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Episode 287: Momentary Darkness Before the Light

Just like the darkness of the total solar eclipse lasted only a short moment, the darkness of our times will be quickly cast out by the light of God through His people.

Published: September 02, 2017

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




he will guard the feet of his saints but the wicked will be silenced in darkness it is not by strength that one prevails those who oppose the Lord will be shattered he will thunder against them from heaven the Lord will judge the ends of the earth he will give strength to his king and exalt the Horn of his anointed on our way to Tennessee I made sure that I spent time with the youth the Holy Spirit wanted me to hear what are their focus are what have they been thinking because out of the riches of your heart your mouth is gonna speak what is important to you without you knowing about it it will show so I listened we start talking about the issues of their times okay and I said like and and we go back and forth and and we laugh about it until finally I said okay now that we know what is going up there right what are the evil or the negative things what’s darkness up there what are we going to do about it this calls for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see okay we know what the problem is we know that what it’s wrong but what are we going to do about it and we started having this conversation you don’t want what is happening then change the message we have to have a message that will counteract that because when the enemy comes like a flood the Spirit of the Lord will raise a standard against it so whatever is happening in this country the Lord is raising a standard against it through us through the body of Christ those who have ears to hear so let us not just talk about it let’s do something about it George when I have been talking about this for months and James they were telling me that the comic superheroes we have the comics they got replaced just like Captain America became an enemy of the state and he got replaced and some of them became a woman and some of them from white folks to black it has to be a woman it has to be part of the LGBT it has to be black it has to be brown it has to be all of that and it’s like you do not change the culture and so the comic circulations they only sold 10,000 copies so they’re going down the hill because people are not saying about it but at the same time this is America we cannot just lay low and stand still and roll over we will do something especially amongst the young that there will be extraordinary and sometimes it will be on the fringe and that’s what we’re seeing in our society right now and we the body of Christ shall not allow anybody to define us because of the color of our skin okay they shall not divide us we should not even touch that issue okay so when the clips came about and I said like glory to God and all of a sudden the Lord spoke to me all along even our conversations and everything else was ordained by the Lord all along and he told me Cristina everybody is focusing on the darkness but just like this eclipse it will only last for a while and then the Sun will rise with healing in its hands and I said no matter what you are going through darkness even in this country not unless we touch it it will only be for a while you understand saying and then God spoke to me and said you know and said millions of people are watching this they’re all over it the scientists and everything else and this is like the reasons why I send you here is to show you and said in spite of everyone’s resources and smarts and the no house and the discoveries they cannot cause a solar Eclipse only me hello they cannot cause any solar eclipse only me and only us remember Joshua speaking to the Sun and the moon only us the body of Christ have that supernaturally heavenly awesome power in the name of Jesus to do that the world cannot do it so why would we roll over with the issues of our times hello nobody can do that no matter how much they’re still catching up and what happened in the book of Exodus they’re still trying to catch up and trying to explain those things so they have thousands of years to catch up in the meantime here is God creating things and says like I will do whatever I please and as it’s like thank you thank you for the God that you are and thank you that in spite of us you included us in your plan you gave us this awesome name and authority and you gave us this protection so why are we afraid to speak hello you know I was born in the Philippines with my parents I don’t know why the Holy Spirit led me one time and said find out your lineage I know my lineage God I know my lineage my father especially my father my great-grandfather who were from Spain Spaniards and we have Chinese blood you know said Malaysian blood this is like I know where it came from but I said look at again and said because and said I am going to prove to you the steps of the righteous that including little details your life it is weave in such a perfection this is like okay so I type my father’s name ins it’s like since you said it and said like I guarantee you you have a surprise for me and it’s like because remember God there isn’t the scriptures don’t focus on genealogies because it will just lead to arguments and pride and I said like but since you’re the one who’s telling me and you’re showing me that the steps of the righteous are ordained by the Lord we memorize it we believe it but we take it for granted it’s an elaborate plan of God my father’s name is Manuel from a Manuel okay so I came in and lo and behold it is like I was stunned the ginto family first immigrated in United States in 1896 not from Spain from Italy and friends and as I what it started in 1526 but what caught my eye is the first immigration in New York the ginto family immigrated in New York they stayed in New York Connecticut in Pennsylvania okay the first immigrant of a ginto woman name is Amelia and Amelia married a man well why is that significant not only my father’s name is Manuel my elder sister’s name is Amelia Amelia ginto are you getting this and then went to Italy and friends and I was like oh my gosh I never thought about that so I told mr. Sato see mr. Sato when you’re telling me that I am half Italian so there it is and for 1896 when the family of ginto moved here but in France is 1526 and 1626 in Italy all those years God ordained and so like oh is that the reasons why you send me here you send the family here see there’s a lot of things that God made an elaborate and created elaborate plan in your life that you will be astounded when you get an understanding so if God made an elaborate plan and now here is 2017 transfer of wealth influence and affluence political revival in United States the body Christ will emerge as a glorious church he made an elaborate plan and he’s going to see through that whatever he purpose and plan in your life we’ll be fulfilled are you getting this and no matter how the darkness so I did not ask to be born I was born 10 and of course the Hispanic people they’re my kissing cousins we have a lot of cultural things the blacks they don’t have any choice they were born blacks and we have to be comfortable in our own skin I know I have nothing to do with it but it is God’s plan that I was born with a tan skin thank God for that and for some of you black thank God for that so we cannot be divided based on the color of our skin because we have nothing to do with it we didn’t have any choice we didn’t have anything so if the white are comfortable in their own skin let them be if there is a black pride if there’s a brown pride let them to be proud of their color of their skin let them be comfortable with it there is nothing wrong about it because they have nothing to do with it the Jesus is not about separation it’s about appreciating each other just like appreciating the gifts and the strengths of each other and then supporting and strengthening the weakness in all of us hello so we are this the Lord game is such an assurance that all these things especially what’s happening in our universities this is going to be momentarily it’s just the Eclipse and also for the body of Christ you know we will always look at the but the negative parts of everything so we focus on it we focus on the negative we focus on all of those and so just like we are focusing on that just like what God is saying this is the second tier of the prophecy the bat of Christ maybe focusing on the negative but is only for a short while now it will only last for a short moment because we’re going to see his brightness and his goodness and that’s where we’re gonna focus on I got so excited and I said like how can you do that you just gave us a wonderful prophecy and I thought you cannot tap that how can you do that God so what’s happening the negative things on what’s happening in our country continue to praise God continue to pray continue to obey what he says or just like the Eclipse it will only last for a short time same thing with the darkness that is happening in your life right now same thing with the challenges it only happened in such a short while and the things that will manifest in a big way is they will just happen as if we don’t put any effort to it are you getting this we need to follow God’s ways of doing things we need to change our mindset into everything because he is the one who can only cause the solar eclipse and he is the only one through us who can turn this country around on we can turn your life around only him because everything else is like they will never not one of them even if they put everything in their power and their resources they cannot make a solar eclipse amen well I hope all of you took that message to heart I’m actually here with Pastor Cris who’s now here with me in the recording booth and she actually wanted to expound upon what she was talking about hello everyone Joshua and I prayed about what I’m about to share with you because we both felt strongly that this needs to be shared to the bat of Christ ASAP so here it is in my study time I started preparing for the prophetic conference in my study time one day the Lord had me researched my genealogy because he’s going to show me something that will astound me that will surprise me I thought that was strange I knew where I came from I was born Filipino with a brown skin and I know that my father is of Spanish blood and so is my mother and my mother have Chinese and Malaysian blood also but I obeyed and I researched the ginto family I was surprised it’s like what God said the ginto family originated from Italy and France in the 1600s not really from Spain yes my great-grandfather is from Spain but here is also the surprise the ginto family moved first in United States in 1896 in New York and Sam moved to other states like Pennsylvania and the first recorded ginto family is Amelia her name is Amelia and another emanuelle why is this significant my father’s name is Manuel and my parents named their eldest or first daughter Emilio I always ask God why send me the United States wherein I want to stay in the Philippines and make a difference and all of us the battle cries can memorize Jeremiah 29:11 that God has a plan for us that his plan for us is not to harm us but to give us hope in a future and what I’m about to share with you is the truth that God has a specific an elaborate plan for your life for your family for this state and for this nation and he will never forget his plan for us and he will see his plans through as long as we believe in him and as long as we follow his ways of doing things just like the solar eclipse that lasted only for a few minutes the darkness lasted only for a few minutes the darkness that is happening in this country the afflictions and challenges the pains in our lives they’re just momentary that is the great news if we hold on to his promise and hold on on who he is if we the body of Christ is united we can end all the divisions happening in this country let me speak the truth boldly okay and I will be one of the first leaders that will speak the truth not the facts boldly because the time is at hand see I was born in the Philippines where I brown skin I did not have any say on the color of my skin the decision or the plan was made by God who are my parents where do I live and so are you so some of our brothers and sisters born are black they have nothing to do with it some brown some white it is ordained by God I want you to listen to this better Christ it is ordained by God so we should not allow the world to divide us based on the color of our skin nor allow the world or the wicked people to look down on us based on the color of our skin or to look up we should not allow this generation to pay for the sins of their fathers if there is a black pride if there is a spanic pride or Asian pride thank God for that so if there is also a white pride do not call them KKK or Nazis let them be and let them take a stand without violence without anger without hatred if you are white and I know there’s some of you or many of you are and glad that you’re why so be it do not allow the world to define us allow God who created us ordain the color of our skin to define us the church has been silent for a long long time and we are actually divided also we allowed the world to continue to divide and mess up the lives of our youth but no more just like the solar eclipse this will be momentary I will speak the truth when I was young I want to conquer the world I want drastic changes and transformations right there and then so I am NOT surprised that our young people want some chains they want radical chains we can guide them into peaceful and a successful transformation in their lives they are wanting to make a difference they they you that they have a destiny to fulfill so they want drastic changes and they are getting fed up on what is being offered to them and how it is explained to them about the status quo do you know that the most conservative group according to Joshua showed me that statistics in the United States are high school students why they don’t get their information like we do on the news network they get their information from its other and social media and they want the real thing you cannot just talk them into it they want answers and they want manifestations and that is great great news see we allowed political correctness to wreak havoc in our society and we must not remain silent any longer just like what I said previously in spite of all the resources in the world the wicked people cannot make the solar eclipse to happen in other words only God and his representatives here can make a difference here on earth and we have his ears and he is attentive to our prayers as long as our motivation is love so if there is a black pride Hispanic pride white pride Asian pride aren’t you glad what will happen to the world without the blending of our cultures this is what make America great we not only take the pride of our skin color but pride of our culture pride of our heritage and we need to thank God for that let them let each other express themselves and be the best of who we are if the others opinions or beliefs are different from ours let us agree to disagree even as Christians do not agree even with our doctrines with our personality how to present the gospel let us remind ourselves what Jesus told his disciples when there are some people that are not in their group that are healing jesus said those that are not against us are with us so I if you don’t agree with my doctrine because our unifying force is Christ Jesus it is not our doctrine would let us unite on that so those that are not against us they are with us and that comprise majority of the American people the real America the real Texas are those people who represent the fabric of our society of our nation are the people black white Hispanic patients who went to Houston Texas and other devastated towns and cities by a hurricane Harvey who brought their resources and help others they did not see any color that is the fabric of our society that is what’s happening in our colleges and universities right now but even that darkness is just like the solar eclipse it will just be momentary and the Sun will rise with healing in his hands when I was in the corporate world I was asked about affirmative action and as a minority and as a woman they were surprised that I was against it why I do not want people to promote me to hire me or to give me a portion of their business because they have to meet their quota for hiring minority I am as good as anybody else and probably smarter than some and more diligent I consider it as an insult to my abilities and insult to my intelligence I do not want to have 15 or 18 percent of the piece of the pie I want the whole pie if I can get it I want to own a company that will hire all the best people in the world irregardless of the color of their skin instead of meeting a coda the person who asked me this is a Christian black woman and afterwards even though she was surprised my answer she agreed with me I do not want the society to push me aside and dictate to me how far I can go with my dreams or aspirations in life because of my gender or the color of my skin we have not learned our lesson here United States on what we did to the Indian people who are here before us we separated them from the rest of the world and we gave them a promise that the government will take care of them and everything and we deprive them of their pride and joy and a and the ability to take care of their own of their selves of their own family now the minority are trying to do this to our society again based on the color of our skin or gender and this is wrong the color of my skin does not define me Jesus Christ do and he is the only one who can tell me what I can and cannot do yes there are people that are here that are prejudiced and wicked some of them are white some of them are black some of them are Asian some of them are Spanish so there but those people do not represent America they do not represent Jesus they do not represent the body of Christ America represents majority of the people who helped others who don’t look at the color of their skin and who ran and used their resources to help others just like what happened recently here in Houston America is being represented by those black brothers and sisters in Christ who went to the convention center in Houston and sang and praise Jesus with their wonderful anointed worship songs to bring hope and to bring calmness and peace to those who were devastated by the storm we are emerging as a glorious church and we should not be silent in addressing the ills of this country and those that are trying to destroy our young people our country this is God’s country if we focus together if we speak the truth in love and if we the body of Christ would not divide its other based on the color of their skin the glorious church will emerge and these afflictions and challenges of this country we’ll just be momentarily and this is what we want this is what we want to leave for our children for the young generation it is time for us to speak out the truth in love but if Christ and let me be the one of the first to address this amen amen well we’re about out of time for today but I just want to say another thank you to all of our new listeners at krd Y as well as our other listeners at ksl our thank you so much for tuning into the prophetic voice of our time and I just want to tell you two quick reminders we got two events coming up we’ve got any prophetic conference at the end of the month on the 29th and the 30th it’s a free event so you’re definitely don’t want to miss it you and we’re talking about the greatness of the season that we’re in you can find more about the event by going to our website wws ogia my org in addition we’re also holding another fundraising event to finance future endeavors we are planning another trip to the Philippines and we’re still expanding our website and radio broadcast so this fundraising event is going to be on September 16th from 10 to 6 p.m. and on the 17th Sunday that afternoon from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. you can come and join us for this fundraising event at 80 419 Callahan Road in San Antonio Texas that’s a freedom Fellowship Church thank you so much for tuning in until next time god bless you

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Episode 287: Momentary Darkness Before the Light

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