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Episode 265: Living by Faith

Mountain-moving and nation-transforming faith is developed over time in our love relationship with Jesus. The transfer of wealth, influence, and affluence is also a preparation process of being faithful.

Published: March 18, 2017

Speakers: Cristina Sosso, Joshua Sosso




hello thank you for tuning in this is Joshua Sosso and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time well it’s about that time of the year we’re ready to announce the Passover celebration our annual Passover celebration here at freedom Fellowship Church every year we hold a Passover celebration in honor of the Passover Feast which we are instructed Jesus said during the Last Supper as many of us call it that we are to hold that feast in remembrance of him because Jesus was our Passover lamb so this year we are holding the freedom fellowship Passover Feast at the Hilton Garden Inn at the rim and it’s going to be on Friday April 14th which many of you know is Good Friday and again that’s going to be Friday the 14th at the Hilton Garden Inn at the rim we’re gonna start the feasts and the festivities right at sundown so if you want to register for our 2017 Passover Feast go to our website WWE so GM org hit the events tab and registration is going to be $50 per person and that’s going to cover your meal it’s gonna cover the cost of the venue all that stuff so we invite all of you come join us as we celebrate and as we thank God for the Passover land that is Jesus Christ we want to thank you again also for all of you listeners that came out to our fundraising sale these past couple weeks we did get a little bit of rain the past couple weeks but we still appreciate all of you that came out and supported us and helped us raise money for the Israel trip and we’re still raising money this next week and the following week so that’ll be Saturday the 25th and Saturday April 1st we are still going to be holding more of those fundraising sales at freedom Foster Church so that’s an 84 19 Callahan Road from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. so come out and visit us we’re going to have hamburgers and hot dogs and tons of stuff for sale so come out and support us there so onto the message for this week so this week we’re going to be talking about and we’ve been talking about this for the past couple weeks but we’re going to be talking about faith because of how important faith is in our lives and the thing is is that it’s really easy to get into this idea it’s like oh well I’m standing on faith I’m believing that God is going to act and we a lot of times act like God is going to instantly thrust it upon us when many times acting in faith means that we are allowing God to take us through the process to bring us to our manifestation Abraham when he walked in faith he left his homeland he left his family to go to a country that he didn’t know and so it wasn’t an instant thing but he actually had to go through the process of obeying the Lord and that’s you know living by faith that’s what it’s about it’s that we are obeying the Lord we are listening to what God is saying even when it doesn’t make sense so we’re gonna listen in to Pastor Cris oh she’s going to talk about faith this week so let’s listen to now and hear what she has to say in everything that we do it has to be excellency okay especially for the transfer of wealth influence and affluence you’ll qualify if you believe yes it is the opportunity that you’re going to be a part of right it’s just like you’re going to believe that this is a season of sudden lease okay you’re gonna believe oh yeah you believe you believe you are so intense and believing right and then you pray for God to give you patience don’t ever expect that suddenly you’ll become patient am I correct because a lot of the things that we prayed for God is answering it through process you have to go through the process just like in order to enter the kingdom of God you have to be born again right so you ask God for patience you go through the process even though you believe that God can can do it in a blink of an eye that is a characteristics that is not gonna happen to us I’m saying hello because those are developed over time patience is developed and it manifests over time that’s why we have to really continue this love relationship with Jesus because you just tell him I love you and then all of a sudden you forget all about him you don’t include him in anything and I said it doesn’t happen in our not to rely so much more it doesn’t happen overnight it is a process the transfer of wealth influence and affluence is a process because it is a time of preparation you don’t have to be wondering why things are manifesting on this side and on your side is not manifesting because if we believe that God does not play favorites then it is not up to him and we cannot say that it’s not the timing of God how come it’s their timing and it’s not your timing because we have to submit through the process of preparation through the process of being faithful my correct okay like the faith we all says oh I’m a faith people I believe I believe I have faith I have faith I can tell I command these mountains to go and be cast out and it’s not happening it’s not happening but it’s happening on some others and then when you have done everything in your power to do things and then the mountain moved right because the scripture is very clear when Jesus said if you have a faith like a mustard seed you can tell this man to be that remove and it will be done for you you’re not gonna do it it is not by your power the main thing is for you to believe and for you to stand and then it will be done for you okay you’re not going to do it we don’t make things happened just like it never manifests when we hear people I live by faith I live by faith I don’t have any job I cannot pay my bills I live my faith and then the congregation will take an offering for you that is not living by faith hello that’s different it’s not living by faith because you did not tell that mountains to be removed you shouted on the mountaintop that you created a mountain it’s not by faith so whoever is doing that instead it ain’t happening and then we have testimony this is usually before the offering time am i correct I wonder what God is feeling I said oh you know I have this and said you have to give generously you know I only have ten dollars in my pocket and the Lord told me to give it away and I did and somebody gave me a check for ten thousand so whatever you need that you have right now just give give generously and it will be done for you hello and we call that faith it’s not everyone in the Bible from the book of Genesis the faithful people they are blessed God prospered them in starting from father Abraham all the way so don’t tell me that you live by faith might as well be honest do you know what I did some stupid thing if you all can help but you’re not allowed to do that in here I’m going to chop your head off you understand saying this is not a begging ministry this is a mountain mover this is a nation transformers right it might as well be honest I came here to beg but don’t you ever use and prostitute the Word of God and call it faith because faith is beyond reason faith is beyond your means faith is beyond your abilities and your strength faith is believing God what God is telling you if it’s not from God there is no way that you’re going to be able to manifest these things that is faith hello when you believe that the others is the right thing to do it’s obeying the scripture like honor the Lord with the firstfruits and it with your substance right and your vats will overflow then that is a scripture that is not by faith it is you are obeying and believing what God is telling you right so those are two different things so I want the body of Christ to really change because of the principles of handling worldly wealth as well as the true riches is being taught by our Lord Jesus himself and we have to believe that any other things they are man-made doctrines that yes it worked for them but that’s their revelation of their time we are progressing in our revelation we are going to receive revelation in this generation that has never been revealed in the past generations and that is in Ephesians chapter 3 the Apostle Paul was saying this is the generation this is the revelation of our time that it’s never been revealed in the past generation and said that revelation of their time in Paul’s time is we are equally we are equal with the nation of Israel with the Jewish people that we are joint heirs with them through and in Jesus Christ that’s the revelation of that generation and we are going to receive a revelation of time that it’s never been revealed in the past generation I know even thousands of years ago people believed in the transfer of wealth and the transfer of wealth throughout the body of Christ not just for one or two people then it’s not a generation it’s a revelation to one or two people right to persons so this is important for us to understand who we are one of the revelation that we have to really continue to hone in and really preach to everybody that each and every one of us it doesn’t matter about your gender your social status your age you have the same opportunity you have such a wonderful opportunity right now to even begin again to live heaven on earth that you are really important that you are not just a number in the kingdom of God but there is something that you can do that will transform deliver and set other people free hello it will start with your testimony it get messed up when we add to it when we focus on the rules and regulations instead of the love of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit the revelation in this generation it is for us that it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter how many times have you missed but it’s also you and I have to understand for those of us who ought to know better when the Holy Spirit will start telling you don’t do this don’t do this and you keep on doing and doing and doing it 2017 you’re going to walk through the repercussions of those choices that you made because the commandments of the Holy Spirit the things that the Holy Spirit has been telling you is not just a first time he’s been trying to tell you over and over again but a lot of times our flesh will convince us that go ahead and do it and you take care of it and you fix it later because this is your opportunity hello whether is in finances whether it’s a relationship and here we are we have broken ruins that we have to deal with even those that are in the body of Christ many not just a few many married Christians are living hell in our days and they cannot see a way out hello but many Christians cannot wait to jump into marriage without really praying to the Lord and then the cycle continued one mistake it will be corrected five to ten years so many wounds and then you do it again and then another years and then again and again it’s just like for me it’s far worse than being in the wilderness in the wilderness there were manna and we spend so much time in praying and asking prayers for our own healing in our own deliverance instead of changing the world because who cares about them I’m hurting I’m hurting and we have forgotten the basic principles what God has set it’s a spiritual law it’s also a natural law as long as the earth and doers there will be seed time and harvest do not be deceived God cannot be mocked whatever a man soweth he shall also reap we teach that during the sowing during the money issue but it is more than that it’s what we solved for our lives every day it’s an opportunity for each and every one of us for our lives to get transformed and be blessed and for others to be transformed because they’re reading our lives every day we have an opportunity to inspire others to share about Jesus instead of looking back you need to continue to move forward are you getting this okay so walking and living by faith means that you’re outside of your own understanding and it’s all over the scripture don’t say that why now could you imagine probably Abraham would have loved to ask God that why did you wait until I’m in my 90s and now you’re telling me to be a father of many nations why did you tell me when I was 16 hello why not now how many of you who will pray who wanting to pray and wanting to be used by God to lay hands on the sick and your brain kept on telling me what if that person don’t get healed right and you will be tormented by this so so you’re gonna fast longer while you’re salivating and then you pass through and you don’t even like fast food you drive through everything smells good because you’re fasting oh you wanted that person to get healed am I correct why not ask back question what if that person don’t get healed what if he does what are you gonna do about it if you’re going to raise the dead instead of I don’t know they already embalmed him I said God said oh no that’s impossible Cristina it’s already been embalmed he created the world out of nothing and he cannot raise the dead because they remove all the guts right what do you say what if that person lived and raced again what will happen to your life are you ready for the attention that is a one thing that you need to be prepared we are so focused on all the devil’s attacking me I said like the wiles of the devil and you are so busy trying to figure out you even send spies in the enemy’s camp to figure out the wiles wearing you can ask the Holy Spirit instead you need to prepare yourself when God use you when you start believing and you start raising the dead then what will happen to you you start planning when the transfer port manifest what you’re going to do you know for some of us oh I’m going to I’m going to buy a house how many houses the transfer of wealth is not just being rich it means to say it’s just like a spring that just keep on giving you can only buy so many houses well I’m going to have some procedures done you can only have a certain amount of cosmetic surgery okay you can only have so much shoes I don’t know the limit of that not yet right but what will be beyond that when really God provides well and above what you really have hoped for then what is your plan have you prepared for that the reason why God cannot manifest is because we’re going to forget he is going to send us a security deposit okay here’s a 10 million and then we are upset we will be noticeably absent from any fellowship because now you’re too important then you’re too rich after all you only need God when you are in need when you’re in trouble that’s what it’s showing in many of our actions but God wants us to prepare for the wonderful for the heaven on earth we need to prepare for that stop focusing on the wiles of the devil he’s already defeated why are you wasting so much time the main thing that you’re going to defeat is look at yourself in the mirror that’s the one that you need to defeat your flesh your mind because that is your greatest enemy Satan is already defeated don’t give him enough ammunition oh the devil is doing this to me because I am so anointed then what a stupid devil if he knows that you’re anointed he knows that he cannot kill you hello don’t try to make a mountain out of negative things we need to start building mountains of great things that’s why there is something wrong when we know there has to be more than this there has to be more than goose bumps and getting blessed one time in the move of God will move one in every hundred years and we will just be looking forward to that I said no we want God to move every day and most of all we want God we will endeavour that God is going to use us every day hello it’s a different mindset you are special but not when you’re offended and said don’t they realize Who I am I said probably not you have to show yourself strong well you didn’t know that I’m gonna step on your toes and mince you and fry you and skin you alive this morning right surprise this is a good day are you getting this so if you are outside of your comfort zone like Abraham in his 90s and he is just beginning to enjoy his senior citizen card and God said guess what you will be the father of many and Isis like probably if I will be Abraham that’s why the Lord told me I said that’s the reasons why I am glad also that you’re not Abraham Cristina because if I will be that Abraham I said what are you thinking God what do you think you’re doing right what are the eggs of 90 something you are God you can bless me here why do I have to go to a nation that I don’t know where all I wanted this one or two or three sons not as numerous as the stars see that’s what we are all I want is to be in your miserable 450 something I just want to be happy give me a break you’re deeper than that I said like my happiness is to destroy the works of Satan starting with my own life and said that is an utterly fulfillment that just would be perfect do you know that us wanting to be happy is so different if I crave chocolate with vanilla ice cream right I said if I only have that I’ll be happy and then I got it and I’m so happy right the following week is a different happiness for me this time I want some shoes and I went to the store they have it exactly the color of pink the shade of pink that I don’t have right and then they don’t have it in my size it is the last one it changes are you getting this because that is the happiness that is defined by the world not by God we are so happy and content when we know in him I live and move and have my being then we are happy Amen well I hope you all took those words to heart let’s truly have our joy and have our pleasure in pleasing the Lord because that’ll be more fulfilling than anything that we aspire to do for ourselves and the truth is is that God’s plans for us there’s so much greater than anything that we could plan for ourselves as God said in Jeremiah 4 I know the plan I have for you plans to prosper you not to harm you but to give you hope and a future so God wants us to prosper God wants us to be blessed so if we submit ourselves to him if we allow him to take the lead in our life then he will surely make sure that we are blessed amen well we’re about out of time for today just a reminder get registered for our annual Passover Feast go to our website
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Episode 265: Living by Faith

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