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Episode 257: Pondering His Goodness Past and Onward

A look back and a view forward on God’s goodness in 2016 and 2017.

Published: January 07, 2017

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




god bless you for tuning in a very prosperous and victorious New Year for everyone hello this is Cristina Sosso of freedom fellowship church and sons of God International and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time we had such a wonderful time on New Year’s Eve December 31st the prophetic gathering of the Saints a handful of you are radio listeners registered and join us and I met them for the first time I still remember how everyone in that conference were in awe on the goodness of our God I’m still in awe I still remember in December 31st 2015 for the prophetic gathering of the Saints I still remember the great and the wonderful promises of God for 2016 and beyond and major things that were prophesied at that time came to pass one of these prophecies manifested is the political revival in United States of America I also release the same prophecy in the Philippines that they will experience a political revival and it also manifested lots of things wonderful things happened in 2016 the way I described the year 2016 breathtaking now as the Holy Spirit confirmed all those prophecies and all the seeds we sowed in year 2016 last year are now in full bloom even at the beginning of the year I thank God for our partners and members of sons of God international and freedom Philip charts for supporting this ministry your seeds were planted on fertile ground I assure you that so stay in the maze on how the Lord is going to allow us to harvest those seeds sown in 2016 I you know the things that happened in 2016 is I went into prayer concerning this radio ministry before I renewed our contract you know that we are on our fifth year I really prayed and seriously considered last year to stop this broadcast when you are on the radio you talk to a microphone my preparation for every broadcast is like preparing myself for a conference for a big conference and you really cannot gauge whether this program is making a difference or not except if we hear from our listeners and you know what got me excited and why I continued this broadcast we are being followed by listeners in almost 30 countries so far through our podcast through our website we are being listened and followed by Christians all over the world and we are truly making a difference I heard from Christians our listeners from the Middle East from Asia like Philippines Vietnam Laos Cambodia Indonesia and we are also being followed in Europe and in the Bahamas so I decided to renew this program for another year we are making big progress overseas glory to God and you know while I have your attention as far as the seat is concerned pray for ksl our pray for this company pray for the blessings of the staff everybody that is making this possible this is their ministry and it is time for the body of Christ to operate for profit companies or ministries instead of nonprofit let us go to a different kind of mindset starting in 2017 and I’m going to give you a lot of heart time I’m gonna step on your toes this year and that is a promise that I can really really really keep and of course I went to the Philippines twice this year first was in February I held the first prophetic gathering of the Saints in General Santos City and Quezon City and thousands of people attended and last November last year 2016 we held a pastors conference for the first time in another province and of course leadership training prophetic and business schools with the two mission trips in the Philippines we were able to minister empowered pastors and leaders and leaders to be about 3,000 and close to 700 people got saved and thousands were empowered countless were healed we lost count of the healings that the Lord did but I know for sure they’re giving glory to God and nobody else I also went to washington DC to release a prophecy in september that affected and manifested in congress and the shaking of the political system in this country started do you know that the last election got dealt with both political parties not just one but both and this is just the beginning we need to continue to pray for them as we are commanded in the scripture I also went to Vancouver British Columbia and I also release prophecies and prayer and met a few a handful of spiritual leaders there and I delivered my message for them why is this significant few years ago the Lord told me that North America will see and experience the move of God like never before I will address this later on and I will share some of the visions and prophecies with you concerning that I also held business and prophetic schools here in San Antonio to prepare God’s people for the transfer of wealth influence and affluence we are going to implement God’s ways of doing things here on earth as we advance the kingdom of God through the leading of the Holy Spirit being Jesus Christ front and center Jesus Christ and the power of his resurrection last summer I worked with a core team and with the youth at Freedom Fellowship charts and we set up businesses and companies and we finalized their business plans that God gave them in accordance to the ways and the means of the kingdom of God it was so easy to work with the youth they don’t analyze they receive everything by faith and I am very excited for their future and you know personally what is happening to me I am going back to the business world in 2017 full force it started in 2016 in the summer I worked so hard but I enjoyed myself too I’ve been asking God for this for more than a decade and I did not realize that it’s going to manifest in 2016 but I am so excited for that even though I’m tired I’m still excited because I want to learn the system of God his ways of doing things here on earth the principles of the kingdom without the religiosity and man-made doctrines now you know I’ve been asking the Holy Spirit like I said for more than a decade and I realized that it took the Holy Spirit this long for me to unlearn things especially those that I used to be very capable and very good at and to learn new things his ways of doing things I fully understand it now I’m still excited I’m still learning and the Lord gave me some hints in 2013 I did not like the changes 2014 I didn’t like what he was telling me and in 2016 I finally embraced after a long series of discussions with God and now here I am in 2017 I am so excited because of what the Lord had me prophesy for 2017 and beyond and you know what we at Freedom Fellowship charts are in the right smacking center of God’s move glory to God all over the world yes you missed big time last December 31st and as I always do at the beginning of the year I refuse to see anyone to meet with me so that I can hold their hands and prophesy to them personally the Lord’s instruction to me since 2003 has not changed that I am to focus my attention and my energy and resources and prayer and prophesy to those who are willing to get in line to wait to receive a word from the Lord to wait like everybody else to pay for their meals because it is that important to them I do not care what excuses you have my instruction is clear do not give anybody special treatment do not enable anybody and focus on those Jews that are hungry and thirsting for God for his presence for his touch to hear that thus saith the Lord those that are patient hungry and faithful and I understand that how can you disciple and how can a Christian mature who just want to serve God their own convenience and don’t tell me because you did not have any money the event was announced several weeks before that before the day you know what if you have the will you will find a way I was in awe for the prophecies released upon those that were there I expect great things but not that great you understand what I’m talking about I thought December 31st is the best ever and now I am saying that the prophecies for 2017 over nations over the body of Christ over Christians personally those who attended there is awesome you know I check into the hotel a few days before the event to prepare myself as always keep in mind that me and the team returned from the crusade in the Philippines we arrived here midnight on December 19th and usually it will take several days to adjust at a new time zone especially when we landed it was cold in my case it took me a lot longer because we have so much challenges on our flight going there and our return flight I’m talking about my flight with Sandy so I was still recovering when I checked into the hotel I got the names of the registrants with me so that I can ask the Lord to give me personal prophecy for each and every one of them what happened to those few days at the hotel for my preparation for that great event I slept the Lord put me to sleep when I wake up I prayed he will reveal things to me and some of the things that he was talking about they’re not concerning the other people it’s concerning about his plans and and the events and what to expect for 2017 I want to hear for his people I thought that was the reason why I was there but instead he made me recover from my mission trip and that evening of the conference I showed Mike my folder it’s still just the names of the registrants but no prophecies I only received about five prophecies for individuals and they are still not complete and that’s it that was it I was feeling guilty I was almost feeling guilty for not being prepared after all I take very seriously when I prophesy to people it’s their lives it’s their future that they are expecting something to hear from the Lord through me then I heard the voice of the Lord telling me Cristina my yoke is easy and my burden is light you have been telling my people to enjoy the process so enjoy the process I want you to enjoy tonight at the back of my mind with my own understanding how can I enjoy tonight wherein I have nothing right it is all right if I’m not the one who’s leading that conference I could enjoy myself more but there was such a great peace and contentment in me that was so surprising and as soon as I entered the meeting room I sensed immediately that everybody who came everybody there they were expecting something great from the Lord they were hand-picked by God and they were called by God to attend and they chose to show up and we were all in one Accord even the praise and worship is so different and now I can truly say that that is the most enjoyable and easiest conference I ever led in the many years of ministry the Holy Spirit was right there with me he took over and he ordered the service I spoke for hours and hours and when I call the people their names that’s when the Lord gave me their personal prophecies so I have the review and listen to those prophecies over and over again because I was astounded on what was coming out from my mouth what an awesome time I had everybody all of us were so excited and many stayed until about 3:00 in the morning including me we were all in awe of how great God is and how much he loves us do you know that God the Father loves you as much as he loves his only begotten Son his glory was revealed that night and it hit all of us I am a changed person I had really enjoyed myself it was the easiest conference it was not a burden and this is how it’s going to be in 2017 if we allow the Holy Spirit to lead us to teach us his ways of doing things if we are willing to unlearn things and just focus on Jesus Christ and the power of his resurrection some of the prophecies Joshua and James are now editing and compiling the prophecies for 2017 and we will broadcast some of them on this program I said some of them because some of them is not for public consumption really I want to emphasize to those who attended those who were there take time spend time alone with the Lord so that you can digest all of those goodies the prophecies that were released follow all the instructions contained in those prophecies especially those instructions to the body of Christ including the very simple ones whatever happened from now on whatever challenges you will face in 2017 keep in mind those prophecies released you may be looking at the facts in your life what is happening might be true but you focus on the truth because truth can change your facts but facts cannot change the truth those that have been faithful this is the prophecy for 2017 it was given first to the core team at Freedom Fellowship charts through those that have been faithful those who sowed seeds in the past those who obeyed me said the Lord I say well done come and enter the joy of your Lord come and share with my happiness keep in mind that the joy of the Lord is our strength so those who receive that prophecy you will enter the year 2017 not by your own strength but by the strength of the Lord of glory you will soar in 2017 you are a part of the transfer of wealth and your seed sown on fertile ground are now in full bloom what is the scripture reference for that prophecy the parable of the talents that Jesus told us in Matthew chapter 25 those who double their talents those that were productive in Matthew chapter 25 verses 21 and 23 it says well done good and faithful servant you have been faithful with few things I will put you in charge of many things come and share your masters happiness I’m reading from NIV and Nehemiah chapter 8 verse 10 in part says do not grieve for the joy of the Lord is your strength Isaiah 58 verse 14 then you will find your joy in the Lord and I will cause you to ride on the heights of the land and to feast on the inheritance of your father Jacob the mouth of the Lord has spoken we are going to confront the challenges of 2017 not by our own abilities or strength but through and by the Lord Jesus power and strength that is our confidence that’s why we are strong and we’re taking over starting in 2017 so if you are one of the doubters who always analyzes things and if you don’t understand something you would not believe it until you understand it or you can explain it away if you cannot see it if you cannot hold it you don’t believe it if you can understand things if you already have it there is no room for faith and for hope to operate in your life that just shall live by faith and even if God will tell you in details you will not have believed it anyway because you are one of those doubters and you know that doubting is a very serious sin Habakkuk chapter one verse five in part said for I’m going to do something in your days that you will not believe even if you were told in Acts chapter 13 verse 41 says look you scoffers wonder and perish for I’m going to do something in your days that you will never believe even if someone told you that is why I cannot release all those prophecies that the Lord gave for 2017 because I have been prophesying to you but you have been ignoring those prophecies and if you ignore them then I’m pretty sure you ignored the specific instructions contained in those prophecies how could I give you a full counsel of God by meeting with you personally because you feel that you are too important to show up in one of those events even if it’s not our events it’s for some even if for somebody else so I’m not going to enable you for your sake and not for mine but for your own sight those that are maturing in the bud of Christ have increased in number greatly increase in number all over the world so I want you to ponder all the goodness that God has released in the bud of Christ with or without our approval whether we believe or not whether we agree with it or not it’s still going to come to pass because the zeal of the Lord will accomplish this not ours and we will continue to mature the body of Christ I will continue to share and encourage you on the radio but you need to get engaged my dear brothers and sister the true church is emerging and the government of God will emerge as it is now the Holy Spirit has to put everything in order because we are really out of order the five offices will operate all of them but the apostles and prophets of the most holy God will take the center stage and they will mature the bud of Christ and I am running out of time again don’t forget to tune in to the next broadcast and if you missed any of our broadcast we are on podcast all you need to do is to go to our website

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Episode 257: Pondering His Goodness Past and Onward

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