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Episode 286: Prophets and Prophecy

In preparation for the season that we’re in, here is an excerpt from one of our Sunday services on prophets and prophecy.

Published: August 26, 2017

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




god bless you for tuning in hello this is Cristina Sosso of freedom fellowship church and sons of God International and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time do not forget mark your calendar September 29 to 30 F for the prophetic conference here in San Antonio Texas seating is limited and registration is required it is free so you can go to our website and click events again you can register at SOG mi dot org and click events the theme of this prophetic conference is the greatness of the season that we’re in it is about the timing of God and what God is saying to the body of Christ and to the nation’s this prophetic conference is needed and it will be the first conference to be held after many years here in San Antonio you know my dear brothers and sisters we found it necessary to share and train God’s people about prophecy because it is the most abused and misunderstood it is needed for our time it is needed for the body of Christ and to the nation’s to mature God’s people we can bring everyone closer to our Lord Jesus Christ and to bring salvation to the world after all the testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ is the spirit of prophecy revelation 19:10 so today in this broadcast you will hear a portion or excerpts from our Sunday service about the prophets and prophecy for this season so take a listen the greatness of the season that we’re in we’re going to discuss today and we’re going to continue about your training regarding prophets and prophecy and a part of this teaching today will be broadcast the prophetic voice of our time because it’s so necessary so I want you to greet our listeners that are listening today [Applause] amen now they will know what their have been missing by not attending our Sunday services right so we’re gonna we’re gonna show them we’re going to cause them to envy in 2nd Peter chapter 1 verses 16 through 21 it says for we did not follow cleverly devised stories when we told you about the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ in power just keep that in mind in power but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty he received honor and glory from God the Father when the voice came to him from the majestic glory saying this is my son whom I love with him I am well pleased we ourselves heard this voice that came from heaven when we were with him on the sacred mountain and listen to this especially verses 19 through 21 we also have the prophetic message as something completely reliable and you will do well to pay attention to it as to a light shining in a dark place until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts above all you must understand that no prophecy of Scripture came about by the prophets own interpretation of things for prophecy never had its origin in the human will but prophets through human spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit we must remind ourselves that no prophecy of Scripture came about the prophets own interpretation but it is by the Holy Spirit right the gift of prophecy or prophesying is God’s idea he created the whole universe through spoken word or thus saith the Lord let there be light and light be right so a spoken word that’s why it is so important it’s because it creates things in you it calls for those things as though they were it means to say you are removing you are destroying you’re approving something in somebody else’s life and then you are planting something that is in the kingdom of God it is very important and we need to understand that it is so necessary in this season that we’re in because as a training yesterday those kind of training I cannot do that in a prophetic school or prophetic conference because it is specifically pattern and instructed just for you and you alone and I don’t need to call out your name and then give you a prophecy because wherever the shoe fits you have to wear it whether it’s encouragement whether it’s a creative word whether it’s a correction if it fits you need to wear it you need to be responsible for it because it created something in all of your life and at the same time it laid out foundation for the expansion and what God is about ready to do so that when comes September 29 and 30th then you are ready to minister and hopefully prophetically to others that will transform their lives and why is it important with the changes in the atmosphere that you know something is happening and you know in your heart there is something different about you and you still cannot understand it until the Holy Spirit will come and reveal things to you and you said oh you know it’s good you receive it you believe it you follow the instruction and then when the Holy Spirit reveal something to you and I said oh that’s big it’s always greater than your expectations that’s the working of the Holy Spirit because he always moves in power it’s never been weak never been timid he always move in power so it is important and why now that we are led to go ahead and teach prophetic school again and to hold this prophetic conference and why it’s important for training you such as yesterday and why is it important because the gift of prophecy and at the same time those who hold the offices of the prophets are going to come in power that you never seen before you’re talking about prophecies that are very exact you’re talking about prophecies that are really powerful that will make a difference the Lord had prepared his people especially for those that have the office of a prophets to have a yielded nacelle to change to yield to God and to think about God’s heart first and it is coming and it says now come I never understood it well I’m still beginning to understand it I don’t understand it fully well but in what I’ve been going through right now when God called me years ago that I am called in the front lines that that I will be a leader in an apostolic and prophetic ministry I don’t understand that I told God I just wanted to be involved I don’t have to lead and I said that’s too much responsibility in my part but I’m just glad and I do not see it with my immaturity I really do not see it coming to pass so what God did is what every time I pray every time I study every time I asked him and listen to his word he always give me vision and they come to pass he gives me dreams that I never wanted to take naps but even when I was working I bring my solid to the park MacArthur Park at that time and I eat there so that I can take a nap because God’s gonna speak to me and for somebody a lot of Christians really got upset with me except our leaders there’s excited for me they wanted to know what God is telling me but others got upset they told me nobody experienced that every day God doesn’t talk to you that way no I said like all your dreams you’re just imagining them well even in my imagination God is in those imagination so they must be good so I learned that in order for you and said how do I know if this dream is from God if God is talking to me easy God is in the dream then you know when you know God is not going to speak to you and I in symbols and nuggets in overshadows and I said no he’s going to speak to you plainly like Jesus spoke plainly ministered plainly to the people well while he was on the earth nobody miss understood what he meant are you getting this and the main thing is the people are getting all of this power they’re getting all of his teachings and then when he was with his disciples there is another revelation greater and deeper than what was given to the people and it’s the same parable are you getting this since now that we know that we are priests in the order of Melchizedek that we will operate that priesthood we are that priests like Jesus because we are part of his body then everything that we hear from God is easily entreated hello if we don’t understand it all you need to do is to ask the Holy Spirit he is our teacher and he’s going to reveal the things to you it is important for prophecy for everyone to operate in the gifts of prophecy in our days because of the timing it provides a timeline it provides an understanding of the move of God what God is doing here on earth in spite of what’s happening in the world if we focus on what God is doing just like in the book of Revelation if you focus on who the church is and what Jesus is promising to us we don’t care if the like Christ reveal himself we don’t care because he doesn’t have any power over us he doesn’t have anything on us are you getting this he will have something on you by your own mouth by your own action but what’s in your heart he doesn’t know okay so it is important for us to understand that so the prophetic gifting the prophets the new breed of prophets will come and said oh yeah I know about this and I know about that they have not fully manifested on who they are they will not deal with symbolism they will not deal with a lot of tradition they were just going to speak as plainly as Jesus did okay so you don’t have to practice how to prophesy right and of course prophecy is to create things in it also provides a timeline it provides a timeline and an explanation of the season that we’re in that’s why that’s why when I see the greatness of the season that we’re in and said we have to share this are getting this okay in Daniel chapter 9 verses 21 through 24 it says while I was still in prayer see if you don’t understand something you pray Gabriel the man I had seen in the earlier vision came to me in Swift flight about the time of the evening sacrifice he instructed me and said to me Daniel I have now come to give you insight and understanding look at that the Lord sends an angel to the prophet Daniel from heaven sent by God to give him insight and understanding for us no Sadat is awesome right it is more awesome now because the Holy Spirit is here he will never leave us nor forsake us he’s not going to send an angel to give us insight and understanding okay and it says as soon as you began to pray an answer was given which I have come to tell you for you are highly esteemed we all need to suck up to Jesus so that we will be highly esteemed right therefore considered a message and understand the vision those are instruction to Daniel consider the message and then understand the vision you just don’t assume things okay and then go and says verse twenty four seventy sevens are decreed for your people and your holy city to finish transgression to put an end to sin to atone for wickedness to bring in everlasting righteousness to seal up vision and prophecy and to anoint the most holy what was our instruction yesterday you confront the issues in your personal life in your own heart you confront the sin in your family you don’t you don’t ask pastor Cristina to tell them that they need salvation where he knew yourself can tell them right you confront it you do not touch it you do not justify it because by telling them okay I know you’re already 99 years old but you’re still my son or you’re still my daughter and what you’re doing is not right I’ve been praying for you but I will not touch it I will not finance it I will not justify it and that you sow those seeds and you touch what conviction confrontation of sin so whatever you place your hands to it shall prosper are you getting this how can we prophesy to others wherein we ourselves cannot hear from God I have somebody from the Philippines before I went there I think about two or three years ago he sent me an email I am the prophet of the Most High God said I’m called to be a prophet so I need to talk to you when you come in here I wanted to talk to you and I said like hey look and said like we have a prophetic conference we have a prophetic school attend one of them then I’m going to tell the leaders in that area that you’re coming so that they can provide a space for you so he showed up but then he wanted to follow me around but Devine until finally one of the Philippine team said oh no you’re not just busy he had his bag with him overnight without asking me and I looked at the winner and said no he ain’t even theirs I’m saying and then afterwards he sent me a text and said where is my wife he was believing that for a while where is my wife I told Divina he said that he’s a prophet if he can’t find his own wife then he’s still a false prophet hello and I look at Davina and said Davina would you find his wife I had so many things to do he is a true prophet of God how can you hear for others or for the nation’s if you cannot hear for yourself hello is this like a heathen saying somebody you need to get saved and they’re not saved themselves yes I’m saying they don’t even know they don’t even know what it meant and I would feel like the newness of life but this is the one thing that the timing of God it Daniel it says I am giving my people this particular time to repent to atone for their sins right to remove wickedness from them and said I am giving them this time same thing with a transfer of wealth but if price God is giving us a window of time you don’t say I believe I believe I believe and you’re not asking God for understanding hello and don’t blame me and I said well Pastor Cris prophesy it ain’t happening you have to be proactive in the things of God okay so God provided before all of these things bad things happening I am giving my people to finish their transgression or to end their transgression to put an end to sin to atone for wickedness to bring in everlasting righteousness to seal up vision remember I told you write them down some will get it whether it is you or not some of those in the body of Christ are going to get it God is adamant about that because of the time when prophecy is released that timing of God is always exact remember 2016 January December 31st 2015 at the prophetic conference United States of America will experience a political revival if my people unite and at the same time when this start manifesting the transfer of wealth will manifest in the bed of Christ that is a time line and we got a political earthquake they were revived everybody was sleeping and said what happened right so that is a timeline same thing with your personal prophecies they have a timeline you have to be proactive hello if we did not if the leaders especially the leaders in this country if we did not pray if we just that leave it like that if we did not vote for righteousness it’s not gonna happen it’s going to get postponed right so in this same thing with your prophecy there are timelines there that you need to be proactive you need to look at the signs of times and the Holy Spirit is always looking always proactive are you getting this remember if the anointing if the gifts of prophecy that even the office will be so precise and so exact and that is being unleashed right now and people of God are receiving it I know I’m different I see visions now like I’m watching television and it is something for us to be very mindful that you desire this gift you desire to operate that way but we are going to be held at a very high standard we cannot get away with a lot of stuff and when these things start manifesting the word of knowledge that you know and you know that only God can reveal those things you better watch out the things that the body of Christ we thought that they can get away with a lot of stuff they can postpone things no as the manifestation will almost be like in a blink of an eye it is the same thing when you do not take his word as Holy that’s why the this prophetic school this conference is so important because when that anointing comes it breaks the yoke things that you don’t even know that you have are you getting this because these are serious times these are excellent times these are the times of blessings for the body of Christ and we are going to mature because the Holy Spirit you enroll in his school he will make sure that you will mature in a such a short time that you will have understanding because it doesn’t have anything else to do except the teachers and the leaders into the land of prosperity because why he is thinking about Jesus he really want to come back he really wants to but God the Father said no you’re gonna sit here with me and stay with me until I’ll make your enemies your footstool so the coming of our Lord is not depending on the world or the Antichrist it is depending on you and I the Lord said to my lord sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool so how can Jesus come back if God the Father said until your gonna sit here with me we’re gonna hold hands together until your enemies have become your footstool amen Holy Father I thank you what a privilege what a loving God you are every time we discover your many facets we cannot even imagine how awesome you are indeed we are so special because you made a special you created us after your own image so holy father today I pray for each and every one here and for each and every one that are listening to my voice on the radio that they will realize who they are that they will value and appreciate the gifts that you have placed in their lives that any pain or affliction or challenges are temporary and as soon as they call on you and become your student Holy Spirit that you will illuminate things to them because you are our power source so I ask to open their hearts that they will gain understanding of the season that we’re in of the greatness of this season that we will mobilize give them strength and Lord let the spirit of obedience be upon them on that they will obey that they will believe and that they will love you back in Jesus name I pray and everybody says amen thank you for listening now you know what you’re missing I cannot give you the full counsel of our Sunday services because I only have 26 minutes here on the radio but thank you for listening I hope you take this very very seriously we want to share these blessings with it is a privilege and an honor to be a part so register online at SOG mi dot org for the prophetic conference so that we can see you we can meet you face to face and thank you for tuning in

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Episode 286: Prophets and Prophecy

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