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Episode 275: Pentecost

Pentecost, the Holy Spirit, and the kingdom of God. Recorded in Jerusalem!

Published: June 03, 2017

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




god bless you for tuning in hello this is Cristina Sosso of Freedom fellowship church and sons of God International and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time and we are in Israel glory to God June 4 which is Sunday is the first day of the Feast of the weeks or what we Christians recognize us Pentecost that is right the Lord summoned us here in Israel Jerusalem to be specific to celebrate Pentecost a required feast for both Jews and Christians alike we are on a mission what a glorious mission it is in Deuteronomy chapter 16 verse 16 it says three times a year all your men must appear before the Lord your God at the place he will choose at the feast of unleavened bread the feasts of the weeks and the Feast of Tabernacles no man should appear before the Lord empty it is amazing that the Lord Jesus Christ went to the cross during the Passover and he became the Passover lamb and the feast of the weeks is seven weeks after Passover plus one day with his 50th day and during those times it with those forty days the Lord Jesus is spent time after he raised from the dead he spent forty days and forty nights with the disciples still teaching them and he told them to wait for the promised Holy Spirit look at God’s perfect timing the Holy Spirit came on the day of Pentecost and Jesus instructed them to celebrate and to be the upper room he prepared everything isn’t that amazing so our first day in Israel we got landed and we regroup with a Philippine team and our first order of business is to go to the site of our US embassy in Jerusalem do you know that our government the US government purchased this land several years ago to move our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem it was one of the campaign promises of the previous presidents including president george w bush but it never materialized once the US government take the lead in moving the embassy to jerusalem that move will signal the other nations that the whole world will know that the United States of America recognized Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel somehow that promise was never fulfilled so we need to continue to pray and that’s what we did we prayed and prophesy for the fulfillment of that promise by our government we Christians need to contact the White House and ask President Trump to fulfill that promise okay then afterwards we took a short tour to the Old City of Jerusalem before we checked in to our hotel Sunday we will be at the Upper Room that is the one thing that we need to do and we will have a short tour to prepare for the conference that evening ordination wedding ceremonies and prophetic conference this is such a remarkable event Joshua and I will try to record and share the events here to you our you listeners so that you know what is happening and that you will be a part of it it is a beginning of something big of global proportion it is from God therefore it will produce good things months ago I kept on seeing a t-shirt that printed on its back empowered to empower I thought that was a good sign Lord and I thought that the Lord gave it to me and was giving it to me as a theme for the upcoming pastors conference in the Philippines so I kept in my mind to ask Erica my daughter to print these t-shirts to ship to the Philippines before the big event now I know that these t-shirts are for this Israel trip and we were going to have some made for the pastors conference in the Philippines in Acts chapter 2 verse 1 I’m reading from an IV it says when the day of Pentecost came they were all together in one place remember suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting verse 3 they saw what seemed to be tongues fired separated and came to rest on each of them all of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the spirit enabled them the hundred twenty in the upper room that day in the book of Acts were empowered by the Holy Spirit to empower others by preaching the gospel in power and by discipleship and they turned the whole world upside down God is going to do something awesome which is in his plan for 2017 it will first start in Israel it will be released in Israel then it will go to the ends of the world isn’t that amazing and you my dear brothers and sisters are a part of it so stay tuned as I mentioned before I was not planning on going to Israel actually my flesh didn’t want to go but in my time of prayer one day the Lord directed me to lead a tour this year and gave me the specific dates to be there I didn’t know so now I realized that he really wanted us to be here on the day of Pentecost what a privilege I have to be here directed by the Holy Spirit whatever prophecies release this Sunday at the conference it will impact the whole world and it will start here in Jerusalem whatever prophecies released this Sunday at the conference it will impact the whole world and it will start here in Jerusalem in Acts chapter 1 verses 4 and 5 says on one occasion while he meaning Jesus was eating with them he gave them this command do not leave Jerusalem but wait for the gift my father promised which you have heard me speak about for John baptized with water but in a few days she will be baptized with the Holy Spirit in Acts chapter 1 verse 8 Jesus says but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the world jesus said that because after he commanded them in Acts chapter one four and five to wait and tarry they asked him and said are you now going to restore the kingdom back to Jerusalem they were still focus on the things that they want restored in their own understanding just like us are you now going to grant me the desires of my heart are you now going to do this and and Jesus told them do not focus on them it is not for you to know but only my father but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the world we are so excited for God to ordain our footsteps and are in the upper room on the first day of the Pentecost god is amazing Israel just like I said before was not in my plan or scheduled for 2017 but the Lord gave me a prophecy several years ago and gave me a timeline that when Erica my youngest daughter graduates from high school North America is my domain it means to say with my understanding from the Lord yes it means I will have spiritual authority but I thought I need to focus in North America so I went in Vancouver last year and I met with some leaders and I prophesied over the nation of Canada I was sent there actually ahead of Franklin Graham who held a crusade several weeks ago and in spite of many pressures and challenges from the LGBT community there and the Muslim community several thousands got saved glory to God but I am still scheduled to go to Toronto and Montreal and possibly Vancouver this year before the summer ends and then the last month of the year I will be in the Philippines conducting a empower leader and para nation ministers conference into the province of Pampanga the Lord had put Israel my priority this year and here we are and I now realize how significant this trip is and a whole team especially the core team are as excited as I am and they work so hard they put everything that they got for this trip for those that are exchanging merits vows to Jesus those that are renewing their vows and those who are getting ordained on the day of Pentecost you are going to have an awesome life from this day forward I wish somebody did that for me but right now I am in a better position I am the friend of the bridegroom my lord my love my God my Jesus so glory to God and we have this prophetic conference some ask me don’t you get tired I don’t have time to get tired yes of course I get tired but doing this for Jesus and for his beloved people it is all worth it and I will work extra hard next time he is all worth it it is the least that I can to express how much I love him my lord some people mock about the wedding ceremonies but I tell you what those who exchanged merits vows to Jesus their lives are never been the same again those that renew their marriage vows to Jesus they got into a higher and a deeper level and those that are married lo and behold their marriage became more glorious than ever some marriages were restored some greatly improved and healed and those that were single and are believing God for their spouses their focus got changed and the love of God being poured out on them it’s amazing to see the transformation everyone went through preparation and they all fell in love with Jesus all over again as if for the first time why is this important to obey the greatest commandment of all to love the Lord thy God with all your mind with all your heart with all your soul Matthew 22:37 many Christians change their priorities they put their loved one first than Jesus second that is why teaching God’s people how to love him is very very important in 2015 I went out for a long drive to pour out my heart to the Lord physically I was not feeling well and it was one of those low point in my life then in a gentle voice the Lord spoke to me and said Cristina can you teach my people how to love me like you love me my jaw drop what you have a need of me such a simple and easier quest and I asked the Lord that’s it that is the only thing that you require from me after everything that you’ve done for me then the Lord told me how happy he was when I performed those wedding ceremonies in Israel and here and how he enjoyed receiving love letters from them and songs of adoration and praises from his people and all of them are now spending time with God I was overwhelmed because the Lord Jesus sounded like he was so vulnerable and I stopped feeling sorry for myself I realized then that God did not need us to perform signs and wonders but he chose to need us he is almighty all-powerful he doesn’t need me but he chose to me what Jesus wanted more than anything else is a personal relationship and I can do that I can do that for him it’s so easy because he’s so loving I have that close relationship with him and I can share him to others so that they too will and can fall in love with him that is what the Lord needs when it comes to us our time our affection our focus he is needy I love that don’t you such simple things and yet it is so important to him if you study the great men and women of God who had been in the ministry you will be able to tell where their focus was those who focused and loving God those who Jesus became the front and center of their lives they have a lasting legacy we still read about them we are still in awe of the signs and wonders that Lord did focus of our Lord Jesus Christ is to introduce and share my focus now is to introduce a loving God to the world and share that love and at the same time Jesus demonstrated to us by his obedience by his deeds by his words that his focus is to love and obey his father God which is now our God so it is now our focus to put Jesus front and center so that everybody will fall in love with him the disciples after the Pentecost were never been the same they were empowered to empower they were empowered by the love of God and they were empowered because they love God they focused on Christ preached about Christ and they were in love even to the very end nova not even as not a single one fell away they were all powerful and it clearly demonstrates in Acts chapter 17 verse 28 it says for in him we live and move and have our being that is staying in love with Jesus as far as the prophetic conference here in Jerusalem those prophecies released in the past years have manifested in God appointed the year 2017 a season of many beginnings a season of power a season where the church is going to emerge as a glorious church you and I are being summoned to take our post to believe God to have faith in Him and take action and implement his ways of doing things here on earth for those who are here in Israel for the first time representing Philippines and China pastors Joel and junus Dorothy Emily Carson Lala and Malin welcome home this is our home for those who are here from the US for the first time welcome home Gail Janet Leigh Ann Yvonne Glennis welcome home for the core team and the youth Mikayla drew Joshua James and Erica Mike Deborah Nancy Davina Nicole Sylvia thank you for being a friend of the bridegroom Jesus is excited and happy thank you for this offering those in the Philippines there are hundreds of you from CCF I Jensen so I will not mention all of your names and for those of you in Pampanga and Quezon City Bulacan province and the Visayas region estancia lol oh thank you for sending your pastors here Jensen your life will never be the same again expect greater things to unfold Richard and grace I will see you soon and yes your time will come that you will join me in Israel and I will see you here in Texas next year for Aaron jasmine and the entire family thank you for your seed you don’t realize how much it blessed me and encouraged me perfect timing prepare for a tidal wave of blessings and I will see you here in Texas real soon for freedom faucet charts Dora Esther Mary Edie Coby Aaron Pete Christopher Xavier Charles what can I say you are a part of this great harvest and the move of God without you we will not be able to make this a success thank you for all of your tireless work and seeds and thank you Richard for being there for us and many others for Charles next year in Lagos Nigeria for all of you listeners who came to our fundraising events for all of you who prayed for this trip for this ministry for me you are much a part of this harvest you are partakers of my grace and my God shall supply all of your needs according to his riches and glory in Christ Jesus and much more prepare to be overwhelmed trust believe Joshua and I and the team here in Israel will attempt to broadcast some of the parts of what is going on here in Israel and even during the conference if not Joshua will air them when we get back I do not want you to miss anything and this is important event every time I go somewhere it is not just to take a tour it’s not just to lead a tour it is it is more than that it is a mission so so we are going to hear and listen to God and who knows the Lord might direct me to hold the prophetic conference to share what what we all heard from here to impart them to you here in San Antonio so stay tuned for that okay so it is important for us to to really listen to what God is saying to the church and remember the testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ is the very essence of prophecy all the prophecies that are released Jesus Christ must be front and center that is the difference between the old prophets and the present-day prophets and yes there are prophets still walking and living and breathing and prophesying in our days so prepare to be amazed my dear brothers and sisters because we are in the most exciting period in the history of the church so god bless you for tuning in and don’t forget to come and join us in our Sunday services Dora Esther and Ed will tag team and they will pray for you god bless you for tuning in this is Cristina Sosso prophetic voice of our time signing off from jerusalem shalom everybody

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Episode 275: Pentecost

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