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Episode 284: Preparation for Greatness

Allow God to prepare our heart for influence, affluence, and the transformation of nations.

Published: August 12, 2017

Speakers: Joshua Sosso




hello thank you for tuning in this is Joshua Sosso and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time welcome well before we begin I just have a couple announcements I’m very excited to announce to you guys that next month on September 29th and 30th we’re gonna be holding a prophetic conference at freedom Fellowship Church here in San Antonio Texas registration is free of charge so we invite all of you to come out but seating is limited so you are gonna have to register so if you want to register for this event go ahead and go to our website it’s really exciting the topic and the theme that we’re going to be exploring during this conference we’re going to be talking about the greatness of the season that we’re in right now and Pastor Cris is gonna be there and she’s going to be talking about the importance of this season what God is doing right now in our midst in this nation in the church in the body of Christ so it’s definitely something you don’t want to miss because God is going to move we believe that God is going to move he’s going to reveal himself and we’re gonna begin to see this change happen we’re already seeing it happen I mean there’s so much happening all throughout the world you look at the news and you see there’s so much political turmoil there’s so much businesses are experiencing financial turmoil this is all part of the shaking up that God is bringing about in the earth and it’s because he’s preparing us the body of Christ for the transfer of wealth influence and affluence so we need to prepare ourselves so go ahead and get registered at wws o GMA org slash events again seating is limited so we look forward to hearing from you it’s going to be truly amazing and so since we’re on that topic the greatness of the season that we’re in I think it’s very important to emphasize that what God is planning on doing and what God is in the process of doing in the midst of doing right now he hasn’t assured or he hasn’t brought forth in the earth before he hasn’t made manifest before he wants this to be a move and the body of Christ that we’ve never experienced as Pastor Cris always says he’s leading us to a place that we have never been before so it’s so important brothers and sisters that in everything that we do that we listen to his leading that we seek him out that we prepare our hearts because the thing is is that if we begin to receive manifestations influence affluence power and our heart isn’t in the right place will fall away from God and God doesn’t want that he’s not going to sacrifice our spiritual well-being to give us influence so it’s really important that we prepare our hearts so that we can receive because if our hearts are ready if we know that we’re committed to God when we get to those positions of authority then we won’t fall away but instead we’ll use it as a lighthouse to shine the light of Jesus and the light of God to every sector that we have influence over and that’s his goal that we would go into all the nations making disciples and preaching the gospel and when God says Nations we’ve talked about this a little bit before but when God says Nations he’s not just specifically referring to a country because you see a nation in this sense doesn’t necessarily just refer to countries as we know a nation is a group of people of varying ethnicities possibly multiple nationalities that it’s a community of these people that possess a territory or a government in that there’s a realm or an area usually of land we think of in terms of land that they have sovereignty over as a unit but in the spiritual realm there can be nations of multiple kinds of business can be a nation if you look at the media sector for example Universal Studios Disney those are nations because they own their territory their section of territory within that industry so when God is sending us the nations he’s not just sending us to Europe to Asia to Australia no he’s also sending us to the business sector to every sector of society to make disciples to preach the gospel and to establish his kingdom and that’s part of the excitement of the season that we’re entering into but it’s so important it’s so important that we examine our hearts if we look at the story many of you know the story of Saul God anointed Saul when Saul was first chosen he was humbled by the fact that God had used Samuel to anoint him as king but once he accumulated power he began to look less and less to God and more and more to himself he began to take things upon himself and that’s where the danger comes which is why we need to examine our hearts so that even after we get influenced affluence we won’t fall away we won’t begin to do things our own way but we’ll continue to do things his way which is why it’s so important even now in whatever it is whatever area that you’re in whatever you own whatever territory you reside in you need to do things God’s Way and everything that you do in your business and your finances concerning your family concerning any issues with your family concerning your relationships every sector of our lives need to be committed to God because if we don’t circumcise our hearts if we don’t sanctify our hearts before this transfer takes place then we won’t be prepared for it we won’t be able to handle it if we look at the story of Saul at the beginning after being anointed when Samuel gave him a word of the Lord he followed it with earnest but after Saul had become king he began to be surrounded by multiple advisors he had grown drunk with power and with the riches of being a king that he began to listen less and less the Lord I mean this is just an abbreviated version of the story but basically samuel says to Saul he receives a word from the Lord that God has called judgment upon the Amalekites and he’s going to use Saul to destroy the Amalekites so Samuel gives the word from the Lord to Saul and this is in 1st Samuel 15 starting verse 3 it says now go attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them do not spare them put to death men and women children and infants cattle and sheep camels and donkeys so Saul went out but when he went through and attacked them he decided that he was going to keep the cattle keep the donkeys and he also spared the Amalekite king and he did this because when he got there he saw that the livestock was very healthy that they were very good they were very well taken care of this was a very financially logical decision because all these riches of the Amalekites why should they go to waste why should they go to waste so instead Saul decided hey I’m going to take this for myself and we’ll just give an offering to the Lord as a means to make up for the fact that we are disobeying him so what he did is instead of destroying all the livestock he kept the best of all the cattle the Lambs all of that he kept it and he spared the Amalekite King so God spoke to Samuel and he says I regret that I have made sulk because he has turned away from me and has not carried out my instructions and that’s a really sombering thing because I don’t wish that any of us would fall into that position that God would elevate us to a position of prominence that he would put us in a position of authority and then we go and he’s filled with regret that he had put us in that position it’s my desire that I would never do that that I would never cause the Lord to grieve in such a way but he had presented me with this opportunity and then I went and slammed the door in his face and that’s a really sombering thing so after that God called Samuel to anoint David to replace him but brothers and sisters it’s really important that we look at the story of Saul and we understand that in our hearts we cannot allow our own self our own ego our own desires to supersede what God is calling us because if he places us to a position of power of authority we need to recognize that God’s own you put us there God’s the one who gave us that opportunity so we should use that opportunity to do that which he called us to do amen and it starts with checking our heart it’s really easy and it’s part of the fallen nature but it’s really easy to become self focus there’s a lot of selfishness really in American culture I know where it’s about what you want your desires what makes you feel good but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best course of action a lot of times and we even see this in the church every time we pray we come to God with this long list of things that we want that we desire God what am I going to get this God when are you going to do this God I’m praying for this God I’m believing for this and then we give offerings to pastors we call pastors hey pray for me pastor pray for me pastor I’m really want this to manifest I want this to happen what am I going to get married what am I going to get a promotion when am I going to do this when is this gonna happen we have this list this laundry list of things of god when are you gonna do this but when’s the last time that we just sat back and thank God for all that we have oh you sat back and we ministered to God’s needs because when we come and we come with a list of things of God I want you to do this God I want you to do that we’re focusing on our own needs but what our God’s needs God desires to have a personal relationship with us God desires to know us and for us to know him on an intimate level and when’s the last time when’s the last time you spent time and just said God I’m not here for any of my own stuff I’m here because I want to minister to your needs that I want to get to know you more and the thing is is that as you draw near to God he is more than willing to provide for you he’s more than willing to elevate you to bless you but he needs to know that you’re his the need for that personal relationship that back and forth between the two of you so instead of every day coming back and forth with God I need this gotta need that God knows your needs but you have to understand that your heart needs to be ready your heart needs be in the right place and really every single day that we have and that’s the other thing too is that we need to be grateful for every single day because every day that we go on living every day that we get to breathe the new breath that in and of itself is a blessing because God holds together the universe and life and he holds the earth and all of creation in the palm of his hand but he’s still thinking about us every day that we wake up and we can live and make our own free choices that we can go on and choose to do the right thing or even choose to do the wrong thing every day every opportunity that we are given is another blessing every single opportunity and I think it’s important to see it that way that with every opportunity we’re given it can be an opportunity of just the people that we see at the supermarket who the people we get to talk to every morning when we wake up that’s a blessing and so I think it’s important that we understand that and we appreciate that rather than getting so wrapped up in self and we have to examine our hearts we have to examine our hearts David the person who was called to replace all what if the Bible said it says AB David was a man after God’s own heart why because David in his own spare time in his free time what did he do he worship God he worshiped God he wrote songs of adoration of love of reverence to God in his free time and this is King David how many of the Psalms did King David right in the Hebrew Bible there’s a hundred and fifty Psalms and seventy three of them are attributed to King David that means by himself he wrote nearly half of the Book of Psalms that’s pretty amazing that’s pretty amazing that out of all these collections of songs of poems written to God half of them are attributed to David because he was a man after God’s own heart he desired to worship and honor God and that’s the heart that we need to have the other thing that we need to address too is that the idea of ministering right many people get caught up in the idea of full-time ministry that if I’m going to serve God I have to work in the church that I have to be a pastor an associate pastor I have to go to Bible School have to do this or that but God has called us to go in every sector Christianity doesn’t just happen in the church a pastor is just one role right there’s apostles prophets teachers evangelists and they’re not limited understand none of these offices are limited to the four walls the four corners of the church you can be a prophet in the business sector you can be an apostle in the business sector if the Bible says of David that he was a prophet he was a prophet first right and then he was made a king over Israel but he’s still considered a prophet and each person they have a different calling so we have to get out of this mindset of working in the church working in the church is good but that’s only one aspect of this whole plan that God has for the body of Christ I mean because if everyone that God calls goes to work in the church who’s going to take over the media sector who’s going to work in the political sector in government in finances at Wall Street at Hollywood who’s going to take over these areas because if we resign ourselves to staying in our four walls to operating on our four walls to where everyone who’s called of God is brought to the church to work in the churches of worshiper as a minister as a pastor as whatever then we leave every industry to the world to those who do not believe and that’s not God’s intention God’s intention is that we would rule and reign in every sector of society and that change is happening now we see so much turmoil we see so much confusion in the media and politics everywhere but we know that God is in control and it’s all part of God’s plan so much of what’s happening God has been talking about for years that he’s going to bring about political revival political change and many people see what’s happening and they think oh my gosh it’s it’s unprecedented there’s so much happening we have a lot of non politicians right even in our white house but change doesn’t happen by adhering to the status quo while we may not understand what’s happening God can’t make a change happen if everything stays the same over the years and years and years we have the same kind of people coming in maybe God needed an outsider to come forth and transform the system we don’t know and we can never know what God’s plan is but it’s important that we what one pray for our leaders that we lift up our leaders in prayer and we pray for this nation that’s the important thing God instructs us in the Bible that we are to pray for those and authority over us whether you agree with or whether you don’t agree with them but we know that God is the one who raises up kings and takes them down so when we look at our current political environment that’s part of God’s transformation of the political sector and God’s also bringing about transformation in the business sector in the media sector and there’s so much change happening now it’s really important that we prepare our hearts and we begin to listen to the Lord obey the Lord and really taking what God has told us and acting on it because if we if we are passive if God says this needs to happen but we don’t act on it we just sit back and say oh I’m praying and believing that this is going to happen if God is giving you an instruction if God is giving you a directive you need to start doing what you can to obey that instruction to obey that instruction you just seem to say God you said that I need to do this so I’m going to start doing this I’m gonna start doing this and this is my plan and then if in any moment God says no don’t go in that direction but change you need to go in this direction he’s going to direct you but you need to be open but if God has given you and instructions some kind of directive you need to obey it now because transformations are happening and we’re going to see transformations and things manifest so quickly in this season that it’s really I think many people are going to be surprised many people are going to be amazed and they’re going to see all these changes happening and God’s just gonna say that’s me that’s me at work and he’s going to get the glory he’s going to get the glory as Pastor Cris always says we know something’s from God because one it gives God the glory it benefits you and it benefits his people so this isn’t just for our own benefit but it’s for the benefit of the body of Christ and for the kingdom of God and so again this is just going back it’s less self focus and its focus on it’s a kingdom focus it’s a kingdom focus to focus on those around us so it’s really exciting time that we’re in I’m really excited to see what God has planned what God is enacting what God is doing and Body of Christ it’s really going to be amazing if we start to listen to the Lord and start to put to action the instructions that he’s given us we’re going to see so many transformations I really believe that it’s going to be an unprecedented change in every sector of society and so that’s that’s part of the reason why I mentioned it before and again like we don’t want to grieve God just the thought of God putting me this is me personally it God putting me in a position of authority and then God saying I regret putting Josh in that position I regret giving him that authority because he turned away from me because he didn’t follow my instructions I wish that none of us would ever get in that position and God honestly if something is going to destroy you or destroy those around you God will not open it up to you God will not open that door until your heart is ready so we have to prepare our hearts we have to prepare our hearts and let’s minister to his needs let’s minister to God’s needs that personal relationship the intimate conversations the intimate worship those are so important so I only have a little bit of time but again that’s why we’re having this conference this prophetic conference it’s going to be next month September 29th and 30th starting Friday at 7 p.m. and Saturday it’s starting at 10:00 a.m. it’s a two-day conference it’s free registration but you need to register you need to register conceits are limited so we can only let so many people in and as soon as we run out of space that’s it so go to our website wws OG mi org slash events you can register online for free there and we’re going to be talking about the greatness of the season that we’re in because it’s truly a great marvelous time I’m really excited to see what God’s going to reveal to you guys and to me and to all of us here at for an apology Church it’s going to be something new for all of us there many of us are going to be hearing some of what we’re talking about for the first time we’re going to see it in a new light so you don’t want to miss this we’re going to be talking about the greatness of the season that we’re in register right now register today at our website wws o GMI org before we go let me pray with you given Lee father God I think you Lord I lift up every single one of our listeners today god I thank you God for working on their hearts God in helping to prepare their hearts so that they can become a part of this transfer of wealth influence and affluence and I think you God that those that you’re pointing to transform Nations to transform businesses I thank you God for impressing upon them what they need to do and I think you God for conviction upon those that you have given directives that you have given instructions God that you will remind them of the instructions you have given them and you will give them clarity so that they will go forth and act I think you God that they will experience such conviction that they can’t help themselves but to go out and act and I think you God that each of them will have a personal life changing experience with you I think you got that they will experience you on a personal level like they never have before I speak forth your love over all of them and also god I speak forth healing of physical bodies I come against illness pain sickness amongst our listeners Lord in the name of Jesus God I think you got for healing of relationships that you are fixing broken marriages that you are amending relationships of families in the name of Jesus God and I thank you God that you are putting each and every one of these listeners on the path to righteousness and prosperity God we thank you God for all of these things in Jesus’s name we pray amen well I’m about out of time for today make sure to visit our website you can register for that event that I’ve talked about before or you can listen to this podcast whenever you like you can download it to your phone

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Episode 284: Preparation for Greatness

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