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Episode 254: The Glory of God

Prophecy for 2017, revealing the glory of God.

Published: December 03, 2016

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




hello this is Cristina Sosso of freedom fellowship church and sons of God International and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time have you meditated on last week’s broadcast if you missed it we are on podcast go to our website god is amazing i shared with you last week about the awesomeness of our God his mercy his patience as far as the American people concerned upon this country and the manifestation of the political revival in this country and also the beginning of the manifestation of the transfer of wealth influence and affluence in the body of Christ it is already happening it is happening in our myths and for you my dear brothers and sisters you need to really get in line because you don’t want to miss this okay I shared with you last week about the things that God have told me and revealed to me and have been praying for many many years and I shared it with the core team at Freedom Force of charts the Lord shared in 2001 that he will not allow the Clintons to be back to the White House so because of that and another instruction or condition if the body of Christ will you night we will going to have political revival in 2016 and it already started because Christians United especially the leaders and if you miss it I’m not going to repeat everything because I have so many things to tell you go to our website we are on podcast and I want you to meditate with that message I want you to think and apply it on your personal life on the prophecies you receive from the Lord so that you will believe okay keep in mind that the Lord is not withholding any blessings from us he is waiting for certain conditions for us to believe for us to obey and why all this plans took many years because he gave us the stewardship of this world because remember our Lord Jesus Christ is now sitting at the right hand of God waiting for his enemies to me made his foot stone and the but of Christ are the designated we are the responsible ones to put his enemies under his feet and at the same time because of God’s mercy see the Lord does not want to judge anyone including our political leaders he didn’t want to judge so he postponed the judgment for many many years hoping and praying that they will repent that they will turn things around that they will get saved and for the body of Christ to pray and intercede for all of them not just our fabric person not just our chosen candidate okay so God because of his mercy postponed judgment Ezekiel chapter 18 verse 21 says but if a wicked man turns away from all these sins he has committed and keeps all my decrees and thus what is just and right he will surely live he will not Ezekiel 33 11 say to them as surely as I live declares the sovereign Lord I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked but rather they turn from their ways and live God is so loving he does not even enjoy when he disciplines us so much more when he has to judge a whole nation or persons or a group of people he is a loving and a merciful God I’m a parent when my children misbehave and it doesn’t matter I told my two boys when they’re 5 and 3 years old I set them down and I told him look boys even when you are 95 years old you’re still my two boys okay so they agreed so no matter what God looks at us in a loving way and when he looks at us he sees Jesus our perfected form as long as you’re born again okay he is loving so when my children misbehave I was never excited to discipline them instead I will find a lot of ways and excuses to restore them we got that from our loving father when we were born again so you need to look at him that way the Lord is going to tell us a lot of wonderful things for the rest of this year and for 2017 and beyond you know what you really need to attend the prophetic gathering of the Saints in December 31st at the Hilton Garden Hotel it will cost you $60 and that will pay for your food and venue and formal attire please so the Lord is going to tell us a lot of wonderful things he will give us personal instruction that’s why you need to register as soon as possible so that I will get your name and listen I want you to understand this I don’t talk to anyone I don’t want to hear any of your problems if you are attending the prophetic gathering of the Saints I just want to get your full name and I’m going to pray in the spirit so that what God would tell you what will be prophesied to you you will know and you know that it is from God and it’s not from me because only God can reveal those things and don’t be suspicious that whoever invited you to attend this told me something no I will be in isolation for a few days before this conference and I don’t receive phone calls I don’t entertain them because I want you to really be touched by an Almighty God he gets excited God gets excited every time he touched someone and their life got transformed and make them a believer instead of unbeliever so that was the purpose and to release blessings upon your life so don’t miss it okay s OGM so the Lord is going to tell us wonderful things for 2017 personal and instruction because what he’s going to tell us if you’re not going to allow the Holy Spirit to lead us he is going to do something in 2017 and beyond that you would not believe even if you were told this is a prophecy and the UNITA scripture Habakkuk chapter one verse five so only believe in John chapter 11 verse 40 this came from the mouth of Jesus himself it says then Jesus said did I not tell you that if you believed you would see the glory of God what is glory what is the glory of God his goodness his character his might his power he’s all-knowing and other things that’s the glory of God you would see the goodness of God again john 11:40 did I not tell you that if you believed you would see the glory of God I’m excited I am now in the Philippines with a team it’s not too late for you to sow a seed because we paid for everything especially in the remote areas to empower them and it’s our seed and if I received more seeds from you our listeners then in the third week I will hold another leadership training to empower God’s leaders in that area including the business leaders or future millionaires so go to our website SOG mi dot org and click donate everybody is excited I am excited too I will share to you as much as I can over this radio or the newsletter and I will constantly be praying for you and I’m going to ask everyone including the leaders to pray for our partners and friends of sons of God International and freedom fellow charts and they have been doing that faithfully because they are so grateful to have this kind of training that we’re giving them and be a part of it will you opportunities are everywhere you need to get on board my dear brothers and sisters this is real good these are super natural things it is amazing and what we’re going to experience us I’m experiencing it now the leaders of freedom Fellowship charts are experiencing it now and it can be put in words in Psalm chapter 126 verses 1 through 6 again Psalm 126 verses 1 through 6 this is what we’re experiencing and if you’ll jump on board and believe and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you you will experience such great blessings in your life what God is manifesting in our days has never been recorded in the church’s history ok Psalm 126 starting with verse 1 when the Lord brought back captives to Zion we were like men who dreamed our mouths were filled with laughter our tongues with songs of joy then it was said among the nation’s the Lord has done great things for them the Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy restore our fortunes O Lord like streams in the Negev those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy keep this in mind he who goes out weeping carrying seed to sow will return with songs of joy carrying sheets with him the Lord gave this to me and I am so excited we will be carrying sheaves with us from the Philippines and other nations when we return to San Antonio on December 19th and at the same time for freedom felsic charts and for our partners and members what God manifested in the Philippines will also manifest here in Texas what a great seed what an opportunity you need to be part of this it’s not too late you know go to SOG and my dot org and sow a seed actually we are already experiencing supernatural manifestations here at Freedom Fellowship Church after the November 19 conference and then the following day was Sunday of course that Sunday night service the Lord Jesus loved on all of us we were crying tears of joy and something really great something supernatural happened to all of us in all of our hearts our hearts got chains we were all healed that night glory to God all of us so if you are sick or needed a touch from the Lord we are dedicating Wednesday night service is for healings and miracles the core team are all in fire for the Lord and they have been prepared they will pray for you and love on you they are actually a lot nicer than me so take advantage of this opportunity that is now open for you you need to take action you need to do something you need to take a step of faith no matter how small it is okay don’t even think that well you know I really can’t and make a lot of excuses not to come and you want them to come to you you know the Lord is still going to bless you but it is not the same you want to please God you want to do something that you really believe so our Wednesday night services are for healings and miracles and you need to come it is open for everyone I am so blessed I am so excited what a time we’re living now I cannot contain myself God is moving across the land and all over the world you and I need to get rid of our religiosity and stop clinging and stop applying man-made doctrines before it’s too late get rid of our traditions allow the Holy Spirit to lead you to teach you to guide you and allow him to empower you in Acts chapter 1 verse 8 Jesus said when the Holy Spirit will come upon you you will be endued with power that is what we all need this is what we need right now allow the Holy Spirit to introduce new teachings allow him to reveal his heart he will reveal his heart and I have been walking with the Lord for many many years and I have this a special relationship with him in the times that we are in right now with all the revelations and knowledge continue to increase there is one thing that you need to have and there’s one thing that you need to nurture other than pursuing knowledge you must develop a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit and in the Holy Spirit see body of Christ there are now two systems that will be operating in this world before it’s only the word system that we see because in the church even in the church we took some of the good ideas they’re not really God’s ways of doing things into our churches and into our doctrines and we spiritual eyes them and they never worked we need a fresh manna from heaven because if God would have told us everything that is going to do in this country and in your life you will not have believed it so we are on a need-to-know basis so there are two systems that will be very very prominent in our day starting in 2017 the world system and God’s ways of doing things it’s talking about the kingdom of God and the kingdom of the world and you know in the book of Revelation we know what will happen and we know the condition that Jesus is looking for his coming back for the kingdom of the world has now become the kingdom of our God and of Christ that’s in the book of Revelation so don’t look at the bad things that are happening all around us because it’s also an instruction or a commandment from our God is in the book of Revelation is in the gospel jesus said let the vial continue to be vial but let the righteous continue to be righteous let the holy continue to be holy and let the wicked continued to do wicked things it means to say those bad people they will continue allow them focus on doing good focus on doing what is right focus on continuing be holy because those two systems will now manifest in a big way before we are just seeing bad things it is like there is no hope in the world as if we are the minority but this time the church will emerge as a glorious and influential church it means to say that we have all the power and authority in heaven and on earth in Christ Jesus and nothing was left in the enemy so why is God allowing both worlds to exist or operate at the same time when the church will emerge as a influential Church which is what the transfer of wealth influence and affluence is all about the world will start looking at us and will be hunkering for the truth they know of the facts but we have the truth the facts can be changed but the truth can change facts so they have the facts they have the knowledge we have the Holy Spirit we have the power we have the love of God that will never fail and we have the truth in Jesus Christ Jesus said when the Holy Spirit will come upon you he will teach you and guide you into all truth and truth can change facts including what’s happening in your life right now I want you to believe on that there are so many things that I wanted to share with you it seems like every time I spend time with the Lord and every day there is new revelation that the Holy Spirit will reveal there are so many things you really need to attend the December 31st prophetic gathering of the Saints and at the same time you really need to talk to God allow the Holy Spirit to empower you and to fill you all over again because we need him we need his guidance and the Lord has a need of you so that once you get this you can share it to others you can disciple it to others the church is emerging in which the apostles and prophets will be on the center stage because they are the two offices that God called to build the church so that we will no longer be foreigners and aliens but we will be matured in the things of God it’s in officience chapter 2 verse 19 and 20 I am quoting this from memory it says you are no longer foreigners and aliens but your citizenship is in heaven and you now belong to the household of God then there’s a big change bill upon the foundations of the apostles and prophets in which Jesus Christ is the chief Cornerstone so the Lord has been prophesying this since 2012 the Lord had me released that there are changes in the way the leadership of the church is structured right now and the big hint that you need to see the prophets of the Most High God they were given instruction not to be limited by a non-profit umbrella of a ministry he’s blessing his prophets outside that they will become profitable for all and if the body of Christ especially the leaders are profitable if they are prosperous they don’t need to raise money but they can as a group or even as a person or as a ministry they can really finance the gospel I never loved I never liked and I never agreed and I never understood all this fundraising you sell yourself chicken barbeque for ten dollars or six dollars you make three dollars profit you know how much it cost to go overseas on a real tight budget just like our budget our total expenses for this trip to the Philippines will will probably reach between 60 to 100 thousand and that is really pinching are you hearing me but nobody can see that we’re pinching pennies because I will never let Satan to see me sweat I will never allow Satan to hear me that I’m under stress or being tensed because I have to raise funds this is God’s idea he will let me sweat but he will always produce the resources whether you’re part of it or not it doesn’t matter because the opportunity to sow a seed to this ministry is just that an opportunity God will find a place somewhere else that is a wonderful thing I like about God see even before I was born again I was free-spirited it’s just like I don’t like seeking the approval of men or I don’t wanted to fit in a cookie jar it’s just like I really wanted to experience other things but now I am experience supernatural things and I will never trade my life for and why did God allow us to go through the process of having to believe for everything from us because it builds our character he says it in his word the just shall live by faith it is impossible to please God without faith so as long as God is loving me in approving enjoying and happy and what I’ve been doing I will continue to do so with or without you I like that I don’t owe you anything because if you sow seed in this ministry you are giving to God you’re not giving to me you’re not giving to me so I like that then I can freely discharge of my duties and responsibilities and prophesy to you without worrying that you might get offended and I’m enjoying my life it is the best years of my life and it’s the best time and the season to be alive in Christ so come on board if you have not receive our Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior give me the privilege of leading you to Christ call me at two one zero six nine five one six three zero let me introduce a loving Savior that when he looks at you all you will going to see is love no condemnation he is a loving God Amen remember go to our website SOG mi dot org to register for the upcoming prophetic gathering of the Saints on December 31st it will be 60 dollars per person also if you want to sow seed to this ministry or for this radio broadcast go to our website SOG mi dot org and click donate join us in our Sunday services we are located at 84 19 callahan road of IH 10 our morning sunday service starts at 10:30 and 7:00 p.m. in the evening as well as our Wednesday services god bless you for tuning in until next time

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Episode 254: The Glory of God

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