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Episode 268: The New Covenant

Today’s message continues in the line of the preisthood of Melchizedek; operating in the new covenant vs the old covenant.

Published: April 08, 2017

Speakers: Cristina Sosso, Joshua Sosso




hello and thank you for tuning in this is Joshua Sosso and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time so a couple quick announcements we are less than a week away from our annual Passover Feast at freedom Fellowship Church it’s really exciting this year as always we celebrate the Passover every year is commanded to the Lord but with the knowledge and understanding that Jesus is our Passover lamb so we’re going to be holding it this upcoming Friday starting at 6 p.m. at the Hilton Garden Inn at the rim if you want to attend with us this year you need to register online immediately because registration will be closing up soon and we have to get all the numbers together as soon as possible so registration is $50 per person which will pay for your meal and help us pay for the venue can register online at WWE again that’s wws OGM Iorg you’ll find it in the events tab so this week we’re going to be talking about operating in the New Covenant versus in the old la vehicle priesthood we know as we’ve discussed many times on this channel that we are kings and priests according to the order of Melchizedek Christ to salvation the calling and the anointing of God doesn’t discriminate against us based on our gender our race our age so long as we’re willing to listen to God and obey what he calls us to do he’s willing to use us and use us mightily so this week we’re gonna be talking about and this is a sermon from Pastor Cris she just asked a question you know why is there no our in the church why hasn’t there been power in the church for so long for many years and as she explores she’s going to talk with us about the old Levitical priesthood which is the law the old laws and precepts the traditions of man that and many in the church for years have implemented and tried to intermingle that with the work of the Spirit and that’s why God cannot move freely because he’s being restricted by man-made doctrines so we’re going to listen to now to Pastor Cris and hear what she has to say on this topic I don’t know about you but ever since I got born again and I start reading the Bible and I got filled with the Holy Spirit I have gazillions of questions on what I read here that Jesus expects us to do greater things than he did and it’s not materializing right and in mark chapter 16 it says these are the signs this is from Jesus he is the truth right these are the signs that follow them that believe right in Jesus name they will lay hands on the sick and the sick will recover right they will cast out demons they’re not afraid of demons right and they will speak in other tongues that we can see it in the bat of Christ and nothing else right they would even drink poison and it will not harm them right and Jesus did not give an exemption on all of these things and then I always remind him every time I go on a mission trip I don’t go just because I want to go and I don’t look at it as oh I’m gonna see other places and this is like on the other places that the Lord sending me you don’t want to see it and there’s I’m saying but it says in mark chapter 16 verse 20 then the disciples preached or went out everywhere right preaching the gospel and Jesus confirmed his words with signs following I’m always one during where are the signs wonder yeah we were wondering where are the signs right the science and wonders ought to follow each and every born-again believer baptized by the Holy Spirit it’s in the scripture and yet it’s not manifesting in our lifetime right it’s because we contaminated the law and contaminated with the New Covenant I say 99% 98 to 99% of the ministries around the world are still operating under Levitical priesthood instead of our priesthood to the order of Melchizedek and we’re going to discuss this today right and because of that we have a lot of rules and regulations and we made a doctrine out of them instead of who we are in Christ Jesus and what Jesus expects each and every one of us Levitical priesthood is very very restrictive but according to the book of Hebrews perfection will not come from the law or even following the law perfection would not come from that so God found fault in that law and he cut a new covenant with Jesus and through Jesus and in Jesus right okay but we are because in the ministries in our times that’s why signs and wonders are not following us the body of Christ don’t recognize and we are not discipled enough until today right we are not discipled enough to operate and take our post as a priest to the order of Melchizedek we’re still under Levitical priesthood am I correct women cannot preach but they can give millions of dollars the wives are supposed to submit to their husbands am i correct but not when it comes to giving when it comes to giving we are taught obey the lord give generously right and there’s a lot of lists of do’s and don’ts and yet we stand and believe with this confession because it is the truth I can do all things through Christ Jesus you can give millions of dollars you can pray you can sing you can dance but you cannot minister you cannot take the post of a pastor or evangelist or apostle or prophet it doesn’t make any sense because those offices were created to prepare God’s people for the works of service it has nothing to do with your gender with your age what you have or don’t have because we are now a born-again spirit I know this is radical but tell me where are the signs and wonders following us are we unbelievers because it says these are the signs of them that believe because you know why because under Levitical priesthood only the anointing falls on a few people based on genealogy and based on your gender hello but not when the word born again that’s why God said uh-uh that that is not good enough I don’t play February’s I cast out demons the demons will not come to me and said I’m not coming out you’re wearing a miniskirt you’re wearing makeup am i correct you’re wearing a sleeveless dress I said I’m not coming out you’re a girl no because once we are in the position to the priest of Melchizedek it doesn’t have any gender because we’re born-again spirit we don’t assign it on a specific person it is your position forever hello so all of these do’s and don’ts in the church order in the church order in the church and we’re ordering the Holy Spirit move now move but only through me nobody can get me anointed us me and we’re being taught and we believe it that you cannot get blessed beyond your authority beyond your pastor I believe that for a season until I start and this is like wait a minute are you not the head Jesus what is this doing in our doctrines today hello and people will recognize you it doesn’t matter who you are when signs and wonders follow you when demons cannot question me it’s just like Peter I know Paul I know who are you again let me beat the daylights out of you those are seven sons of Shiva the high priest hello because the Holy Spirit is teaching us something the marriage is patterned with the bat of Christ right that’s the reason why our identity is in Christ Jesus when I got married I asked Mike can you take on my last name look at me no right so I took his name I took his identity so when they’re saying the sorrows I don’t correct them and said uh-uh not me I am Cristina ginto right we’re all sizes where one where one unit we’re all one in Christ Jesus right so we take on we take on the identity of our husbands right instead of them taking ours so our identity is in Christ Jesus we cannot do anything outside of Jesus that’s what the scripture is saying outside of me you can do nothing right so because we took on his identity we took up his name we lost our identity right okay so I lost my last name when I got married I took up on sighs O’s and that is a pattern of the church and our Lord Jesus Christ is the family now in the family the husband is the head of the household and Jesus expects the husband to love more to protect more to provide more for his family and all we need to do is submit to that love to the protection right to that caring so our job is finished in the world’s way you do what I say and we brought it into the charts love is never been present it was taken out and this is like well I’m the head now and it brought it to the gutter when it comes to Christianity because husbands love your what ask Jesus loves the church right and then wives submit to your husband right and then if you’re going to read further I am talking about the church and Jesus right but of course we pick one scripture as if Jesus was talking the Holy Spirit verse 1 verse 2 verse 3 no there were no verses in that time right the scribes will wanting to confirm it with the Old Testament and with the other teachings because God always confirm his word right okay from the mouth of two or more witnesses but we doubts that and we made rules and we gave interpretation without the Holy Spirit of this rules for our own benefit not for others hello that’s why if you read the history of the church if God used a certain ministry or minister and then they had a doctrine out of that and then another thing came out they tend to what they tend to fight against or condemn against the new things because God is not allowed to do any miracles except how God did it with us and Jesus showed us a pattern he healed in different areas in different occasions and different types and ministered to everybody without following any rules except love he’s always motivated by love am I correct and we you just like a pendulum that we swing to the left we swing to the right and then our love got wax cold so in the back of Christ there’s always a list of do’s and don’ts and regulations that muffled the voice of the Holy Spirit well it is now high time for you to realize that God expects of you what he expects from me to do greater works than he did to be a priest to the order of Melchizedek if you take on the Levitical priesthood you cannot confess and truly believe and profess that you can do all things through Christ Jesus whatever is needed for a time that’s why some women are working why are they working because it calls for right now whoever if Jesus call you and that he qualified you forget about everything else because if you obey Jesus he will work with you with signs and wonders following because I had a few interviews and appointments with Jesus when he told me to go on a mission field and I’ll be taking on the leadership position and Here I am I’ve been fasting and praying ever since we start the first service a trillionth of church to get out and he he would not listen to me even this I’m saying that is 2003 and I can’t even say that I’m patient and said no you’re not listening to me Cristina I’m not gonna talk about that but every time I go and said you’re going to work with me I don’t have to study harder or too fast longer to prepare myself to quote scriptures here on that I just told Jesus and that Holy Spirit you guide me into all truth and said this is your idea I did not apply for this position you called me and you said you’re going to qualify me I am going I’m going to do whatever you say I’ll be motivated by love I will love everybody but I will love you first and it is your problem if signs and wonders are I will not follow me then that will be the last of me I’m not afraid to say it because nothing can separate me from your love you’re going to love me nonetheless that’s a revelation that is a confidence so everybody’s telling me how do you prepare how can you prepare when the Holy Spirit moved how can you prepare you cannot memorize this is what I’m going to do when the word of knowledge specially word of knowledge will come very exact very profound yes I’m saying so you prepare for that how do you because of this knowledge being sent by God and his name and his reputation is on the line not yours forget about yours isn’t that what the scripture said I cut myself of no reputation but we’re thinking about how do we look like how can we attract people to give how can we attract members we are so concerned about all the trappings all the physical things instead of wanting to obey God and not offending the Holy Spirit but these comes with your acknowledgement that you are not we are not operating under Levitical priesthood we’re not under the law we’re under grace and yet we brought all of these things and it’s like we have to praise you have to praise God first to invite the Holy Spirit to move I said how boring do you think the Holy Spirit is if I didn’t see Jesus Oh let’s sing first before I heal remember he was a man like you flesh oh let us get all the praisers we got that from the law bring all the praises so remember King Jehoshaphat called on the praisers and I said and we aren’t missing the big picture by Jehoshaphat calling on the Prazeres instead of calling the general because he already heard from the Lord that the battle is not yours it’s mine and said like okay then let’s party right pre victory party it is a demonstration of faith hello it’s a demonstration of our confidence on who God is that even there are times that were unfaithful he remains faithful hello because Jesus is followed by three different people his disciples because they want to be like him right the other priests were still under the Levitical priesthood and they were torn on his side they’re always questioned him and then those who don’t have any hope other than Jesus they followed him or some were curious like suckiest and said ah I heard about this let me find out and then a Zacchaeus had a surprise visitor for lunch today I’m going to eat at your place and all of my disciples and even when Jesus is being invited there are these uninvited people that are not part of his team that are listening and I said oh they’re not washing his hands there they’re dirty they’re not following the law they’re not following the law and Jesus is so outrageous that he just didn’t care what they say and he always rebuked them and they can’t find an answer or a response because why he is the truth are you getting this so I want you to touch your physical body as a priest of the Most High God you stand up I want you to bless your own body because you are a priest and your prayer will be heard by the Lord okay by God the Father because we will invoke and we were going to present our identity in Christ Jesus holy father in the mighty name of Jesus I bless your temple my physical body from the soles of my feet all the way to the top of my head I declare the anointing of the Most High God is in me I believe that no sickness and disease will be able to do well or even survive this body thank you lord because of that anointing it will break every yoke that is upon my life and everything and everyone that belonged to me in the mighty name of Jesus all for your glory for my own benefit and for the benefit of your people I am a priest of the Most High God to the order of Melchizedek I renounce the law the law was my teacher but I’m not under the law I’m under grace thank you Lord Jesus for everything that you have done for me Holy Spirit I call on you you are my teacher you are my god teach me and reveal things to me for this time for this season I am taking my post and I’m giving notice to the principalities and powers in the heavenly place you do not touch any member of my family in Jesus name as a priest of the Most High God I prophesied and I declare that no weapons form against me and my family shall prosper in the name of Jesus I will not lose a single member of my family to Satan and I call forth and I summon the angelic hosts to start implementing this decree it cannot be reversed except by me in Jesus name Amen amen so I encourage all of you let’s take that confession to heart and repeat that confession if you have to God intends for us to do greater things than Jesus we just need to take a hold of this and to forsake the man-made doctrines that limit us on this topic if we look at the Scriptures Jesus he went around healing people performing miracles but the Pharisees the Sadducees they didn’t care about any of that they were looking for ways to entrap him he healed a woman on the Sabbath she had been suffering all of her life but to the priests the Pharisees the Sadducees they didn’t care about that all they cared is that you worked on the Sabbath you broke the Sabbath you healed on the Sabbath you’re not supposed to heal on the Sabbath that’s against our traditions that’s against our laws and precepts you see that’s what’s at the root of all this is that if we cling so closely to our traditions what come from the Levitical priesthood it’s that same mindset we stifle the flow of the Holy Spirit so let us not do that amen so what do we need to do we need to cling closely to God we need to love on God we need to meet his needs we need to obey his commands when he gives us an instruction we need to obey it and we need to be willing to go the extra mile to bring forth his will on this earth and we’re gonna see miracles signs and wonders body of Christ so we’re about out of time for today I encourage all of you if you want to hear this message again it’s going to be on our website
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Episode 268: The New Covenant

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