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Episode 280: Knowing God

The Pharisees, the Sadducees, they knew the law, they knew the word of God, but they didn’t know God, and they didn’t know what God was trying to tell them…

Published: July 15, 2017

Speakers: Cristina Sosso, Joshua Sosso




hello thank you for tuning in this is Joshua Sosso and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time let me tell you brothers and sisters God is truly on the move here in this nation and here in our lives it’s really exciting to see all the opportunities that are laying before us in these days all the things that God is putting in motion even the things that we can’t see God really is positioning his body of Christ and preparing us for the transfer of wealth influence in affluence so it’s very important that we be vigilant that we be attentive to the voice of God to the leading of the Holy Spirit and we’re gonna talk about that a little bit today because really God needs to be leading us in every area of our life even in the mundane things we need to allow God and we need to have room to let God change our plan and do our thing as Jesus said in John 5 he said truly I tell you and this is him referring to himself that the son can do nothing by himself he only does what he sees the father doing because whatever the father does the son also does so here Jesus is very much saying that he is led by the father God everywhere he goes and everything he does and that’s what we now the body of Christ should be doing Jesus is our head right so Jesus does the thinking for us Jesus does the planning Jesus knows about where we’re gonna go and we are the body we are his instrument his vessels moving forward amen in addition to this and we’re going to be listening to Pastor Cris talk about the subject but in addition to this the other thing that we need to know moving forward that I really want to you guys yet this day is that it’s not enough okay it’s not enough to be knowledgeable in the Word of God that sounds like what that doesn’t make any sense but you see have to understand that in Jesus time the Pharisees the Sadducees they were all very knowledgeable about the law but they did not have understanding of the law of God’s Word so it’s not enough for us to be knowledgeable about the Bible about the Scriptures we need to allow God to illuminate the Scriptures for us to reveal to us as meaning how to apply those scriptures because if we go you know by the seat of our pants if we go using our own knowledge we could very well miss what God is wanting us to know in that moment and what God is trying to reveal to us because it’s true the Pharisees the Sadducees they knew the law they knew the Word of God but they didn’t know God and they didn’t know what God was trying to tell them through the law because as we know today all the law pointed to Jesus all the law and the scriptures and the prophets pointed towards Jesus being the Messiah moving forward so we’re gonna listen in to Pastor Cris and hear what she has to say on this topic today it is amazing on how God is moving in our lives and I want to see him active and action and what we call the simple little things after all Jesus set the example for us to follow he said that example okay no drama but dramatic results that was Jesus did so once you’re born again Jesus told Nicodemus in John chapter 3 that Nicodemus you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven not unless you’re born again and of course Nicodemus being a smart guy educated manases like my mother is 4 foot 10 and I am 6 foot 4 how can I get into that tummy right and then Jesus rebuked him you know and it’s like you know the science you’re educated you can tell the science and then he repeated himself again you have to be born of the Spirit of the Holy Spirit right and now Christians are in a full-time ministry set oh I have the witness I have to testify I have the quote scriptures if I didn’t quote scriptures today and I said oh I don’t know I’m not getting anything from hers it’s not quoting any scriptures am I correct Jesus quoted scriptures to the children of the devil well the Pharisees and scribes right so you’re going to study scriptures after scriptures instead of the power and the results and even though you have to know the word word what word word word word word word word word word word word it is not in our being it has not become of us I was talking to two lovely ladies Wednesday night or or somewhere I was here I was something and said you know what and said you need to put something in your system and then your system will start craving for it am I correct and I was talking about physical health and said you put chlorella with this chlorophyll in your body and grapeseed extract for at least one month before you knew it you start craving greens and you’re not even a vegetarian you know some saying you eat fruits where that what apple pie peach cobbler right strawberry ice cream and if you feed yourself on that your body will start craving for it because it got into your system am I correct or I don’t know I just I just don’t like the taste and I just don’t like it you know we especially as ladies we do things we allow people to do things and ourselves that we don’t like we want to be pretty they pull our hair out they burn us with that heater but we go through with it we don’t like it because why we like the results so don’t make the excuses no no no no no I’m allergic to solid you started putting it into your system and then it will become a part of you isn’t that what vaccine is all about they give you a little bit germs of whatever you’re trying to avoid okay so I was saying that then we put things with our action and discipline and our lives it will become a part of us so as a Christian it should be a part of us to really produce good fruit to be an example for everybody to follow so all of us has to be able to be like Jesus because we are his body and that is not just a holy thing so we got born again and then we get into the ministry what we’re trying to do is try to get other people from other ministries to come and join us am I correct just like we’ve been praying and fasting and praying for the salvation of our family and we’ve been confessing the wealth of the wicked is laid out for the just the wealth of the wicked is laid out for the just and then we challenge everybody to give up an offering because we can pay our bills so our action has to speak louder than words than the preached it doesn’t matter if you memorize the scripture if you are a walking living concordance you have to have the power of God in all of us and it’s time for the bat of Christ to wake up this is how we were conditioned to do even in the charts this got to change now it’s starting with us our success as a Christian it’s not because we are so anointed and powerful minister of God it is not based on speech or had knowledge it is not based on our charisma but it is based on the challenges we faced in life that we over came it is something that we were able to conquer those are the ones that we need to boast on instead of we’re charismatic Oh everything is just like if I’m going to get you involve in such a high a word of knowledge in prophetic words that tantalize your senses I guarantee you you’ll be coming back for more but it has to be the fruits and then you just keep on wanting more of word instead of application hello you know what I’m talking about we don’t even know it because sometimes we operate in the things that will become familiar with then look at it as norm our norm is supernatural if it’s not normal it is not supernatural because our flesh is still dictating us and our head knowledge is still dictating us even though our heart is pure before God so it’s time for our heart to rise and pull down those so that we can have the mind of Christ that we were able to bring captivity into the knowledge of what our Lord Jesus Christ all vain thoughts and imaginations we need to put them down but we pull down only what we perceive the negative words that are coming from somewhere else we are not pulling down the vain thoughts and imaginations that are working in our minds jealousy accusation and how we were treated upon so the battleground starts in the minds it is something that you cannot perceive we’re trying to put and I said okay what constitutes a revival and then we defined it what constitute this we defined it where God already said my ways are higher than your ways my thoughts are higher than your thoughts and your ways are not my ways so we are still trying to even though we pour gallons of oil in those ways and put Jesus name in it if it’s still there not his ways it’s not going to move and that’s what we need to find out okay you said word word I need word I need word and I need word how many of us that we have memorized a certain scripture and all of a sudden we come into prayer with God and the Holy Spirit came and gave us a new revelation and then we got upset with ourselves I should have seen this it’s screaming at me am I correct so it is not know the word the word no we sometimes miss apply the word of God it has to come with the understanding it has to come from the Holy Spirit okay and let me give you so remember is it like if you expect me to quote a lot of scriptures every time so that I can qualify in your own mind and what should and said you’re going to be in for a big surprise because it’s like what I told you Jesus only quoted scriptures to the children of the devil because the devil know the word of God but he didn’t understand it why did I say that if they have known they will not have crucified the Lord of glory because it is there how Jesus going to die how he will be born of a virgin they know the scripture but they don’t understand it because they don’t understand God because why according to Jesus their fathers a devil not God even though they’re descendants of Abraham even though they’re descendants of Moses they’re getting this okay so it is important for us not try to invite others from another ministry to this ministry we’re supposed to occupy wherever we are at in the corporate arena in the marketplace everywhere we go and like Jesus Jesus never carried the biggest Bible that he ever found Jesus was not the loudmouth in any public gathering new restaurants and quoting scriptures and we’re supposed to be his followers hello loudmouth oh I don’t know they have horoscope there is a dragon in there i bind you’d and no matter how much you bind that stupid thing is just it’s just a drawing doesn’t have any spirit in it not unless you empower it with your mord’s mmm I don’t know I’m not gonna eat any more Chinese it’s the year of the rat yeah but when they give you those little things and such like and you open it and it said oh look at this confirmation oh it says you are beautiful and smart and you’re gonna be so rich oh look at this confirmation is the same Europe wrapped where you’re eating the Holy Spirit doesn’t want me to eat here probably you misunderstood the Holy Spirit probably is telling you to fast hello and just like what is for drum and nothing and nothing is happening all around us are you getting this so you cannot you cannot separate who you are if you’re born again you’re a child of God okay and you will be prepared for the works of service and you’ll become a servant of God am I correct and then Jesus told his disciples I no longer call your servant but my friend because I will share with you what’s happening right and then you’ve become a friend of God while you’re a friend of God it doesn’t mean to say you’re not a child of God anymore you’re not a servant of God anymore because jesus said you want to be the greatest you have the visa servants of all four for some of us will compartmentalize things and who define based on words and prophecies is like make up your mind Jesus are we your friend are we your servants when Jesus said that you are my body and said Who I am I am that I am you want a friend I am so same thing with you ok see those offices whether your pastor and prophet or a Christian they put you in a box and of course many Christians have tried to play that role so when nobody is looking maybe myself and since like who you are then you are confused I don’t know what God wants me to do I don’t know what to do I don’t know my calling oh my gosh that’s pathetic hello how long have you been confessing and professing that and then you insert yourself on the things that you want well I thought that it’s not your calling hello ok now so it is by our action I was reading an old book let me read this to you this was copyrighted in 1926 the author is Edgar a guest whoever he is god bless him in that early on in his life he already can see what is happening in the charts and the things that we need to address the title of his poem is sermons we see it says I’d rather see a sermon than hear one any day I’d rather one should walk with me than merely showed the way the eyes are better pupil and more willing than the ear fine counsel is confusing but examples are clear and the best of all the preachers are the men who live their Creed’s for to see the good in action is what everybody needs I can soon learn how to do it if you let me see it done I can watch your hands in action but your tongue too fast may run and the lectures you deliver may be very wise and true but I’d rather get my lesson by observing what you do for I may miss understand you and the high advice you give but there is no misunderstanding how you act and how you live everywhere outside the pulpit for me it’s very telling and I said like okay I’m gonna create trouble by the word I don’t know okay let me give you a scripture God is love okay okay that’s one scripture you want another one John 3:16 for God so loved the world the world right okay so I got you two scriptures and I like it because see I’m a little bitter ah the reason why God saved me because I was too rebellious and through free spirited that my parents sometimes there I I hear them talking in the night they don’t know what to do with me the end the same same and troublemaker so let me continue in the charts we always treat the Israelites differently than the Muslims and yet we believe the Word of God that God does not show favoritism well it’s in the Old Testament where we also believe what the Hebrews said God found Fault in the Old Testament because it’s very what exclusive not inclusive he found faulted it it costs for a new one that New Covenant which is Jesus cut the New Covenant not only with us but with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit the Trinity got this covenant because why he has you and me in mind we are not God’s afterthought we are not God’s second best hello God did not panic and said it because if you’re thinking about that you are saying that God is not perfect because he made a mistake he only called the nation of Israel no he used that nation to bring blessings to all nations and salvations to come but if you say that ah but I am drawn to Jerusalem then you have caused why you’re drawn to Jerusalem that is your future home and you are a part of the New Jerusalem but for us not to render help to other countries but we are willing to spend so much time just to convert one Jew is totally wrong because by our action and by our practices we’re telling that God made a mistake that we are afterthought okay the Israelites didn’t do it and as like then the Gentiles God is upset with the nation of Israel no he said like for a while I is you a certificate of divorce but when you come back to me no matter what I will restore you because it shows who God is see some of our religious practices it shows that God is very grumpy very vindictive unmerciful and he plays web rings it is time to change that because even the Apostle Paul in those times in the first century he had this revelation in Ephesians chapter 3 it says like through Jesus Christ we are made joint heirs with the nation of Israel if we are joint heirs are we lesser heirs if you’re a body of Christ are we lesser once a Jew become Christian there is no such thing and we need to focus on who we are in Christ Jesus and the character of our God because some people I met them going to find out that I’m pastor day they have all these defenses that oh I’m a Catholic and said well glory to God I’m a Baptist so you cannot compartmentalize who you are because if you read the book of Acts yes they are apostles okay the 12 or 11 that they became 12 there are apostles but they were also evangelists they were teachers they were prophets am i correct they have all the five offices operating because that’s who you are you cannot separate the gifts of the Holy Spirit from you because you’re a child of God okay well that’s about all the time that we have for today but I think and I pray that all of you take that to heart this day we should not divide ourselves behind walls of denominations we should not compartmentalized ourselves saying oh I’m only a teacher so I can’t operate as an evangelist oh I’m only a prophet so I can’t be an apostle God wants us even those in specific callings we should still be able to operate in every area of the gifts under all of the offices in addition to that like I said before we need to be led the Holy Spirit in everything that we do so again we’re pretty much out of time for today before we go let me remind you go to our website where you can get the podcast of this broadcast we update the podcast every Monday evening so you can download these recordings you can put them on your phone you can listen to them what ever in addition to that we’ve also been raising money to to improve and expand this radio broadcast as God has been directing us so in the coming weeks and months we’re gonna be putting in massive improvements to this radio show to our website since I’ve got Ministries International so if you want to give towards those endeavors visit our website it’s and sisters and I’m excited I’m looking forward to seeing what God is doing in the earth and what he’s going to be doing moving forward so until next time guys god bless you

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Episode 280: Knowing God

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