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Episode 285: A Season of Changes, Promotions, and Manifestations

It’s a season of changes, changes, and more changes! It can feel uncomfortable, but it also includes promotions and manifestations!

Published: August 19, 2017

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




hello this is Cristina Sosso of freedom fellowship church and sons of God international and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time mark your calendar the dates are September 29th Friday at 7 p.m. and Saturday September 30 is at 10:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. we’re going to have a prophetic conference after all these years other than the prophetic gathering of the Saints every December 31st we are going to have our prophetic conference for the first time in many years you must register for this event though seating is limited it is free you can go to our website s o G mi dot org and click events again our website address is stre so it is important for you to jump on board get on board and this is going to be a season of greatness the greatness of the season that were in that will be the theme of the prophetic conference okay so it’s September 29 and September 30th that will be next month but seating is limited so you must register as soon as possible you know Joshua last month sat me down and showed me the statistics of the things on where do we need improvements and what is the issue or the training that the battle-cries needed or are needing they’re hungry for it and we found out from the website is it is the prophetic training or the prophetic school that is what many are asking for so we’re going to start it first here in San Antonio and and then we’re going to open it to different cities and different countries like never before and at the same time for those that we cannot reach or who cannot come here or will not be able to listen to this radio broadcast we will going to offer a prophetic school online so watch out for it we’re going to send you email and just go to our website and we’re going to update it and we’re going to make the announcement specifically especially about the online prophetic school so changes changes and more changes promotion and manifestation that is the season that we’re in right now you know personally promotion and manifestations of blessings those are easy it’s the changes and more changes that are challenging for me personally but because of the season that were in because of the Holy Spirit was the Holy Spirit is showing me and showing you I am very grateful of these changes why for the righteous but changes will turn out to be for good it doesn’t matter whether you’re experiencing some issues right now that are challenging or that are that are painful those are temporary it will turn out to be for good because it is the timing of God and because he is truly a loving God so trust God and you will see good changes are coming oftentimes when you and I hear revelation or we finally got it for the first time you know sometimes we hear it we we study it we memorize it we heard preaching about it yeah it’s good we say that but when after all those years we finally got it we got the understanding sometimes we want to kick ourselves we’d be more of the lost times and opportunities and I said like I wish we have known or else we could have done so many things not just for ourselves but for the kingdom of God lift your head up high it is not too late for you not this season okay I will release thus saith the Lord and you need to take it you need to receive it and get excited about it obey the instruction no more crying of loss or missed opportunities my dear brothers and sisters this is not the time we need to move forward because our future is a lot greater than our past and we must focus on today okay today if you hear his voice harden not your heart the greatness of the season we are in it is awesome it is inspiring it is great you know last week I was home alone for almost three days Mike Joshua James and Erica went to Omaha to celebrate Mike’s mom’s 88th birthday I really thought that is the opportunity for me to spend time alone probably too fast to pray to study to receive a new revelation from the Holy Spirit I was ready I got the children to help me clean and and organize the house before they before they left so that I can focus on my study time right I was so excited about it and it was kind of challenging for those who don’t know me I cannot sit still I can’t relax if I see something that it’s needed to be done so I was so excited the house is clean and I went to the groceries to get the things that I need for the weekend for myself the food that I wanted to eat and I came and I said like okay it’s just like Here I am Lord and I’m ready I got the Bible I got my notes I got my computer I got my tablet and I was thanking him I started worshiping him thanking him for that time and I went outside of the deck okay I just wanted to pray and relaxed and before I realize what I was doing I was repotting plants in the pots I was watering I was picking up dead leaves and for two hours I didn’t realize what I was doing and it’s like oh this is like I’m sorry Lord I got carried away so I went inside the house lock the door again and start praising God and III got i got on my in front of my computer and said and the Holy Spirit is not telling me anything and and I said like Lord ants is what well that’s it’s like I’m here for me it’s like Oh Lord you and I we need to take advantage of this time but let us not waste any time that’s the kind of my attitude and the Lord said no I want you to enjoy what you wanted to do and said you rest and relax relax and is that there’s so many revelations that I need to hear from you many confirmations prophecies prayers and direction not just for me for my family but others for the core team at freedom foster church and the Lord said that no I want you to relax you know it took me a whole day to get adjusted to that until finally the second day the Lord asked me Cristina when was the last time that you had this kind of opportunity and I passed and I said before I got married that’s how long it was so I spend my time enjoying with Jesus forgetting about my responsibilities forgetting about the chores forgetting about anything else I forgot about preparing for the Sunday services and and for the upcoming conference I ate what I wanted to eat I watched television I read some books I got connected with some friends that I have not heard or communicated for a long time and with my family and while I was doing that God was speaking to me and then the Lord said that I’m enjoying this Cristina I had the most fun in years the Lord made me laugh so hard that I really relaxed I forget about everything about challenges about issues I forget everything I was so relaxed and I didn’t want it to end you know the last few hours instead of like Lord and said thank you for that and I said but I really have to prepare now for Sunday services and the Lord told me that all Cristina and so the word from me is Matthew chapter 20 and that afternoon all I need to know is Matthew chapter 20 and that is that about the parable about the kingdom of God likened to a land owner right and he told me that this is the word for the body of Christ for this week and in a blink of an eye he showed me what the thus saith the Lord for this week is all about are you ready Changez great changes and more changes are coming and the Holy Spirit changed me how to prepare for the Sunday services for everything there will be changes for everything under the Sun I know it is uncomfortable to our flesh and to our mind in living and walking by faith but be comfortable in being uncomfortable because more changes are about to manifest and I’m loving it now I mentioned to you that when we hear ourselves when we got the revelation after all these years and we bemoan the faculae if only I have known this if I have this knowledge this revelation years ago I could just imagine what I could have done all the blessings manifested right and a lot of times we kick ourselves about it we wished away that we could have done a lot better in the past I wish we have known better not just for ourselves for our loved ones for our God and for the kingdom of God stay tuned this is a great news for you my dear brothers and sisters like I am so excited and you’re going to hear more more of this more of Revelation everything about Jesus and you and and the kingdom of God and what God is planning we’re going to hear instruction on September 29 and 30th I am preparing for it now actually I trained the core team the ministry team for next month’s conference I spend a whole day Saturday with them but let us go to Matthew chapter 20 we all read or know about this parable that Jesus shared but now the Holy Spirit because of the greatness of the season that were in he gave us revelation instruction so take a listen I’m going to read Matthew chapter 20 starting with verse 1 NIV okay it says for the kingdom of heaven is like a landowner who went out early in the morning to hire men to work in his vineyard he agreed to pay them a Denarius for the day and sent them into his vineyard about the third hour he went out and saw others standing in the marketplace doing nothing he hired them and then at the last hour 11:00 hour again he found some that are still standing them because no one hired him for the day so he hired him also right so when it’s quitting time let’s go to Matthew chapter 20 verse 8 it says when evening came the owner of the vineyard said to his Foreman call the workers and pay them their wages beginning with the last ones hired and going on the first the workers were hired about the eleventh hour came and each received a Denarius so when those came were hard first they expected to receive war I want you to listen very carefully about this because this is a parable about the Kingdom of Heaven or the kingdom of God okay so the workers were hired about the eleventh hour came and each received a Denarius so when those came who were hard first they expected to receive more but each of them also received a Denarius when they received it they began to grumble against the land owner you know how it is the and Jesus is telling us that this is the kingdom of heaven well we think a lot like those that are in the world so just like the workers were hard first when they saw that oh man they got a full pay we will going to have come time we’re going to have overtime I’m going to receive a bonus but they did not so they get angry they start grumbling right like some of us but I know not any of our listeners right because we all got delivered for that verse 12 these men weird hard last worked only one hour they said and you have made them equal to us who have borne the burden of the work and the heat of the day but he answered one of them friend I am NOT being unfair to you did you not agree to work for Daenerys take your pay and go I want to give the man was hard last the same as I gave you don’t I have the right to do what I want with my own money or are you envious because I’m generous so the last will be first and the first will be last so example black in the kingdom of God just like what Jesus said here in Matthew chapter 20 for example if your child just got born again okay he just got saved and born again and then he died that person is going straight to heaven he’s in heaven the same place where God’s generals are he will not be put in a whole pot pattern because I know you just got born again so therefore you do not belong to the heavens no Jesus shared this parable to tell us that in the kingdom of God God is really awesome loving merciful and powerful and ever generous so if you just got the understanding and revelation right now do not fret God is a loving and awesome God and for him for this season you do not have to wait believe and trust him and you will be in position of blessings you will walk in the supernatural you will forget your past victories even failures because you did not know you did not obey God forget about those those are in the past there is nothing you can do about your past but you can do something now and tomorrow this is the season where God is calling forth and restoring many in the kingdom of God and you will be equally blessed with a many who have been believing and have been obeying God for many many years this is what Jesus is talking about and he is giving us the revelation of this parable for this season this is the kingdom of our God God is so excited I believe he’s more excited than I am probably very very excited he is really a God of second chance Jesus you are so wonderful we are poised to soar in this great season and we will operate under the system of our God and Jesus will be the lord of all and in all in every area of our lives glory to God you know when I first got baptized by the Holy Spirit I got born again I experienced supernatural things almost instantaneously I don’t know about you but even our leaders at that time they were really very surprised of the things that I’ve been sharing as far as my experience from the get-go as soon as I got born again and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit God began to give me dreams and visions and they’re coming to pass this is the way God spoke to me and continue to speak to me but now it is so different until this season okay God started giving me dreams prophetic dreams again and I started seeing visions again like I received them many years ago but now I am more matured I learn more now even from my mistakes so it is very exciting in this time actually he told me about these changes coming even in my own personal lives but with me he told me the changes actually started in like September or October of 2013 but this year this season is so different prophetic dreams visions before they come once a month or twice a month and visions are rare but in this season I get prophetic dreams almost every night and I am seeing visions clearly like watching a television even during daytime it’s so exciting we’ll casino how do you know that your dreams are prophetic dreams easy countdown my brothers and sisters the Lord Jesus or God the Father is always in those dreams how do you know that you are seeing visions and not just vain imaginations because the visions are about the kingdom of God about the future the plan of god and the holy spirit always gives the interpretation sometimes in gerbils but he is always proactive he is our teacher remember he is our friend he will never leave us nor forsake us he is our God that is why we are taking this prophetic school to other parts of the world in which you already have in the past but we will be more aggressive this time because we’re expanding our outreaches and we are taking the prophetic school to other parts of this country teaching about prophecy and training those that have gifts of prophecy who are called as a part of the companies of prophets that God is racing in this generation is very crucial it’s very important in these last days so we are also going to start online prophetic school you know when God instructed me to open a prophetic school in 2003 I never forget that day I was overwhelmed I wanted to scream I wanted to cry because I could almost hear what people say who do you think you are you’re calling yourself a prophet and I really felt like I was not qualified I was not equipped to do to do prophetic school I can prophesy I can pray for you but God reassured me that he’s going to direct me so he gave me the syllabus he gave me the the courses the the topic he even gave me the scriptures references every prophetic school and every conference presence of God always manifest God is there God is everywhere we don’t invite him and asked him to move we are going to we are going to do to be led by him and he is bound to move so everywhere we go wherever God sent us we incorporate the prophetic school what are the reasons why God wanted me to teach an opener a prophetic school is to train those who are called in the prophetic to take on the true characteristics of the true prophet of God and it was actually ed ed Grubbs favorite subject because Ed and Mike and now Joshua are helping me they’re part of the prophetic school they administer to people and anyway the true characteristics of the true prophet of God that teaching was is Ed’s favorite subject and that teaching really influenced him and affected him the most so I assigned him to teach that subject so IDI had always researched and and he put up a a summary of the true characteristics of a prophet and teachings an easy guide for those that are there to really look at it and meditate on it at the end and even after the year the prophetic school you can you can use that and it will take you the Holy Spirit will take you and give you some months so that teaching of IDI was posted in our website and Joshua showed me last month that all teachings posted in our website about prophecy in about prophetic school is the most watch and the following the people that are following and subscribing to the website more than quadrupled but for the last 12 months and it astounded me so I realize how important the prophetic school is of having prophetic conferences so that is what’s needed in the church so we are going to fund to that so don’t forget the first is September 29th and 30th but seating is limited okay so it is of utmost important to focus on Jesus Christ and him crucified especially in these last days do not listen to the doom and gloom prophets that these bad things are gonna happen because Jesus is coming soon and said no until we are at the helm until the Bride of Christ is a glorious and influential Church Jesus is not coming back in the meantime we have to focus on the many opportunities in this season the greatness of the season that were in and I am running out of time I’m getting a lot of visions and instructions and when you register when you register or if I if you happen to catch me on the phone I to be honest I don’t want to hear anything on what was going on in your life okay and I explained why I just want your name your full name and so that I can pray and I can catch you in the spirit so that when you get ministered to you will know that you heard from God I don’t want to have any preconceived idea so if I didn’t even want to talk to anybody during the conference it’s because that’s how that’s how I focus okay I just wanted to explain I just want your name so that I can pray I can pray and allow the Holy Spirit to leave me okay so get excited and don’t forget to register okay it’s going to be awesome it’s going to be awesome and I’ve been preparing the team for this important events and they’re there they’re ready they’re ready to be to be released up there in power and I’m running out of time god bless you for tuning in the Holy Spirit is going to reveal to us the greatness of the season that were in I’ll see you

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Episode 285: A Season of Changes, Promotions, and Manifestations

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