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Episode 272: Like Jesus in this World

While we are in this world, we are like Jesus.

Published: May 06, 2017

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




hello everyone god bless you for tuning in this is Cristina Sosso of freedom Fellowship church and sons of God International and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time what a wonderful day isn’t it before I begin I would like to thank Barbara for joining us in our Sunday service and she invited two sisters in Christ you encouraged me greatly thank you you do not realize how much but I’m being encouraged every time I hear from you our radio listeners and at the same time it is so nice to meet with you face to face and also Craig showed up and I have not seen Craig probably since 2003 2004 when he was brought by Christopher to one of our conferences so it is amazing how this radio broadcast is really making difference as far as advancing the kingdom of God and promoting the goodness of our God so we thank you thank you for your support I am encouraged and you know it makes me wanting to continue to move forward and also great news we met our deadline to pay for the plane tickets only for the plane tickets for the israel and greece tour god showed up and it was amazing nancy Morgan was so touched because of what the Lord did for her and same thing with Deb Deborah Farrell they received such favor they both received such favor that they were brought in tears it is really the season of miracles it is a season of breakthrough it is for you to so stand there okay God is really faithful we pushed ourselves to believe and everybody worked hard during the fundraising events and God bless you Mike Dora Esther Edie and Sylvia Mary Rios and some of you for your generosity not only you gave money you also helped and prayed for all of us and you worked with us on Saturdays the core team of freedom Fellowship charts they are the best and thank you to Charles for showing up on Saturday god bless all of you you know a few days before our deadline to pay for the plane tickets some of the team we’re repenting because he waited until the last time to really focus on the trip but God was faithful God did miracles he was just waiting for everybody to line up and for everybody to be willing to pay up and not to depend on everybody else for the payment of their tickets including our children they paid and God was just waiting for us to focus on how important this trip not just for us but for him so he did the rest we will continue doing the fundraising though because not all of the funds have come in they will so come next Saturday it is our final push to the finish line do the hurry to God you know in Ephesians chapter 6 verses 13 and 14 it says therefore put on the full armor of God so that when the day of evil comes you may be able to stand your ground and after you have done everything to stand stand firm then with the belt of truth buckled around your waist with the breastplate of righteousness in place the group including myself especially me we were tested but even though we were squeaking we went through everybody pulled through you know I have been teaching about facts versus truth and probably I will ask Joshua to rerun that teaching while I’m in Israel so that you can listen to it again and again you know facts can be true right but facts can be changed Jesus who is the truth can change facts into truth the financial facts for the praise team including us the SAS owes it did not look good you know two members of the praise team are still in high school Michaela and drew two are still in college Erica and James and the fact that we are financially challenged the ministry itself so when you look at the situation even with the salsa family you know I have been wanting to renovate our house for many many years and if I continue to carry my bankers hat I will say it is logical and smart move to spend the money in renovating the house instead of spending the money to go to israel and greece because in our practical mind and in the eyes of the world that makes sense am i correct but remember faith does not make sense faith doesn’t think and analyze it leaves the truth changes facts but facts cannot change the truth the Lord Jesus wants us to go there he has a special assignment or mission for the group and also he is looking forward to the merit ceremony in Jerusalem the group are all excited what God is looking for is our willingness it is an issue of the heart if we are willing to obey and do what he wants us to do and to do and take measures whatever it takes and if we are going to believe him for the resources so many of us do not have the resources to go and then God in all his wisdom encouraged me to have this fundraising as I shared with you before I thought this is just for the trip but in actuality it is on-the-job training for the transfer of wealth because the truth is we really can do all things through Christ Jesus and our God is more than willing and more than able to supply whatever we need we watched things unfold before our very eyes and I am in awe of the many breakthroughs that manifested and we expect greater things to come in the future for the next several weeks I am really grateful and I will continue to share this with you because you know why because this is also a training for you to share what are the revelations that were been getting from the Lord what are the dust saith the Lord after all this is the prophetic voice of our time it always point towards Jesus Christ because the very essence of prophecy is the testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ revelation 19:10 God always lead us to go to places or do things or to believe him for something that we cannot do we cannot afford and we cannot even imagine and the more you analyze things in the kingdom of God the more you get yourself into trouble because the just shall live by faith like I said if I analyze this trip the expenses alone for me and my three children that’s a lot of money especially if you don’t have it yet it is practical not to pursue anything that you cannot afford but in the kingdom of God and the ways of our God he does not deal with practicality or wisdom of the world in 1st Corinthians chapter 3 verses 19 first Corinthians chapter 3 verses 19 it says for the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight stop analyzing in Colossians chapter 2 verse 8 Colossians chapter 2 verse 8 it says see to it that no one takes you captive through hallo and deceptive philosophy which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ so we should not walk in practicality or making sense why because we were not thinking about going to Israel until I heard from the Lord and those who heard it then they responded those that are supposed to go God is not going to allow you to go through that unless you are not listening to him to go through the process and leave you out there in the code to the last minute he is not that kind of God I know him He loves us and that is my confidence in John chapter 4 verse 17 it says in this way love is made complete among us so that we will have confidence on the day of judgment because in this world we are like him the focus of Jesus and we’re supposed to be like him we’re supposed to imitate him were supposed to follow him so it says first John 4:17 because in this world while we live in this world we are like Jesus in every ways and Jesus set up the basic principles of managing a company of handling wealth of loving and what you’re going to do and he send the Holy Spirit to us to teach us and guide us into all truth and it didn’t make sense because love is not practical love and faith they are supernatural and we are not normal kind of people because we’re the only species on the face of the earth that were born twice right so we are not normal in the eyes of the world we are supernatural okay so there are a lot of things that is happening and still unfolding with this fundraising and the main thing is I can see the whole group coming together and enjoying its other and enjoying work and learning from each other and learning about all this training you know what God said in Luke chapter 16 verse 8 when he shared or talked about the parable of the shrewd manager these chains my whole perspective on the finances on the faithfulness it revealed to me God’s ways of doing things so he said in Luke chapter 16 verse 8 it says the master commended the dishonest manager because he had acted shrewdly and here it is for the people of this world are more shrewd in dealing with their own kind than are the people of the light Jesus is not saying that the people of the world the heathens are smarter than us what he was trying to make us realize is the unbelievers the worldly people they are very effective in implementing the world system and they are more effective in dealing with their own kind than the people of the light because we are still discovering and we’re still learning the principles of the kingdom it is right there because Jesus is not about religiosity about the list of do’s and dont’s he wants to reveal himself to us and to reveal who we are in him through the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is the source of our power so Jesus was saying he’s making a point you know the people of this world they’re more smart and shrewd in dealing with their own kind than my people in applying the principles of his kingdom here on earth and we have the Holy Spirit as our teacher so I told the Lord about this and said oh no it is going to stopped right there and then Lord because all things are possible to them that believe you also say that in your word and I believe that and the young people are learning about this in applying the principles of the kingdom that you cannot you cannot learn in school now we are all learning it and everybody who is participating it is amazing to see the revelation on how God unfolds things especially to the young and you know if you say that oh we are losing our younger generation no we’re not if you look at the children or the young people at freedom gossip charts you cannot say that you will be encouraged you’ll be inspired and you will hope I receive so many compliments on how our young people have been working in this fundraising how they talk how they approach things they’re very respectful and they’re having fun you know we don’t have that problem that the world is dealing with after all we are in the kingdom of our God in our children and children’s children are born again and we teach them they will not depart from it they might try to branch out on their own but they will come back we have such wonderful young people at freedom Fellowship charts wonderful people Lindsay Jasmine Joshua the Montgomerys amber Ashley who is in Portland right now [Music] James Joshua Erica Dru Michaela Coby and everyone else there are all destined for greatness and they know it that is the difference and now everybody is applying the principles of the kingdom God’s ways of doing things they’re being taught God’s management style and system in this world a lot of awesome things are happening now right before our very eyes so you need to jump on board okay I mentioned to you several weeks ago about the two kingdoms or the systems operating on the earth which is the Babylonian system or the kingdom of the world and the Kingdom of our God this is what Jesus is talking about in Luke chapter sixteen verse eight that the people of the world are very effective in operating in their system or working their system the system of the world than the children of the light so we’re going to change that and in the kingdom of our God if it’s too good to be true it is from God because it’s supernatural you don’t need any miracles if you can do things yourself if you have the resources to pay and if you have the abilities to carry things true it’s not going to be miracle so we don’t need any miracles if we have the resources and the ability and strength to do things ourselves God moves when we cannot do it ourselves after we have done everything and therefore according to efficients we will stand and this is what God wanted for us to walk in the miraculous and supernatural things because he gets the glory and the unbelievers there will see and said oh my gosh they’ve been with Jesus look at them how good they are and how blessed they are this is what God wants to manifest on the face of the earth not judgement not correction but for us to preach the good news of the kingdom of the gospel so awesome things are happening all around us get excited and focus on good things in our Sunday services I have been talking about the love of God how to fall in love with Jesus and how to have intimate relationship with him and you know based on my own experience in my own knowledge I can only give what I have right I found out that when I have this close relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ I am untouchable I’m not saying that everything is hunky-dory that is perfect in every areas of my life no it means that in spite of everything that is going on in this world in spite of everything in my life challenges pains disappointments I am untouchable because Jesus never disappoints I’m untouchable because knowing that I don’t need to earn his love he loved me while I was sinner so much more now so I have this great confidence in me that I am loved by him and he will never abandon me and as soon as you have a relationship with Jesus that is untouchable you’re going to find out that Jesus will be able to touch every areas of your life that are not good he is enable you he will encourage you and the Holy Spirit will teach you to use your authority in Christ see we are not of this world but Jesus left us here he finished the work he handed us the victory he gave us his name and he send the Holy Spirit to teach us and guide us into all truth so we don’t need to consider the facts the important thing is what is Jesus heart what is the plan of God the will of God and purpose of God for your life and when you use that as a litmus test you may make a mistake you may missed hearing from God or you may miss opportunities you are still untouchable because Jesus is still going to use you he still will continue to love you because he cannot help himself you’re a very lovable person you know that so in spite of the challenges of this world in spite of the challenges of the ministry family matters and health at the end of the day I am at peace with God and with myself because I have his love because I know that we are here being taught and led by the Holy Spirit to set up his kingdom here on earth he gave us the principles in his word and we have the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and he already says I remember revelation at the end it says the kingdom of the world has now become the kingdom of our God and of Christ so Jesus kept on saying in first Corinthians chapter 3 verse 19 the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight so don’t use any practicality dare to believe God and you know being in the kingdom of God is very exciting because he will lead you to places where you never been before and when you thought that you know about his love and then he’s going to reveal himself to you deeper and greater and you are in awe and this is like no wonder God gave us eternity to get to know him we have the victory I just want to let you know that and this is a season for miracles I want you not to miss this opportunity you are part of this transfer of wealth influence and affluence the political revival is manifesting before our very eyes some of us we had a difficult time in believing that United States of America can turn around but God did and he is doing he is turning this country around and we have this confidence we have his love you know it’s he’s so wonderful to know that no matter what no matter what happened to me no matter what I did wrong or didn’t do or things right he will always have me he will always love me and I will always overcome whatever it is as long as I keep that close relationship with him he will never leave me he will never forsake me in 1st John chapter 5 verse 4 says everyone born of God overcomes the world this is the victory that has overcome the world even our faith so I just want to encourage you because things are moving now the Lord is sending back people that i ministered before for a long long time and he’s sending them back then right now I ministered to Chris Chris vas heard us on the radio years ago in 2003 he showed up in one of our services and he got blessed and then he invited his friend Craig and now we have Chris’s mom Janet vas a member of our church regular and also Susan which is Craig’s mom look at that you know in our Sunday services I have been talking about the love of God how to fall in love with Jesus how to romance him and how to have that intimate relationship with God man some religious folks are quaking with fear about that and the demons because this is why God created us in the first place to have fellowship with mankind to walk with Him and to implement his ways of doing things here on earth I found out that as long as you have a close relationship with the Lord Jesus you are untouchable it doesn’t mean to say that in every area of your life it’s perfect no what it means is that in spite of everything that is going on in our lives the challenges in spite of the pains disappointment setbacks we know that Jesus never disappoints in spite of the challenges and the wickedness that we’ve been witnessing and hearing in this world we remain untouchable and we remain confident because why we were sinners Jesus loved us already so much more now and I’m finding out that if I have that relationship that he Jesus and I can touch the other areas of my life that are not from him and in spite of the challenges of the world in spite of the challenges of the ministry fan the health at the end of the day I am at peace and always confident about today and tomorrow because I have his love and so are you you know you are loved in the eyes of Jesus you are the most lovable person on the face of the earth and I’m going to continue on that next time god bless you for tuning in until next time join us in our Sunday services I hope I’ll see you next Saturday for the final push for the fundraising event for the praise team and for this radio broadcast god bless you for tuning in
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Episode 272: Like Jesus in this World

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