is a proving ground so don’t mumble don’t complain because we’re all are feeling the same are you getting this but at the same time I’m still here standing ministering and doing my responsibilities and duties it means to say I am proving to God that I can handle the ministry in the leadership position I can also handle the transfer of wealth this is about on-the-job training program on-the-job training actual training it is not about your abilities or in abilities is about the issues of the heart and you all know where your hearts were in those times in those days so anything that you miss and it’s at home my Anna said that if I have known just like the spirits if they have known they will not have crucified the Lord of glory see it is the issues of the heart where is your heart are you looking for your bottom line are you looking for this are you looking for that are you wanting to control and to exercise whatever the influence that you have or are you willing to pour out yourself so that you can qualify what Jesus said about the principles of this trance report influence and fluence is Luke chapter 16 verses 10 through 12 because you all know about Matthew 6:33 seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness or his ways of doing things and all of this material things that the world is concerned about what to wear what to eat where to go and so will be added to you as well are you getting this so if you’re given an assignment and it’s a Loyola I’m not sure it says like that will not pay for my bills your bills hasn’t been paid what is the difference huh I’m just trying to pretty little pinpoint the issues of the heart that we need to work on including myself I’m not going to accept myself from all of this because I am there right in the smacking center of everything that is happening so I’m not going to discount or exempt myself that I have made it but you are underneath the no basis if I announce it in here that God is going to give the own companies and own businesses that those that answered all of you was going to swarm that place and trying to prove yourself because why you’re not after him and his ways of doing things you’re after the stuff hello and God knows that so we are on a need-to-know basis only so it is important for God to really prove you whether he is your priority and his ways of doing things is your priority or you’re still trying to get what you can get or get what you want and take it whether he told you or promised you or not that doesn’t make any difference at all because his principles will stand if you cannot handle or if you cannot take care of other people’s property who’s going to take care of your own then it will become a hard issue again it’s not an attitude issue it is not based on the need mr. Hart’s issue is it this interesting it’s so simple it is so simple but if Christ and yet so profound and so important and you know God sees all things he knows all things and and he hears all things so it’s just like we don’t need to justify ourselves towards men we cannot boast we don’t need to boast but we are justified through our Lord Jesus Christ and he is the one that you need to talk about okay when the Holy Spirit gets so excited because we believe because he leads us into all truth in Christ Jesus he cannot help himself he’s going to start piling up ideas on you before you know what is it like no more no more blessings God right well that’s what the meaning of pressed down shaken together and running over that blessing shall overtake you what does it mean by overtake you it misses say you’re running away from it you don’t want it and they are looking for you because why the whole creation groans for the sons of God to be made manifest right and we are the sons of God those that are led by the Spirit they are the sons of God Romans 8:14 that’s why we are under the umbrella of sons of God we are led by the Holy Spirit right so those that are led by the Holy Spirit they are the sons of God and God will pile up on you it’s just like the whole creation groans for the sons of God to be made manifest it means to say they know they know who are the sons of God they groan because they wanted to be subjected under our authority in Christ Jesus they want to be owned by us the harvest and the harvesters are crying out according to the book of James not just the harvesters but the harvest it missus say they’re tangible their properties your your real houses that you didn’t build they’re crying out because they’re being occupied by wicked people right now but we should be led by the Holy Spirit that’s what it says because they are subject to what effect the hers and said in not on their own but for us to practice how to rule and reign with Christ here on earth he made them subject to us that’s why the first commandment is here’s the seed be fruitful multiply and then take dominion over all created things so all this storm all this happening all of these things happening around us and you know from the facts and the truth that were really documented every time that there is a revival in certain place it affects the land 700 club documented what happened in Argentina in one part of Latin American countries and said they have droughts and they were fighting each other and then the Warlock got born again and revival came and before you knew it the carrots are as fat as my arms and the cabbage are just so big and 700 club heard about it they documented it the prisons got emptied it became a Bible study in the prison because why because the sense of God have manifested because the glory of God will come the goodness of God will follow those that are led by the Holy Spirit this is what God is wanting to do in United States of America but the one thing that is thing is yeah we like it yes we believe it yes amen but the battle of the minds remember your flesh and the spirit in you the inner man are always at war you have to be led by the Holy Spirit so that your flesh will finally be fully subjected to the inner man that is in you because the inner man is who you really are in Christ Jesus not your physical not your education not your diploma not your training not your popularity not your looks it’s the inner man that produced the glory of God the goodness of God and it shall overtake you and I guarantee you the Lord Jesus is just so loving remember he’s our first husbandman he’s so loving that when you really pour out your hearts towards him all the details in your life he’ll make sure that they are fulfilled he will make the session for you that you don’t even know that you need he will give you more than enough of what you have all he wanted is to apply his ways of doing things it means to say you include him in every decision in every choices that we make every day well that’s about all the time that we have for today but I encourage you all let’s take those words to heart let’s allow God and let’s include God in every area of our life so that he can really be the Lord of our lives a lot of times it’s really easy to say that Jesus is our Lord and Savior but we treat him like our Savior but how often do we treat him like our Lord that he is lord over every area of our life so I encourage you all let’s take those words to heart and let’s go forth in power and in glory thank you so much for tuning in don’t forget to visit our website

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Episode 247: The Battle of the Mind

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