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Episode 260: Living by Faith

We need to be kingdom minded. Afterward, you will look back and realize that your situation, challenges, and problems are really puny in comparison to the power of God. Blessed is the man whose trust is in the Lord and whose confidence is in Him.

Published: February 04, 2017

Speakers: Cristina Sosso, Joshua Sosso




hello thank you for tuning in this is Joshua Sosso and you’re listening to the prophetic voice of our time we’ve got a very exciting broadcast for you today we’re going to continue sharing with you some of the messages that Pastor Cris has been teaching to us but before we begin I just want to remind you all that we are taking a group of people to tour Israel and this is something very exciting it’s gonna be happening this summer end of May to June 9th so if you’re interested give us a call this week we’re going to be talking about faith living by faith because you see the thing is is that a lot of people will say oh I’m living by faith I’m living by faith when a reality they’re just saying it but they’re not actually living it they’re not actually living by faith it’s just words so Pastor Cris is going to share with us she’s gonna talk about what it means to actually live by faith and what faith does and how it affects our lives so I encourage you all open up your hearts open up your ears to receive what the Lord has for us and we’re going to listen in to Pastor Cris so let’s listen in now we need to really focus and be Kingdom minded okay we need to be Kingdom minded and you know what afterwards you look back and you realize that your situation your challenges your problems are really puny in comparison to the power of God right okay I want you to repeat this after me and say it with great conviction I will not settle for anything else than what God has for me in 2017 means to say you’re gonna get it all right always tell yourself that and don’t focus on yourself but focus on the God who loves you just because he loves you that’s why you deserve it okay you belong to the family of God and why am I saying this now because all the things that you are hoping and praying that God will manifest they are already here in 2017 it’s just waiting for you for your heart and your condition and your ways of doing things to be adjusted for them to manifest are you getting this because this is a big thing for all of us and we need we need to break the mold okay so we are faith people am i correct and we know the definition of faith in Hebrews 11 faith is the substance of things hoped for right and the evidence your faith is the evidence of things not seen so you don’t live by faith if you are seeing things oh yeah I am so blessed with this flower I’m so blessed no it’s probable that you are harvesting what you have sown or probably you obey God and those are payments for your work that day because when God said that the workers are worthy of their hire is not the world’s way is what we did in the kingdom the one who pays us is everything that is in accordance to the ways of God’s doing things on the earth the rest were getting paid out there like the rest of the world but we have beyond that because we are not of this world but we still live here right okay and we understand that over the course of time because people believe God without seeing or touching anything but just believing him in spite of the impossibilities because of who God is instead of who we are right and they changed the course of history they transform Nations women receive their dead right they shut the mouths of the Lions those are supernatural things do you agree those are all supernatural things so we have been cutting down and and lowering the standard of faith and when we said that well I live by faith most of us are not really living by faith hello what is this by faith women received their dead who raised the dead other than me and Mike who shut the mouth of the lion not by gun but by killing them who shut the mouth of the lion it’s by faith that they shut the mouth of the lion am I correct okay because remember when Daniel was thrown in the lion’s den the King said that are you there man of God did the lion harm you and I said like no my king here they are they’re pairing they kept me warm I used to want as a pillow are you getting this that’s supernatural probably if I will be Daniel in that time if I don’t know God I’ll just close my eyes and pray in the spirit out of fear am I correct when you pray out of fear by the Christ it’s not faith hello it’s not faith because God did not give us a spirit of fear right but of what power love and sound mind so if you close your eyes and I said all I can do is to pray you are praying out of fear and you got out of the situation because of the mercy of God not because of your faith hello I want you to really look and change your spiritual lens make it greater than 2020 okay the lens looking through the eyes of love looking through the eyes of God right I’ve been teaching you this for many many years right okay now just to simplify it further faith is beyond comprehension faith is beyond your abilities faith is beyond your reasoning beyond your strength beyond your sphere of influence right it is beyond your how much will it cost you or how much do you have money in the bank it is beyond that that is faith because you are just living outside of faith under the grace of God am I correct we have to walk through the supernatural so if you still can see things if you still can do it in their abilities if you continue to reason with your mind that I don’t understand I don’t have this and said then it is not faith but of Christ because faith is beyond that right okay so every time we review with God what he’s telling us or what he wants us to do it has to be beyond your comprehension that is why King David have prayed remove presumptuousness away from me because we assume things and then we plan it and our action is based on that presumption and assumption and then we go back to the same cycle that we cannot get out of hello finances health ministry relationship I don’t want you to assume anything especially when it comes to relationship to assume anything and and lower your expect because you have not really focused on who you are in Christ Jesus that you have a low self-esteem that you think that’s what you deserve so it will open doors for compromises and you will still remain in that cycle because your flesh will say let me do this and repent later it’s a gamble that it’s a risk that you’re going to take knowing knowing that you will end up in a pattern hello how do we look at relationship it is by natural ways right by natural by the way we look our age our economic situation am I correct we look at that and then we measure it and it’s very limiting it’s not important in the kingdom of God well look at ruth the moabite he didn’t realize that Naomi and God are in two hoots to change her destiny just because of her loyalty I am NOT going to leave you mother-in-law right and the other daughters-in-law they went out and looked for what husbands they left I said okay bye but not her and said no I said were you Lodge I will Lodge your God will be my god oh do you think that God is listening to that and and her dress and she will be mine I want you to look at this she will be mine because of that commitment and because of that grated cheese she was just gleaming Nalepa Simon the richest bachelor and the entire nation happened to be there well if we are roof in our own thinking American thinking there is no way that he is going to notice we have to be dressed in our finest attire we have to socialize where he’s supposed to go am I correct have to attend the same party will be dressed like well Ruth is not thinking about anything she’s just one thing to survive he sees now the earner the provider of the family which is knowing me and her and she didn’t know anything about anybody else isn’t it know anything about boys didn’t know anything about the culture am i correct and she became the lineage of Jesus Christ she did not plan it she did not work at it she focus on what how to make money in a foreign land as directed by her mother-in-law that’s it am I correct she didn’t dress herself up she didn’t do anything she only focused on what she has to do and not worrying about it and behind the scene God was planning as soon as God heard your God will be my god Jesus said okay she will be my great-great-great great-great-great grandmother same thing with us do not focus on your challenge and your desire because they will become mountains for you because your own brain is going to tell you you’re getting you’re getting older you don’t have this you don’t have this you’re too thin you’re too heavy oh your hair is not thick enough your hair is not long enough your hair not short enough there’s something about your nose there’s something about your ears I mean you are gonna find a lot of things that your brain is going to tell you that’s the flesh that is not faith faith is believing like Abraham you’ll be the father of many nations so you’re going to call yourself every time hi I’m Cristina I’m the father of many nations oh how many dozens of kids do you have none that is outside of Abraham’s understanding that is outside of his ability that’s outside within the age of childbearing when it comes to his wife Sarah see it is beyond comprehension right it is beyond their own ability it’s beyond their own strength it is beyond their own resources and everything else comes with it that’s faith that is changing and transforming the lives of many transforming your lives and Nations now that is faith hello okay so what do we do when we receive your part of the transfer of influence and affluence and then you wanted to take a short course in banking or you wanted to do this or you’ll be a healer and say okay it’ll be good for me to have a doctor’s degree how long would that take six months with God it’s just a moment at that time you became a healer every time you step outside of faith you will start practicing what’s in the world out there and it opens you for compromises for mistakes and it takes too long it will cost you such a great deal did it cost roof anything nothing that’s how we use our faith as currency but of Christ right are you getting this or it’s just me who’s trying to strengthen my faith because I’m coming into such big big awesome things huh get excited say this again I will not settle for anything less than what the Lord Jesus has for me in 2017 I get to keep the goods I give him all the glory that’s it for me it’s more than generous just include me just mention my name invoke my name and I’ll do it for you you get to enjoy it just because I’m in love with you hello when you feel rejected by the world you kept on saying um Jesus he’s in love with me that’s all it matters focus on what God is telling you this 2017 what God is saying to the body of Christ okay and outside of faith is sin remember faith is beyond comprehension faith is beyond your abilities faith is beyond reasoning don’t intellectualize it it’s beyond your own strength and even beyond your sphere of influence right so what do we do proverbs chapter 3 verses 5 through 8 trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight when there is an impossible situation and that he said all the Lord the Lord is going to do this then that is faith it is not your abilities anymore it’s not about your anointing it’s a repetition of God always put his reputation forget about your reputation we’re not supposed to have any reputation right ok do not be wise in your own eyes there it is fear the Lord and shun evil and this is the secret to divine health this will bring health to your body and nourishment to your bones those that are in the body of Christ shall not have any bone fractures do not have any problem with our bone density and all of those things because they will regenerate our youth is renewed every morning am i correct okay so it brings health to your body and nourishment to your bones honor the Lord with your wealth with the firstfruits of all your crops then your barns will be filled to overflowing that is better than a bank or even the Dow Jones did you hear that Joshua just was telling me and said well I wish I have money before it reached 20,000 instead wishing away instead asking away ask the Holy Spirit what we need to do for the transfer of wealth just continue to thank God well I don’t have any abilities good then you cannot take credit it got to be God so don’t give me all those reasons okay then your barns will be filled to overflowing and your vats will brim over with new wine right okay and Jeremiah chapter 17 starting with verse 5 cursed is the man who what trust in the arms of flesh or curse is the one who trusts in man who depends on flesh for strength and whose heart turns away from the Lord especially for us ladies oh you’re the breadwinner of the family sweetheart that is your responsibility this is our own responsibility but of Christ personally and then yes our spouses will be blessed beyond measure but you do not depend on any men you depend on God or there is some cursing and we are living in some of those curses thank God it’s a new year and it’s a new beginning am I correct okay curse is the one who trusts in men who depends on flesh for his strength and his heart turns away from the Lord he will be like a bush in wastelands he will not see prosperity when it comes I don’t want that he will dwell in the parts places of the desert in a salt land where no one lives I want people that when they mentioned my name Cristina they’ll say prosperity anointed successful in the things of God that’s a good name am I correct instead of trying well you know a thousand years ago my family are really well-to-do family I have a few drops of royal blood I have a hundred percent royalty okay I am royalty so forget about those just like what the Apostle Paul said don’t worry about genealogy it will just lead to pride and what arguments but trust in the Lord right okay but blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord whose confidence is in him he will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream it does not fear when heat comes its leaves are always green it has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit and of course the second Chronicles 2020 have faith in the Lord your God and you will be upheld have faith in its prophets and you will be prosperous amen so all we need to do is just focus on the Word of God focus on what God has been telling you what God has been telling the body of Christ and then everything else will come into his perfect will as we look back at the story of Ruth Ruth was not thinking about getting married again Ruth was not thinking about any of that she was just saying I’m going to take care of my mother-in-law Naomi and she said your God be my god and God saw that God saw that and he blessed her because she decided to do that and so if we just focus on God on his goodness on what he’s telling us to do then everything will come together according to his perfect will amen and again it’s living by faith anything that’s living by faith if we can reason it if we can figure it out if we have the money for it if we have the resources for it if it makes sense to us that’s not living by faith you might be living under the grace of God but faith goes beyond our understanding faith goes beyond the natural goes beyond what we see so if you can see the manifestations if you can see it you’re not walking by faith and so we need to keep that in mind as we move for we need to walk by faith and allow God to expand our vision and can expand our capacity receive amen

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Episode 260: Living by Faith

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