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Episode 277: Mission Report and Good News

With special guest Mike Sosso. Highlights of the recent trip to Israel and Greece, and the good news of God’s outpouring of His Spirit upon all flesh.

Published: June 17, 2017

Speakers: Cristina Sosso, Mike Sosso




god bless you for tuning in hello this is Cristina Sosso of Freedom fellowship church and sons of God International and you’re listening to the prophetic voice of our time as you may well know I just got back from leading a tour in Israel and nine of us the size of family the Pharrell’s and sandy towers went on a cruise in Greece and Turkey afterwards we went to visit Ephesus in the islands of patmos Santorini Crete and Mykonos we had a good time Mike upgraded our cabin to the grand suite with a balcony and two huge bay windows truly suffering for Jesus the young group enjoy their days of leisure after a life-transforming experience in Israel today I will focus on reports from Israel and the manifestations prophecies for this new season we’re in so this might be in two or three parts portion but today I have Mike’s also the president of sons of God International with me to join us in this report say hello Mike hey everybody it’s so good to be here and we had a magnificent time I wish you all been with us we were we were praising God the whole time yes so some of the topics that Mike and I will discuss today is some of the reports that you all need to know here in the United States because of the manifestations of prophecies and in the important event that happened in Israel on the day of Pentecost June 4th or the week of Pentecost but before that this trip every time I lead a tour to Israel is always a mission trip it’s always something that it is a spiritual journey it is something that God ordained and this is a God ordained trip we were joined in there are 17 or 18 there 18 of us from San Antonio area and we were joined in by seven from the Philippines and we have surprised that joined us in the baptism that Mike met a couple and the minute that we landed on the airport I scheduled for us to stay focused on the mission I asked our tour guide and the driver to make a stop on our way to our hotel on the first day that we get landed there to take us to the land that was purchased by US government for the site of the US Embassy in Jerusalem and it has been a political promise from the past presidents that they are going to move our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as a sign that United States of America as a world leader acknowledged that Jerusalem is the capital of the nation of Israel and it is also promised by President Trump which I mentioned in my previous broadcast so the Lord sent us there to prophesy to that land and to bring it forth into being in which I cannot tell you ahead of time so that will accomplish our mission and then will share it with you so it is important for you my brothers and sisters to contact and to pray for president Trump to move the u.s. embassy it is going to come to pass amen and the second important thing Mike and I’m going to let you share from your perspective the second most important thing that happened is on June 4th which is Sunday the first day of Pentecost in Acts chapter 2 verses one through five with concerns about Pentecost or the feasts of the week it says when the day of Pentecost came they were all together in one place talking about the hundred twenty at the upper room suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting they saw what seemed to be tongues fired separated and came to rest on each of them all of them were filled with the Holy Spirit began to speak in other tongues as the spirit enabled them now Acts chapter 2 verse 5 right now there were staying in Jerusalem god-fearing Jews from every nation under heaven in this particular day on June 4th that only god-fearing Jews were gathered in Israel god-fearing Christians that were someone by the Holy Spirit that were there even our tour guide and the other tourist guide they were talking and they’re telling us that they’d never seen anything like it before almost every nation was represented and they all gathered in the upper room before you visit the upper room there were only a handful of Christians that are visiting there but this time there were a special service we join in the Franciscan priest who held their ceremony or their service at the upper room it was standing room only and people thousands and thousands of people were scheduled to hold their services there or just they were someone some they don’t even know why there were someone something even know that it was a day of Pentecost but we do because the Holy Spirit told us and we were so excited we were so excited would you like to to share with our brothers and sisters my your point of view and how you see and your experience well as Pastor Cris has already said it was amazing and I’ve been to that Upper Room we’ve been there a few times and usually we had the room all to ourselves but I mean it was a massive crowd I was reminded when Jesus said to his disciples when he was pushing through the crowd you know on his way to Jairus his house and the woman with the issue of blood touched him and his disciples said you know Lord what do you mean somebody touched you because you’re pushing through the crowd I mean it was so crowded and we literally squeezed our way through the crowd up the steps to the upper room and there were people from every nation I mean they were from all over the world and Pastor Cris mentioned the Franciscan we’d met him on the Mount of Olives and he was a Franciscan priest from Armenia and I believe spirit-filled but anyhow he was up there in the upper right from was he from Iran yes oh he is from Iraq and God is doing something amazing right now from every tongue from every nation he’s summoning his people back to the Holy Land if he would during this holy feast which I will remind you is one of the three feasts that God commanded his children to celebrate every year we’re gonna celebrate this forever the first one is Feast of the Passover then Pentecost which is firstfruits and then the third one like at the end gathering so we were there to celebrate this Pentecost feast in honor of Jesus and it was amazing so I want to tell you the Holy Ghost has no limits you don’t have to be in Jerusalem to celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Ghost he’ll pour it out right on you where you are here in San Antonio or within the sound of my voice if you need a fresh wind from God raise your hand say give it to me God and it’s on its way receive it right now in Jesus name yeah and also there was one thing the Holy Spirit told me and it says like okay we didn’t realize that it was a week of pentacles is also the fiftieth year or the year of Jubilee for the nation of Israel they all coincide with the same date and with the same year and remember the prophecy in 2017 that God is going to do something that is never been recorded in the history of the church if you dare to believe and so I was meditating on that as I prepared for this trip and the Lord spoke to me and said Cristina it will start in Jerusalem you will release prophecies in Israel and it will start in Jerusalem and then it will be all over the world so of course I received that in faith and you know I learned that you cannot figure out the ways of God all you need to do is to trust him but we still try to figure out and God does not mind if we question things and when God told me that I shared it with a group and said hey our life will never be the same again and it’s not this is the most anointed awesome tour I ever led in Israel or even my experience in Israel it is it is so awesome because it’s global mic and what God is saying is he summoned all the nations of the world his people and empowered them so from this day forward it already started in Israel the anointing the revelation the manifestation of things it will be done and it will manifest in your life and it will happen if you dare to believe that God is really faithful and he’s just and He loves you you know I experienced and walked under great anointings in the past and signs and wonders follow but this kind of manifestation this kind of anointing it’s a greater anointing it’s greater manifestations that things that that never happened before or recorded before in our lifetime things that will manifest from the multitude of believers not just selected few that’s why the season that were in it’s just so amazing it is it is exciting and the Spirit of the Lord is more than ready to reveal things to us dare to believe you are part of this great move of God even when I was baptizing everybody at the Jordan River the spirit of prophecy came in and I almost cannot stand the presence of God and everybody felt it and everybody start prophesying so I just want to let you know that the prophecies that was released it concerns United States its concern you my brother my sister personally if you dare to believe that we will experience something that’s never been recorded in the modern day Church as never before it’s because of it is global it is as long as much as you can receive as much as you can believe it is going to happen to you and the one thing that we the bat of Christ has to believe and start changing our mindset is there is no way that you can earn this there is no way that you can earn this but because of the time that we’re in the only requirement that you and I have is to obey the greatest commandment of all Matthew chapter 22 verses 37 that is to love God with all your heart with all your mind with all your soul and that is what the love relationship with God and the exchanging of merits vows was done and as I prepare those who made a commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ that he is their first love that he comes front and center in their lives and they exchange that merits vows and their life was never been the same again the Holy Spirit came upon them afterwards it changed me too and as I was telling this is the most awesome tour I ever led in Israel because of the results in the manifestation the group who came with me whether from the Philippines or from United States of America or from those couple if they fell in love with our Lord Jesus Christ all over again as if for the first time second they fell in love with the nation of Israel then my mission was accomplished and my Joy’s complete with the other expectations that I have they pale into comparison into what God was able to accomplish and with that I am honored and privileged what about you might oh my gosh it’s just amazing it’s amazing what God has revealed this trip and there’s something that I’m reminded of we took a trip also to the Western Wall on Friday and which is Sabbath and of course the Jews gather on the Sabbath day of rest according to the Levitical law of course where we walk in the Sabbath every day meaning we rest from our own works as it says in Hebrews chapter four and five to do the works of God every single day but anyways we went to the Western Wall and of course many from the group had prayer petitions that they wanted to put in the wall one brother from the film it’s he had a pile of petitions he put in there I kind of joked with him about that and the Lord hadn’t he put something in there and I was reminded of a scripture that it says in John chapter 14 verse 14 jesus said this he says you may ask me anything in my name and I will do it oh wow and so you know what a blank check is when somebody signs a check and just says here you just fill it out and put on there what you need and what you want that’s what the Lord said I give you a blank check ask me anything anything in my name and I will do it is that exciting or what so Jesus by his blood gives you a blank check to go to the Father and ask him anything in his name yes you know what is the different about this now in the western wall because I told people well I am going to put a prayer request for you and it is so typical in the Western world that everybody will have their prayer petition but the Lord wanted me I said I want you to touch that wall and I said and he told me this and say Cristina everything is taken care of as far as you and your family are concerned I want you to prophesy and thank me for the radio listeners that is you yes you know I may not know you you may not meet me personally but God knows your name God knows where you’re at and so I prayed for all the listeners and I prophesy there I took my time everybody is listening to me and then the businesses the nation’s I pray for United States of America I prayed for our president and vice president they love him there by the way and I pray for everything and everybody except for me because the Lord said you are taking care of already I want you to release prophesy of blessings and just like what Mike read in John 14:14 you pray for them you release them and I will do it so just believe today okay you don’t have to earned things just believe because He loves you Jesus is in love with you that’s why you don’t have to earned it believe it and receive it okay you know one other big highlight of the trip to Israel is we went to the garden tomb and we went to the place of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and you know that’s the whole reason that we’re even here talking to you today because God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to give his life his life’s blood for you and for me and I just got to tell you it almost brought me to tears just to see the place where he gave His life he hung on that cross and poured it all out he drained his life’s blood for you and me no matter what you’re going through he gave it all for you he gave it all for me and then after we heard the story of the individual that was there that shared about the place and how just a short walk from that place of crucifixion they found the tomb that he was laid in that is still to this day in the family heritage of joseph of arimathea and it’s carved in the wall and I have great news to tell you that tomb is empty he’s not there he is not in that tomb praise God and it’s empty and three days after he was laid in it he rose from the dead and is now seated at the right hand of God interceding for you but we prayed there and we had a communion service and I got to tell you what it is so exciting to see what God is doing through the earth right now there’s an outpouring of the spirit that is uniting his people by the love of God Pastor Cris has talked about this two commandments what love God with all your heart soul mind and body and the second is like it love your neighbor as you love yourself and that is unifying the body of bryceton we’re seeing it happen so get excited God is meeting your need today he’s meeting our needs today and we need to pray for the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into the harvest field we met that couple remember from Greece because after Israel we were on our way to Greece and the Holy Spirit had spoken to me the last time Pastor Cris and I were in Greece which is 1994 a few years ago Joshua our eldest son was on my back and and I was crying out to God I said God what happened to the wind of the Spirit that flowed through this place where Paul the Apostle in Ephesus walk which is now in Turkey I mean we didn’t see the wind of the Spirit moving there’s like that the church was not alive and the Holy Spirit said the last shall be first and the first should be last in other words God’s Spirit is going to be poured out again in that region and as we came back this time I began to see the implementation of that taking place as the Lord is softening the hearts of the people and preparing his church to arise in that region so be excited get excited this is the season for the latter reign of the Lord Jesus Christ in the earth yeah remember we are in a new season and this is true this is not just saying it I tend to repeat myself over and over again to emphasize the point and the release and repeat the prophecies that our release is starting in 2017 and of course many prophecies about United States and about our political condition and the dealings of the Lord have already started manifesting this country is turning around towards righteousness because his people are responding to the call to pray for those that are in authorities and to pray for one another and there is also a hunger for the things of God now it was released in Jerusalem about this anointing in which you already heard it before but it was released during the Pentecost and the Holy Spirit was there it is felt and I never seen different denominations even the image our tour guide who was Jewish was surprised that Amos we’re at the Wailing Wall praying they have never seen anything like it for and at the same time the nation of Israel is flourishing the desert is blooming with a lot of things it really astounded me and how fast that that prosperity is beginning to take place so it started in Jerusalem it’s going to continue and it will cover all over the world and remember according to the revelation that God is given to Apostle Paul in officience that we are joint heirs with the Jewish people in Christ and through our Lord Jesus Christ so I want to emphasize that it is time for us to really grab hold of what God is giving us and telling us for this season it is something that is so exciting all of us if you’re going to ask each and every one who came to this tour what is the highlights some will say it is the wedding celebration it’s the garden tomb it’s the baptism some it’s the mission that we went and prayed and prophesy over the land for our future u.s. embassy some will say other things that they never seen or heard before in their lifetime and everything is coming in an accelerated fashion Mike and I don’t want you to go back to wanting milk I want you to get out of your comfort zone get out of the box where you allowed men to put you into and let’s get out in Chains and progress and prosperity and the power of God is inevitable it is going to come whether you believe it or not but God wants you to participate and I want you to be a part of it because God loves you okay and that’s the only way and I’m going to us at the end of this program I’m going to ask Mike to pray for each and every one of you that you are all will be empowered and we’re going to pray together in agreement even now that I pray in the mighty name of Jesus that you will have this insatiable desire to get to know more of Lord Jesus Christ that you will have a sensitive ears spiritual ears to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to you right now he’s touching you right now and once the word of God is released he heals all of our infirmities and diseases all you need to do is to believe and lay hands on yourself okay so I’m going to ask Mike to pray for each and every one of you and remember you don’t have to earn this all you need to do is to receive because Jesus is in love with you amen and if you’re hearing my voice right now this is no accident this word is for you father I thank you for everyone that is hearing the sound of my voice right now Lord by the power of your spirit lord I thank you for a touch from heaven that is changing and rearranging and bringing them close to you bringing them the fullness of the knowledge of the truth in you and who you’ve called them to be Lord I release the blessing of God I release the captives from captivity I release the blessing of God to change and rearrange and cause a newness of life to flow in Jesus name healing while healing is needed deliverance where deliverances needed Lord a healing of homes hearts families and the straightening of the course Lord to put them on the course toward bringing your kingdom into the earth a manifestation of your glory in their lives in Jesus mighty name and father we give you the praise for it amen okay so don’t forget and if you have not received our Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior give me the privilege of leading you to Christ all you need to do is say Lord I acknowledge that I am a sinner and I need you and I heard from the radio that you love me that you gave yourself to me I want you to be the Lord of my life and I want to be born again that’s all you need to do

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Episode 277: Mission Report and Good News

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