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Episode 253: Prophecy and Political Revival

Political revival in the United States has already begun! Continue to pray for both parties and all of our leaders. We must always consider His will and His heart.

Published: November 26, 2016

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




god bless you for tuning in hello this is Cristina Sosso of freedom Fellowship church and sons of God International and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time Happy Thanksgiving week everyone I hope you found time to give thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for United States of America for what God has done what a year and what a season we are in you know I was not planning on hosting a Thanksgiving dinner in our house because of my very busy schedule and of course added to the fact that I am preparing myself and the team for the mission trip to the Philippines but I cannot help myself I am so ecstatic I am so grateful to our Lord Jesus price for his love and mercy upon this country that I decided to put pressure on the pressure that I’m going through we hosted a Thanksgiving at the Sosso residence and each and every one had something that they prepared themselves instead of ordering it like we used to do and we talked about the Lord the whole day and the whole night what a time we had always when you remember when you see the good transformation the turning around of this country give thanks to God because he planned this all along in spite of us and he was so merciful that it took years for us to finally be able to change transform and turn this country around and tackle the issues that are so important to God he remembered the Covenant of our founding fathers and those pioneers who have toiled to make sure that this nation will be under one god his name is Jesus and as you probably heard we just finished the November 19th prophetic conference here in San Antonio and Wow I was in awe grateful I was humbled and I feel privileged to hold such a conference I’m still in awe you missed big time but you have another opportunity we will be holding our annual prophetic gathering of the Saints on December 31st at the Hilton Garden Inn hotel at the rim on IH 10 west you need to register for this event and you need to pay $60 per person registration fee for your dinner and to pay for the venue this is going to be awesome you need to go to our website s OG mi dot org to register don’t forget it’s SOG mi dot org last November 19th the Lord had me release prophecies for our country and for the church on December 31st and prophecy for the charts but on December 31st we will receive personal prophecy and instruction as an individual and a member of the body of Christ I just wanted to remind you you don’t need me to confirm how wonderful you are how marvelous you are you already know that what we all need is instruction from the Lord to go how to go from here we just entered a new season and we have never been this way before and 2017 is going to be so awesome so focus on the instruction fallow believe and obey Joshua will also share and is right now working before I trip to the Philippines to share with you some of the highlights during this conference and what the Lord revealed to us on our Sunday services after the conference we were still in all because of the love of God we also experienced instant manifestation on some of the prophecy from the Lord we received from Dora this is just a glimpse on what he’s about to do here in abroad and I know Philippines you are listening instead of organizing a prayer chain for this events instead organize a praise and worship chain tell everybody to get excited in spite of the condition and the challenges that you’re facing believe me it’s all worth it because right now in San Antonio especially the core team we don’t have any regret because we push through and how God answered back is something that I cannot put in words but we all are really feeling it in our hearts and in our mind in the Philippines I’ll be holding three-day conferences on two different cities and in one city it is going to be a first time that such event will be held in that part of the country so they are all excited the pastor’s are uniting and are getting together and I’ll be seeing you the one thing about God he will answer back based on our hunger based on our excitement because when we are excited and we are united we are demonstrating to our Lord Jesus Christ that we trust him we believe him and we want his ways of doing things we will also be conducting a miracle crusade I’ll be there for three weeks Joshua will be traveling with me same thing with Davina who has been traveling with me Gayle and Sandy it will be Gail’s first time and she’s excited and Sandy I believe it’s her third time Joshua will be joining me in ministering to the people especially on the prophetic and business schools and he will be addressing the youth in General Santos City thousands of them so if the Lord is leading you to sow a seed for this mission don’t miss an opportunity this is a great seed it is our seed from the state of Texas for Texas and for our families and friends to other countries you can now go to our website don’t waste your time because you kept on postponing this you can go to our website s o G mi dot org or you can mail your check to freedom Fellowship charts post office box one five seven nine hello this texas seven eight zero two three and Joshua will be announcing it on the last segment of this program if in case you missed it or the easiest and the fastest is go to our website s o G mi dot org and click donate this is exciting my brothers and sisters what a great seed and what an awesome opportunity and you need to be excited tune on what God is doing here on earth in this country why why do you have to be excited political revival in this country already started and the big sign for that and a big blessing for the bat of Christ is this the Lord had me release a prophecy on December 31st and the prophetic gathering of the Saints that United States of America will experience political revival in this country God’s hand is going to be upon this country and once that revival political revival manifests then the manifestation of the transfer of wealth influence and affluence will manifest in a tidal wave of fashion to those Christians or believers who are faithful and righteous before the Lord there was also a condition for this political revival the body of Christ needed to unite and united we were especially the spiritual leaders I have never witnessed and heard so many prophets of the most hi God saying the same message and they were joined in by the Apostles in our aides and you know what the other manifestation of the prophecy already occurred and this prophecy is the prophets and the apostles of the Most High God will take the center stage and they will prophesy and build the bat of Christ in every sector of society so their leaders were united they send the same message and the body of Christ majority of the body of Christ responded isn’t that amazing miracles do happen and we know that God is alive and well and he’s still on the throne let me tell you a story that I have not shared in the public just to encourage you and just to give you a picture a vision that God is in control that God is very active in our days what happened during the election what happened here this November this national election that we just had the Lord revealed that to me in 1996 repeated in 1998 and in 2001 yeah that’s right January of 2001 many years ago during my prayer at that time in 2001 the Lord spoke very clearly to me about the clintons that Lord because of their actions and past actions and because how they handled the power that is in that position that he will not allow the Clintons back in the White House so when Hillary ran for election against President Obama I knew that Obama will be the Democratic presidential nominee in spite of what the media inspired what the polls or showing just like last election I knew that Hillary is not gonna win and in this 2016 in January the Lord had me repeat that prophecy again that political revival is coming upon United States of America if the body of Christ will unite that condition was met by the majority of the members of the body of Christ so even now many people are still trying to explain what happened and if you’re wondering why I never mentioned this before I kept this to myself I am not supposed to because I had been praying for all of our leaders because why you and I always have to consider the heart and the will of God it is the will of God that all men shall be saved it is also the commandment of the Lord that we constantly pray for our leaders God is merciful so if there was a positive change a godly Chainz then he will find a way to bless the people that he’s dealing with keep that in mind and if you are one of those people who want God to judge them or somebody who have hurt you some people that you’re looking at them as their enemies who have been attacking you keep that in mind if those people that are doing wicked things if they are your brothers if they are your sisters espouse daughters or sons or siblings would you like God to punish them instantly or would you like God to have mercy on them so it is the same measurement that we judge others it will be the same measurement that will be used to judge us I want you to keep that in mind in spite of what you’re feeling in spite of the anger in spite of the disappointments I want you to consider the heart of our God because we do represent him and we have to represent him for who he really is a loving and a merciful God so what are the prophecies she received from the Lord don’t let them go follow the instruction talk to him ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and to teach you believe and repent turn things around it is not too late for you God is so loving and merciful imagine him waiting for you in such great excitement and he will never remember he will not remember your past only his plan keep in mind when he looks at you he sees Jesus so in Habakkuk chapter 2 verse 3 it says for the revelation awaits an appointed time it speaks of the end and will not prove false though it linger wait for it it will certainly come and will not delay jesus also told us in John chapter 16 verse 13 that the Holy Spirit the Spirit of Truth when he comes he will guide you into all truth he will not speak on his own he will speak only what he hears and he will tell you of what is yet to come so back in 1996 back in 1998 and in 2001 the Lord showed me the Holy Spirit showed me of things to come so why did I not broadcast this to the world because I understand what the Apostle Paul was saying in first Corinthians chapter 2 verse 14 it says the man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God for they are foolishness to him and he cannot understand them because they are spiritually discerned they will not receive it even those from the body of Christ many will not receive it and the gift of spirit or the office of a prophet will be used in a wrong way you see you need to attend prophetic school it’s not just how to operate but it is how to develop the godly character sticks up a true prophet of God but what was happening I told the core group in 2008 election I told them about what Jesus told me I warned them I asked them to pray for all the candidates in the spirit and for us not to lean on our own understanding but what God expect of us everytime is we always vote and we always vote as a Christian we always vote for righteousness because God is watching so when the Spirit of God tells you or shows you something that is a bad this judgment on a certain person or family you’re not supposed to release them you’re supposed to intercede and spend time praying for them first and foremost then the Holy Spirit will tell you if you need to talk to those people in private or whether you release the prophecy another example the Lord told me in 1999 while I was praying for y2k and the Lord told me fear is not for me so I stopped I stopped worrying about y2k but instead I was praying in the spirit and he instructed me to pray for our then governor george w bush why because the lord told me that he will be our next president yes in 1999 and he gave me a sign the Lord gave me a sign that Governor Bush will go to Israel and when he comes back he will announce his candidacy and that is exactly what happened so in spite of what happened in Florida I knew he will be our president Mike and I spend many times in prayer and that our political leaders even though we sometimes wanted to prophesy bad things to teach them a lesson just like a lot of us but no we really prayed in the spirit and sometimes struggled the heart of God we always you and I need to focus on God and God alone remember the revelation or the Word of God or prophecy and God awaits an appointed time it will never prove false if a prophecy is bad or as about judgment there is a condition for you and I for that judgment to be reversed to be lessened in intensity to be postponed why be mindful of the heart of God is this revelation too much for you to handle a lot of great things are happening and are about to happen hold on to your hats don’t give in to unbelief don’t give in to fear God is starting to reveal the glory his glory upon United States of America he is so loving he loves the American people in spite of all of us he gave us a lot of years many years to pray and get our act together he is always active so why I am now telling you this on the radio see I gave you opportunity to attend the November 19th conference I shared so many things about the prophecies that manifested so many that you will see the hand of God upon your life upon the body of Christ upon this country since you miss it really really big time so try to recover and pray and make sure that you attend the December 31st prophetic gathering of the saints I am NOT going to sit down with anyone who said I’m sorry I cannot attend but can you sit down with me give me the whole counsel of God I’m not going to do that besides I will be busy so this December 31st prophetic gathering of the Saints is going to be formal attire and it will cost you $60 that is a sit-down dinner and you’re paying for the venue so God had me release the prophecy that political revival is going to manifest starting in 2016 and you know what God’s hand was very active even many months before that he is always active example in the last week of September I attended a pastors congressional briefing in Washington DC with IDI and Sylvia grub this briefing was hosted by David Barton you know what it’s wall builders you need to pray and financially support that ministry be generous they are doing a marvelous job in educating the people of God all the Americans if they wanted to about our Christian heritage they minister to our elected officials and they are training Christians who are called to run for public office they’re doing all of that they are worthy of your financial support and prayer so let’s go back to the congressional briefings so that was the last week of September and the Lord told me that he had an assignment for me so I prepared myself I start praying I thought that I will be releasing prophecy to our president and the Lord told me no he is going to deal with his people first in Congress I started praying and he instructed me to stay in my hotel and there I release prophecies so I was stunned with what I saw in the spirit while praying I saw major changes in leadership in Congress and then he gave me instruction that is kind of strange at the time but I do understand it now he instructed me to pray for Paul Ryan because he is God’s chosen one to be the next Speaker of the House instead of the person who was supposed to be next in mine God told me at that time that Paul Ryan will have an important part to play concerning the next vice president of United States of America I did not understand it at that time but now I know Ryan and our president-elect pins are friends and they were able to unite the Republican Party when a lot of Democrats and they will be used with our new elected president to unite the country both parties are being dealt by the Lord don’t think it’s just the other party so you need to continue to pray for both parties for all of our leaders we are on God’s side and we will always consider and we must always consider his will and his heart okay so now you know God sent me everywhere to cause trouble without nobody knowing about it except the core team so I was one of those who caused trouble in Washington DC last year I know I’m not the only one God always use others not just one person because we’re under the new covenant so I’m sharing this now so that you will pay attention to what is going on and remember changes are not comfortable to all of us I just want you to leave with this let us not lean on our own understanding but in all our ways let us acknowledge him and the Holy Spirit will and continue to direct our paths keep in mind we’d never been this way before as a person as an individual as the body of Christ and as a nation we’ll never been this way before and we need the Holy Spirit to guide us okay I’ll continue next segment of this program pray for me in my teen that God is going to use us mightily and for God to increase the capacity of the people in Asia to receive to believe and to obey remember you can still sew a seed for this mission you can go to our website

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Episode 253: Prophecy and Political Revival

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