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Episode 248: We Are Now Occupying (Part 1 of 2)

Our unifying force is Christ Jesus and our language is love. As we follow what God is telling us, we are walking in the Truth above the facts and bringing His kingdom wherever He sends us.

Published: October 22, 2016

Speakers: Joshua Sosso, Cristina Sosso




hello thank you for tuning in this is Joshua Sosso and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time before we start I want to let you all know to prepare for the December 31st prophetic gathering of the Saints we are going to be opening up registration this week so last year’s prophetic gathering was incredible God revealed so much to us so you want to join us it’s going to be at the Hilton Garden Inn December 31st and the evening and God is going to reveal himself and he’s going to reveal prophetic words about the nation of the United States and about the church and about what we need to know moving forward into the next year so it’s definitely something you don’t want to miss and again it’s going to be at the Hilton Garden Inn and seating is limited it’s $60 per person that’ll pay for your ticket and your meal for that evening and so you’re gonna want to go to our website wws ogia my org again that’s W SOG oh my org you will see the banner for the registration of the prophetic gathering of the Saints there on the homepage in addition to that I want to let you know that Pastor Cris is going to be going to the Philippines next month at the end of November November 28th to be exact she’s going to be leaving for the Philippines for several weeks and she’s gonna be holding conferences and General Santos and she’s gonna be holding conferences all across the Philippines business conferences leadership conferences to get the church and the Philippines mobilized to get them trained so that they can go forward in power so if you want to sow a seed to that endeavor to send past across the Philippines you’re more than welcome to do so you just go to our website and hit the donate button on the navigation bar work so this week we’re going to be sharing a message from Pastor Cris and it’s about the fact that we are now occupying because you have to understand that when Jesus came on earth right he broke the power of sin and death and he broke sins stronghold here on the earth and so when he left he left it to us to occupy the earth he gave the authority back to us so that’s what we’re talking about it is likely going to be a two-part message because there’s so much to cover but we’re just going to get into it so without further ado this is Pastor Cris as she talks about us being an occupying force the title of this message today is we are now occupying it’s not just taking over we’re occupying we’re implementing we’re forcing the issues now on who we are that this is God’s earth we are God’s people and we are going to be proven for the world to see and only for his glory we’re not going to take any glory away from him amen that’s why we are nameless faceless people in the face of the earth amazing I’m so excited I almost got ruptured by myself else you all will be left behind at first you will say oh thank God she graduated then the way you’re in trouble and I said I wish she’s still here I need a facelift I need to be skinned alive again okay you know no matter what we’re doing right now it is not based on what we have or don’t have it’s not based on our abilities or in abilities I kept on telling you that for a while now it’s just like I was sounding like a broken record okay but these are the season now that we will be implementing a lot of things on the face of the earth if you don’t want to miss the move of God or if you are nervous it’s like something is about ready to give something is about ready to happen I really don’t want to miss it right and your nervously excited at the same time you keep on saying I don’t want to miss it I don’t want to miss it if you know the move of God if you wanted to know the move of God if you wanted to be a part of it you need to listen to what his prophets are saying in these last days right second you need to see or to look where God is sending them not only what they’re been saying God is sending them to places where they never been before the body of Christ never been before part of the transfer path influence and affluence you see prophets having business or having their own companies you will hear them hearing from God that their ministry and their company is not is is for profit not a nonprofit organization well you know we were taken captive the church has been taken captive because of the stinking free taxes you under some saying we were taken captive into that so they fence us in and said you cannot move because you’re not supposed to make profit we’re in the kingdom of God it’s a Trinity it’s physical soul and spiritual and it says the Word of God and the preaching of the word of God is for the profit of all of all not just sprit well and said how can you be spiritual when you’re angry or when you’re in pain you end up moaning and groaning and complaining instead of being excited for the things of God we need to change our mindset it’s for profit of all mentally physically and spiritually you cannot say that I am so spiritual all I need to do is to fast and pray for the rest of my life I don’t need to eat I don’t need to breathe I wanted to be spiritual let’s see how long will you last if you’re like me when I declare a faster myself all of a sudden I smell food even even the stinking broccoli they look so good when you’re hungry are you getting this you cannot be saying it’s pretty low or what God told me is to pray you have to produce corresponding action don’t use that an excuse well I’m waiting for me to be a full-time ministry huh means to say you’re saying that you don’t have to work you end up begging and you’re too good-looking to be a beggar okay so let’s go on with the occupying force but you need to listen to what the prophets the prophets of God not the false prophets okay the prophets of God to what their have been saying for the past few years and where God is sending them that will be your sign that will be your proof on what is happening all over the world you’re gonna see when the prophetic words have been released that the church is emerging as a glorious and influential Charts it means to say that any man-made doctrines are going out of the door that God will not share his glory under the guise of a popular or big ministries or ministers under the fancy name under the transformations and a lot of you have to create the spiritual atmosphere for God to move well Jesus did not use any of those he’s the one who created the atmosphere he didn’t cause God to move he moved and then the atmosphere changed and get transformed this is a part of the renewing of our mind we have to be determined to transform our mind to become the mind of Christ the mind of Christ is Kingdom minded all the time the mind of Christ is nevertheless is not my will but it is your will that is the proven test for all of us right I don’t know I failed numerous times but God doesn’t remember thank God for that but I remember I missed numerous times but it is not that it is your tenacity it is sure kingdom mind that you will pursue him so there’s a lot of things that are taking place and this ministry is being used by God to place and to position God’s people all over the world and I just got this revelation early this morning and I was like wow but the discomfort that is involved in the ministry is something that I’ve been trying to avoid okay if at all possible I don’t want I just wanted to pursue the things of God just like us we want God to open the doors and the gates of heaven and the windows of heaven everything that God can open to pour out his blessings upon us and all we need to do is to sing hallelujah that’s what we want we don’t want to sweat it out we don’t want to have to live by faith we don’t want to walk by faith we just wanted to glorify God and God opened the doors of heaven if God will ask us for our plan if God say okay what do you think Cristina I will tell God and said make me walk on water on the Pacific Ocean not in the swimming pool so that everybody will know that I’m the noin ‘td of the Most High God I don’t have to work that’s what our flesh wanted that’s what our physical body wanted right okay so things are changing because the spiritual man who we really are inside the inner man is emerging and it’s bringing forth changes even removing or exposing the doctrines of men and the doctrines of demons it’s like reading it’s brittle atmosphere no children are allowed to cry nobody moved close your eyes or else nobody will raise their hands to get saved if you really are convicted by the Holy Spirit if it’s time for you to get saved and say you’re gonna get saved you don’t need a pen no you don’t need a softly you don’t need anybody closing their eyes those are just ceremonies because why we’re supposed to be followers of Jesus Christ and Jesus never said kill everybody close your eyes nobody move and Jesus never took an offering he whose so sparingly will reap its parent no he was just blunt hey Sookie yes prepare lunch I’m gonna have lunch with you and by the way the entire entourage they’re gonna be staying in your house and the keys was a hidden at that time so probably the heathens doesn’t need all those ceremonies during offering time that’s why I got rid of them they’re too boring you already have memorized all those scriptures during the offering are you getting this so all of those ceremonies are gone the business of God and the systems of God is emerging and we’re gonna see it we’re going to be part of it I told you last Wednesday I found out that the pastors conference in the Philippines is in a big city it’s like ooh good you know and then I found out that is in the remote area normals no supermarket it’s a fishing village are you getting this and they have I think a few hotels so I think one or two hotels if you call them a hotel only two rooms are air-conditioned I guarantee you I claim the first one only two rooms have air conditioned and hot and cold water I’ll take the hot are you getting this and I said Lord why Estanza why not the city I said I’m just wondering why this is like I thought God is just one thing just to smile and enjoy me sweating again why and God told me very clearly I will not share my glory nobody can claim that when I’m about ready to do in that region no denomination no methods no system no doctrines actually new doctrines will be created from heaven are you getting this oh okay then let’s go are you getting this he said I will not share my glory any longer same thing with the transfer of wealth influence and affluence here but of Christ stop giving your opinion about this coming election we are going to have political revival this body the body of Christ we’ll hear from the Holy Spirit and we will going to respond accordingly and no one can get the glory from this are you getting this I don’t want you to be engaged in any political discussions it costs the vision even the body of Christ instead let us pray for God’s will to be done because that’s what we wanted that’s what we desire and if you still wanting to give in to your flesh think about this country think about the American people think about the founding fathers who gave up their lives so that we will enjoy this is the longest power the Roman Empire only lasted for a hundred years and then it starts deteriorating that was the intent of Satan because if you look for the past few years the wickedness of this country and that it’s so rampant that we really deserve judgment hello but know God’s plan and purpose for this country is about ready to emerge since about ready to start and it will not be compared we were going to have a government that is righteous because we will going to pray continue to pray and prophesy for God to impose his will upon this country upon this continent and that’s where we need to stand and we’re going to do every effort possible what the holy spirit what is right what is godly for us to do it and you better be registered to vote and you better vote because that is your seat okay okay so we’re going to understand and really witness the manifestations of the spiritual values that they will turn into physical or material things it is not how much you pay for something it’s whether it is God’s inspired or whether where your heart is when you spend that money when you sow that seed when you did what you did when you said what you said when you say those words it is the issue of the heart and those are the valuable things so do not measure anything as far as your success and the seed that you have sown by what you have or about ready to receive in the material things you need to measure yourself on the spiritual things why you did what you did if it’s about the things of God and about implementation of the system or God’s ways of doing things on on earth you are in a perfect position to receive and to be a part of this great move of God we cannot fake this because it will produce results it’s like it’s never been recorded in the church history on what God is about ready to do and the founding fathers the spirit of our founding fathers and those that went on before us in the spiritual realm all over the world they are now looking down upon us and they long to see what we’re seeing in the spiritual realm now and they long to hear what we’re hearing from the Spirit of God these are exciting times it does matter what your situation is if you’re conflicted if you’re if you’re sick if you’re confused if there’s a lot of things in your life welcome this anointing it breaks all the yokes that you have they all get scrambled no time at all are you getting this so you need to believe this we are in exciting times and it’s so amazing I have to share some of the things that are happening in the kingdom or even what happened for the past few years when God started speaking to me about this in 2012 and 2013 started manifesting I didn’t like 75% that was manifesting in my personal life in my own natural understanding I didn’t like it but I have to go through the process like you and I’m to prepare to prepare our hearts to really decide to take on the side of God and we had a lot of discussions I had a lot of discussions with God face to face and the choices and the discussions that I had with God nobody will know you some people think oh I have a clue and said no you don’t have a clue on how how the deliberation took process for me to be a part of this great move of God that I’ll be allowed to move all over the world you do not have any clue remember when I started telling you you do not look at the facts it is happening it would do to you don’t look at the facts don’t think that you have an idea because of the facts and the evidence before you and said no the truth is different the truth can change facts but the facts some of the facts cannot be truth no matter what they cannot be the truth they can be true because they it happened but they cannot be the truth and Jesus hand is always about the truth it’s not about the facts we’re heading towards hell and God said um they belong to me and that is the truth the facts are the facts was you are you you all of us are going to hell we don’t deserve heaven but the truth is oh no they deserve it because I say so because they’re created after my own image I called them by name and I have planned for their life and that is the truth so don’t do not judge anything if it’s not Spirit Holy Spirit breathe don’t look at the facts at this time because you are going to disqualify others or you’re going to disqualify your own self if you’re going to look at the facts right now okay those who have ears to hear let them hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to the church this morning okay so put a greater value on god’s little setups because the ways of the world is how much you put into it how much effort you put into how much time you spent into it and it’s about your personal return this is about the kingdom okay this is about the kingdom so God has sent or has been trying to send his people to places where they never been before but because we cannot conceive it in our own mind and we are looking at the facts we tend to ignore them but today if you hear his voice harden not your hearts because we are heading to the promised land so that’s where we’re gonna have to stop it for today but we need to take those words at heart that if we hear the voice of the Lord we need to obey it because he’s trying to take us as a body he’s trying to take the body of Christ to a new realm that we’ve never been before and it’s not going to make sense according to the ways of the world which is why we need to not try to rationalize it with our mind if God is leading you somewhere that’s uncomfortable for you if God is leading you somewhere that it doesn’t make sense according to your plan let’s surrender let’s surrender to God’s plan so that he can move mightily in our lives and from our lives then he will move mightily throughout the church because we are his body amen and we have to not get caught up in ceremonies not to get caught up in arguments this includes political arguments it includes arguments about doctrine we need to be focused on the things are important what Jesus is our Lord and Savior he died for us on the cross and rose again right let’s allow Jesus Christ to be our uniting factor that our language is love and our currency is faith and obedience to Jesus Christ Jesus is going to be the one that unites us right the godly principles the Word of God that’s what we need to be united by so we cannot allow ourselves to become divided we cannot allow ourselves to get caught up in the ways of the world but we need to focus on what God is doing and what God is leading us to do our currency and the kingdom of God is faith and obedience to Jesus Christ so if God is leading you somewhere that you’re uncomfortable doing if God is leading you somewhere new that you have never been before we should be happy we should be joyful because that means that God is planning on promoting us to newer things amen so that’s about all the time that we have for today next week we’ll be continuing this message about the fact that we are occupying and since we’re occupying we need to obey the Lord and implement his ways of doing things amen so thank you so much for tuning in until next time god bless you

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Episode 248: We Are Now Occupying (Part 1 of 2)

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