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Episode 278: Plugged in to God

With guest speaker Joshua Sosso, sharing the revelation of Jesus Christ as was experienced during the recent trip to Israel.

Published: June 24, 2017

Speakers: Joshua Sosso




thank you for tuning in this is Joshua Sosso and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time many blessings to all of you that have tuned in today you know I know I say it a lot but God really is on the move and he really is working all throughout the world as many of you know we just came back from just a couple weeks ago we just came back from a trip to Israel and then we went to Greece and let me tell you it’s just so amazing to see the places where Jesus walked where the Apostles walked where the early church was established and I’ve been there a couple times before myself but each time it’s just more more amazing because many things you can go there and you can go to the Garden of Gethsemane and you can see all of trees that were there at the time of Jesus you can still go and you can walk down the Via Dolorosa where Jesus carried his cross to go Gotha and it’s a very narrow road and it was an uphill climb for him he was climbing up that hill before he was crucified carrying the heavy burden of the cross and you can still walk down that road and they have markings showing different places where Jesus stopped along the way and you can go to the garden tomb where many people believe Jesus was buried and it’s not far actually it’s not far from Golgotha and there’s a garden there but they left the tomb intact they didn’t they didn’t change anything they didn’t you know build a church on top of it they left the tomb intact and you can actually walk in there and see the place where they believe Jesus was buried so it’s it was just really really incredible and it’s it’s more amazing and it’s more I openin every time you go there there’s something really cool that one of the guides told us while we were there at the garden tomb is that you’ll notice if you go to the garden tomb there’s a little hole that they carve out from the area where the bodies are kept um the rest of it’s completely sealed off and it’s a hole it’s very very small so no one can get through it you can maybe stick your hand through it but it’s a hole that goes into the tomb and it’s because the Jewish people at that time believed that after three days that was when your spirit left you and so they carved a hole into the tomb so that the spirit had a place to exit leave and go off to be in paradise which is really significant because Jesus was dead for three days which is the same amount of time they believe takes the spirit to leave the body which means that in the Jewish people’s eyes Jesus would have been completely gone his spirit was completely gone but when he resurrected from the grave when he came back to life when he rose up that showed that he had authority over life and death and he did this once before - if you look before remember Jesus’s family if we remember the story as some of those close to Jesus they came in they said that Lazarus was very sick but Jesus didn’t go immediately he waited two or three days and that’s very significant why because when Jesus finally arrived the scripture says in John chapter 11 Ana’s arrival Jesus found that Lazarus had already been in the tomb for four days so what does that mean according to the Jewish traditions of the time if he had been dead three days already his spirit was already gone so even if somebody had the power to raise someone from the dead according to the Jewish beliefs it was impossible it was impossible because his spirit had already left him he had already been wrapped up and he’d been in the tomb for four days but what happened Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead after he had been dead for four days showing that he had authority over life and death so that’s a little segue but that’s something that was really cool that we had never seen before when we were in Israel but one of our guides explained this to us and it opened up this whole new level of revelation and that’s what it’s been one thing after another after another after another is that God has just been opening up new things to us and you know we’ve really enjoyed so much being there I mean by far the most humbling in my opinion the most humbling and impactful thing in the entire trip was the wedding ceremony and for those of you who may not have been like listening the past couple weeks or may not have been paying attention we held a wedding ceremony in Jerusalem for those that were going to commit their lives and dedicate their lives to Jesus this wasn’t a Salvation ceremony this wasn’t for people being born again but the Bible says that we are brides of Christ that we are supposed to be romancing him that we’re supposed to have a personal relationship with him a love relationship with him and so this ceremony it’s a statement saying to Jesus that you are my first love you are my first priority you take precedence over everything else in my life and it was a actual ceremony that we went through where people gave vows to Jesus that they were committing themselves to put him first to love him first to make him their priority and I had the pleasure of participating this year I’ve gotten to witness it a couple years but this time for the first time I was able to dedicate my life in a marriage ceremony to Jesus where he is truly my first love and let me tell you it really was truly humbling it was truly inspiring because you we get to partake in it together that there was a whole group of us that we got to partake in it together and I know many people they were excited that they had this statement of commitment the statement of that they were being committed that on this date that’s their date their turning point the time that they’re going to pursue God ahead of everything else harder than they ever had before and it was so humbling and it was so I opening to see it and it’s cool because each person that I talked to about the ceremony and me personally each one of us felt that we were personally touched and personally ministered to by God and that’s really something only God can do it’s the same way where you know 20 people can read the same scripture passage but each person gets something different out of it 20 people can listen to the same sermon or you know a hundred people a thousand people can listen to the same sermon and get something out of it that’s something only the Holy Spirit can do and that’s something that we want to allow God to do through us and we’ve gone a little bit of a segue here but I guess it’s going to bring me to the point which is that the Holy Spirit is leading us to go places that we’d never gone before to do things that we’ve never done before we know that the disciples when they were first filled with the Holy Spirit they began preaching and teaching and in sharing the gospel to everyone around them and what happened right after they left the upper room they were filled with the Holy Spirit that began teaching and preaching and sharing the gospel and everyone there heard them in their own language in their own tongue it’s very much similar to how somebody can say a single sentence to a group of people and each of them will get something different out of it in the same way God is able to make people hear things in their own languages he’s able to affect people on a personal level we have to be a conduit for his anointing do you understand what I’m saying here we have to be a conduit which is that I remember Pastor Mike was talking about this a couple months back when something conducts electricity it’s not that that thing is the source of electricity that thing is the source of power it’s allowing the electrical energy to flow through it so when you have a power plug for example a power socket in the wall when you plug a wire into the wall the metal wiring inside that cable is a conduit that’s allowing electricity to flow the cable is not the source of the power but rather the outlet in the wall which is going back to the generator so when we plug into the Holy Spirit when we plug into the will of God God is flowing his ministering spirit his anointing out of us to the people around us and I’m just kind of jumping around here I guess but that’s what I want to talk to you about so each of us here in Israel you know God ministered to each other cently and now many of us have already begun to where he ministers to each other Sinhalese and then after we have his love inside of us as anointing inside of us we need to disperse it to other people we need to let it flow out of us and go to other people and what can that mean means that if God calls us to go somewhere to say something to talk to a certain person we do it or allowing God to guide us and lead us because we don’t know the full impact of what we’re having to do the important thing is that we do it that we obey that’s the most important thing to God that when he calls us to do something that we obey and it’s like what the disciples they didn’t know when they spoke after being anointed with the Holy Spirit they didn’t know that all these people would hear the Word of God in their own language how would they know how would they know that that would happen it’s the same way with us when God says go to this place buy this thing travel here talk to this person we don’t know the full extent of what God is calling us to do but we know that God has our best interest in mind correct and we know that God has everyone else’s best interests in mind so if he calls us to speak to somebody he has their best interest in mind he knows them better than we know them this includes our family members this includes maybe our wife our our husband this includes whoever we hold dear the truth is is that God holds them even more dear that we hold them but the point I’m trying to get at is that so God and feels us and he ministers to us on such a personal level right I mean how many times can you think of it’s just when you know that God is speaking to you personally whether it be through someone else whether it be through the scripture you can read a passage over and over and over again but when it’s illuminated by the Holy Spirit suddenly jumps out at you but that’s the thing it shouldn’t stop there it shouldn’t stop at us getting personal revelation from other people getting receiving right but we need to give it out so as Jesus said what is the Great Commission to go into all the earth and preach the gospel making disciples of every nation that’s the most important thing and that’s what we need to apply in every area of our life because a nation doesn’t just mean the country like the United States of America like France but a nation can also be an organization a nation can be a business a nation can be a community the important thing is that everywhere we go we carry the light of the gospel and we reflect it into every area and we could never know what God is going to do with that seed once it gets out there the important thing is that we have a willing heart and we are willing to go out there if we look at the parable this sower and I’m sure many of you have heard this story before but the sower throws his seed on the dirt right the first soil that he threw it on was hardened a hardened heart so the seed was stolen away the second the seed was covered in thorns the worries of the world problems with families worries about finances worries about your relationships and they choked the seed and that’s what we need to pay attention to if we have a hardened heart if we’re full of bitterness our blessing and our revelation will get stolen from us if we are so bogged down with family issues with financial issues with relationship issues then our judgment gets clouded and it chokes out the revelation which is why for any situation especially the ones that are closest to you you have to give them to God you have to give them to God you have to say God I don’t know what to do here but I’m going to trust you you know sometimes concerning family members in concerning relationships you have to put your foot down and it’s hard it’s really hard sometimes you have to leave people to their own devices and allow them to come back sometimes we just have to trust that God is going to take them down the right path the important thing is that we remain obedient to God but if we get if we allow issues in our life dramas financial worries if we allow those to bog us down to choke out the revelation then we’re not gonna be able to reproduce it after he threw it in the thorns he threw it in shallow ground ground with stones people who only want to be around when it’s easy when they when they don’t have to work when things are hunky-dory I mean when things are okay and then once things once they have to push once I have to work a little bit then they they disappear and there’s a lot of Christians who do that where when everything’s going great praise God hallelujah and then as soon as things get bad all the chips are down anything’s game but what happened when he finally went to the soil that was good the good soil the seed grew a stock and then that produced more seeds which caused more week to grow and from that wheat more we grew and more wheat grew and more we grew so it starts with our heart it starts with our heart and if our heart is right with God if our heart is willing to listen to God willing to obey God then we can become a place for that seed to grow and that seed to expand and that seed to reproduce because then once our hearts in order then we can begin giving out revelation and blessing to other people because we’re blessed to be a blessing so I mean that Pastor Cris always says is that if it’s from God it’s truly from God then it’s going to benefit you it’s going to give glory to God and it’s going to benefit his people because more people are being blessed through the blessings given upon you and so with all this that I’ve been talking about so many of us in Israel got ministered to personally in our hearts but it’s not stopping there God is calling us and he’s calling all of you the time of harvest is now the time of transfer of wealth influence and affluence is now the time for the manifestation of blessings of businesses of finances is now we need to prepare our hearts and we need to step in to the calling that God has on our life and if we do that we’re going to start to see multiplication abundance blessings manifestations and then once we share the light of God with other people they’ll share with those around them and it’ll be a chain of people all growing together and growing and establishing the kingdom of God which is always what Jesus intended that’s always what Jesus had planned when he said go into all the world and make disciples so that’s what we’re doing here at Freedom Fellowship Church and that’s what we’re gonna continue to do we we have a lot of exciting changes coming here at Freedom Fellowship Church we’re working towards using some of the extra funds that we got to upgrade the equipment for this radio broadcast we’re gonna start putting out additional materials through our website so look out for that because we really want to focus on discipleship training and preparing the body of Christ for this great move because here at sons of God Ministries International and free opposed to church we don’t want Christians to just come in sit in a Pew once a week and then that’d be it you see discipleship calls for so much more discipleship calls that we prepare other people so that they can disciple others and then those the date than those that they disciple can disciple others and so right now we’ve been doing some of that through the prophetic school through the business school and it’s not just about you know business and planning but it’s about business God’s Way and the prophetic school is about operating in the prophetic about moving in the prophetic hearing the Word of God and acting on it and so we’re working now towards putting resources into expanding those areas because this is the thing that I believe deeply and something that Pastor Cris also says a lot it’s that we should be thankful and we should be grateful but we should never be satisfied and so because once we become satisfied with where we are then we begin to settle in and we just kind of go with the flow but God hasn’t called you know his people to go with the flow he’s called us to excel and he’s called us to grow the beginning of Genesis God said to Adam and Eve be fruitful and multiply and you know people just think of that as procreation like Oh make sure to have children and spread throughout the world but when he says be fruitful be fruitful we need to produce fruit we need to work hard and make things come to fruition and so you know that’s why we’re working now to get you know our website we are going to have more materials coming we’re working to upgrade our equipment here at the radio broadcast and potentially expand it and expand our reach if you’re interested in donating to help us grow in these areas you can send your donations to our website wws ocmi org and also if you go to our website then you’ll also see past broadcasts of this radio show and you can listen to them you can download them to your phone and if you keep an eye open you’re gonna see new things start coming up there on our website and it’s very exciting so before we go and again that website is wws SOG mi org so check it out donate if you are called to do it we don’t want anybody to feel pressured but we want people to know that if they give to us it’s going towards expansion of training the body of Christ and preaching the gospel but before we go let me say a quick prayer with you so dearly father God I thank you Lord for each every person that’s hearing the sound of my voice right now I thank you God that you are calling them to be greater and stronger in you and your anointing than ever before I thank you God that you are personally ministering to each and every one of their hearts God and as they receive your light I pray that each and every one of them would compelled to go out and spread that light among those around them to be a light in the dark place to go into all the nations to their communities to everywhere preaching your gospel and making disciples God I pray God that the body of Christ would not get satisfied with their current place but that we would always press on to the mark of the higher calling doing more and more and more that we can for you in your kingdom until your kingdom comes and is manifested here on this earth we give you all the praise Lord give you all the glory in Jesus’s name we pray amen

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Episode 278: Plugged in to God

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