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Episode 259: Sound Doctrine from the Holy Spirit

Jesus brought forth new doctrines that blew the minds of the religious leaders of the time, and brought healing to God’s people. Sound doctrine from the Holy Spirit will always point to Jesus front and center with signs and wonders following.

Published: January 21, 2017

Speakers: Cristina Sosso, Joshua Sosso




hello thank you for tuning in this is Joshua Sosso with freedom fellowship Church and sons have gotten international and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time I’m filling in for Pastor Cris this week but we’re gonna be listening to an excerpt actually from the prophetic gathering of the Saints this past New Year’s during this recording that I’m going to share with you Pastor Cris is going to address she’s going to be talking about doctrines and the importance of relying on the Holy Spirit she’s gonna also address a bunch of other things that we as the body of Christ that we need to focus on and we need to address so let’s listen in and hear what Pastor Cris has to say Jesus rated so many doctrines so the elitists hated him first of all how dare him to be a rabbi to be called a prophet to be called a teacher wherein he’s not from the Levitical priesthood how dare him and then lo and behold he shook the status quo again he picked the twelve disciples out not from their Bible schools not from their own they picked them from the working class like you and I so if they made it you’re gonna do something better than that right he picked his disciples from the working class not from the Levites not from the teachers of the law so they cannot understand him but they were afraid of the people because they considered Jesus as what as a prophet the highest of all higher than the chief priests higher than the teachers of the law prophets are considered the utmost okay well if you don’t believe it oh that’s in the old scripture that’s in the New Testament that is in the before gasp was right so he brought the status quo and then he changed their doctrine they say an eye for an eye I say you forgive and then how dare him to call God his father that’s a new doctrine they accuse him of blasphemy and then he quoted them scriptures did not the scripture said Ye are gods then what are you accusing me for and they cannot understand but they cannot really replicate or even match all the signs and wonders that he performed that is the only way in 2017 that the body of Christ should emerge as a powerful glorious influential charts like Jesus so Jesus dictate the outcome no one can take my life away I have the volunteer to give it up so if Jesus have done that and we imitate him nobody can take away your life okay let’s talk about dying and things you’re not serious anyway what are you going to offer him when you face him so he changed the doctrines and said everybody has to wash their hands and they are the disciples they’re eating lo and behold did the dirty hands and then he gave them a new revelation that is totally unscriptural that’s why they hated him and said you’re the children of the devil remember Jesus is the truth they cannot lie remember I said you’re the children that the devil is like what we are sons of Abraham but you couldn’t miss it no if you belong to my father in heaven you would have received me and then he changed the doctrines again if you receive me you receive God the Father I mean that’s blasphemous and here you are you and I I stuck to that stinking doctrines that limit God and limit God’s people we’re still in the latest mentality oh you had to spend fifteen years in order to get the anointing that I got what a greeting did you walk on water are you getting this you have to give everything - about you and there’s an saying and they’re not willing to give up everything they want you to give up everything hello so those are doctrines that you think that this is how God’s gonna move I’ve got a fast and pray I’m gonna dance before the Lord oh wait a minute somebody did this I am going to do this and go too fast for a year and then God is gonna answer me are you getting this and those things sometimes they work sometimes they don’t have you ever wondered why if God’s answer is always yes and amen those that are prayed in accordance to his perfect will he will never withhold good things have you ever wondered why so we created more doctrines it’s not the timing of God it’s not the will of God but when you see those shoes oh this is God’s will he led me to these shoes right we always give excuse to what not in accordance to God’s perfect will but in accordance to our senses what we see what we want things happened we have that pandered and say nevertheless is not my will but it’s your will right so it’s not that we don’t believe in God probably we don’t trust him probably we’re convinced that we know better than that hello that’s why we’re always right in the smacking center of it all I told you before you got bless I have to skin you alive so all of these doctrines they don’t create miracles they’re created excuses after excuses until we are not sure whether we’re hearing from God or we’re not because still in the senses if it’s in the senses it’s still in the flesh it is your spirit that is talking to you not the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit every time he tells you to do something it will glorify him it will benefit you and it will not stop from there it will benefit others you have to find those three criterias not just to are getting this and the battle cries are still in Levitical mentality Levitical priesthood here we are with 2017 we still have not decided yet whether a woman can preach oh I just cannot receive from a woman ya gotta be kidding me I’ll give you million dollars in a nice prophecy you can receive from me so don’t give me that because why it limit and it divides we’re still in those categories of religiosity we’re still in the Levitical priesthood we’re in actuality probably 99% of the pastors nowadays would not qualify they’re not from the tribe of Levites they’re Americans right so all of us are disqualified but we had not even stop to think hello well because it’s in the law isn’t that what God said even Jesus said you know it is the original intent of God that man and woman that he brought together will be together but a doctrine was changed because of the hardness of man’s heart that Moses allowed divorce so isn’t that a new theology well we haven’t gotten past that and we put pressure on one another men are running away from the church services why because they don’t want to be faster they wanted to invent and create something and every time they come I said oh your pastor you’re supposed to be this you’re supposed to be the leader of your household don’t they know that already before you know it husband and wife will be holding hands and kissing before you know it they’re not talking to each other on the way home because you messed up they’re lovely we have not graduated from that and here we are we’re in 2017 and if you will not ask God to increase your capacity to receive if you if you’re not going to ask God for understanding of the times that we’re in on who God is you’re going to miss a part of this values of blessings coming our way because if you look back 2016 is a lot of things for all of us we were forced to let go and give up on trying to make things work whether it’s a relationship whether it’s finances what is anything and we just kind of let go well probably it’s not the time I have to memorize all the Book of Psalms in order for me to get there and this I’m saying you may have memorized all Bible if the Holy Spirit does not illuminate thanks to you it’s just another book The Book of Psalms is just another book of poems that you have to memorize because why our eyes are not fixed on Jesus who God is once we get to know who God is everything else will follow and you will not get to know our Lord Jesus Christ if you do not have any personal intimate relationship with him and it’s not just oh I have to dance before him book number one so-and-so said that I have to dance before the Lord and you’re dancing before the Lord and you’re not getting the prophetic anointing that you’re looking for oh I have to fast and pray all the while you just want to lose a few inches I did that too that’s why I know cuz I’m trying to be religious right oh I have to pray and you prayed a thousand times nothing’s still happening why because it is the Holy Spirit that empowers all of us he said when the Holy Spirit come upon you you will be endued with power so holy spirit who is sent by God the Father and God the Son here on earth is our power source so if you are not led by the Holy Spirit you can do all these spiritual rituals that you do but nothing matters all of a sudden it’s like how come who is that woman Cristina that is there I am a lot better than her and you really are convinced and you may be right but better is not something I have an intimate relationship with Jesus it costs others to be jealous that they wanted that kind of relationship with him you can only give what you have that’s what I have a lot of people are asking what is the secret I said we’ve never seen anything like this before why because 1,500 ministers and leaders have all got slain in the spirit all in one time this in February the prophetic gathering of the Saints how can you find that in the Bible how can you prepare for something like that you can’t and the Holy Spirit knew that and said okay let me do it let me do it wind they all got slain and do you think they say oh you’re so annoying that I didn’t do anything I like the kind of anointing I just stand over there and pray to the Holy Spirit and you’ll do it the credit has been given to me oh did I touch you no then give glory to God you mean I can have that yes you can and we know that impartation doesn’t work how many anointed men and women of God that imparted their anointing to you and you’re still not operating the way you wanted or you desire to operate impartation czar temporary but it’s up to you to walk that salvation to walk that relationship with the Lord Jesus then you will be empowered because if importation I will be very very rich by just selling it invitation time $500 Oh make that two thousand for crying out loud after all this is a post Olek and prophetic right and if you’re going to give two thousand dollars I might even send you a holy water that I spent on an olive oil that I blessed yeah and three yards of hem per chair because if the motivation is not right God will not get the glory it will only benefit you but it will not benefit others how many like for example if I’m going to give out like fifty handkerchiefs today how many do you think will come back with a praise report but you know I put it in a coffin of somebody that is dead died and it rose again how many of you probably none just like how many love offerings have you tucked in for ministers to pray for the salvation of your loved ones all of a sudden the salvation is not free anymore you have to pay for it I feel sorry for those don’t have any money do you think that God plays fabrics hello but if Christ these are all practices that you and I have condoned over all these years because why some of us just want to be catered to pray for me prophesied please include me in prayers while I’ll do everything in my power not to get into too much trouble so that I can continue doing what I have I promise you ten percent of my income and in that I have to have benefits I can call you and text you any time of the day and night I’ll give you ten pages of prayer requests gosh I might as well sell real estate real estate you can only get six commission but man all I need to do is to pray to the Lord and be good in marketing abilities I don’t have to ask for your 10 percent see it is the original intent of God that all of us have dominion over all created things that is the original intent of God it should not just fall to few he found fault in the Old Covenant in accordance to the book of Hebrews that’s why he created he cut a new covenant covenant with the father and a covenant with us right because he found fault in it because only few are part of the ruling class elitist isn’t that what liberalism they think that they are so smart and they tell us what to do and I look at the news as an entertainment they give a commentary that’s not what the American people like they didn’t ask me I’m an American right they didn’t ask me because the ruling class they think that they hire we’re in in revelation 1:6 and revelation 5:10 God said that scripture and you cannot add or take away from this he has created all of us born-again believers to be kings and priests to rule and reign with him here on the earth not the five offices the five offices should minister disciple and preach their way out of the office so that the batter price will be truly United right that’s what the scripture said I’m not telling you anything but I’m just proving to you in the scriptures that Jesus has created new doctrines and here we are we’re clinging on a little bit of Levitical priesthood there a little bit of the Old Testament here a little bit of here and then we get one scripture in the Bible that we like and then we make a doctrine out of it right we made a doctrine out of it as if it’s written in stone we have forgotten who God is it’s never his planned that husband and wife shall divorce but God allowed it why because of who he is if you are a parent and you have a daughter and but I have a beautiful almost perfect one there right there the back almost perfect if she decided to disobey me and Mike or Envy no don’t marry that dude he’s bad news he’s going to do this to you and and she went out get married anyway and then he started wanting to be like Mary whether or manny pacquiao and use your daughter as a punching bag if I even told my daughter that you’re going to marry this and if trouble comes you deserve it because of your rebellion isn’t that why Jesus died on the cross first to prepay our sins well he died 2,000 plus years ago you were not born 2,000 years ago so what will I do even though it’s a law for me will I not find a way for her first probably I’m going to talk to the man and probably I’ll send Mike any of that thing happened what will happened I am going to take my daughter by her divorce and probably have some proof to send that young man to jail for what he has done to my daughter shall I tell my daughter who made a mistake you want to pay with this for the rest of your life you can never get married again some of our doctors are bad a loving God wanted you to suffer for the rest of your life because of one mistake huh I thought his love and His mercy is renewed every morning so what happened to that doctrine we have to understand the loving God the merciful God the Almighty the knowing other God before we cling to our doctrines and our religiosity because if you are God and that is your loved one are you going to find a way huh I want you when you are confront with issues that mess up your doctrines I want you to pray and want you to look and ask God always consider him and his character and its attributes then we will not make the same mistakes like our forefathers have done before us we do not isolate anyone if God is Almighty he can use anyone so forget about all your doctrines you always use Jesus Christ as the litmus test hello and he is more loving than you and he knows more than you so what is happening in the United States of America if you don’t understand it rejoice there is room for you to understand for the Holy Spirit to come upon you and give you understanding amen so that’s something we really need to be aware of we need to allow ourselves to be receptive to the leading of the Holy Spirit because you know that’s what it all comes back to we need to have the heart of God and we need to be willing to be led by the Holy Spirit if we cling to our doctrines if we cling to our own understanding if we cling to the way things have always been before we won’t be able to be elevated to the glory and to the fullness of the calling that God has for us so it really it comes back to being open to allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us in our daily walk and it doesn’t matter what we’re doing whether we’re at work whether we’re a grocery shopping whether we’re with our family whether we’re preaching a sermon whether we’re teaching a Sunday School it doesn’t matter what we’re doing it doesn’t matter where God has called you or placed you we need to be willing to allow God to take the lead including on the things that we’re good at that we’ve been doing for years and years and years we need to even let those go yes maybe you’ve done it for 10 years and you know exactly how it goes but if you allow God to lead you in those areas he’ll be able to show you new things new revelations just like Jesus Jesus brought about new revelations that people hadn’t read into the scriptures before that the teachers of the law weren’t teaching and if we allow the Holy Spirit to illuminate us with new revelations we’ll begin to see the Scriptures and a new light will begin to see our daily walk in a new way and God will really be able to take us to the next level so I urge all of you let’s allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in every area of our life so we’re running out of time for today but before we go I have something very excited to share with you and it’s something that we’re planning here at Freda foster Church what it is is a tour this summer to the Holy Land Israel that’s right this may 31st all the way through June 9th we’re actually going to be taking a group of people to Israel to visit the Holy Land so it’s very exciting if you want to join us we’re opening this up to the public to our radio listeners to our partners so if you’re hearing me talk right now you’re invited but if you want to join us we’re taking a whole group of people then go to our website and get registered today there’s going to be enough deposit of $200 that’s needed to register your place from there we can basically work towards getting your entire trip paid for and the entire Israel tour is gonna cost thirty eight hundred dollars per person your deposit goes towards this fund but that’s going to cover basically your hotels your plane tickets the guided tours everything in addition after going through Israel we will also be having a tour to Greece where we will go to some of the places that the Apostle Paul went including Ephesus and the island of Patmos so it’s all very exciting and if you want to go on that tour to Greece after the Israel tour it’s gonna be an additional twenty one hundred dollars which would make the total D $900 so that’s what we have going on this summer and we want to invite all of you so if you’re interested in coming with us to the Holy Land then I encourage you get registered today get registered as soon as you can because the sooner we have the numbers the sooner we can get all the reservations and everything sorted out so go to our website
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Episode 259: Sound Doctrine from the Holy Spirit

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