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Episode 255: Being Kings and Priests (Guest Speaker: Ed Grubb)

Join us as Bishop Ed Grubb shares revelation on being kings and priests.

Published: December 17, 2016

Speakers: Ed Grubb




hello and God bless you for tuning in this is James also filling in for Pastor Cris in her absence and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time wow what amazing year we’ve had 2016 there’s been so much going on then God has been moving such interesting ways both here in America and around the globe now I know many of you are curious about what has been happening in the Philippines and as you hear this broadcast today pastor Cristina and her Philippine team are preparing to head back to the United States and San Antonio where they will be sure to give some much-needed rest and give you a full report of what has been going on over in the Philippines but today we’re going to talk about something different today we’re gonna talk about being kings and priests and to give you this message we have last Sunday night’s teaching given to us by Bishop Ed Grubb who will go into great detail of what it means to be one let’s listen in I read this book that brother Mike gave you the name Oh some years ago about Mariah at her and I read the whole thing it was a wonderful book and more often than not God would not give her anything about what she’s gonna preach oh why she was in the chair waiting to be introduced and she wouldn’t get nothing until she’s walking up to the podium and then he’d give her a verse that was it one verse and then of course you know when she speaks that then it goes on from there and so that’s why he is he waits until what we think is the last moment but he’s always on time and they were early never late so what I felt like he wanted me to speak about was kings and priests you know we hear about that a lot you know where a group of kings and priests so what does that really mean you know what’s a king and a priest a priest is someone who intercedes before God for another person family a city or a nation and that priest has access to the throne room and that’s where the Chicano glory or the mercy seat is located so it’s what a priest does and a king on the other hand has the authority to correct what is out of divine order so you have to do that with love and compassion and mercy in the process of doing that okay so remember that one so we’re just going to counter an overview of kings and priests and in Revelation one five and six unto him that loved us and washed us from our sins in his own blood and hath made us kings and priests unto God and his father so we didn’t have anything to do with it but Christ did he made us that way now of course we accept a responsibility of that position and the effectiveness of what we do is going to be determined by how we accept the duties how accept that assignment and how we carry it out that makes all the difference in the world and then in Revelations 5 9 to 10 thou hast and this is important listen thou hast redeemed us unto God by the blood out of every kindred and tongue and people and nation and has made us unto our God kings and priests and we shall reign on the earth that it means everybody around the world people whose language you can’t even speak some people if you were to meet him you might reject them outright by what you see in front of you but that might be his King and his priests so we have to make sure we pray about things before say no I don’t want anything to do with you you know that might be his messenger because you know somewhere I think says we’ve entertained angels unawares or something to that effect that can happen any time and we may not even realize what we’ve engaged in and this then must be engraved deeply engraved you know you take a gold or a ring or something you create a groove in whatever it is you’re working on or anything else okay engraved deeply upon the heart of every Son of God and that takes me back to Romans 8:14 those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God and that means men and women both children whoever has a knowledge of God two three four five year old doesn’t matter it’s where they are spiritually this exalts and glorifies the Lord Jesus Christ thou has made us thou important word that has made us we can’t do anything we can receive and we can carry out his instructions but we don’t have anything with becoming a son of God then the unveiling of the sons of God is not the revelation of some people that can do something no it is the unveiling of some people that have become something not doing something they’ve become something and that’s what he’s about transforming us into something you are something that we did not think we could ever become okay God is not concerned about taking us someplace to some far-off heaven somewhere he is concerned with making something out of us that which we don’t think we can become we can’t and do if we just listen and pay attention when it seems like the iron is getting the hottest or the work is getting the most challenging that’s when it’s time say okay what do you want me to learn yeah cause it’s a learning situation and if we knew everything he had planned for us we’d say oh no I can’t do that so it’s best that we don’t know we just have to take the next step so then this is what Redemption is all about it’s not a question of where we’re going it’s all of a matter of what we are becoming so becoming a king and a priest is a journey not just in the sense of a kingdom but a place at work within your family and you can become the king and priests of yourself so you have to take care of yourself before you can give to someone else if you don’t have your act together it can’t be much good to someone else because they’re gonna see right through you if you don’t have that all taken care of so God is working not to take us but to make us so you can remember that he’s working not to take us but to make us now in John 1:12 to as many as received him to them gave he power he gave him the power now he didn’t make him be to give him the power to become the sons of God he gave him the power to become the sons of God not he made them the power so we have to make a decision which brings to mind the Centurion at Jesus met and when the Centurion explained to him his servant died and everything and Jesus got ready to go he’s oh no you don’t have to go just speak the word he believed at that moment that instant and his servant was healed so he became a son of God he had the opportunity and he took Christ up on it John 1:12 I think I went with it gave him the power to become the sons of God thou has made us unto our God kings and priests in revelation 21:7 he that overcometh shall inherit all things and I will be his God and he shall be my son he that overcometh shall inherit all things that means we have opportunities to succeed and opportunities to to not overcome what’s in front of us it might be a small thing it could be a big thing and it could be not trapped but we could get redirected into a rabbit trail if we’re not careful about the things we hear or see if we’re not careful you know that when we would not overcome the obvious we are following on to know the Lord and a heart set on him we are not becoming occupied with ourselves but we are occupied with his purpose in US and we have to discover what that purpose is it can be right in front of us and it can’t be what other people are telling us to do you can’t beat what other people’s ministry is although that can give us a guide to maybe you’re listening for his voice to know what we need to be doing and I think that learning while his purpose for us is I think it’s like two sides of a coin one side is what we get so excited about causes us to take action and something will get so angry about that moves us to action and that usually opposite sides are the same thing the core issue the core purpose to stay the same but both of us will move us in that direction and fulfilling our purpose these people have I formed for myself you shall be unto me a kingdom of priests they men to that now they’re about six aspects of becoming a priest the first one is when the light of God comes and shines into our heart we’ve become light and light fills a space and of course darkness is really you know I like to think that like this way is set - you can buy flashlights produces light but you can’t buy a dark light so then what’s darkness is the absence of light but then again imagine all these things with darkness and but when the light comes people that were doing some things can’t anymore cause the lights here you know number two at least next two or three are really good number two when we feed on the bread of heaven would become a Living bread as that mana the mana of the word number three and this is a good one when we drink of the water of the spirit out of our innermost being clothes rivers of living water out of us to other people that is rivers not a river rivers of living water comes out of us out of our inside nothing somewhere is not up here out of insight different number four when he is made and to us righteousness we become the righteousness of God when he is made unto this righteousness then we become righteousness of God number five when he has fully saved us we become the salvation of the Lord that was I think Paul has said is that we have to work out our salvation or something like that that means it’s an ongoing daily work it just does happen one time and that’s it you know we’re like there’s always something we can improve on and when we think we’re done and the Holy Spirit will bring up something yes oh I got it work on that too yeah okay what do I do and when we start to take off and start changing something we think we know what to do with our anyway you know what I mean it uses the wrong thing by the wrong way and we have to stop see okay Lord what’s next how do you want me to take care of this okay number six when he reigns upon the throne of our hearts and we have a temple inside of us that represents the tent of meeting that’s inside and when he reigns upon the throne of our hearts we become kings and Lords with him how many times do we think that he’s there but he’s not especially when you go take off do something oh I don’t want to do that I’m what did this instead you know so we’ve got to listen you got to put him on that throne and then listen to his voice and then be obedient God will have a body through the earth in these days now a people walking in God walking ask God terrible is any army with banners whose only purpose is that the father be glorified that’s the army of today that the father be glorified in everything that we say you do and when people come in and meet you document say well there’s something different about and people tell me this to know more than what to say something’s different about your office what is I just love coming here they’ll come in sit down talk a bit and then leave so that’s good that’s his presence they’ll get bless and go away thinking about him and I made that sometimes you know I’ll get a chance to say something and sometimes most a lot of time I don’t have to because his presence is there and that means they’re hoping when they say that okay God is raising up a people formed for himself through whom and we have to be receptive for that he can reveal and manifest himself and all his wonderful fullness reform for him and he can reveal himself through us and manifest himself as always wonderful fullness that we just have to have him on the throne so when he speaks it will come right out you know be him speaking and not us come let us open our hearts wide to him that don’t link a little bit that means the whole deal open the doors come and we gaze upon this glorious ministry and it’s life flow to all the peoples of the earth not some all of them even the ones that go around balling and creating ruckus and awful things like that they still need to be loved on to because that will change them quicker than anything in you know it’s hard to do that you know but we still have to do that cause he left even the worst of us there are worst times and to all people so they are let us yield ourselves let me start over there come let us now open our hearts wide to him come and as we gaze upon this this glorious ministry and it’s life love to all people so the earth let us yield ourselves unto God that he mean he may work is wondrous work in our lives and then that’s a witness of and of itself excuse me bring us into such union with Jesus our great king priest after the order of much hell so dick the high priest of our profession at that point then we become in nature and power his royal priesthood in the earth we become his royal priesthood now because all the earth is his God is raising up a kingly priesthood to reign and mighty spirit power and authority over the earth now that’s where the authority of the king and priest comes in sometimes I think we forget that but not to belittle human dictators or an external government of laws and systems headquartered in Jerusalem or Washington or London but with an outflow of life and light and love touching God on the one hand and Humanity on the other because he flows through us by their priestly minister bringing the two together that God made and well men by his spirit and live and rule in them and power and glory the end the kingly nature in us is not to dominate over men’s lives but to deal and break the power of selfhood rebellion sin and the devil that men may be reconciled to guard there comes at Ministry of reconciliation again okay this then is a king priests ministry back to the order of Michell’s today Kings have power and authority priests reconcile and mercy and love and when you have both well quite a combination that is you know you’ve been sent there’s for some kings of ancient Israel that it seemed like to me we’re both they kind of acted like a priest but they weren’t but you know and the things they did to you know tear down in the high places and the poles and everything they were acting their authority as a king but yet that led to power the spirit of the ministry flow in that country at that during those times and you know even with Donald Trump for instance an year ago I just knew he was God’s man he didn’t look like it didn’t act like it but you know enough people were crying and lamenting and wanting change well is that look at all those people running he’s the only one to me the head intestinal fortitude are the the guts are what are gonna call it to do what needs to be done as long as he listens to God and does what he says he’ll be successful in every think he touch it’s gonna work you know so he needs our prayers and everything and including all of them the Senators and the House of Representatives as well okay but once the reconciliation has taken place then Christ is enthroned we deliver me up to God even the father that God may be all in all and that’s the principle of the kingdom of God so we were only to subdue men to God then God rules in them we don’t rule on people’s lives a week and get them to the Lord and he’ll take care of the mark two that he first rules through us that he might finally rule in them see we have to change and the wobble and be his love and have those rivers of living water and love people aren’t very nice and then he can rule in their lives the manifestation of the sons of God for which all creation is in travail is nothing more or nothing less than the full manifestations of God’s fully developed and empowered government of King priests act the order of maturity okay throughout the age that we’re in now throughout the age now ending the Holy Spirit has been forming preparing and equipping the body this has been going on for years and we’re seeing a change in the leadership like faster Chris has said he have the well-known people in the minister are a lot of them are not there anymore you’ve got new people out that you’ve never heard of you know preaching the gospel and they’re going his work not only here but every corner Philippines and Russia and all these other countries quietly and without a lot of fanfare in the new age now upon us that body of believers then has been given power and authority over all nations and all things then you group of people who are ministering in God’s anointing and the ages yet to come the king and shall be expanded from realm to realm from the lowest of the low to the highest of the high for the increase of the government and peace there should be no end so it’s an ongoing process it’s just not going to happen all at once and a lot of change to take place that we don’t not even aware of you know from one end of this world around to the other yeah thank God for His mercy and thank him for his spirit and I think where he’s anointed to those who are standing up and making the difference and we may not be involved a ministry as such and maybe go mission trip but nevertheless people who did go need people at the home base for financial support for fair and you you know keeps the work going here while they’re called what we’re supporting him in the right places okay so thank you for listening listen to what the Spirit says be obedient but before you take off and do what you’re thinking knows right stop and ask what’s next you know ask first and then go act but don’t act first and say oh what happened because we’ll do that you know thank you Wow now wasn’t that powerful we really need to look more into what it means to be a king and priests as it is something that needs to be prevalent in our life on a regular basis because it is through that knowledge and understanding where we can truly gauge who we are in Christ and really take hold and focus on God’s plan for our lives let me pray with you father God I thank you for this time that we’ve had today to really understand what it means to be a king and priest I thank you that this will resonate with us and with everyone who is listening that they would be able to fully understand and take of your calling on our lives that we will truly know what it is to be a king and priest and you I come against any sickness and disease your body is whole in the name of Jesus and take hold of your healing and Jesus’s name and God I thank you for all that you have done throughout this year and that you help us as we continue to transition into the new year and Jesus’s name I pray amen
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Episode 255: Being Kings and Priests (Guest Speaker: Ed Grubb)

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