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Episode 264: Knowing Our God and the Season

We need to know the season that we’re in. Those who know their God, they shall do exploits. The result of what is going on in our government was previously announced by the Lord.

Published: March 11, 2017

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




god bless you for tuning in hello this is Cristina Sosso of Freedom Fellowship Church and sons of God International and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time today is the last day of the fundraising event since we got rained out last week I gave the team an option whether they would want to continue this sale for another week or so I told them that they can also extend the sale this Sunday after the morning service from two o’clock in the afternoon until about 5:30 so that we’ll have time to prepare for the evening service it is up to them I would like to thank those who came even last Saturday in spite of the rain the rain did not stop you from showing your support and to encourage all of us especially our young team god bless you this trip or this tour to Israel we have a very important mission that will change and transform the lives of those who will participate it will also affect this country in the bat of Christ here in North America for much greater good for a greater purpose why because of the season that we are in this is what I’m going to discuss with you we need to know the season that we’re in those who know their God they shall do exploits so we are learning more about Jesus and also I want to tell you God will not do anything here on earth without revealing it first with servants the prophets that’s Amos chapter 3 verse 7 I want to remind you most of you already know the result of what is going on in our government in our political system right now it was announced by the Lord so we should not be surprised by what is happening but we have to be very mindful during our December 31st prophetic gathering of the Saints God said that there will be upheavals in our political system in our government there will be a lot of turmoil but he is instructing the value of Christ not to be alarmed but the focus on our Lord Jesus Christ anything that can be shaken will be shaken so that the things of God shall remain in our political system the way our founding fathers meant it to be this is in Hebrews 12 27 anything that can be shaken will be shaken so that the things of God shall remain it does not matter anymore how you voted last presidential election or even if you did not vote at all you know you should have it is now in the past what I want for you to see is the season that we’re in and as a part of the body of Christ don’t be moved by what you see or hear but be in the know what God is doing and who God is keep in mind that he is God and His purpose and plan for year 2017 and beyond for your life for this country and for the body of Christ as a whole shall stand all good things come from God so the result of what is happening in our country is going to be good if we the bat of Christ focus on him and we’ll always do the right thing all right example the overhaul or repeal of Obamacare that is a part of the shaking what will be removed and why is it shaken so that the things of God shall remain what are the things that are not from God in Obamacare to grievious things the funding of abortion must be eliminated to protect the unborn second for the senior citizen especially the removal of the deaf panel it’s there but a price so these two important and that they are wicked in the sight of God and must be wicked in our sight must be removed because the unborn children and the senior citizens in this country have the right a god-given right to decide their future and not somebody else the right to life the right to continue to live I was very vocal regards to my opposition to this bill now it is going to be repealed changed or modified it is a manifestation of the prophecy several years ago that Obamacare will not be applied as a law of the land the way it was written the way it was passed we got this prophecy I believe in April 2009 before the Democrats passed it we were all fasting and praying that it will not pass at that time and I was in a hotel room preparing for a prophetic conference when the Lord said that the Democrats will pass it anyway and when it passed I found this when I was at the Capitol Hill years after that in 2010 and beknownst to many of us Christians when it passed when the Obamacare passed Christian’s in the Senate and in the house took turns to come in the Capitol Chapel to repent before God because they were not able to stop it why did they take turns because if you have been the state capitol you will see their Chapel it was small only about six maximum of nine people will be able to go in and pray so our brothers and sisters in the house and in the Senate took their turns and praying and repenting before God throughout the night until the morning so the Lord had me released prophecy that it will not be applied as the law of the land the way it was written god never sacrifices one over the other he already sacrificed his only begotten Son and he does not play fabric keep that in mind for the younger generation I don’t want them to be paying for our sins and for our mistakes I don’t want them to be paying higher insurance premium so that it can support the others who are not paying who cannot afford to pay and have pre-existing condition they should not suffer and they should not pay the penalty for that they have to be a better way are you getting this and also the Obamacare is mandated by the government that you have to because when they fought this the constitutionality of this bill they say that it is a tax so it passed the tax tests at the Supreme Court those that are healthy people who take care of themselves who are doing everything right also have to pay the penalty for the sins of others or for the others who can help themselves that they have been sick but they should not be penalized for that living a healthy lifestyle should be encouraged instead of being penalized you do not take away from others to give to others there got to be a better way it is time for the implementation of God’s ways of doing things here on earth and we have to pray for our health care to be enacted as a law of the land we must receive wisdom from above we have to pray for this why in some states for instance it is the first time in the history of this country that some people in other states their health insurance premium is much higher than their mortgage payment than their rent payment that is absurd for those politicians who are opposing the repeal or the correction or to enact a better law and they’re accusing the other party of protecting the rich or giving the rich a tax break that is a lie Americans are paying insurance premium many many millions of us are not rich at least not yet so we need to pray for wisdom from God for our lawmakers to fix this wicked law pray for them do not listen to the media and some wicked politicians let us pray to remove the funding of abortion and to remove the death panel from that law that is why I am against it it’s against my faith it is against what the Bible commands us to live and to let others live okay we are warned by these upheavals by this turmoil that is happening in our government right now because why in 2017 when the new administration came in the dealing of the Lord have started it is just the beginning and you know what good things will come out from this our country will be stronger than ever and yes as long as the body of Christ is united we will be strong this country will enter its finest hour in 2017 we will expand our influence as the body of Christ is expanding her influence and affluence so the government is being shaken right now don’t be alarmed as I said before what is happening in our government and even in this nation is reflected in also what is happening in the body of Christ but what is happening in the body of Christ is all good there is a simultaneous shaking manifesting right now in the government as well as in the body of Christ we are in exciting times my dear brothers and sisters don’t be alarmed by it shaking in the world and shaking and repositioning in the body of Christ and positioning of the value of Christ the world is reacting just like what it says in Romans the whole creation of God groans for the manifestations of the sons of God who are the sons of God they are not all male gender excuse me those that are led by the Holy Spirit they are the sons of God Romans 8:14 even in our weather we cannot predict the weather it’s summer one day then winter the following day because why it’s manifesting God anointed our president and our present president is so unpredictable I like it it keeps our enemies on their toes and you know what the Lord is dealing with the news media as he’s going to deal with every sector of society and he’s using our President to do that everything is being aligned in their proper places as ordained by God and it will completely and fully manifest if the body of Christ will continue to focus on our Lord Jesus Christ it’s exciting you have to see beyond things I’m not being political but where I am standing right now is because of the dust saith the Lord continue to cover our political leaders as we are commanded in the Bible that in spite of them they will continue to do the right thing for this country for the American people we the body of Christ must be proactive because we are the cause of all of these things happening we are being positioned to emerge as a glorious church influential shirts so get ready you know this trip to Israel the Lord had me is schedule it it is very crucial for this ministry for the individuals going and for our nation and for the nation of Israel as well remember it’s a mission because of Jesus Christ we are now joined heirs with the nation of Israel in accordance to Ephesians chapter 3 we have an obligation and also a right to defend prey protect the nation of Israel as we protect our country because it is our inheritance Jerusalem is a part of our inheritance with the Jewish people and they’re more than willing to share Jerusalem with us see we are both looking to the coming of the same Messiah for the Jewish people the Messiah is coming for the first time for us Christians our Messiah Lord Jesus is coming for the second time so let us agree to disagree because our unifying force is Christ Jesus in our language is love so I’m not going to try to convert them but I will stand with them and pray for their salvation the relationship and/or friendship between United States and Israel have been strengthened solidified in 2017 with our new president it is now my prayer and you must pray for this that our president will honor what he promised to move our embassy to Jerusalem this was promised by other past Republican presidents but it was not honored it was never honored the most important thing of this trip to Israel is we’re going to pray for that and at the same time God wanted me to take a group there to celebrate the week of Pentecost or the season of harvest in Israel and it’s very exciting the season of harvest or the Pentecost starts the first week of June so the Lord designated this trip to Israel for us to celebrate the second required feast in the Bible glory to God you know the three required feast which is Passover Pentecost and in gathering it is not just required for the Jewish people to honor and to celebrate it is also for us remember we call it the Last Supper when Jesus celebrated the Passover with his disciples he broke the tradition he took the bread of redemption broke it and gave it to his disciples right and then he said when you celebrate this do it in remembrance of me in other words you celebrate Passover and remembrance of Jesus because he became our Passover lamb for the whole world that’s why we celebrate Passover and it’s just around the corner by the way I think it’s in the second week of April and it’s a required feast do it in remembrance of Jesus being our Passover lamb the other important thing for this trip to Israel is the ordination of ministers of our young ministers and also the exchanging of merits vows with Jesus to be the person’s Lord and front and center of their lives so some will renew their covenant with Jesus some are going to do it for the first time and I’ve been preparing them for that it’s just wonderful to fall in love with Jesus what a privilege it is for me to teach them that and at the same time to officiate their exchanging of merits vows with Jesus what an honor what a privilege afterwards Pete and Erin will renew their wedding vows in Jerusalem this is a life transforming event it is an instruction from father God for me to teach his people how to love him this is my mission what honor and privileged I have to teach his people how to really have an intimate relationship with him once you do this your life will never be the same again and I will address that if I can in future radio broadcast the one thing that you need to keep in mind is your relationship with Jesus when you are focused on him that is protected it is outside of everything and the challenges and the turmoil that and every one of us are facing every day it has to be outside of that it remained to be untouched by anything whether good or bad it remains untouched and once that is done then our relationship with Jesus will bring into alignment everything that concerns us and the third thing of my mission is this fundraising event why am i raising money for our priests team we have been teaching and disciple in our young people to know and to be educated with the issues and the challenges of our times they know what is going on in our government they know what is going on in the body of Christ and they are a part of this transfer of wealth so a part of this training is to teach them to do business God’s Way and at the same time I am teaching everyone involved to walk and live by faith and obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ that is our currency so we are believing that for the money not to beg for money but to pay for our own way by raising funds so we are selling things for a good price those products are preyed upon and as they go to everyone’s household and as they wear the clothes or put on display or using everything those are preyed upon it is our seed to everyone but we’re not asking money for nothing because we are offering them something something more than that so our fundraising consists of many wonderful stuff furnitures Joshua and Ira finished most of them the Mendozas helped steam clean and Gail steam clean the furnitures lay hands on them and so forth everybody worked and will continue to work I am trying to teach them that we have to look at our ministry or ministries as storehouses not as a source of income because God is our source so I am giving them a training job see I used to be in the business I used to be in the banking business and now we are applying God’s ways of doing things here on earth so we raise funds we do not beg we work hard we enjoyed every moment of it even though sometimes I was too tired and I teach them not to manipulate their anointing or position to ask or to get people give their money I don’t like emotional giving because the scripture clearly says in the psalm I never seen the righteous forsaken nor their seeds begging for bread so if you give to this ministry it’s because you want to or you are being led by the Holy Spirit to give not by emotional giving because if I want money I don’t have to manipulate you all I’m going to do is to ask you personally so I’m asking you now could you spare me your thousands and millions I know you have some extra stuff somewhere so if somebody will accuse me of taking money from widows and I will not spare the widow worse it is not for penny it’s not for a few hundreds it’s not their Social Security check I want to be accused of taking millions or thousands from them see I always look at things in a bigger fashion I always dream big and I strive big even if I don’t reach that goal at least I went up somewhere I expanded my vision I was not stuck in a box so if the Holy Spirit is leading you to give you obey at least I graduated you from a few dollars to hundreds to thousands and then to millions and you just got elevated your chances and your position in the transfer of wealth influence and affluence glory to God so you must know the season were in okay the body of Christ is being positioned as you are so I’m training everyone and now I’m training you to rely on God and to do what you can do you cannot produce supernatural things on something that you can do yourself that you can pay yourself faith is outside of that just like what Joshua aired last week so look at the ministry as a storehouse and a distribution center not the source God is our source and I have to show example to that in that regard so all the upheavals I’m running out of time why am i doing this because I want Jesus to welcome me I want to please Jesus I want him to recognize me at that time instead of him asking me who are you again in Matthew chapter 7 verse 22 it’s very clear Jesus says many will say to me on that day Lord Lord did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles then I will tell them plainly I never knew you away from me you evildoers I don’t want that I always remind myself and the body of Christ about that to really develop Jesus as being really Lord in your life and everything we do we do it unto the Lord so let us examine our motivation so we do not deceive ourselves and end up deceiving others what we do and the result of what we’re doing it must meet the following criteria first God gets the glory yes you benefit from it third it benefit others you will always bring glory to God in that regard amen so the season that we’re in is there are people’s out there in the world but stand firm in your belief in the knowledge of God because he who began a good work in your life will continue it until his second coming the Holy Spirit is already here to empower us to teach us to lead us and he will never leave us nor forsake us you can take that to the bank amen and I’m running out of time join us in our Sunday services we are located at 80 for 19 Callahan Road off I ate in our morning service starts at 10:30 and our evening service at 7:00 we also hold Wednesday’s services at 7:00 p.m. again thank you for tuning in and thank you and God bless you for supporting our group in our fundraising events I am so glad to have met some of you you have been an encouragement to me an inspiration and you keep me going so god bless you for tuning in

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Episode 264: Knowing Our God and the Season

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