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Episode 274: Prepare for Victory and Prosperity - Part 2

With Special Guest, Mike Sosso who is President and co-founder of SOGMI.

Published: May 20, 2017

Originally Aired: May 20, 2017

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




god bless you for tuning in hello this is Cristina Sosso of Freedom fellowship church and sons of God International and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time what a wonderful day and what a glorious week you know I had the most wonderful time on Mother’s Day Joshua my February firstborn son took the morning service and James my favorite middle child and Erica my favorite girl took the evening service together I was completely AWOL that day and it was not planned but I had a wonderful time we held our last fundraising event last Saturday and I was tired that morning I got up early and I was unloading my van with some of the collectibles that I brought home and I had a shooting pain I went back inside put my feet up and everybody was gone and while I was trying to rest and propped my feet I fell asleep when I woke up I felt like the Holy Spirit is telling me to take a complete day off to spend time with him so I went on a long distance drive through the hill country for four hours talking and listening to the Lord I had a wonderful time so I did not come to any of the services it was totally different it was really a celebration of Mother’s Day all by myself the Holy Spirit knew that if I had stayed home I would end up cleaning the house so he refrained me from doing work both natural and spiritual but that is a good news and I had a good for you today my dear brothers and sisters I have a special guest who is the president and co-founder of this ministry max also who happened to be my husband also so Mike could you greet the listeners hi there everybody it is really good to be here and I am so excited with what God is doing in the earth and here through this broadcast we are excited to be with you today amen so Mike is going to help me to continue to skin you alive and stomped on your feet to prepare you for times of prosperity and victory I know that the body of Christ have been trained and prepared on spiritual warfare but not in the times of prosperity and victory and this is the time now so that we don’t get into cycles and Mike and I will explain that later on but may I remind you my dear brothers and sisters that when the Lord had me released prophecies concerning the political revival in United States of America and at the same time the manifestation of transfer of wealth influence and affluence some of you confronted me and asked me if I really heard from God because it’s just too good to be true and at the same time we all are seeing and looking at the condition of this country that it was mind-boggling on how the Lord is going to make it to pass but I was sure that I heard from God at the time and what it manifested now nobody’s accusing me of being crazy strange maybe but not crazy I lost my mind a long time ago and I know I have the mind of Christ glory to God so now it might be strange to you that I am preaching about preparation for prosperity and victory we are living in the book of Revelation Mike and it is high time for the body of Christ to change her mindset and be conformed to the image of God to the image of Christ amen to that and Colossians 1:15 says Christ is the visible image of the invisible God and Genesis 1:26 says then God said let us make man kind or man human beings in our image and in our likeness they will reign over the fish of the sea the birds in the sky the livestock and all the wild animals on the earth and in Revelations 1:6 and 5:10 it says that God has created us to be kings and priests to rule and reign with him here on the earth hallelujah for that amen and that is our place this is God’s idea this is his original plan for man before mankind fell he blessed Adam and Eve and gave them dominion over all the animals over all the fish of the sea over all the birds of the air and he walked with them the first Adam failed and committed high treason and the second Adam that’s Jesus Christ took back all this Dominion that Adam had given away the power of the first Adam from Satan through the cross God the Father not only restored the power and authority of the first Adam he gave all power and authority in heaven and on earth not just on the earth to our Lord Jesus Christ all the power and authority in heaven and on earth and the Lord then gave this authority the authority of his name to we the body of Christ we became his bride we the church our ii eve now because of our Lord Jesus Christ who have all power and authority both in heaven and on earth have made the angels including the fallen angels to be subject to us Jesus delivered complete victory to us and Satan is a defeated foe do not be afraid of him get to know God get to know our Lord Jesus Christ be a student of the Holy Spirit and you will know your power and authority in Christ Jesus who you are in him in Christ we the spiritual leaders have to prepare you to use your authority to live by faith and not by sight and always remember that faith works by love if you don’t have love you have no faith you have no power you got to be lover of men lover of God and we have to condition ourselves to obey God to trust him and to believe him he already said his ways are higher than our ways we have to transcend the earth realm and we need to be heavenly minded we are in the last days the only time that Jesus will be sure to come back to claim his bride is when we put his enemies that’s the devil as his footstool for his feet under his feet that means we are at the helm we are in charge here on the earth we are in authority we are victorious we are prosperous and we are implementing God’s ways of doing things here on the earth and that is the final outcome it’s in Revelation 11:15 and revelation 11:15 says the world has now become this world we’re talking about the world you and I are living in has now say now become the kingdom of our Lord and of his christ and he will reign forever and ever that’s here now if you are waiting for the rapture then do your job take your post in the kingdom of God we need to prepare God’s people we need to mature them to walk in authority as I mentioned before for many decades now Christians will flock and attend church services only in times of trouble and when things settle down then they will disappear again until the trouble comes again and this scenario has become a cycle in the body of Christ if you are a student of the Bible you will know from the book of Genesis that if men and women or even a nation forget God they will be turned over to their enemies but if you worship God and obey his precepts the blessings keep on coming they shall overtake you and God is very protective of you God is not manifesting our heart’s desire because he knows we will walk away from him to our own detriment he is protective of us and because we will not continue to obey and be teachable you know Mike there’s one story in the Bible and as a former banker and a businesswoman like yourself I really admire that story and it has become one of our teachings in our business school it’s actually one of my favorites it’s in 2nd Kings chapter 4 about this Widow who came to Prophet Elisha and told the Prophet that the creditors are going after her and are threatening to take her two sons of slaves she boldly the profit that her dead husband served him and that he feared God so Elijah asked what do you have in your possession right now this is a very telling question when you are in need of a financial breakthrough take an inventory of what you got you will always have something in your possession that will be a point of contact or a key to unlock your miracles always do what you can do be led by the Holy Spirit don’t look for others to bail you out completely do something and be willing and do whatever it takes that is faith with action the widow told the prophet Elijah that they didn’t have anything except a flask of olive oil that’s right and so the Prophet said to her well take what you’ve got and gave her specific instructions she told her to borrow as many empty jars from your friends and neighbors as you can go to your house then and shut the door and pour the olive oil from your flask into the jars set the fill jars on one side and she obeyed the instructions to the letter now that’s key right there the Prophet gave her instructions she did exactly what the Prophet said and this is so important when all the jars were filled with olive oil and the olive oil stopped pouring this is probably the most important thing we have to learn here today and remind ourselves every single day this woman this widow woman after the jars were filled she did not assume anything many of us once this manifestation came through we would immediately take action man we would just take it up and do what we think we need to do not this woman she went back to see the Prophet told him everything that he she did and asked for further instructions from the Prophet and one of the prophet teller he said Selvi all pay all your debts and live on what is left over from these funds from that moment forth they were completely debt-free and they had extra to live on for her and her two sons and this is where the Spirit of the Lord is leading us but we have to be disciplined and not proud we’ve got to be disciplined enough not to assume anything that we don’t take over the challenge is that we get in our own understanding and we think we know what to do don’t do that you have to go back to the Lord or go back to the Prophet and say okay this is what we got now what’s next and get those further instructions and we need to continue to move forward no matter what because from the mouth of Jesus he says in his world that the kingdom of God is forcefully advancing and the violent take it by force we need to continue to move forward no matter what let us throw away the poverty mentality and our religiosity those wicked things belong to the past and that is where they need to stay you know during the fundraising event we learned so much and every member of the core team everyone that are going to Israel and some that are staying like Mike and Dora and Esther they helped in the fundraising with all their might and they follow the instruction and we taught the young people that they must be willing to work and do whatever it takes and that is the most critical and most important education and training that we got from working hard on Saturdays Mike and we were confronted by many challenge some people they felt that we are indulging ourselves by going to Israel but we all refuse to back down see many Christians given to people like those people who try to make us feel guilty for living a life that Jesus died for a victorious in a prosperous life and what they’re actually doing is taking away or they try to take away something that is for the preaching of the gospel and they want something for free but we didn’t back down because you know what Mike shared something a few years ago that the Holy Spirit in one of his study time the Holy Spirit took told him that we are always in authority could you share this to our listeners Mike yeah I was in a tight place at the time financially and I owed some money to some folks and sat down in a meeting and didn’t know how to deal with the meeting and I went in the meeting and I sat in front of them and I just felt horrible at the end of that meeting and I said I was apologizing to the Lord said Lord what is I did I felt like I was in such an uncomfortable spot the Lord spoke so clear to me he said Mike he said if you’re in me there is never a moment in time that you are not in total and complete authority because I’m in authority now that doesn’t mean I’m in control Jesus is in control but in God if you’re in Him you are in complete authority no matter what and if you are not then you have given that authority away that’s exactly right see a lot of times we try to do what the Holy Spirit’s job is and we mess things up but it is important for us to realize that we are really living in a time that the church has never been here before and we’re about ready to experience manifests and witness something that is so great because why the Bride of Christ is emerging as a glorious church so it is important for us to really get ready in times of prosperity and victory and be like that widow who follow the instructions to the letter and in the end she ended up living debt-free and at the same time they had extra to live on to live by so it is important for us to prepare for a season of victory and at the same time we need to really get into a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ we cannot make anybody saved because jesus said no one comes to him not unless the Father God sends them he also says in the Gospel of John that it is the Holy Spirit who convicts the world of sin so if people would try to make you feel guilty by saying no to them stand your ground it is to your detriment and theirs if you give in to those kind of Spirit the congregation of freedom fellowship charts are the most generous and they are also trained to focus in financing the preaching of the gospel and discipleship that is the commandment of Jesus eradicating poverty or declaring war and poverty is not our priority because Jesus says that poor we will always have some are their own choice but yes we help the poor but we are moved and we need to be led by the Holy Spirit we helped even send a to foreign nations you need to do that too that same way that you yourself you never asked anyone for free things it is the same manner that you work diligently and work hard and still serve God that is how you measure others too and you are depriving them of their blessings if you keep on financing that poverty spirit you’re not helping them you’re helping them actually to stay poor but if you share the gospel and if you apply God’s ways of doing things and your influence and affluence your lifestyle will manifest for others to see they want to know your God and they want to learn how you do it yes there are people that need a helping hand in some way or another I also needed a helping hand in some days and so are you but we should not neglect the preaching of the gospel this is how we can lead God’s people out of poverty to prosperity by following the precepts of God so are you ready for prosperity and victory ask the Holy Spirit to teach you and pray that you’ll be teachable this time remember it was almost too good to be true when God said political revival is coming and transfer of wealth is coming but just like I said before amongst us Christians if it’s too good to be true it is from God it is supernatural we are not of the world we may live here but we need to be very mindful of I say a 55 bike what verse Isaiah 55 9 says that as the heavens are higher than the earth so are my ways that’s God’s ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts God’s ways are higher than our ways his thoughts higher than our thoughts and he’s bringing us up to his level in Jesus name yes and in two weeks we will be in Israel and I will try Joshua and I will collab right together and we’re going to try to broadcast the conference there or or we’re going to share something if we’re going to find a way to do that but it is an awesome thing and it is a wonderful things for times such as this for you my dear brothers and sisters take your post and believe for yourself don’t ever look back it doesn’t matter who done you wrong or what you did wrong the most important thing is today if you hear his voice do not harden your hearts that’s all Jesus is expecting because you know what Jesus is love and he cannot help himself he will always give you another opportunity another chance he will forget about the past and he will show you your future that is far far greater than your past so focus on today focus on tomorrow and focus on God and thank you join us in our Sunday services we are located at 84 19 Callahan Road of i-10 and before we say goodbye I’m gonna ask Mike to pray for all of you what a privilege it is and I just have to finish that story just to tell you once I yielded that situation to God guess what he made a way for that debt to be paid in full praise God and he’s gonna do the same thing for you so father I thank you for everyone that’s in the sound of my voice right now just we yield we speak over them the blessing of the Lord that makes rich and you add no sorrow to it Lord teach them to yield to the Holy Ghost teach them Lord how to hear your voice how not to hearken to the voice of a stranger and a how to obey and trust in Jesus name Amen

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Episode 274: Prepare for Victory and Prosperity - Part 2

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