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Episode 266: Get Ready for Glory

Many people in the Body were prepared to give, but what about to receive? How will we handle fame, finances, and miraculous manifestations when they come into our lives?

Published: March 25, 2017

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




hello this is Cristina Sosso of Freedom Fellowship church and sons of God International and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time we are in a new season new season new life restoration the beginnings miracles supernatural all for the glory of God for our own benefit and for the benefit of his people how exciting it is a season of planting and also a season of harvesting wildflowers are sprouting all over the great state of Texas it is a sign it is time to mow the lawn plant your garden plant some flowers and pull them weeds we in the bat of Christ will do all these things in every areas of our life right body soul and spirit it is time we will detoxify ourselves spiritually and physically we will exercise our physical body and exercise our faith in Christ Jesus and so forth and so forth whatever we so now the Lord is going to bring forth rain and they will sprout we don’t need to work so hard already to do is to follow and obey the instruction and believe Deuteronomy chapter 11 verses 13 and 14 so if you faithfully obey the commands I am giving you today to love the Lord your God and to serve him with all your heart and with all your soul then I will send rain on your land in its season both autumn and spring rains so that you may gather in your grain new wine and oil we just entered a new season so many things are happening in the spiritual realm it is here it is now in this country I want to instruct you in the name of the Lord Jesus to focus on the good things that God is doing don’t focus or bother yourself with all the mess and chaos and the bad news that are being reported all over the world God is doing something here on earth that even if we were told we will not have believed so we are on a need-to-know basis okay and the scripture and I say a chapter 42 verse 9 says see the former things have taken place and new things I declare before they spring into being I announce them to you if you noticed every time God release his word even your personal prophecies he always speaks of the end of the completeness or the fulfillment of that word and we are instructed to believe and we must follow his ways and believe in spite of circumstances for that prophecy to manifest he does not give us the details for our sake and we have to remind ourselves all good things come from him enjoy the process all we need to stand obey and believe through all the challenges through all the afflictions we will overcome all of them because of Christ Jesus because of who we are in him and we go through the process and we stand to be a better person stronger in our faith understanding who God is and recognizing who we are in Christ Jesus and when we go through the process we always focus on bigger visions not just ourselves but on bigger vision because God is a good God throughout the Bible God gives specific instructions and also he keeps a record of our giving our seats in the kingdom of God if you noticed and said this are total offering of the sons of Isaac our this are the total offering of the tribe of juda and God recorded all of them so he is recording your stool he has a record of all your giving he has a record of the good things what you’re standing for and believing so we need to obey and believe this is an example so that you will know that in everything that we do God ordained our footsteps and he has to say okay and this is how we’re supposed to live example since we’re coming into the Passover the feast of Passover or unleavened bread celebrating Passover is a requirement it is a lasting ordinance this required feast is not just for the Jewish people but it’s a required feast for us Christians as well so much more for us believers surprise even Jesus showed an example and he gave us an instruction in mark chapter 14 verse 12 this is also in Luke chapter 22 verse 7 it says on the first day of the feast of unleavened bread when it was customary to sacrifice the Passover lamb Jesus’s disciples asked him where do you want us to go and make preparations for you to eat the Passover see they celebrated it too and remember we call it the Last Supper it’s actually the Passover dinner and Jesus commanded us that whenever we do or eat the Passover lamb not communion we do it in remembrance of him why because he became the Passover lamb and he is the Passover from death to life so it is a great news for us Christians and remember it is a required ordinance in 1st Corinthians 5:7 it says get rid of all the old yeast that you may be a new batch without yeast as you really are for Christ our Passover lamp has been sacrificed so sons of God International and freedom Fellowship charts we’ll be celebrating the Passover lamb on Friday April 14th at sundown at the Hilton Garden Hotel at the rim of heights 10 West in San Antonio the group retired me from doing it at the house and I thank God for that you need to register and pay for your Passover meal and it will cost you $50 per person attire formal or Church outfit dress for Jesus will you so there are three required feast that we ought to celebrate the Passover the Pentecost or the Feast of the weeks or the Feast of the harvest and the in gathering that’s why we have the prophetic gathering of the Saints every December 31st we’re following the Christian calendar or the Roman calendar and we also celebrate it based on the Jewish feast so the feast of the weeks which is 49 days after Passover we Christians call it Pentecost the Lord Jesus designated the place where we should celebrate the Pentacles or the Feast of the harvest this year at the beginning of this year the Lord instructed me to celebrate Pentecost in Israel that is why we are going to Israel on May 31st through June night in obedience to what he commands it is going to be exciting this is also why I do not push people to go with me or try to convince them to go all I did is to extend my invitation to all of you including our radio listeners and that is why I would not and cannot change the date the Passover week is June the 3rd or 4th which is that Sunday while we’re there so we’re going to celebrate the feasts of the harvest where it was designated by the Lord Jesus if you say you Pastor Cris you can celebrate it in here too yes and we have been celebrating for many many years but this time it is the Lord who instructed us to go he had wonderful things for us if we obey as a whole body you have to have the desire to go you have to be exact to go and you have to be willing to pay for your own way to go because why this is our offering for Pentecost to Jesus you must believe God for finances to pay your own way because this is an offering so when somebody tells me that oh if Jesus wants me to go he will provide the money he’s not because he wants you to go cheerfully voluntarily or some people would say oh if Jesus wants me to go then he can translate me he’s not gonna do that because you’re too lazy to believe for your way that will not glorify God it will glorify you and nobody else so he’s not going to do that either this is offering to Jesus and we the body of Christ you and I have to change our mindset from not just giving but also receiving and giving offering to our Lord Jesus Christ we have to change the mindset that we are doing this because we love God and because we believe in him and because we have faith in Him and because he is worthy so this offering had to cost you that is why I felt led of the Lord to start this fundraising for the team especially for the praise and worship team so the youth are working as hard as we adults on this fundraising they know they are aware how important this trip to the Lord and how it will please God and they want to do whatever they can to go now you know and if you say well Pastor Cris why did you not explain that to me in the first place God loves cheerful Giver if God will explain to us everything that he wants us to go we’re going to try to convince him to change this instruction anyway so God loves cheerful Giver he wants us to believe in him and to obey Him like I said when God gives us instruction or prophecy he does not give us the details on the process to go from point A to point B which is the manifestation the group is excited and even those that are not going oh they are giving money they’re working as hard as we are donating some stuff and helping on Saturday fundraising events why because this is a body this is a whole body offering to the Lord and I gave them the option to continue the sales on Saturdays but there will be a big difference your starting next week we will begin to collect sales taxes because we’re only allowed three fundraising event with no sales tax a year so we’re going to collect sales taxes for the great state of Texas okay so get ready to pay we have lots of items to sell we washed we’re a finished furniture and we prayed over all the stuff that we’re selling and one thing for sure you will get value for your money this is how we raise funds here at freedom Fellowship charts we work and we’re having fun doing it so come bring your money and come hungry Joshua and Mike are cooking burgers and hot dogs and through this fundraising event the group are on-the-job training on how to do business that’s why there are no beggars here no lazy people allowed in this ministry this trip to Israel is going to be big as God by following his instruction are preparing the group to manage money their on-the-job training for the transfer of wealth so the transfer of wealth is manifesting before our very eyes and we this ministry is in the smacking center of it all glory to God you hear prophecies to the church and to the nation’s and even your personal prophecy right and as I mentioned before God always speaks of the end or the end result of the prophecy or that blessing but you and I will go through process of obeying believing professing and standing strong in our faith and things will manifest the bigness of the plan of God for your life far far greater than your own desire far greater than you realize there are no insignificant or small things in the kingdom of God even small things insignificant things produce big things that is the kingdom of God it is not about just mere words but it’s about power the Lord had me release about the transfer of wealth influence and affluence several years ago and I’ve been talking about this all the time but in December 31st 2015 the Lord had me released prophecy for United States of America that is directly connected or related to the transfer of wealth the Lord had me release prophecy for this country that we will experience political revival if the body of Christ will unite and will vote for righteousness and the prophecy spoke up a certain timing the timing is when political revival started to manifest in this country then transfer of wealth influence and affluence will manifest in the body of Christ in a tidal wave of fashion you have to be ready you need to develop that intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ and you need to be taught by the Holy Spirit to prepare yourself so that you’ll be able to handle this move of God you know for many years in our church services and fellowships ever since we got born again we started attending the services we were trained and conditioned to so to give to Taif right we even quote scriptures before the offering time to get the people to give and this is important it is crucial to your walk that you need to learn to tithe or to give to the Lord teaching God’s people the importance of tithing and giving to God is very very important as leaders it is our responsibility to educate them and to disciple them in the area of giving and listen to this at the same time teaching God’s people how to receive how to be matured is as important as teaching them how to give to prepare them right it is important very very important example we have so many anointed ministers that they were so anointed and the first first start of their ministry and then they lose their anointing afterwards that is not the will of God that is not the plan of God also some of them when they got big they end up getting a big head and they cannot handle it and then they lose that anointing example when someone like for example you you sense that you’re cold in the ministry meaning to be a pastor a teacher so you go by whatever you’re cold even if you’re cold in one of the five offices you attended Bible study so it prepared you right you were prepared and you were trained to serve you were trained to lay hands and the importance of tithing and the importance of discipline the importance of submission to Authority and praying right and you also notice that those who have like for example are called in healing ministry they had fought sickness and disease before and they claim their healing and they get into wellness right because you can only give what you have so we train people how to prepare for that but we did not train people enough to prepare their hearts and to continue to check the motivation of the hearts by sharing what we know we prepare them we encourage them to memorize and meditate and all the healing scriptures for example those are necessities what we are not prepared though is to prepare God’s people when science and wonders start manifesting in a tidal wave of fashion like many ministers are not prepared what would happen to you and to your life are you really prepared when you are all over the news because you raise a dead person back to life because soon enough people will be bringing all their sick people for you to pray you get all this attention right people started treating you like God little G they start giving you gifts offerings and some people wanted to take advantage of you some people they wanted to control you and you get invitations from different ministries and ministers for you to impart what you have in that in other words one dead person you raised from the dead change your life forever this isn’t one area of your life what is manifesting in our days is in every area of our lives God is going to show himself strong what will happen then do you have time for him or you will be redirected to focus on other things you will not have any privacy and now there is this great responsibility upon your shoulder and people start telling you what to do and what they expect from you if you are not ready for this if you did not prepare mentally physically and spiritually for this and if you did not allow the Holy Spirit to prepare your heart you will end up getting in Pride you end up causing people to stumble even though you don’t realize it before you knew it it is your ministry now it is your name it is your anointing it is your church that is not the lords anymore and in addition to that you did not prepare your loved ones for this sudden change in your life in Matthew chapter 7 verses 21 to 23 this is the one thing that I remind myself and I remind the ministry team at freedom faucet charts to always remember and to always remind themselves it says not everyone who says to me Lord Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven but only he who does the will of my father who is in heaven verse 22 many will say to me Lord Lord did we not prophesy in your name prophets and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles then I will tell them plainly I never knew you away from me you evil doers let that sink in away from me you evildoers they prophesied thus saith the Lord they drove and cast out demons they perform many miracles they raised people from the dead and Jesus said away from me you evil doers remember in the kingdom of God God gets the glory yes it will benefit you but not just you and your loved ones alone it benefits his people so these people Jesus never knew them so they didn’t have that intimate relationship with him they pushed him away but why were they still anointed because they invoke in that name and they believed so it’s still powerful but they have forsaken their first love so are you ready same thing with this transfer of wealth you have to go through purification of heart and motivation apart and you need to continue doing that it doesn’t matter if you stumble along the way the main thing is continued to move forward because our God our Lord Jesus Christ is about present and the future is never about the past especially if you discuss that with him if you’re repented and if you made the necessary correction he doesn’t even remember it doesn’t matter if the whole world will throw things on your face about your past no Jesus is about today and tomorrow not about our past so are you ready get ready for this transfer of wealth what are you going to do with the opportunities that is about ready to manifest lots of doors for you to walk into are you going to get overwhelmed that you don’t know what to do are you going to forget God are going to be overwhelmed with greed or in satisfying your flesh and your own desires and and focusing on your loved ones remember the third criteria it has to benefit the kingdom of God his people right so if you have issues with tithing and giving now then you’re still not ready if God is in your budget and cannot follow or cannot go beyond your budget or outside of your space or your comfort zone you still need to ask the Holy Spirit to help you and prepare you for the transfer of wealth if you’re still applying the ways of the world if you are still depending on your own abilities your strength you still need to pray and get trained in the things of God this move of God has never been witnessed or recorded in the history of the church because of the magnitude of the manifestation and the result yes few people throughout the history of the church were blessed beyond measure but not like this not this magnitude but of Christ so you and I need to get ready because you know what the manifestations will not come the way you expect you have to go through the process it has to be God’s ways of doing things so you need to be instructed by the Word of God through the leading and the teaching of the Holy Spirit so God is not going to manifest and give you something that you cannot handle because he doesn’t want to loose you he is that merciful he is that loving I know I sound like a broken record but this is so good that it needs to be shared to each and every one of you and you need to be reminded almost every day that it is here and it is now and it’s manifesting to those that are faithful and will be able to handle it without hurting themselves or hurting others and I am running out of time I will continue this in the next program that unless the Lord chains it but it is here now but if Christ and in my own life I’m experiencing it now in dribbles and I am excited god bless you for tuning in until next time

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Episode 266: Get Ready for Glory

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