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Episode 282: Changes are Coming

Promotions and transformations of nations are coming.

Published: July 29, 2017

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




hello Daniel chapter 2 verse 21 says God he changes times and seasons he sets up kings and opposes them he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning what is the season that we’re in right now thank you for tuning in this is Cristina Sosso of freedom fellowship church and sons of God International and this is the prophetic voice of our time like us here at freedom faucet charts many changes in our lives and we are sensing that there are more changes coming up as well as we are already experiencing and/or experience some chains in our personal life as well as freedom fellowship church as a whole it is not easy in the flesh and the more we meditate on it and the more we analyze it the more it is challenging or difficult for us to face this changes but changes are real and they are necessary in the kingdom of God so thank you for tuning in so continue to listen okay I just quoted to you Daniel chapter 2 21 it was God who changes times and seasons he said them but he can change them okay and we are the body of Christ is now experiencing major changes I was asking God I was in my time of prayer I was at home alone and it was one of those wonderful moments of me spending time with him I started picking things up while I was talking to God and I was asking God because there are so many opportunities open for the ministry there are so many things to do in the ministry as well as in business as well as in personal so I was asking God what I need to do for the season I sense that there are a lot of things going on in the spiritual realm many are unsettling feelings but I cannot help feeling excitement also is in the air and one thing is for sure I do not want to miss God in this season I was praying and thanking God and then all of a sudden I heard this dah saith the Lord said Cristina and said what you’re sensing is true there will be changes promotions and transformation in this season and all of a sudden he showed me a vision that is so good to even articulate in words my brothers and sisters God is positioning his children to where they should be in this time good things even the bad things even the bad changes in your life he is going to use them and will continue to use them to bring you closer to him and to understand how great is his love towards you how much he cares and how merciful and how Almighty he is he wants to show his glory and he will God is using every means to bring us where he wants us to be he wants to punished us by blessing us pressed down shaken together and running over he is going to banish you to a land of plenty where you’ve never been before where you never lived like that before because just because he loves you and he ordained this season before the beginning of time as well as your position in the kingdom he is doing a matter of weeding out uprooting things in our lives that are not from him and of course he’s using the prophetic words that thus saith the Lord to do that it’s in Jeremiah 1:10 so whatever is happening in your life right now the bad things the afflictions the sorrow and the pain they’re temporary okay they are temporary you’re going to come out of this a better person more blessed like job and more powerful than ever because you were glorify God because you get to know God and you’re going to get to know yourself in the things of God so he is weeding out he is uprooting even those things that you planted yourself that are not from him okay all the things comes from God so anything that is bad he didn’t plant them in your life so he is uprooting weeding destroying our glory to God enjoy the process so if you have unsettling feelings or sensing changes don’t panic it means to say God is not leaving you behind and if it’s hard on the flesh glory to God be at peace bad changes will turn into good good changes will lead to expansion and promotions and maturity and transformation will surely manifest so let’s start with changes okay what is a definition of change or changes change implies making either an essential difference often amounting to a loss of original identity or a substitute for one thing for another as a verb change means make or become different take or use another instead of as an ounce change means the act or instance of making or becoming different so your life will never be the same again you don’t want to remember the past glory days okay the good old days they’re good but they’re old okay so let us bring in the freshness of the day of the season personally I surely am not the same person that I used to be and as I grow matured in the things of God my old identity is gone and I discover God and discover more of Who am I who is Cristina in the kingdom of God let me share a personal testimony so that you you can relate okay before I don’t have it all together and even now sometimes I don’t get it together that’s why I pray more and this time because I want to get things right I want to hear from God and so are you before I got baptized by the Holy Spirit and entered into ministry I was a very very private person and one thing that I hate in working for a company or for a bank are the parties yes I hang out with only a few people my friends that I’m comfortable with I have lots of friends but I just don’t like parties I fell in love with the Lord Jesus and drastic changes happened in my life before him all I wanted is to have my own place in which I have already my own place have my own business and dry my Mercedes convertible that’s all I wanted and I worked hard to attain that then the Holy Spirit came on me and got baptized got born again and the first drastic change was for me now talking in front of people microphone in hand and I lost my privacy and when I am beginning I got adjusted that and then Mike and I got period and the Lord directed us to start this ministry and for me to go on the radio and co-pastor our charts I was not happy especially in the radio it was ok with me when we were on the radio together but then the Lord changed it again this prophetic voice of our time I was told to do it myself but I did it is still not comfortable for me but the reward is when I hear from you radio listeners how this program impacted your life I am very partial to the healing testimonies and salvations of course it is an awesome thing but you know what I am living heaven on earth because I know I’m in the perfect will of God even when things are not going my way even during the affliction even the pains and sufferings I know that those are temporary I may cry for a short season but when I bounce back after I hear from God and confirmation that I’m in the right place I bounce back and I’d live heaven on earth changes are not comfortable to your flesh but the season that we’re in right now the Spirit of the Lord is causing major changes to happen in our personal life and also to the body of Christ as a whole we must focus on who God is and to trust him drastic changes bring about the perfect will of God and it will bring about the glory that he deserves changes always produce supernatural results in you and I nameless faceless people on the earth will bring about supernatural results that will transform Nations sounds too good to be true then it is supernatural it is from God consider Mary the Mother of God historical account says that she was approximately about 16 years old teenager and of course if you picture her beautiful young lady about to be married to a good-looking man named Joseph so you and I can relate to that if we’re not married we always imagine what it would be like if that is our desire okay if we got married we knew the experience so probably married at those times probably was thinking and trying to imagine how wonderful her life is going to be with Joseph life is good then Gabriel came in sent by God with a message of chains this is in Luke chapter 1 verses 26 through about 39 and I’m going to do Cristina’s expanded translation okay so this is how I picture it this is how I understand Luke chapter 1 starting with verse 26 hey Mary good news drastic change is happening you need to change your plan instead of you Mary planning for your wedding and honeymoon which is going to happen anyway but it will just get postponed especially the honeymoon side of it you’re going to get married but no honeymoon for at least 12 months it would still happen but there will be a change in the plan you will have a baby first before your honeymoon Mary who else in the world would get pregnant in a virgin as that only you so that’s great news so Mary have asked in verse 34 as Gabriel how can this be since I am a virgin Gabriel answered in verse 35 oh it’s easy the Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the most high will overshadow you that’s easy you don’t have to lift a finger Mary you don’t need to do anything marry you get pregnant just like that right besides your senior citizen cousin Elizabeth is already six months pregnant that is the same Holy Spirit and the same God so that is a big change don’t you think especially for a 16 year old but Mary is marked she thought that well as a virgin only God can make her and can get her pregnant no man in those times and indeed these times will be able to make that possible even now with our modern science without a male donor it cannot be done so is it like okay if this is impossible only God can make it happen so he said okay let it be done unto me according to your word Mary did not worry about Joseph because if God can do that then God had to take care of Joseph because if she’s going to tell Joseph about this news if she did it herself Joseph would probably tell her sweetheart I was not born yesterday right so same things that are gloriously and supernatural things happening in your life only God can bring those fours don’t try to run away from them don’t try to help God about it all you need to do is to yield believe and trust God if you notice God has a different ways of doing things other than our own no matter how much we go to school and then all of a sudden he changed things because why those are the world system and he wants you and I to discover him to get to know and understand his plan and purpose here on earth the timing and the season that we’re in so that we can implement God’s ways of doing things and tell others in other words we are going to take over only God can bring this about so no matter what your flaw is telling you no matter how your mind analyze things stop it focus on who God is when drastic changes happened and you don’t see things through it is time to let God be God in your life in your situation and believe and get excited how we bring things about there is one thing that is so important and so profound when God show up and changes things it is always supernatural and you will own that miracle you will own the travel a ssin to sustain you for the rest of your life and to share others nobody can talk you out of it it is yours and you can give it away for others for their breakthrough and miracle result of changes is a promotion in the kingdom and you will be a part in the transformation of many people’s lives changes are coming and some of them with or without your knowledge with or without your permission God will bring about those chains in the body of Christ changes are necessary to bring forth maturity in the BOD of Christ and to position us in the kingdom of God where we should be let me share you a story I believe in 1999 about August or September of 1999 I was praying and the Lord told me that that he wants me to join the group that are going to Peru and they’re leaving in about a few days I don’t have any ticket and I didn’t have any money and my baby girl is still an infant I just can’t believe her that and the Lord told me and said no you told me that you trust me you trust me with your life so if you trust me with your life you trust me with your daughter and your two sons and your husband and as a science it’s like the Lord told me that one of the major projects that are waiting for to get funded the fund has been released and I’m supposed to use that 38 hundred dollars tithing for this trip and he pointed me the mission my mission why he’s sending me there is one in a small Church in Lima Peru but the major thing that God is going to show me is in tingo maria that is where the mouth of the amazon river starts okay so i went and this is one of the major changes that god brought about in the charts in tingo maria with or without their permission with or without their knowledge major change happened to them there was this big baptist church with about twelve hundred members or plus and they have a young leader who is leading them into prayer they’re praying for revival they’re praying for everything that the spirit the lord is leading them to so they’ve been meeting regularly and that prayer meeting was increased to three hundred could you imagine that isn’t that wonderful three hundred praying men and women twice a week so since they got bigger they started meeting i believe every friday in the afternoon so the one friday they started praying they were under knee some were crying and there were very intense and praying to god and interceding for others and praying for the revival when the wind came in and the wind blew in in them and all of a sudden they all got slain and they start speaking in tongues they were not able to speak in their own language for a long period of time and they were alarmed and the leader said that don’t tell this to our senior pastor let’s keep it a secret probably it’s just one of those things so we’re going to meet again next week and everything will go back to normal so they met again that following friday and they were praying again with her understanding and all of a sudden they broke into praying in the spirit or speaking in tongues again and the wind blew again and they started laughing they were rolling they were rolling back and forth on the ground or on the floor of the hall and they cannot stop themselves so they were saying that after a third incidents they’re saying that we cannot keep this to ourselves oh by the way healing start manifesting amongst the group and financial breakthrough start happening so after a few weeks they decided that no we cannot keep this from our leadership we need to tell the pastor so their leader arranged for a meeting with the pastor while they’re waiting outside they’re wondering whether their senior pastor will get excited or not well to make the long story short they got kicked out all 300 of them they got kicked out from the church because it’s against their doctrine so they were looking at each other and said where do we go now and some of the viewings all hey you are our leader then you pastor us and said this is not our idea it just came about and said we didn’t plan on this then they don’t want us here so let’s start a charts a new church of course is that they don’t know anything about how to operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit they just realize that many things have been happening supernaturalism have happening and they want to know but every time somebody from united states of america or or somebody who knew tingo maria tingo maria is in a farther place and at the same time it is the stronghold of the red fire brigade terrorists so once a missionary will find out especially coming from America they found out what it means that it’s very dangerous there they canceled so this group 300 now they increase the 350 plus they they decided that they’re going to fast and pray like Daniel 21 days until the Lord will send somebody to explain things to them and to help them out so here comes Cristina our fearless leader all of us for ladies who cannot get a plane - tingo maria and all of a sudden a man a stranger came to us and handed us four tickets and we’re living in about 30 minutes so we have to run we have to change my international flight to return later and out we went to tingo maria that change did not happen they did not ask for it they did not desire it they don’t actually want to talk about it it is not in their doctrine but God brought change to them and this is what I’m talking about the changes that God is going to bring about are necessary for us to walk in the supernatural and for us to unite my dear brothers and sisters we will never unite with our doctrines but if front and center is our Lord Jesus Christ let us focus on our commonality that is Christ Jesus crucified let’s start from there and let us love one another and receive one another and accept one another even though we have a lot of differences it is necessary to win the lost to win the world to bring a light amen so changes are happening and one of the changes that has already been placed but has not manifested yet for hundreds or thousands of years is about ready to happen this drastic change we in the body of Christ in like a glove ok so this is one thing that is so important and so profound and it will be supernatural ok so just take it and receive it I’m running out of time I will address it in the next segment and Joshua is preparing and editing our three services to share with you for the next several weeks about this prophecy remember that I said the Lord is changes are coming promotions and transformation of Nations are coming and you and I named as faceless people are part of it all glory to God

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Episode 282: Changes are Coming

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