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Episode 250: Preparation for the Greater Work

This episode includes election exhortation for the Body of Christ in America, praise reports, and preparation for the greater work.

Published: November 05, 2016

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




god bless you hello this is Cristina Sosso of freedom fellowship church and sons of God International and before I begin with a message today or prophecy for this season I want to call on every born-again believer Christians in the name of Jesus vote this coming presidential election and this is a criteria both candidates they have their platform we know where they both stand but the requirement for us is to vote as Christian first vote as a Christian first it means say the important issues that are important to God then vote for a candidate that will carry those out second vote as an American for the sake of our country look at the candidates and listen to what the prophets are speaking about this election and you need to pay attention to that because many prophets proven prophets of God the United States of America are speaking to God’s people to vote for righteousness in this coming election it is our responsibility as a Christian and the prophecy that was released for 2016 is that if the body of Christ will unite and will vote for righteousness we will experience a political revival that will transform this nation and will transform it will affect the world so I want to encourage your brothers and sisters in Christ don’t vote for personalities and don’t allow political affiliations to own us we belong to Jesus don’t vote for what you’re gonna get either because our God is our source and he is more than generous he will be able to bless this country and heal our land so for the sake of the gospel for the sake of the future of our children for the sake of our beloved country vote in the name of Jesus vote for pro-life candidates especially and vote for a president that will appoint righteous chief justices of the Supreme Court ok I just wanted to let you know just listen to the prophets listen to what they’re saying the future of our country is in our hands if we’ll just unite and also tell your families tell your friends to vote to vote for righteousness use your influence and get the people to vote ok so that we will going to have a political revival in our country we now entered a new season it’s a season of harvest we will harvest things for us for the righteous it will be a good one but the harvest is for good and bad so let us continue to sow good seeds and let us continue to preach the gospel and let’s continue to obey God as you know I mentioned a few weeks ago that I am going to Vancouver I just returned from Vancouver Canada the Lord sent me there to release prophecies concerning the upcoming revival in North America that is United States British Columbia and I met with some leaders there and I shared with them what God is saying to the church in British Columbia we need to pray for Canada my dear brothers and sisters some very few Christians are really crying to the Lord for the awakening of the leaders in the body in Canada we have lots of problems and she’s here nights states of america but it became obvious why god is not judging this country severely i said severely in every major artery or street or highways in this land especially in the state of texas you can find churches of different denominations church buildings or facilities are like convenience stores you’ll find them everywhere but not in canada not in british columbia there are very few and many of the churches there my dear brothers and sisters are not even operating in the gifts of the holy spirit they are not lukewarm they are outright cold and I’m not talking about a temperature they are outright cold but glory to God there are Christians there that have been fasting and praying for God to bring revival in that country a spiritual awakening and God is answering their prayer Franklin Graham will be holding a revival within the next few days and I was sent there with many others I believe to pave the way for him and to join hands with our brothers and sisters there that are praying for a Bible to wake up the body of Christ North America will be saved in Jesus name and it’s going to happen so we now enter a new season and it’s significant for both Christians and Jewish God is going to show himself strong on behalf of his people and the church is emerging as a glorious and influential charts all over the world we are going to get rid of doctrines of men and doctrines of demons from our myths it’s about time all right and let me give you some of the praise reports of what God did during the summer of 2016 because we believe when the prophecy that was released that in 2016 we will look good we will do good we will feel good we will do good for the kingdom of God for His glory for our own benefit and for the benefit of his people we took that I personally took that prophecy very seriously so freedom Fellowship charts and sons of God international implemented God’s ways of doing things in the business sector so companies were formed partnerships were established some are still in expansion mode and this is big see God is very strategic for those that will finance the gospel for those that are generous God is going to use them to finance the preaching of the gospel and discipleship is starting in 2016 then we don’t have to wait we don’t have to believe we don’t have to raise money we can finance our own and this is good this is a good start freedom Fellowship Church and sons of God International we are in the smacking center of the transferor poivre influence and affluence but of course we do understand that it takes hard work and discipline to yield to the leading of the Holy Spirit Nicole and Joshua started an advertising agency Kobe is on a freelance in photography and website build-up and other things and he can devote time in praying at the same time he is independent he is on his own which is good Mike expanded his business James and Joshua owns J&J; company of course God got me into wellness business which is still in the research and development stage and he gave me another company in another concept that I’m not gonna tell you another praise report Alexa Mendoza got married to London’s slut felt Alexa is now in Sevilla Spain studying Spanish she will graduate in May of 2017 in Sheehan London they are part of the transfer poivre Eden Sylvia Grubb moved into their new house it’s a lot bigger a lot nicer and they live close to the church facility Silvia is now retired from nine to five work and she is now referred for the works of the ministry what God told me in 2012 that as soon as Erica graduates from high school North America is going to be my next domain and if you’re wondering what God meant by that it means to say I have spiritual authority as long as I’m led by the Holy Spirit I have spiritual authority over North America so true to his word as soon as Erica graduated I was sent to Vancouver British Columbia the cause of trouble Christians and some leaders are now awake glory to God and he’s going to show himself strong to them this radio program the prophetic voice of our time entered its fifth year and it continues to expand abroad through our podcast so if you miss previous programs go to our website s o G mi dot org this broadcast is now being followed by Christians in different countries actually they are the reason why I agreed to extend this program for another year I got some emails from them asking me to reconsider and they started praying and you know who Jesus is going to side with right beside it with them so here we are so some of these manifestations that I just mentioned to you here at freedom fossil charts and said the testimonials overseas are mind-boggling and yes oh yes yes Lord the year 2016 is a great year and we will continue to be productive in three counts on every level spiritually preaching the gospel miracles signs and wonders physically will all going to look good and feel good and our mind will continue to be renewed and we will going to have the mind of Christ so one of these days like the companies and the businesses that were formed through the business schools overseas the companies that are formed now started to finance the gospel and other God’s inspired initiatives so we will now expand the prophetic and business school by using every available media out there and I am mentally and physically preparing for it I asked Jesus to help me lose ten more pounds and few more inches so yes in answer to prayers and request of many especially overseas in a few weeks or in a few months you can follow me on YouTube account and we were going to post teachings and short films at SOG mi dot org you know you do not realize the kind of sacrifice I have to make on this one see on the radio I can skin you alive and you will never recognize me even at the grocery stores I like that in the Philippines I do not have that luxury but now with YouTube and short films and you will see me and there goes my privacy but for Jesus I’m gonna do it but he and I Jesus and I will work on me losing some inches and I’ll gain more energy in other words I’ll be stronger like I was in my 20s and 30s because I have that support to do if I can reach and train those that are hungry for the things of God those that are desperate it is the best thing that I can do for Jesus to be able to replicate myself and the team that will be awesome so now at the end of this 2016 since this is a harvest season the Lord directed me to conduct a pastors conference healing Crusades business schools and prophetic schools in two different cities in the Philippines I’ll be there for at least three weeks the big event of course is always a big event when I go to the South in general santos city because they had been growing exponentially even their businesses even financially they are prospering exponentially and this province where I’m going is in an isolated area it’s a fishing village it was still in recovery States after the strongest typhoon ever recorded and there are pastors there that have been praying for me to come see they are part of our seats I empowered one of their young pastors there attended first empower leader and power nation ministers conference in Manila and he got empowered and he started laying hands on the sick and the sick are getting healed left and right so it caused a stir and a revival in that area and they know me they heard about me from him and from the testimonials from others but this the first time that I’m going to train them so I’ll be there for six days we were going to hold a miracle crusade a business school a prophetic school and a pastors conference so for you my dear brothers and sisters in Christ it is now high time for you to sow a seed for this mission be generous and obey the Holy Spirit you want to harvest this is a good seed because we’re not only empowering the leaders we are teaching them how to fish and financially that a lot of them are now financing the gospel in their towns in their provinces in their country so most of the pastors attending are from small villages who cannot afford this kind of training so we are offering this training to all of them for free for three days it is a great seed you can go to our website SOG mi dot org and click donate or you can mail your check to post office box one five seven nine hello this texas seven eight zero two three do it now how many times the Holy Spirit touched you to sow a seed to this ministry and you kept on postponing it you want a financial breakthrough sow a seed to preach the gospel and for training and discipleship program and I will return in time to adjust our time zone to be here for Christmas and to prepare for the upcoming December 31st prophetic gathering of the Saints to be held at the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel on IH 10 by the rim here in San Antonio Texas last year 60% of those in attendance were first-timers I love that so be sure to mark your calendar for the prophetic gathering of the Saints on December 31st and the registration fee for this event is $60 it includes your meal a sit-down dinner so registration is $60 with space for your meal and the venue it’s going to be a formal attire and a sit-down dinner we will have lots of fun so it is time for us to share the harvest and let us not forget what is due to the Lord you finance the gospel Jesus will make sure that you have more than enough and your harvest will be spiritually physically and even your soul shall prosper this is how generous God is do not neglect to give him what is due joyfully gladly okay in Matthew chapter 21 verses 33 through 41 it’s about the harvest it’s about what is due to the Lord okay Matthew chapter 21 starting with verse 33 listen to another parable there was a landowner who planted a vineyard he put a wall around it dug a winepress in it and built a watchtower then he rented the vineyard to some farmers and went on a journey when the harvest time approached he sent his servants to the tenants to collect his fruit the tenant seized his servants they beat one killed another and stoned a third then he sent other servants to them more than the first time and the tenants treated them the same way last of all he sent his son to them they will respect my son he said but when the tenants saw the son they said to each other this is the air come let’s kill him and take his inheritance so they took him and threw him out of the vineyard and killed him therefore when the honour of the vineyard comes what will he do to those tenants he will bring those wretches to a wretched end they replied and he will rent the vineyard to other tenants who will give him his share of the crops at harvest time what the Lord is requiring for us for this harvest season is his share of the crops he’s not asking for much he’s only asking for 10 and a lob offering all he wanted is for us to continue to obey the Great Commission and to give him the glory to put him first and he will bless all of us beyond measure my trip to the Philippines was moved a little bit earlier to sow a seed for this year for 2016 there are other countries that are in my schedule or in my radar for the next year new countries New Zealand Australia Singapore and Canada a few of them glory to God and God always moved but if Christ why first Corinthians chapter 2 verse 4 first Corinthians chapter 2 verse 4 my message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words but with demonstration of the spirits power it is not me but I learned to yield to the leading of the Holy Spirit and that’s what we’re applying on the businesses in our everyday life and that will empower you and I if we are led by the Holy Spirit so it is important for us to understand and expect a great harvest for this season the summer is equipping and building foundation and capitalizations and open doors of opportunities and a few weeks ago I shared this to the bat of Christ and I want to share it with you the Lord woke me up at 327 in the morning and you know how it is when he wakes you up you are fully away and this is what he told me Cristina do not limit me walk and receive every door of opportunities I will open for you do not limit me and said this is the season in which the Prophet Amos prophesied that the Reapers will be overtaken by the sword and this is what’s going to happen now so this is instruction from the Lord walk into every opportunities do not limit God always believe always be led by the Holy Spirit and this is what I’ve been doing every opportunities I do not lean on my own understanding but all of our ways we need to acknowledge him and he will always direct our path he cannot help himself this is why the Holy Spirit was sent to us by God the Father and God the Son is to empower us to guide us into truth and to tell us or to show us what is yet to come so that is a prophecy so what’s coming down to this country is depending upon you and I if you and I will unite we will dictate the outcome of this coming election vote as a Christian first and vote as an American second you will never missed love of God love of country love family that’s why they are in that order so it is important for us to understand this but of Christ and as part of my seed on November 19 I will hold a prophetic conference here in San Antonio at our facility at 80 419 Callahan Road San Antonio seven eight two three zero it is my seed because what God has promised or have told me on what will happened in the Philippines in this trip is nothing in compared to the others because he will not share his glory he is going to move my in the isolated village somewhere in the middle islands and no one no denomination no method no system can take away his glory from him and what God is going to do there if we believe here in Texas he is going to manifest them here too so I’m going to prepare the partners and members of sense of God International and freedom fellowship charts and I’m going to share what God is saying to the body in this period and this is going to be a preliminary prophetic conference before the big event of December 31st but you have to register on this because seating is limited it’s from 9 o’clock I believe from 9 o’clock until 4 o’clock we’ll break for lunch there is no registration fee it is our seat it is our seat to you but you know if you wanted to give a love offering for sense of God or for the mission trip be generous and be led by the Holy Spirit but this is open I’m opening it first to the partners and members of freedom force of charts and sons of God international and then to you our listeners and be prepared just be prayed up and get hungry for the things of God and receive what God has for us before I leave for the Philippines this is before Thanksgiving and then after Thanksgiving on November 28th I will be leaving I’ll be departing for Manila Philippines and to be there for three weeks and then I will return for the December 31st prophetic gathering of the saints I’m sowing this for all of us and I thank God for the state of Texas because we have a righteous leaders that are really introducing and enacting laws that are pleasing in God’s sight so let us do it nationally that let us do this nationwide your vote is your seed okay vote for the unborn so that we can face the Lord Jesus on that day and we can face those millions of children that perish let’s fight for them and let’s fight for righteousness for this country amen god bless you for tuning in

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Episode 250: Preparation for the Greater Work

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