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Episode 279: Living in the Supernatural

”..of course it’s a challenge in the flesh. But in the kingdom of God it’s always the opposite, and Jesus is our primary example.”

Published: July 08, 2017

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




god bless you for tuning in hello this is Cristina Sosso of freedom fellowship church and sons of God International and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time did you listen to last week’s broadcast if you missed it we are on podcast go to our website Joshua did a marvelous job we are in the process of upgrading and expanding our outreaches including radio programs and if you think that we are losing the younger generations you need to meet our youth ministers our youth team they are powerful they traveled with me on foreign missions and it’s amazing and Joshua is one of them in last month in Israel it is one of the memorable moments for me in Israel is when we ordained ministers Sylvia Grubb was ordained drew Farrell I call him Reverend drew now and James and Erica saw so it did not sink in until I saw some of the pictures of the ceremony in one of the pictures Mike Joshua and I ordained James and Erica saw so all of us now the Sassa family we are now all ordained ministers of the gospel it is awesome the Lord instructed me also to establish Pastor Joel and julna saw Malin of CCF I general santos city as apostles and prophets established not ordained they are already ordained what an honor and privilege I never done that before but God gave me a bunch of scriptures to support his instruction so let us get going we are in a very lighting times and we are seeing prophecies fulfilled right before our eyes changes are coming and changes are necessary to our growth in the kingdom of God in spite of what our minds and or our flesh are saying let us resolve in our hearts that God is on the move and his people those who have ears to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to the church right now are going to move they’re going to embrace the changes and they will implement God’s ways of doing things here on earth you are being summoned right now yes I’m talking to you so it is important in Isaiah 55 verse 8 says for my thoughts are not your thoughts neither are your ways my ways declares the Lord as the heavens are higher than the earth so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts it’s not your ideas or my ideas or knowledge even though they’re good but God’s ideas and God’s ways of doing things are perfect he wants us to be like him even though what you learn is from the Word of God in this season God is taking us higher deeper in the things of God and greater works are here and opportunities are opening before our eyes like right now the Word of God commands us to guard our hearts with all due diligence because out of it flows the issues of life our intention our motivation our focus our hearts desire and most of all our love towards God when God corrects us because He loves us and he wants us to be blessed and be able to walk through every opportunities presented to us we must be led by the Holy Spirit in proverbs chapter 1 verses 20 through 23 it says wisdom meaning the holy spirit wisdom calls aloud in the streets she raises her voice in the public squares head of the Noyes Street see cries out in the gateways of the city she makes her speech how long will you simple ones love your simple ways how long will you mockers delight in mockery and fools hate knowledge if you had responded to my rebuke I would have poured out my heart to you and made my thoughts known to you in the kingdom of God it is a journey it is an adventure wherever we’re at it is a place of discovery of learning new things of implementing God’s ways of doing things we cannot just sit still and be content with what we know and what we have accomplished we need to continue to stretch ourselves stretch our faith because God’s ways are perfect and God is trustworthy it is actually a very fulfilling life it may not be comfortable in the flesh and you know sometimes you cannot analyze the things of God and it is always extremely challenging when we process things in our heads the move of God in our own minds because they’re too good to be true remember in the kingdom of God if it’s too good to be true it is supernatural it is from God God does not move or act the way we want him to act or or how we perceive or anticipate him to act his ways are higher and when it comes to handling situations God seldom recycle his ways or his methods the only thing that is predictable about God is that he always answer and the result is always supernatural and his motivation is always love keep that in mind what God promised in his word your personal prophecies the promises in the scriptures we must meditate on these promises day and night in spite of challenges in spite of The Situation’s that were in focus on them and continue to believe especially when the opposite is happening or manifesting in your life it is an issue of the heart it is a trust issue we must focus on who God is and for us to continue to focus on the things of God like I said it is a matter of trust we must completely trust God if we do this God will continue to reveal things to us he will take us higher deeper and supernatural manifestations were a result he is about to show wonders in your life today God’s ways are not your ways keep on reminding yourself that and his are better than yours in proverbs chapter 3 verses 5 and 6 says trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not in your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight of course this is a challenge in the flesh it is always because remember we were conditioned to operate in the ways of the world and even when we got born again not unless you took it upon yourself that all your paths are gone and made new it is always a challenge because we were conditioned to apply the world’s ways of doing things but in the kingdom of God is always the opposite and Jesus is our primary example and we have to be teachable that is of childlike faith once we are teachable we will be able to buff it and train our flesh even our way of thinking to the things of God and yes it is uncomfortable in the flesh the things that I do in the ministry just like this radio program this are not something that I really desire or even had an ambition to go on the radio it is it is it is always God who who put things before my my path and I just let it go because one thing that I keep on reminding myself is what choice do I have except to trust him and if I made a mistake if I thought that I heard from God and I did not God always searches the hearts and he will always provide a way out that is one thing about Jesus he is so wonderful you know when I got born again I was working in a financial institution here in San Antonio and I got born again got baptized by the Holy Spirit and started operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit it’s just as if I stumble all these things by accident but I know it’s God ordained and when I got born again and I told the Lord you got me so I’m gonna serve you but I really never thought that God is going to send me in the front lines or to be one of the leaders I was just grateful that I’m a part of the move of God I believe it and and the first day the following day after I got baptized by the Holy Spirit I I was talking to God and he was talking to me and I started speaking in other tongues and no one laid hands on me I just asked God if that is from him and I got it and then I started getting interpretation I started seeing visions and God have been visiting me in my dreams and giving me instruction and I write them and he’ll give me the scriptures because I’m not familiar with the Bible and everybody was astounded but you think that Christians when they see someone who operates in power you think that they are going to say yes hallelujah glory to God no they hated me because they’re trying to measure everything in according to their experience and Here I am I’m experienced things in the Holy Spirit and in a few days since I cannot stop praying praying in understanding studying the word and and and praying in the spirit the Holy Spirit started sending people to me and they’re all getting slain the spirit and a lot of people are astounded and somebody told me that that is not from God somebody told me set me aside and said no no no no no no you have to be about 5 to 10 years serving God and under discipleship attending Bible studies in order for you to attain that kind of anointing and I said if it’s not from God then I’m invoking his name where is it coming from and they told me I said oh it is your flesh and then my flesh is that powerful I thought my flesh is dead so I went before the Lord and and I said like Lord I made you wait for a long time before I start serving you and it’s like I I just really don’t want to make you wait any longer and that weekend I prayed I I saluted myself I fasted because I wanted to hear from him and he told me that Cristina and said your maturity in the kingdom of God is not in accordance to the ways of the world and so your maturity is depending on your personal relationship with me your obedience and your trust trust me and I’ll show you and he did showed me mighty things so a few months after that God spoke to our spiritual leader and they made me a member of the board of directors here in Texas and I was appointed as a vice president and even the leader at that time the president that time set me aside and asked me and said you need to step down and I just like well the Lord told me that I will be appointed by this and say you need to step down or I’m not going to make things easy for you and she did gave me a hard time on a position that I didn’t ask for I didn’t even understood I just want to be a part of and I always remember what God told me your obedience and if you’re going to trust me I am going to show you a different way my way then I don’t have to wait for years and and sooner after I stayed and the Lord told me that in the next a few weeks that person is going to resign and I’m supposed to take the position of president that’s how fast and furious my development and this and it’s because I allow the Holy Spirit to teach me I became the student of the Holy Spirit the Bible is the curriculum and he set my agenda he gave me instruction and he manifests things so I love and answers like I I didn’t have any choice I fell in love with the supernatural I fell in love with Jesus and and nobody can really take me away from that I discovered into something that I have been looking all my life and I didn’t even know so nothing but I trusted God and there’s a lot of I can write many books in my supernatural transformation and in my training under the Holy Spirit I can write books after books and I have stories to tell and I just wanted to encourage you that the season that we’re in right now you need to be teachable you need to trust God you have tried your best you are doing everything you’re follow every rule and you’re not content because something is still missing in your walk with the Lord give the Holy Spirit an opportunity to teach you and to lead you and it’s awesome it is awesome and so it was my plan at that time that I will serve God under that ministry and and I didn’t have any thought or any plan of being full-time ministry ministry and I just like it never entered my mind until I thought that until the day that the Lord takes me home that I’ll be serving under that ministry and I think a few years after Mike and I got married the Holy Spirit started talking to us both that we need to step down because he had greater works for us of course I was trying to spun it and postponed it until finally we talked about it and we made that decision and I didn’t understand it at that time I felt comfortable with the people that I was with in the leadership position and I was content but the Lord did not want us to be content so what happened is the Holy Spirit and my way one time after my morning prayer on my way to the office the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said Cristina I want you to call Kay SLR and ask them for a slot for a radio program for me that did it I told God I’m a woman and I have an accent my I’m not a radio material and the Lord said who says so I says like okay after I reasoned with God and and and I cannot make him change his mind I asked our secretary to call ksl on the radio station and the person on the other line said that this is kind of strange and since like one of our national radio just canceled that they’re not going to renew their contract and here you are and said you’re calling and since those so we agreed to to me and I decided that because I really didn’t want to be on the radio I asked Mike to help me so we hosted a five-day radio program together for I think about two years and and then and it’s like okay I thought I will run out of things to share with the listeners but one thing that happened to me is I got disciplined to pray more to study more because I have to prepare and and pre-record five teachings a week and then answer the phones so I got it and I am not natural Mike Mike is Mike is natural when it comes to preaching me Isis like I had to lay hands on myself I have to pray and and I have to make a lot of preparation even now so we got on the radio and the following week we held our first Sunday service at freedom fell apart and after about two weeks of that and the Lord gave me another instruction opened a prophetic school start a prophetic school and I just like I will what yes I can prophesy I can lay hands on people but to teach them to teach a prophetic school and an estate like Lord I need to study and you need to send me to a prophetic training the and the Lord said no you’re not going to do that I will train you I will give you the curriculum so I announce it on the radio and I got a lot of phone calls I got a lot of phone calls from angry ministers there they were not surely they were not registering to attend the prophetic school but they’re telling me who do you think you are and I said who’s your covering you need a covering and I said like what covering his banner over me is love that’s my covering but we started with 27 attendees at the time and God moved all of those who were there never forget they’ll never forget that day the Holy Spirit came down and he touched everyone’s heart and you know what even now the Lord the Lord is stretching me and when I hear somebody from the radio listeners that they got saved that they got delivered that they receive instruction or confirmation from the Lord because of the radio program then then I forget all the pressure that I have to go through and now I cannot imagine that if I did not obey God on how much I deprived myself of blessings and opportunities on how much I deprive God’s people from hearing the Word of God and from then on I started trusting him and I’ve never been the same again every conference every business school every ministers or pastors conference they changed my life too they bless me too and I learn every time don’t ever think that because you quote the scriptures and because 10 years ago a God used you mightily and said what happened to you now do you have to continue to walk in the supernatural because that should be our normal life as a Christian that is normal living for us supernatural living is the norm or supposed to be the norm for Christians and I know that if you look back in your life and you experience you will never forget those feelings and the understanding in the revelation when God touch you mightily and that experience was the first opportunity for you to touch others in that supernatural manner so it doesn’t matter if you can quote the Scriptures left and right if you have all I’ve been there done that no you should you should be grateful you need to consider it as an honor and privilege but while we are here on earth we are learning something new in the kingdom of God God continues to reveal himself he will never be silent until the Lord Jesus returns but it is important for you and I to take our post trust him trust him what could you possibly lose I look back I am glad that I obeyed God I’m glad that I continued to trust him because my life is a very fulfilling life even with challenges even with the frictions even with pains and opposition’s many times it doesn’t matter because the result and just to hear the voice of God is all worth everything because he’s worth it and I’m running out of time so let me pray for you Holy Father in the mighty name of Jesus I thank you Lord that by my voice and by this prayer Lord that you are touching your people deliverance for some healing in their physical bodies restoration clarity Lord affirmation and confirmation I thank you Father that they will take their post in your kingdom and they will start living in the supernatural realm thank you for turning our country around thank you for turning our family members around and Lord we decree and we declare in the mighty name of Jesus that we will not lose a single member of our family to Satan we believe this we trust you Lord and we love you back in Jesus name I pray amen call me at two one zero six nine five one six three zero join us in our Sunday services we are located at eighty-four 19 callahan road of IH ten the morning service starts at 10:30 and the evening service at 7:00 p.m. god bless you for tuning in until next time hey guys it’s Josh salsa here and before we go I just wanted to share with you guys as I said a couple weeks ago we are currently raising money to improve the equipment we have here at sons of God International and to upgrade some of our mics and recording systems for this radio broadcast in addition to that we’re also working on improving our website so that we can expand our online presence for training people and preaching the gospel so if something like that is interesting to you guys or if you feel led of the Lord I want to invite all of you that you can donate to us into these causes in this endeavor by going to our website wws OG mi orc and hitting the donate button in addition to that we are holding a fundraising event coming this Saturday July 15th and it’s gonna be from 9:30 to 6 p.m. and the fundraising event is going to be a big sale event where we’re going to have furniture and decorations and all kinds of good stuff and it’s going to be at freedom fellowship church which is at 80 419 Callahan Road again that’s 80 419 Callahan Road 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. in San Antonio Texas and I know a bunch of you guys came out to our last fundraiser and that was really great we were able to raise more than enough money for what we needed and put some of that money back into this radio broadcast now we are working towards upgrading our radio broadcast and our website so if you feel a lot of the Lord to give on our website you can do so or just come out to our fundraising event next Saturday it’s sure to be a great time and you can fellowship with all of us so we look forward to hearing from you guys god bless you

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Episode 279: Living in the Supernatural

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