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Episode 281: Falling in Love with Jesus

If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but do not have love, I have become a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy, and know all mysteries and all knowledge; and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. - 1 Cor 13:1-2

Published: July 22, 2017

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




hello this is Cristina Sosso of Freedom Fellowship church and sons of God International and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time what an awesome God we serve and this is the day that the Lord has made so let us rejoice and be glad in it so how are you my dear brothers and sisters as for me I am in love I am in love with Jesus we are going to address the love of God and that love of God is a spiritual force more powerful than anything and anybody under the Sun so stay tuned and in case you’ve missed our previous broadcast we are on podcast you can go to our website SOG mi dot org again it’s SOG mi dot org we are still in the process of expanding and improving and upgrading the radio broadcast in our outreaches so it’s amazing on what God is giving us we are preparing the whole prophetic school and business school online and we will expand our outreaches like youtube and any other means it is time and we’re getting prepared for it and thank you for coming to the fundraising events that we have held and thank you for sowing seed consider sowing seed to expand this radio program and all of our outreaches we are expanding glory to God be a part of it amen in 1st Corinthians chapter 13 starting with verse 1 all the way through eight in NIV it says if I speak in tongues of men and of angels but have not love I am only a resounding gong or a banging cymbal if I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge and if I have a faith that can move mountains but have not love I am nothing if I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames but have not love I gain nothing love is patient love is kind it does not envy it does not boast it is not proud it is not rude it is not self-seeking it is not easily angered it keeps no record of wrongs love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth it always protects always trusts always hopes always perseveres love never fails and down to verse 13 and now this three remain Faith Hope and love but the greatest of these is love when you are in love when you love somebody you love making that person happy his or her happiness is your focus and you are happy making that person that you love happy that’s how it should work that’s how it should be you love doing things for the person and love being with that person not to satisfy your own heart but the satisfaction of your heart loving that person in a very self-centered society it seems that this kind of love is lost but if you look closer you will find that kind of love it’s still here and let us focus on that giving love to the person that you love you will always be considerate our primary example is Jesus he always protects his love he is always considerate forgiving and he is life-giving hope enabling and life-sustaining it is not just an emotional thing it is also healing it is a spiritual force I am finding out in the walk in the ministry and in my own life what first corinthians meant first corinthians 13 if you have not loved you are nothing I discovered the love relationship with Jesus when I got born again and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit I didn’t know how to pray and the Holy Spirit led me to pray this prayer prayer to the Holy Father in the name of Jesus teach me how to love Jesus back make me fall in love with him over and over again and the Holy Spirit took over he answered that prayer instantaneously in a blink of an eye how did it all come about ever since I was a child my parents noticed that when it comes to going to church as a Catholic or going to Mass I was very intense and I go almost every day and I started helping and cleaning the church pews and ever since the priest I found out that he loves me that Jesus loves me and he saved me so I started serving him in my own way a days of fight I talked to Jesus all the time and he answered me back in dreams and visions but I would not dare to tell anyone because they think that I’m crazy because I never heard anyone having supernatural experiences including the priest and he was a prophet he was a charismatic priest filled with the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues prophesying and then they moved him they transferred him so when I was 17 years old I walked away from establish a religion because experienced and witnessed some things that I know it is not from God the priests who replace our February father the priest was stalking me and I was only 17 years old so I moved away I stopped going to Mass all I know is that God is a loving God and that is my reality when I got born again and baptized with the Holy Spirit I started operating the gifts of the Holy Spirit almost instantly I didn’t even know what they’re cold but I know that they’re from him when some of the people in the Bible study witness that God is moving through me and in me in my life instead of them getting excited for me they got angry with me and some even hated me so I withdrew from all of that I withdrew from the Bible study for months and the Holy Spirit taught me the things of God I fell in love with Jesus throughout my walk even in good times bad times what sustained me and kept me grounded is the love of God and my loving him back what people turned us my rise in the ministry was phenomenal it’s because I devoted my free time spending with Jesus and the Holy Spirit will teach me which part of the Bible I need to meditate on for that particular time me and Jesus always go for a drive every weekend and during the day in work week I ate the park close to the office so that I can spend more time with him I lost the desire of doing anything else I stopped socializing because I’d rather spend time with Jesus than anybody else I got addicted to Jesus and he’s more than happy to support that addiction I started stalking him in the spirit and he enjoyed every moment of it I stumbled into something that people only heard about or read about and Jesus and my supernatural experience with him became my reality you know unbeknownst to a lot of people a lot of Christians God does not appear to you only once or talked to you once in a lifetime he desire that fellowship he wants and craves that personal relationship with him after all he created Romans he created mankind to walk with Him to acknowledge him that he exists and that he is a loving and a merciful God so I promised to Jesus that I’ll make things easier for those that want to fall in love with him because I had a lot of bad experience from other people because it’s still a competition for them but with me I did not notice any of those I was in love with Jesus so I promise I made him promise that I will teach his people whomsoever that would want to get to know him to love him back the way I do then I will make things easier for them I will disciple them I will trade them so from then on when I encounter someone that are hungry for Jesus and want to develop that relationship with him I started training them as long as you’re consistent and several years ago I held a wedding ceremony the first group who exchanged marriage covenant with Jesus have now been celebrating their wedding anniversaries since then it is wonderful they continue to fall in love with him and having that relationship the last time we were in Israel some of those who exchanged marriage vows before have renewed their vows to Jesus and became friends of the bridegroom and they helped and were a part of the wedding ceremony they were so excited and they were so blessed now that desire is spreading and that is the utmost that I want to do for God the desire to be truly one with Jesus putting him first more than anything and more than anyone on the face of the earth and I pray that it will spread and will continue to spread like wildfire that nothing can quench it hundreds of leaders in the Philippines alone expressed their desire to have him truly as their first love to learn how to experience falling in love with Jesus glory to God and I’m planning on that trip it will be sometime in November or December and I’m going to hold two weeks of training with different groups and I’m going to hold the empower leader and para nation ministers conference in other provinces so it is going to be amazing and we just ended our fundraising event but we will going to hold future fundraising events before I leave for the Philippines that is one of the best ways to raise money for the trip it is going to be awesome how about you how is your personal relationship with the Lord you need to ask yourself that because you know what I have such an exciting life and some of them I’m going to pick on Glennis in this radio broadcast I told Glenn is that the year 2017 is a year for the charts the emergence of a glorious church and for us individual to really get trained and get discipled in the things of God and she went to Israel with us and fell in love with Jesus she cannot stop crying tears of joy because she can see it she can feel it that what is happening to her is something you can only do I’m about if you don’t have that personal release relationship with Jesus everything is manifesting in her life she entered a new season which is supernatural she is in love with Jesus God told her to sell her house to have a new beginning and she did and she bought a new one so they’re closing in in a few days she is overwhelmed with the love of God and I told her this is just the beginning and so many other stories to tell you testimonies their lives change as they focus on the love of God the Holy Spirit is more than happy to lead away what a glorious God if you see and meet Yvonne Leon Janet Gayle sandy and many others they are different their lives got transformed they will never look back because their present and their future is a lot glorious in Christ Jesus amen you remember when you fall in love with someone for the first time that person is all you think of right even some of your interests and hobbies they got chains because all you want is to share that person’s interest before yours you and your love for that person is greater than your love for yourself things is gonna work because if you love yourself more you started making demands instead of a loving relationship and you remember how it is whether you got hurt or you got rejected and there’s a deep wound in your heart right now God is going to change your heart God is going to heal those wounds and when you’re in love with him and said like he’s not gonna hurt you that’s one thing that I like he’s going to love you more and introduce you to a lot of supernatural things he will win you and he will Jesus we’ll make sure that you would not desire anything and anyone more than him I love that and when you fall in love with Jesus it doesn’t matter what is going on in your life including the afflictions the pains the turmoils the challenges you know he will give you peace he will make a way for you when there seems to be no way out he will make sure and he will take care of those things that concern you you can take that to the bank he is so trustworthy and he is so in love with you so when you’re in love you want to share everything with the one that you love so you don’t have to be concerned about you backsliding or falling away from your faith if you are in love with Jesus he will make sure the Holy Spirit will guide you and lead you into all truth that is awesome Jesus loves us unconditionally right and keep in mind Jesus will never sacrifice one of his beloved for the others he does not play favorites He gave His only begotten Son and while we were sinners he already loved us he loved us first I would rather cling to Jesus than anything on the face of the earth no matter what I do or did not do or don’t do for him when I call him he will always have me back he takes me back gladly you too all you need to do is to run to him I love that about the Lord I can be myself with Jesus I can talk to him all everything under the Sun sometimes it will stop me and say that Cristina you’re being silly but he is always there engaged and when you are in love with Jesus things will start falling in there proper places with your loved ones in all areas of your life things may not manifest on the timing you wanted or in a manner that you desire or expect but things will manifest god’s way and his ways are perfect remember every time that father God looks at you he doesn’t see any faults from you he sees Jesus and when Jesus is thinking about you his thoughts are always good through and through remember Jeremiah 29:11 it says for I know the plans I have for you he never forget them declares the Lord plans to prosper you it is the plan of God to prosper you my dear brothers and sisters plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you hope in a future this is the best you know you want some I was approached when when especially on the minister’s conference when the pastors witnessed the move God and the prophecies manifested they want they desire that kind of anointing they want to know some will follow me if I let them they will follow me wherever when I’m there and some of them and many of them are doing that and they listen to our podcast now probably we have more listeners overseas than here in the state of Texas but that is going to change when we expand this radio program it is God’s idea in the first place but they decided kind of anointing and they don’t see any programs they didn’t see any performance and especially when they witness when everybody witnessed that the Holy Spirit are slaying people by hundreds and by thousands including the catchers and I’m just staying there looking so anointed I didn’t do the job so they want it they desire it because all of us all of us pastors or leaders apostles prophets teachers evangelists what we want is to be effective in the kingdom of God what we want is to be able to reach many people and that desire and they always ask me how did you get anointed how do you hear from God and I always taken aback when they asked me that because it is not the training it is not the importation it is not the gallons of oil that I ordered anointing oil from other ministers it is not the handkerchief the prayed handkerchief that people have been giving me it’s not that I can only conclude it’s my relationship with Jesus I focus on Jesus and then he’ll tell me and said I want you to go here or I want you to do that and then he lead me as far as the topics and everything else and I don’t have to spend many many months in preparing for for a big event what God tells me and said okay what do you want me to tell your people and a lot of times we are in a conference as soon as I was introduced and they’ll take the microphone the Holy Spirit will tell me and said I don’t want you two to teach that I want you to teach this and I just let him leave me and people are astounded I said like how come you don’t even read your notes and you’ve been talking for day so you’ve been talking for hours because you know why I give them Jesus and because of that personal relationship that’s how I have my anointing okay and when you are in love with Jesus you don’t have to be concerned about taking glory away from him because you love him that much that you will always consider his heart his will and purpose for your life and just like what first Corinthians 13 said love always trust love always hopes love always persevere and I don’t have to be concerned about anything else and so are you you want a shortcut you wasted too many long hours and trying to get the anointing and you’re running around in circles that sometimes God moves in one and sometimes he doesn’t and said stay away from that you want a shortcut you want a direct that you will not fail that you will not get into error is to fall in love with Jesus and I guarantee you you’ll fall in love with his people because they are a part of him awesome and everything else will fall into its place I tell you what it’s not comfortable in the flesh but my gosh every time God will manifest himself and touch his people it’s heaven on earth for me especially when I hear him say Cristina I am so happy thank you thank you for doing this for me and man I just like even though I am bone tired as it’s like I am always excited and I’m very very excited for you now that you’re listening the Holy Spirit cost you to listen to this message fall in love with Jesus I’m going to have a like a training for lack of better word probably Friday night and Saturday for those of you who wanted to really be in love with Jesus and you know what you know why am i confident because I love him and I know he loves me and nothing nothing can separate me from him because of his love so it is a very exciting life and if you’re too far away from San Antonio then ask the Holy Spirit ask the Holy Spirit to teach you forsake every frequency of ideas and welcome the supernatural adventure and a glorious things that will unfold in your life amen it’s not too late it’s not too late remember God loves you join us in our Sunday services I’ll see you there god bless you for tuning in until next time

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Episode 281: Falling in Love with Jesus

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