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Episode 288: God's Good Plan Will Stand

God’s good plan for the nations will stand.

Published: September 09, 2017

Speakers: Cristina Sosso




god bless you for tuning in hello this is Cristina Sosso of freedom fellowship church and sons of God International and you are listening to the prophetic voice of our time have you registered yet for the prophetic conference which is going to be held on September 29th at 7 o clock and Saturday in the morning we break for lunch and then it will end probably about 4 or 5 p.m. seating is limited you can register by going to our website soon what God is saying to the church some of us might get swept away with the challenges we are facing right now if we’re not going to focus on our Lord Jesus Christ and how faithful in how awesome and loving he is we might give in to fear and compromise but these are exciting times I am so excited in spite of everything because God is still on the throne also we will pick up and continue our fundraising sale events and for this month it will be on September 16 and 17 that will be Saturday it will start at 10 a.m. and will end at 6 p.m. and on Sunday it will start at 2 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. we have everything we have furnitures collectibles nigma whatever we have so much we have so much stuff the funds raised for this event will be for the expansion of this radio program and for the big conference we are planning in the Philippines and some other parts in United States it is going to be for a good cause besides you’ll be buying some good stuff so bring your money lots of money and buy the items that we sell they are priced reasonably some of the items especially the collectibles were donated by some of our partners and members some items we bought them Miguel and Davina and Joshua we buy some stuff ok so it is for something we’re doing this as a business but doing things God’s Way so we’re not asking for money or we’re not asking you to buy a $10 worth and asking you to pay for $100 for it ok we have lots of bargains and I have to address this ok for those of you that are listening to this and I encountered this in previous month’s where we’re doing some fundraising some people few will show up on on this fundraising events and they want some money they want us to raise funds for their needs and some wants the items for free this is a fundraising event for specific things that’s like for this is for the prophetic voice of our time expansion and for our mission trip abroad it is for specific costs so please don’t show up if you’re one of those people there few of you if you are one of those people that my answer and the answer of the team will be no ok see I asked the core team to volunteer most of them are working not only their volunteered hours they donate some of the items and even me if I find something that I like there the group we pay for those items so for those of you who have been supporting our fundraising events and are showing up especially those couple always show up and encourage that they have to buy something and and at the same time encouraged us that means a lot to me and the team it really encouraged me that you are there you’re praying for us and you really want your best and whatever you can help either financially or moral support thank you for that god bless you jesus also wants me to thank you okay and you know who you are you always show up there and what a welcome faces that we see okay so thank you so come by bye and bye especially for those of you I have been asking for several years now to sew your chains you know your million dollar thousands of dollar chains and you have not obeyed God yet so but then again it’s your loss not mine because all the time if nobody will sow a seed God always bless this family and the core team so it I don’t mind if God will give me lots of money I said I don’t mind financing financing our initiatives myself that is wonderful for me but God wants to offer this opportunity so that he can bless you and bless you more and bless you abundantly but you have to be a cheerful Giver especially if you’re if you’re finally writing that one million dollar check or thousands of dollars you have to be smiling okay because God loves a cheerful Giver it is for a great cause because we finance and we focus in preaching the gospel in power and we offer discipleship and training and conferences to mature the body God has an elaborate plan for your life he has a great plan for the great state of Texas and for United States of America we have to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and I will continue and touch some of the things or the message that we address last week I have actually I have so many things to share with you so many things will tell you in Jeremiah chapter 29 verse 11 it says for I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you hope in a future that is the heart of God God’s plan does not distinguish based on the color of your skin based on your education gender or social status he searches the hearts remember 2nd chronicles 16:9 for the eyes of the Lord reigns throughout the earth seeking to strengthen those whose hearts are pure before him we will always get strengthened I get discouraged sometimes well that’s a surprise right I get discouraged sometimes and I got depressed but only for a short while because God is talking to me about plans and about the things that he wants to do so in that case my disappointments or discouragement disappear because because I knew that he got that he has my back and so he loves you as much as he loves me he loves me as much as he loves his only begotten son so why would I worry about anything else because if I lose something God is going to restore things to me double portion so he is that he is that good so God does not distinguish based on the color of our skin because you know why because we were born I was born with a brown skin some of you who were born also with a brown skin white skin black skin we have nothing to do with that so we cannot look down on people or distinguish people or acknowledge them or demean them based on the color of their skin it’s like if God does not distinguish based on the color of our skin or our education then it should not be an issue to the body of Christ we must focus on our Lord Jesus Christ and when we have the love of God in our hearts we will love his people also no matter who they are like I said in the previous broadcast I was born with a tan color I didn’t have anything to do with that so I just let it go we did not have any choice okay and God knows that that’s why it is needed for all of us to be born again we all have the same DNA Christ Jesus and that’s what we need to focus on okay instead of looking back let us look forward but at the same time we need to address the budget crisis Peschel II the leaders need to address the challenges that we’re facing right now in this country let us make sure that we do not repeat the horrible things of the past every time I lead a tour in Israel I always make sure that it’s part of our schedule that everybody visit the Holocaust Museum I want the American people especially our children to hear to see for themselves and to be reminded of the horror of the Holocaust and what happened so that we will not allow that to happen again and I watch with my children movies or plays that remind us about the slavery that happened here in America I want them to understand so that we don’t have to repeat the same mistakes again having said that also I do not want our children to pay for the sins of their fathers and a part of the anger and bitterness that is taking place okay no matter what color of skin you are it’s either there’s pride or there is bitterness unforgiveness or anger from the past and we know we all know what Jesus says forgive so that my father in heaven will forgive you also and we know about pride you’re gonna fall right you’ll be humbled so we all know that and we need to remind ourselves that more often on what Jesus says what is the requirement jesus said if you love me you obey my commands what we see in the news the hatred the anger should not exist to those who follow or who believe in our Lord Jesus Christ you know there are wicked people in every color in every culture but I dare say that they are in minority all the time I have friends that are black white brown and I do not see or even hear any hatred coming from them or any pride because of the color of the skin it is time for the body of Christ to remain united if we focus on Jesus racial divide will never be an issue among Christians as a leader let us stop propagating and promoting racial divide let us not remind people of what happened in the past but instead let’s pick them up in the spirit and pray encourage them to live for today and for tomorrow not in the past our unifying force is Christ Jesus and our language is love okay now now that I address that let us go back to the elaborate plan of God for our lives the greatness of the season we are in this is the theme of the upcoming conference be there is a need to share what God is saying to the charts right now and based on my personal experience the greatness of the season that were in right now it’s very exciting I am finding that the Holy Spirit is so active in our lives even the mundane things we do he wants to get involved and once he is involved supernatural manifestations take place I am seeing visions more often now God started speaking to me in dreams and visions again frequently and more importantly the Holy Spirit continues to teach me how to be sensitive to his voice so that I can talk to him face to face little things even little things but of course when God tells you to do something that is so simple it gets big and supernatural for the manifestations of our hearts desire focus on Jesus he is more than able he is more than willing to see things through apply his ways of doing things learn to get to know him do not neglect the fellowship of the saints obey Him there’s so much excitement in the air my dear brothers and sisters in spite of what is happening all around us the hurricane Harvey which was meant for destruction actually made us Texans stronger the true hearts of Texas manifested this is the heart of America I am so proud to be a Texan we will recover from this and not only we will recover if we continue to have a good heart God will pay us double portion of what was lost you can take that to the bank he is that awesome and also I appreciate our political leaders god bless them they mobilize the people and they were proactive I am so proud of them too the transfer of wealth influence and affluence is manifesting daily God is very active if you don’t understand the instruction from the Holy Spirit if it doesn’t compute in your mind obey he is leading you to a place where you’d never been before several years ago there is a pastor from Pakistan who kept on bugging me to come to Pakistan well I didn’t want to Pakistan is the last place on earth that I wanted to go I did not have any desire I don’t even want to ask God if he wants me to go because I didn’t want to go but for several months emails phone calls continued he mailed me an invitation he sent me his photo so that I can recognize him and besides in those times I did not have the money to go and I asked the Lord Lord I know you when you want me to go someplace you always financed it there is always the resources available but the funds did not come I have a few thousand dollars set aside for mission trip and you know it will take thousands of dollars because once you go to the mission field you have a conference everything is paid we paid for that okay we saw those seeds and I told that I mentioned it to the congregation money did not come I mention it to the partners through the newsletters not even one sent money so one night in our Wednesday prayer meeting I told them that we will hear from God and if God wants me to go I will go and I know he will provide the resources and I was about ready to email this pastor to tell him that we don’t have the resources to come instead he called the following morning and told me that the whole congregation the whole charge started too fast forgot to bring in the funds so that I can go and in my prayer one evening the Lord told me and said Cristina they had been fasting and praying and asking me to send you why don’t we go and it’s just like okay in the meantime the funds there are no funds there and I felt led to apply from one of the airline companies a credit card as it’s like okay if this is from you the Lord and said I’ll go ahead and do it in less than five minutes I was told that I was approved and I can use the credit card to purchase my plane ticket which I did okay but Mike didn’t want me to go he was concerned about me but he knew that if God will tell me to do something that I will obey God so he asked Davina to go well Davina didn’t have any money either but one of the members called me that evening and said that you can use my credit card for Davina’s plane ticket and I’m going to go to the bank tomorrow morning and I’ll give you some cash so to make the long story short the funds were there but Davina had to fly separately because the flight that I was booked in for that Jay is like no more seats available so she had to fly the next day so I took that trip thirty-five hours and you know what when I came back I got this letter from the airline company told me that they’re sorry that they cannot approve my application for credit I said I already used it but they told me that it was disapproved so so I just like I don’t know how they’re going to explain this so the manager called me and said I just like I send you a letter but you know I said well I don’t know what happened so the Lord’s hand is into that so the funds came through and we were able to pay everything that are needed to get paid and we are willing and we are obedient and God moved supernaturally in Pakistan in this season I am sensing such a excitement and anticipation in my spirit I am getting ready and whatever I can do in the meantime I am doing them right now to prepare not just for this prophetic conference but when God tells me to go and do something that I’ll be able to do them so any chores landscaping or anything that I can do in the meantime I’m doing them at the same time I’m preparing for the conference and for the other things that I am supposed to be doing and going places where I am supposed to be going I’m scheduled to go to the Philippines to hold prophetic conference there and last week of November and first part of December so come help us and go shopping in one of our fundraising events okay so if this prophetic conference September 29 and 30th prophetic conference is going to be held in the Philippines and if we announce that seating is limited the seating and the conference will get filled up in a matter of days not weeks but in a matter of days that’s how hungry the people are in the Philippines and we should here in United States in Texas we should be hungry for more of God the prophetic conference is not about God telling you how anointed you are you already know that you’re anointed this is prophecies that God had me released over the course of time and now they’re manifesting for this season that’s how great this season is and he instructed me and the team to hold this so that we can share the things that we’ve been getting the things that we’ve been receiving from the Holy Spirit because God is awesome and God loves you and he wants you to be a part of this transfer of wealth influence and affluence and other things he wants to get the glory he wants to show himself strong I never forget the first prophetic school I held in the Philippines the big conference room at the hotel was booked on that particular day of the prophetic conference so instead of having a room that can hold as much as 1000 people we now have to limit the attendees 250 and that will be a standing room only that’s how small that room us there was a group of pastors from another province who were not able to get in but after being there during the pastors conference and after seeing and experience what God did in that conference they are so desperate for more to learn more and they wanted to attend the prophetic school so they decided in faith because they already told that they cannot come in they decided that they’ll going to take and travel by bus leaving at 4 o’clock in the morning so that they’ll be there by 7 o clock in the hope that once we’ll see them we will take pity on them and we’ll let them in so that particular day the Lord woke me up and asked me to speak to the manager and seed the room again and see if we can do something to increase the number of people that can get in and even the manager was thinking about it so when I called him and said oh and she’s like I was thinking about that Pastor Cris and said so I’ll meet you there and they move some furniture and some equipments and they were able to add a few more chairs so these pastors from another province were able to come in and God moved an outside of the conference there are about 20 to 30 people mostly are employees of their hotel and some of them just got saved from the previous conference but they were so desperate and God moved if there is a hunger for those that will be attending this conference God is going to move like you never experience heard or seen before there has to be a hunger from us because he always hurts our heart he always wanting that hunger for him and I’m running out of time so don’t forget to register go to our website

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Episode 288: God's Good Plan Will Stand

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